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Full text of "Catalogue of the London library, St. James's square, London. Supplement, 1913-1950"

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The Newberry Library 

Cornell University Library 
Z921 .L84 1913 Suppl. 

Catalogue of the London library St. Jam 

3 1924 031 034 675 ^ 
olin Overs 

The original of this book is in 
the Cornell University Library. 

There are no known copyright restrictions in 
the United States on the use of the text. 





Publications of the London Library 


By Sir Charles Hagberg Wright and G. J. Purnell 
2 Volumes, 1913-1914 

First Supplement, 1920 Second Supplement, 1929 

Volume 1, 1909 Volume II, 1923 Volume III, 1938 

Pamphlets by Sir Charles Hagberg Wright 

The London Library, a sketch of its history and 
administration, 1926 

The London Library, a survey, 1941 






Secretary and Librarian, 1940-1950 




fl. ^5^^^ 

Printed in Great Britain by 
Oliver Burridge & Co. Ltd., London and Crawley 


This Supplement to the Catalogue contains all the books (numbering some 150,000 
volumes) added to the Library from the time the last Supplement was going through 
the press in 1928 up to the end of 1950. Besides the books purchased by the Library 
during this period it includes, among other collections, the bequests or gifts by J. F. 
Baddeley of Russian books mostly relating to the Caucasus ; by Sir Ernest Wallis 
Budge of Ethiopic books ; by P. A. Cohen of finely printed and illustrated works ; 
by R. B. Cunninghame- Graham of Spanish and Spanish-American books; by 
E. Heron-Allen of his extensive collection of editions and translations of Omar 
Khayyam; by A. E. Hippisley of Chinese historical works; by C. J. G. Montefiore 
of 664 bound volumes of pamphlets of theological and Jewish interest; by Mrs. Yates 
Thompson of facsimiles of illuminated manuscripts and other scarce books ; and by 
Lord Northbrook and Lord Riddell of their miscellaneous libraries. 

The Supplement follows the pattern designed by Sir Charles Hagberg Wright, 
Secretary and Librarian, 1893-1940. The whole Library was recatalogued under his 
direction during the period 1894 to 1902, as previous Catalogues up to 1888 had been 
but enlarged editions of the first Catalogue of 1842. The new Catalogue appeared in 
1903, and eight annual Supplements were printed between 1904 and 1911. The 
contents of these, with additions to date, were amalgamated, and a new edition of 
the whole was issued in two volumes in 1913-14. This is still the main Author 
Catalogue of the Library. Two Supplements have since appeared. The first covered 
additions from 1913 to 1920, and the second additions from 1920 to 1928. 

Sir Charles continued his general supervision of the cataloguing almost up to the 
time of his death in 1940. Many of the older Russian books were actually catalogued 
by him. In addition to this work, Sir Charles designed and supervised the prepara- 
tion of the Subject Indexes, three volumes of which appeared in 1909, 1923 and 
1938. These indexed not only separate books but also items in very many composite 
works and sets, both Enghsh and foreign. This added to their usefulness as works of 
reference in other Ubraries as well as to members of the Library. 

It was my privilege from 1905 to assist Sir Charles in all these undertakings. 
I am grateful to the Committee for enabling me to bring the present work to com- 
pletion and to the Librarian, Mr. Simon No well-Smith, M.A., for his co-operation 
and support. 

Since 1928 there have been many changes in the cataloguing staff, and the day- 
by-day cataloguing has often been carried out in difficult circumstances, especially 
during the War years and the period of re -building after the Library was hit by a 
bomb in 1944. A special word of gratitude is again due to Miss A. Richmond who 
was transferred to the cataloguing staff in 1911 and has throughout the subsequent 
period shown exceptional energy and accuracy in cataloguing and proof-reading as 
weU as in instructing junior workers. The Sub-Librarians, Mr. L. J. H. Bradley, M.A., 
since 1940, and Mr. E. S. Murrell, M.A., B.Litt., since 1946, have rendered valuable 
assistance in the preparation and revision of material and in reading through the 

proofs, and Dr. Martin Schor, an Assistant Librarian, has ably helped in deahng 
with German and Russian books. Users of the Catalogue are indebted to Professor 
A. S. Tritton and to the late Sir Harold Parlett for their voluntary services in the 
cataloguing of Arabic and Chinese books respectively. 

The War prevented the issue of a Supplement to the Author Catalogue which 
should have followed the third volume of the Subject Index in 1939. Consequently 
the present volume contains more than twice as many books as the previous Supple- 
ment, and it has been necessary to use smaller types and to divide the pages into 
three columns instead of two in order to prevent the work running into two volumes. 
Unfortunately some of the more uncommon accented letters were not available in 
the types adopted, especially in the black type used for headings, with the result 
that some accents have had to be omitted: owing to previous commitments the type 
manufacturers were unable to make fresh matrices. Suitable Russian and Hebrew 
types were also not available, so that titles in these and a few other languages have 
been transhterated. The scheme of transhteration of Russian characters is given in 
the Notes in Volume I of the main (1913) Catalogue. 

As originally planned the printing was to have been done by three firms in order 
to hasten the work, but one firm found it could not after all do its share and another 
could only print letters P, Q and part of R. This contemplated division of work explains 
the absence of pagination, because the type had to be distributed as the printing 
proceeded. A number of errors detected before completion are fisted at the end of 
the volume. Thanks are due to Messrs. Oliver Burridge & Co., who with the help of 
Messrs. Yendall & Co., type-setters, have successfully carried out the bulk of the 
work in the face of many difficulties. 




The geneeal plan of this Supplement is the same as that of the Catalogue compiled by the late Sir 
Charles Hagberg Wright in two volumes in 1913-14. 

The books are catalogued under their authors' names arranged alphabetically. When the author's 
name is not known the book is catalogued under the first outstanding word of its title, or under any 
proper name mentioned in the title, reference being made from the first word. All anonymous books are 
marked by asterisks before their titles. Books whose authors are indicated by initials only have been 
treated as anonymous, with references made from the initials. 

Alternative forms of authors' names and other headings have been added in square brackets. 
f before an alternative heading denotes the British Museum form where it differs from that adopted by 
the London Library. 

References to books, the main entries of which are included in the main Catalogue or in an earlier 
Supplement, are preceded by f . E.g., Admiralty, see fRoBiNSON {Sir C.) Reports of cases, 1801-08. 
A few references to authors of books received too late for the insertion of the main entry in this Supple- 
ment are marked {., Clark (John Calvin Lawrence). "The famous Doctor Stearns" &c., see JAmer. 
Antiq. Soc. Proc, v45, 1935. 

Modified vowels have been treated as regards their alphabetical order as simple a, o, u. In German 
names ae, oe, ue have been printed a, 6, ii in headings, and arranged accordingly. Exceptions have been 
made for names of famous authors such as Goethe. 

Place of Publication. — Much space has been saved by omitting systematically the names of certain 
places of pubhcation which frequently recur. For example: — 

Berlin is omitted where titles of works are in German 

Bucuresci ,, ,, ,, Roumanian 

Buda-Pesth .... 
Christiania [Oslo] . . 
Copenhagen .... 







St. Petersburg [Leningrad] 
Stockholm .... 

The following are abbreviations of places of publication: 








= Amsterdam 
= Birmingham 
= Cambridge 
= Dublin 
= Edinburgh 
= Leipzig 
= Liverpool 

,, Hungarian 

,, Norwegian 

„ Danish 

„ Portuguese 

„ English 

,, Spanish 

,, French 

„ Icelandic 

„ Italian 

,, Russian 

„ Swedish 



= Manchester 


= New York 


= Oxford 


= PhOadelphia 


= Stuttgart 


= Strassburg 


= Washington 

The explanation of other symbols and abbreviations will be found in the main Catalogue, but some 
of the more common abbreviations, mth a few additional ones, are given overleaf. Definite and 
indefinite articles have been omitted from some titles. 

Several volumes which are described as "wanting" in the Catalogue have been acquired, and 
therefore it is necessary to consult both the Catalogue and its Supplements. It is the intention of the 
Committee to continue to complete imperfect sets, and any gift by Members of missing volumes would 
be welcomed. 


In order to save space many words have been abbreviated but in most cases the contractions used should be clear 

from the context. A more complete list is given in the 1913 Catalogue. 

In inflected languages, where the terminations are variable according to context, one form alone is given below. 

The following endings, among others, are systematically omitted: — 
able al[e] ation[s] ensis iensis inaire inary ional[e] isch[e] lich[e] 

ais[se] atic ationes ical ieux[se] inal[e] ion[s] ique ition[s] ory 




Abhdl. d. 

k. s. 

Ges. d. 









C. f. Bibl. 


C.I. of 
















G. e. de la 


Gr. ecr. fr. 

^Auflage, Ausgabe 

= about; alia; altre; andere; 
annum; another; author 

= Abhandlungen der konig- 
lich sachsischen Gesell- 
schaffc der Wissenschaften 

= another copy 

= another copy bound with 
his [her] 

= accession; according; ac- 
count; accedit, accedunt, 
accessit; accurante 

= althochdeutsche 

= ancient, &c. 

= appointed 

= arranged 

= Band; Bind 

= baron; behalf; bis; birth; 

bom; bound 
= blessed 

= British Museum 
= bound with 
= bound with his [her] 

= central; century; circa; 

comte; conte; contra; cura 
= Carnegie Endowment for 

Internat. Peace 
= Centralblatt fiir Biblio- 

= chapter; chast; cheap; 

chuan; church 
- Carnegie Institution of 

= company; country; county 
= collated; collection, &c. 
= compiled 
= containing, &c. 
-Corpus scriptorum ecclesi- 

aaticorum Latinorum 

= Deel 

= daughter; der, die, das, &c.; 
died; duke 

= East, Eastern 

= earl; emperor; ein, eine, 

= Early English Text Society 
= extra series 
= etude 

= from 

= flourished 

= foreign 

= Foreword 

= formerly 

= for private circulation 

= for private distrib. 

= fran9ais 

-Grands ecrivains de la 

: Gesellschaft 

= Grands Ecrivains fran9ais 
= Geological Survey 
















m. a. 
Min. des 

Aff . Etr. 
M. Tud. A.: 

= Halfte, Heft 

-her, his 

= Bibliotheque de I'Ecole 

des Hautes Etudes 
= H.M. Stationery Office 
= Handschriften 

= ihre; im 

= Imp. Russ. Arch. Obs- 

= Imperat. Russ. Geog. Obs- 

= Im.perat. Russ. Istor. Obs- 

= izdaniya 

=]usqu a 

= Jahrhundert 

= Jahrgang 

= Kaiserlich; Koniglich 

= king, kotet 

= Klasse 

= Kiinstler-Monographien 

' Lieferung 

Verein in 














pag. cont. 



-marchioness; marechal ; 
marquis; mein, &c.; mit 
= Mittelalter 

= rQoyen age 

= manual; manuel 

= Memoranda 

= Memoire 

= Minist6re des Affaires 

Etr anger es 
= Mon\imenta, &c. 
= MagyaTudom4nyosAkad- 

= North; Nozze 

= nach; new, neu, nouveau; 

= no date 
= new edition 

= no place [of publication] 
= new series 

= other 

= other essays 

= Obschestvo Lyubitelei 

Drevnei Pismenosti 
= other poems 
= oriental 
= other stories 
= other tales 
= Oriental Translation Fund 

= Pamphlet 

= part, parts, partie ; pere ; 

poems; pour; prince 
= pagination continuous 
= per cura 
= perevod 

X [continued) 

p.f.p.c-[d.] = priiited for private circula- 
tion [distribution] 
p.p. = privately printed 

pres. =presented; preserved 

progr. = programme; progress 

ps. [pss.] =pseudonym[s] 
p. serv. =per servire; pour servir 





= queen; quibi-is 
= Quellenbiicher 


reign, regno, royal; rex, rey 

rewr. = rewritten 

R.I. of I. A. = Royal Institute of Inter 
nat. Affairs 

— saint; sein; series; seu, sive; 

siecle, secolo; son, sa, ses; 

sobre; sous; aur 
= Smithsonian Contributions 

to Knowledge 

S.d.a.t.f. =Societ6 des anciens textes 

S.derHist. = Soci6t6 de I'Histoire de 
de France France 

sec. = secolo; secondo; secundum; 

secretario, secretary; se- 
crete; secula 

Sep. = separate 

S.I. =Sniithsonian Institution 

Sitz . = Sitzungsberichte 

Smlg. =Sammlung 

St. =^ saint; study, studies 

sub-t. = sub-title 

S'ton —Southampton 











W. [Wiss.] 




w. sel. f. h. 

w. Sep. tp. 

= Teil, Theil 

=:title; tome, tomo, tomus; 

touchant, touching 
= their 
= title-page 
= translated, &c. 

= uber 

= und 

= \ibersetzt, &c. 

= uitgegeven 

= umgearb eitet 

= vek; volume; von 
= various 
= vipusk 

= various places [of publica- 

= Wissenschaften 

= west, western; with 

= with his [her] 

= which, &c. 

= with selections from his 

= with separate title-page 
= with title 

= zum, zur, &c. 
= zwischen 





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(Leslie Patbick)]. 
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&c„ 1929, 
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ings &c. 8°. [Aberdeen. 1937] 
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Aberdeen & Temair (John Campbell Gordon, 
1st marq. ) & Ishbel M., marchioness of A. cfc 
T. More cracks with "We twa" 

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8°. 1927 
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Diary, 1699-1706]. vl-3 [in 2]. 

Ia8°. 1889-93 

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Forty yr». at the Bar. Memoirs. 8°. [1930] 


*Essay (An) upon the design &c. of the A. 

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•Oath (The) of A. displayed &c., 1712, see 

Abkhazskoe Naucbnoe Obschestvo. 

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,, ,, 2fl neubearb. A. mit deut. Ubers. 

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[Die Misohna, hrsg. G. Beer, O. Holtzmann, 
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„ 3everb. A. 8». L. 1901 

,, ,, 4» neu bearb. A. [w. tr. M416]. 

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d. V&ter" fibers. &o. v. P. Fiebig. 

[M193]. 8°. Tfibingen. 1906 
see Maimonides. Komm. zu d. Sprfiohen d. 
vater &c., 1910. 
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About (Edmond Francois Valentin). 
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L'homme k I'oreille cassde. 4o 6d. s8°. 1863 
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Syriac w. tr. by A. Mingana, see WoOD- 
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cfc 561, I., c. of Bli in M561 <fc of Bliv in 

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plays; tr. F. H. jMarshall, 1929. 
see BoHL (F. M. T.) Zeitalter A., 1931. 
,, Stucken (E.) Astralmythen d. Hebraeer, 
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,, WooLLEY {Sir C. L.) A.: recent disoovs. 
& Hebrew origins, 1936. 
Abraham, o Sancta Clara [Ulrich Meoerle]. 
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Mercurii etl. Post-Brief wegen d. Weiber 
Frommkeit &c. By var. a. Ed. A. a S. C] 
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8°. [1945] 


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8°. [1945] 
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,, VoiNOv (V. D.) Excre^ia prin intermed. 

croraatocitelor la nevertebrate, 1929. 

*Academie univ. des jeux &c., avec des 

instruct, faciles p. apprendre k les bien 

joiier. 2p [pagiti. cont,] s8°. 1730 

Academie de BesanQon, see Academie des 

Sciences &c. de Besanqon. 
Academie de Macon. Annales. 
s3, tl8-36[21 & 'iowanting]. 

8^Macon. 1913-1943 
Academic des Beaux-Arts [Part of the Institut 
de France]. 
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de I'Art Fr. par M. Bonnaire. tl. 8°. 1937 
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Academic des Inscriptions & Belles Lettres 
[Part of the Institut de France]. 
Comptes rendus des seances, 1947. S°. 1947 
Documents rel. a I'hist. des Croisades. 

[t]l. laS°. 1946 

see Ru'tebeuf. 11 poemes cone, la Croisade; 

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Hist. iS: mem. de I'lnstitut. [Cant, as .Mem. de 

I'Institut]. t43i. 4°. 1933 

Gsell (S.) La Tripolitaine & le Sahara au 3« 



Acadimie des Inscriptions & Belles Lettres 


Hist. & mSm. de I'lnatitut. [continued], 

Loth (J.) Les noms du cheval chez les 

Monceaux (P.) Le Manich^en Faustus de 

Rostovtsev (M. I.) & A. Little. La maison 

des fresques de Doura-Europos. 
MAmoires presentee par divers savants. 

al, Sujets divers d'^rudition, tl3ii. 4°. 1933 
Contents as below: — 
Constans (L. A.) Remarques sur la "pr6- 

hist." du texte de Tacite. 
Dunand (M.) La voie romaine du Ledja. 
Formig6 (J.) Theatre d'Orange (Vaucluse). 
Lauer (P.) La r6forme caroling, de I'^criture 

latine &c. 
Rostovtsev (M. I.) Gobelet d'argent du 

tr6sor de Boscoreale. 

Tablette votive thraco-mithr. du 


Rouland-Mareschal ( — ). Limes de Tingitane 

au sud de Sala Colonia. 
Sottas (H.) 3 fragm. d'un double de la 

pierre de Rosette. 

Wuilleunaier (H.) fit. hist, sur I'emploi &c. 

Recueil des historiens de France. Publ. par 

I'Aoad. des laser. &c., 1930-33, see Recueil. 

Les travaux de I'Acad.: hist. & inventaire d. 

publ. Notices r§dig. par A. Blanchet &c. 

Ia8°. 1947 
tee DUSSAUD (R.) La nouv. Acad., 1795- 

1914, 2t, 1946-47. 
„ HiSTOiBE litt. de la France, cent, par des 
membres de I'lnstit., t37, 1938. 


Voyages aroh^olog. [v]l. 4°. 1936 

tee ScHAEFFEB (C. F. A.) Missions en Chypre, 

1932-35, 1936. [1.] 


Monuments & m6m. t29-42. fol. 1927-47 

Albertine (E.) Pyxide de Lamb^se {Mus6e 

d'Alger). [31.] 

Amandry (P.) Skyphos corinth. du Louvre. 

Anisimov (A.) Les anc. ioones. [30.] 

Aubert (M.) Un chapiteau roman de 

Moutier-St.-Jean au Louvre. [30.] 
La coll. de Poncins-Biencourt au 

Mus^e de Chantilly. [42.] 
Mausol6e du cte. d'Ennery {par Hou- 

don). [40.] 
Nouv. statue d'ange de la fin du 138 s. 

au Louvre. [31.] 

La porte romane d'Estagel. [33.] 

Audiat (J.) Grande amphore protoatt. du 

Louvre. [36.] 

Babelon (J.) Tete d'Isiaque du Cab. d. m^d. 

Beazley {J. D.) Nouv. amphore du "Peintre 

de Berlin". [35.] 

Benoit (F.) Statue d'Auguste du Muse© 

d'Arles. [36.] 

B6quignon (Y.) Nouv. vase du peintre 

Sophiloa. [33.] 

Blanchet (J. A.) Statuettes de bronze 

trouv6es pri^e des sources de la Seine. [34.] 

Le torse celt. d'Euffigneix (H.-Marne). 

Bon (A.) Bas-relief d'une nouv. porte de 

Thasos. [30.] 

Boreux (C.) Deux statuettes egypt. de la 

Coll. H. de Nanteuil. [39.] 
Linteau repr^s. Sesostris III trouve k 

Medamoud. [32.] 

Nouv. tete amarn. du Louvre. [36.] 

Statue du "serviteur royal" Nofirron- 

pit. [33.] 

Tete "amarn." en bois (Louvre). [35.] 

Trois ceuv. egypt. (Louvre). [37.] 

Charbonneaux (J.) Un fragm. de relief au 

Musee du Louvre. [41.] 

"Jeune Femme au p^plos brod6", 

statuette de bronze. [35.] 

Nouv. torse d'Art^mis chasseresse au 

Louvre. [31.] 

Statuette d'athl6te au Louvre. [38.] 

Statuette d'6phdbe thessalien au 

Louvre. [32.] 

Statuette en bronze d'H^raklds &c, 

[29.] I 

Academie des Inscriptions & Belles Lettres 

FoNDATiON PiOT [continued']. 
Charbonneaux (J.) [continued]. 

Stele arch. grav6e du Louvre. [37.] 

Tete d'Ephebe en marbre du Louvre, 

dite "Tete de Cumes". [34.] 
Tete feminine, fragm. d'un bas-relief 

attique. [33.] 
Torse fem. d. type "V^nus de I'Esqui- 

lin" au Louvre. [39.] 

Chatelain (L.) Cheval de bronze de Volu- 

bilis. [36.] 
L'"Eph^be versant a boire" de Volu- 

bilis. [33.] 

Chenu (P. ) Page retrouv6e d'un ms. h 

peintures de la Bibl. Mazarine. [34.] 
Sur un essai de reconst. d'un ms. aux 

armes de Lallemant &c. [41-] 

Contenau (G.) Statuette sumer. arch, du 

Louvre. [37.] 

Cousin (J.) Diptyque consul, de Besanyon. 

Cumont (F.) Tete de marbre figurant la 

Libye. [32.] 

Del Medico (H. E.) Mosaique de I'abside 

orient, k Germigny-des-Pres. [39.] 

Deonna (W.) Moules tarentins. [30.] 

Tete feminine de I'Acropole d'Ath^nes. 

Deschamps (P.) Chapiteau rom. du Berry 

imite k Nazareth, 13® s. [32.] 

Les inscr. du tombeau de St. Junien. 

Sculpture franp. en Palestine &c. h 

r^poque des Croisades. [31.] 
Sculptures de I'^glise Ste.-Foy de 

Conques &c. [38.] 

Statue de St. Louis k Mainneville. 

Le tombeau des entrailles de Du 

Gueeclin &c. [41.] 

Devambez (P.) Deux nouv. hydries de 

Caer6 au Louvre. [41.] 

Sculpt, d'un mon. chor6g. h Thasoe. 

Dev6s (C.) Statuette de bronze de la Coll. 

H. de Nanteuil. [39.] 

Dhorme (E.) L'inscr. cun6iforme du collier 

de Psousenn^s. [41.] 

Dreyfus (C.) Plaque d'^mail mosane. [36.] 
Dupont (J.) Portrait d'A. Gouffier. [37.] 

Triptyque de Jean Bourdichon. [35.] 

Dussaud (R. ) Deux nouv. bronzes de Jupiter 

H61iopolitain. [30.] 
Ex-voto au dieu Amourrou pour la vie 

d'Hammourabi. [33.] 

Enlart (C.) Emaillerie cloisonn^e k Paris 

sous Philippe le Bel et le maitre Guillaume 

Julien. [29.] 

Esp^randieu (E.) L'art ib6ro-ligure ou 

celto-ligure en Languedoc. [30.] 

Fontaine (G.) Volet de diptyque en ivoire 

&o. [39.] 

Foucher (A.) Buste prov. de Hadda au 

Musee Guimet. [30.] 

Jamot (P.) Fresques de Sorgues (Louvre). 

Kuentz (C.) Bas-reliefs saites. 
Lantier (R.) Buste en crist. de 

Faustine I'anc. 

Le dieu celt, de Bouray. 

Masques celt, en m6tal. 

Nouv. statues d'Antremont. 

Tete d'un jeune chef aquitain. ^ ^ 

Lassus (J.) Mosaique du Phenix prov. des 

fouilles d'Antioche. [36.] 

Launey (M.) "Pegase" arehaique de Thasos. 

Leschi (L.) Mosaique a scenes dionysiaques. 

Lorey (E. de) & M. v. Berchem. Mosaiques 

de la Mosquee des Omayyades h. Damas. 

Marfais (G.) & G. Wiet. "Voile de ste 

Anne" d'Apt. [34.] 

Marquet de Vasselot (J. J.) Ch48se limousine 

du 13= sidcle l^guee au Louvre. [36.] 

Plaque de reliure limousine au Louvre. 


Merlin (A.) "Femmes thraoes k la fontaine" 

&0- [30.] 

Pyxide grecque k glavure plombifere. 




Academie des Inscriptions & Belles Lettres 

FoNDATiON PiOT [continued]. 
Merlin (A.) [continued]. 
Zeus fulminant du "Peintre d'Alta- 

mura" [35.] 
& L. Poinssot. Deux mosaiques de 

Tunisie k sujets prophylact. [34.] 
& Tete pr6sum. de I'emp. Gordien I 

au Bardo. [40.] 

Metzger (H.) Oon k fig. rouges de la Coll. 

H. Stathatos. [40.] 

Michon (E.) Buste d'homme trouv6 k 

Reims. [34.] 
Ephebe couronn6, nouv. statue de 

bronze trouv^e k Volubilis. [33.] 

"Extispicium" dev. le temple de 

Jupiter Capitolin. [32.] 

G. Fougdres, 1863-1927. [30.] 

St^le funeraire d''Aristonike. [30.] 

"Suppliante Barberini" au Louvre. 

Michon (L. M.) Ivoire du 5« s. k la Bibl. de 

I'Arsenal. [32.] 

Montesquiou-Fezensac {B. de). Reliquaire 

de la "Pierre du Sepulcre" de la Sainte- 

Chapelle a Paris. [32.] 

Montet (P.) Colliers roy. trouv^s dans lea 

tombes de Tanis. [41.] 

Vases du tombeau de PsousennAs. [38.] 

Oikonomos {G. P.) Le nouv. "Zeus" du 

Mus^e d'Athtoes. [30.] 

Parrot (A.) "Chef de guerre" m6sopot. [38.] 

Sur quelques statuettes de Mari. [35.] 

Perdrizet (P.) L'"Incantada" de Salonique 

(Louvre). [31.] 

Tunique liturg. histori^e de Saqqara. 

Philippart (H. ) Deux coupes attiques k fond 

blano du Mus6e du Cinquantenaire k 

Bruxelles. [29.] 

Picard (C.) Acrot^res lat6raux au Temple 

d'Apollon de Phigalie-Bassae. [39.] 

Cimaise thasienne arch. [38.] 

Le Dem^trios Poliorc^t^s du Dod6- 

cathAon d^lien. [41.] 

E. Michon (1929-39). [37.] 

Stdle arehaique thasienne du 6« a. [32.] 

Trapizophore soulptA d'un sanct. 

thasien. [40.] 

3 urnes cin6r. sculpt, du MusAe Condi 

k Chantilly. [37.] 

Pottier (E.) 2 Siltoea d6molissant un tertre 
funeraire. [29.] 

Fragm. d'une hydrie de Caer6 k reprSs. 

hom^rique. [33.] 

Pradel (P.) Sculptures (12« s.) de I'^gl. de 

Souvigny. [40.] 

R6au (L.) L'ambon en 6mail de Nicolas de 

Verdun k Klosterneuburg. [39.[ 

Salet (F.) Statue de la Vierge k I'Enfant 

trouv^e k Lisors (Eure). [36.] 

Schaeffer (C. F. A.) St^le du "Ba'al au 

foudre" de Ras-Shamra. [34.] 

Stefanesou (J. D.) Portraits de donateurs 

de I'^glise de Stane^ti en Valacjie. [31.] 

Vandier (J.) Steles-front. d'El-Amarna. 


Vitry (P.) Tomb, de J. d'Humi^res & I'osuv. 

de P. Bontemps. [38.] 

Will (M. E.) Brule-parf. en bronze du 6« 8. 

see Gr]6goibe (H.) Rec. des inscr. greo. 

chr^t. d'Asie Mineure, fasc. 1, 1922. 
„ Holi:,eaux(M.) Et. d'^pigraphie & d'hist. 
grecques, 3t, 1938-42. 
Academie des Jeux Floraux, see Jeitx Flobaux, 


Academie des Sciences [part of the Institut de 
Annuaire, 1929-39, 1945-49. s8°. 1929-[49] 
Comptes rendus hebdomadaires, tl85-208. 

4°. 1927-39 

Hist, de I'Acad. Aveo les M6m. de mathA- 

matiques et de physique, 1666-98, 3t. 

Anne6[3] 1699-1778 in 162v. [1699-1724, 

2e 6d. rev., corr. &c.] 

s8°. Amsterdam cfc Paris. 1732-82 

1699-1702, 1704^5, 1711-17, 1719, 1721-22, 

& 1776 have J vol. each year. 

1703, 1706-10, 1718, 1720 & 1723-30, 1732- 

45, 1750, 1756, 1758-63, 1766-71, 1773-74, 

1776-78 have 2 vol', each year. 


AcadSmie des Sciences [continued]. 
Hist, de I'Acad. [continued]. 
1731, 1746-49, 1751-55, 1757, 1764, 1766, 
have 3 voU. each year & 1772 has 4v. 
t2 of each year is entitled Suite de3 M6m. & 

t3, 2e suite. 
tlOO cont. un AbregA hist, do cheque 
science, avec hste gte. dea M(5m. j. 1751. 
,. „ Table g6u. des mati^res 1699- 
1734, 1735-51, 1751-60, 1761-70. 

6t. 88°. Amst. <fc Paris. 1741-79 

Index biog. des membres & correspondants de 

I'Acad. d. Sciences, 1666-1939. s8°. 1939 

Membres & correspondants de I'Anad. Roy. 

des Sci., 1666-1793. b8°. 1931 

Philosoph. hist. & memoirs of the R. Acad. 

of Sci.: abridg. of papers, 1699-1720. Tr. 

& abr. by J. Martyn & E. Chambers. 

6v. 8°. 1742 
see Flebs (R., marq. de), Le sentiment relig. 
& la science; enquete aupr^s des membres 
de I'A. dea S., 1928. 
,, Laceoix (A.) Figures de aavanta, 4t, 
Academie des Sciences, Belles-Letties & Arts de 
Besancon, see FEANCHE-CoMTi. Miim. & 
doc", in^d. p. s. k I'hist. de la F.-C, 7t, 
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[part oj the Institut de France]. Compte 
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Academie Francaise \j>art of the Institut de 
Diotionnairede I'Acad. Fr. 8« M. 2t. 4°. 1932-5 
Grammaire de I'Acad. Fr. a8°. [1932] 

see Aymonieb (C.) La Gramm. de I'Aoad. 

Fr. & a. critiques, 1933. 
,, Baudey de Sauniee (L.) Gait^s & 
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„ Heemant (A.) Ainsi paria M. Lancelot, 

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Academic Francaise [continue] 
References [continued], 
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„ Tables, t31-36. 8°. Anvers. 1910 
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8°. Anvers. 1898-1930 
The vol', for 1898 & 1901 are numbered 5« s6r. 
des Annalea, 1 & 2. 
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iscHE Acad.] 
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The following Nc. are wanting: 83, tl4xii, 
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V, 30viii, 31ii. 

,, Tables gen. b2, t21-50 (1867-80). 
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Afterwards divided into Classes. 
Bulletins de la Classe des beaux-arts. 

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Bull, de la Classe des lettres & des sciences 
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8°. Brux. 1899-1936 
Memoires couronn^s & autres m6m. 

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The Memoires listed below are in the "Lettres" 

dh "Beaux-arts" sections. 

Faider (A.) Hist, du droit de chasse &c., 

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Fetis (E.) L'art dana la soc. & dans I'^tat, 

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& J. Broeckaert. Antoon van Dijck 

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& Statist. Verhand. over d. voor- 

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Academic Royale de Belgique [continued]. 

Memoires couronn63 & autres m6m. [continued], 

PouUet (E.) Constitutions nat. beiges &c., 

1875. [26.] 

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see BiOGBAPHiE nationale, t24-27, 1926—38. 

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Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, see Reale 


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de la Hollande. 2t. 8°. Londres. 1778 

"Accedence (The)ofarmorie, 1597, see Legh(G). 

Accetto (Torquato). Delia diasimulazione oneata 
(1641), see Crooe (B.) & S. Caramella, edd. 
Polit. &o., 1930. 

Acciaioli (Alamanno). Cronaca, 1378, see 
MuBATOEi (L. A.) Rerum Ital. scr., tl8iii, 

Acciaioli (Niccoli), see Palmebius (M.) Vita 
N. A.; a cura di G. Scaramella, 1934. 

Accioly (Hildebrando). Actos internac vigentes 
no Brasil. Coll. &c. por H. A. 

2a ed. 2v. Ia8°. Rio de Janeiro. 1936-37 

Acclus (Lucius), see Warmington (E. H.), ed. 
Remains of old Lat., v2, A. &c., 1936. 

Accoramboni (Vittoria), duchessa di Bracciano 
[V. ACCOEOMBONI; {Oesini (V.)], see Bax 
(C.) Life of the "White Devil [i.e. V. A.], 

Account [Accompt]. 

*Accompt (An) of Scotland's grievances by 
reason of D. of Lauderdales Ministry, 1674?, 
see Lauderdale (J. il., 2nd e. <£: 1st d. of). 

"•"Account (An) of lay -patronages in Scotland 
&o., 1712, see Hailes (D. D., Lord). 

•Account (An) of some remarkable passages 
in the life of a priv. gentleman, 1711, see 
Depoe (D.) 

•Account (An) of the Church &c. of St. Mary 
Magd., Davington, 1852, see Willement (T.) 

'''Account (An) of the constant &c. trade- 
winds &c., 1774, see Philo-nauticus, ps. 

♦Account of the gt. floods in the Tyne &c., 
1771 &c., 1818, see Gabbet (W.) 

'•' Account (An) of the late revolutions in New- 
England, 1698, see Andros {Sir E.) Tracts, 
v2, 1869. 

•Account of the proc of merchants &c. cone, 
in wool &c. trade of Gt. Brit., 1800, see 

■"Account (An) of the publick affaire in Ire- 
land, since diacov. of the late Plot, 1679, see 

•Account of the rebelliona, 1715 & 1716 &c., 
rel. to Northumberland &c., 1831, see SYKEa 
(J.), ed. 



Account [continued]. 

•Account (An) of the Samaritans, 1714, tea 

•Account (An) of var. parties, rel. to ths 

demise of the Crown, 1760, see Demise. 
•Authentic (An) ace. of our last attempt upon 
the coast of France, 1758; 3rd ed., 17S8, see 
•Brief (A) aco. of the pictur. scenery on banks 

of the Wye, 1836, see Wye. 
•Brief (A) aco. of the sev. plots &c. of the 
bloody-minded Papists &c., 1679, see 
Accounts. Accounts of the lives, trials &c. of 
notorious criminals, who have suffered death 
&c. Added, an ace. of the rebellion in 1715. 
[6. w. Rush (J. B.) Rep. of trial &e., 1849]. 
8°. Newcastle, n.d. 
Accum (Friedlich Chr. a). Treatise on the art 
of making bread of wheat, oats, rve &c. 

■s8°. 1821 
Accurti (Thomas). Editionessaec.15 pleraeque 
bibliographis ignotae. Annot. ad "Gesamt- 
kat. d. Wiegendrucke" vl— 4. 

Ia8°. Florentiae. 1930 
•Aceldama, a place to bury strangers in: poem 

&c., 1898, see Crowley (A.) 

Acerbo (Giacomo), see Re ale Accad. dei 

LiNCEi. Dal Regno all' Impero, 1861-1936: 

pubbl. commem.; ed. con coUab. di G. A. 

&c., 1937. 

Acevedo (Pablo Blanco), see Blanco Acevedo. 

Acevedo (Pedro Enriquez de), conde de Fuentes, 

see Enriqitez de Acevedo (P.) 
Acevedo de Gdmez (Josefa), see Cuentistas. 
Varias cuentistas eolombianaa (J. A. de G. 
&o.), 1936. 
Acevedo Diaz (Eduaido), Jr. 

Ramon Hazana. 8". Buenos Aires. 1932 

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amer. contemp. (Antol.), Pro!, de A. A. E. 

[Bibl. Enciol. Pop. 24]. 8°. Mexico. 1944 

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Achaintre (Nicolas Louis). Hist, de la maison 

royale de Bourbon. 2t. 8°. 1825 

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anc. justice seigneur, en Auvergne]. Pr6f. 

de C. JuUian. Ia8°. [1929] 

Achard (George). 

Le sable & I'^oume. Roman. s8°. [1946] 

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libres, 212, 1939. 
Achard (Paul). 
Coup de soleil. Roman. 88''. [1932] 

La vie extraord. des fr^res Barbarousse, 
corsaires & rois d'Alger. s8°. 1939 

Acharya (M. K.) 
India's higher call. A plea for true Swaraj 
&o. s8°. [Madras]. 1934 

The White paper on Indian constit. reform. 
[P3078]. 8°. [1933] 
Achatz (Johannes Bapt.) 

Allgem. Neukalender. 8°. Straubing. 1937 
Achaval (Guillermo de). Espaiia, tipos y 
trajes. Prologo de J. Ortega y Gasset. 120 
laminas por J. Ortiz Echagiie. 

sfol. Barcelona. 1933 
Achen (Hans v.), see Aachen (H. v.) 
Acher, see Elisha ben Abuyah, called Aher. 
Acheson (Arthur). 
Shakespeare, Chapman & Sir Thomas More. 

8°- 1931 
Acheson (Edward). 

The grammarian's funeral. s8°. [1935] 

Acheson (Sam Hanna). 
Joe Bailey, the last Democrat. 8°. N.Y. 1932 
Achilles Tatius, the rhetorician. 
The loves of Cleitophon & Leucippe. Lit. tr., 
w. intr, & notes [t& text]. 

^".p.p. Athens, Athenian Soc. 1897 

see Todd (F. A.) Some anc. novels: Leucippe 

& Clitophon &o.. 1940. 

Achilleus [L. Elpidius Achill^us], Roman 

usurper, d. 297 A.D., see Kubitsohek 

(J. W.) Zur Gesch. d. Usurpators A., 1928. 

Achmed Abdullah. 

Works in QiluvRES libres. 

L'6p6e h deux mains, 1931. [120.] 

La loi des anciens, nouvelle, 1928. [85.] 

La route de ses pieds, 1932. [l^"?-] 

Achorn (Erik). European civilization & politics 

since 1815. 8°. [1935] 

Acier (Marcel). From Span, trenches. Rec. 

letters f. Spain. Coll. & ed. M. A. 8°. [1937] 

Ackerley (Charles Henry). A plan for the better 

security of vessels navigating the Thames, 

w. app. 8°. 1834 

Ackerley (Frederick George). Memoir of R. A. 

Scott Macfie. [With contrib. by var. wr'- 

Gypsy Lore Soc. Journal, e3, vl4. Spec. No.] 

8°. E. [1935] 

Ackerley (Joe Randolph). 

Escapers all. Personal narr. of 15 escapers f. 

war-time eamp.s, 1914—18. Intr. by J. R. A. 

[repr.] 8°. [1932] 

Hindoo holiday: an Indian journal. 8°. 1932 

[2nd impr.] 8°. 1932 

Ackerman (Carl Wilham). George Eastman. 

Intr. by E. R. A. Seligman. 8°. 1930 

Ackerman (Edward A.), see .Japan. J. prospect 

[by var. contrib., E. A. A. &c.], 1946. 
Ackerman (Phyllis), aft. wife of Dr. Upham 
Tapestry the mirror of civilization. 

8°. N.Y. 1933 
Wallpaper, its hist., design & use. 

[n. ed.] 8°. N.Y. [1938] 

see Pope (A. U.) Survey of Persian art &c.; 

ed. P., assist, ed. P. A., 6v, 1938-39. 

Ackermann (Johann). Spiel v. barmherz. 

Samariter (1546); hrsg. J. Bolte, see Archiv 

F.D. St. d. neu. Spr., B77, 1887. 

Ackermann {Mme. Louise). Oeuvres. Ma vie 

— prem. poesies — poesies philos. s8°. 1885 

Ackermann (Rudolph). 

The microcosm of London or London in 

miniature. 3v. 4°. [1808-9] 

•The microcosm of London. [Sel. illust.] by 

T. Rowlandson & A. C. Pugin. Text by 

.J. Summerson. [King Penguin]. s8°. 1943 

see Repository (The) of arts &c., s. 3, 

v3-12, s4. No. 1, 1824-29. 
,, Shoberl (F.), ed. The world in miniature, 
43v, 1827 &c. 
Ackers (Charles Penrhyn). 

Practical Brit, forestry. 8°. O. 1938 

Ackers (Dwight). Drivers up: story of Amer. 

harness racing. 8°. N.Y. 1938 

Ackland (Rodney). 

After October, see Plays. Famous p. of 

1935-6, 1936. 
The diary of a scoundrel. Adapted by R.A. 
f. a comedy by A. N. Ostrovsky. 8°. [1948] 
Dostoievsky's Crime & punishment. Drama- 
tised by R. A. s8°. [1948] 
The old ladies, see Plays. Famous p., 1934-5, 

Strange orchestra, see Plays. Famous p. of 
1932-33, 1933. 
Acland (AUce). Caroline Norton. 8°. [1948] 
Acland(i?i. Hon. Arthur Herbert Dyke). The 
education of citizens: lectures. [M9]. 

s8°. M'ter. [1883] 

Acland (Eleanor, lady), form. Cropper, wife of 

Sir Francis Dyke Acland. Good-bye for the 

present: 2 childhoods, Milly, 1878-88 & 

Ellen, 1913-24. Intr. by G. Trevelyan. 

8°. 1935 
Acland {Sir Henry Wentworth), of Oxford, 1st 
bart. Introd. address, Devon.shire Assoc. 

[P3133]. pr./. the Assoc. [O.] 1880 

Acland (John). Plan for rendering the poor 

independent, on basis of friendly soco. add. 

letter fr. Dr. Price. 8°. Exeter. 1786 

Acland (Sir Richard Thomas Dyke), 15th Bart. 

The forward march. s8°. [1941] 

What it will be like in the new Britain. 

s8°. 1942 
see Frankel (H.) & R. A. Winning of the 

peace, 1942. 
,, Teeling (W.), ed. After the War: sym- 
posium by Sir R. A., &c., 1940. 
Acominatus (Nicetas), see Nioetas, Choniates. 
Acontius (Jacobus) [Aooncio ((iiAcoiio)], see 
Meli (F.) Spinoza e 2 antecedenti ital. [i. c. 
J. A. &c.] d. Spinozismo, 1934. 
'*' Acorn (The) & the oak, 1929, see Salvation 

A'Court (Charles) [ps. Charles Martel], see 

Repington (C. A'C.-) 
Acquaviva (Andrea Matteo), 1458-1529, see 
Hermann (H. J.) Miniaturhss. aus d. Bibl. 
d. Herzogs A. M. A., 1898. 
Acremant (Albert). Une petite qui voit grand, 
Com6die, tiree du roman de G. Acremant. 

s8°. [1935] 

& M. Daireaux. File indienne : com^die, 

see QSuvRES libres, tl72, 1935. 

Acremant (Germaine). 

Ces dames aux chapeaux verts. Roman, 

[85« (5d,]s8°, [1930] 

Une petite q\ii voit grand, s8°, [1931] 

see Acbem,4NT ( A, ) Une petite qui voit grand : 

com6die tir6e du roman de G. A., 1935, 

Acres (Wilfrid Marston). The Bank of Eng, f. 

within, 1694-1900, 2v, la8°, 1931 

Acropole (L*). Revue du monde helMnique, 

tl-10. Ia8°. 1926-35 
tlO conf. Table g^n. des tl-10. 
Acropolita (Georgius) [tAoROPOLiTEs (Georg- 
los); Logotheta (Georgius)]. Chron. Con- 
stantinopolitanum nunc primum ed., notisq. 
illust. [Ed. T. Dousa. Or. * Lat. 2 pagin.] 
s8°. Lugd. Bat. 1614 
Act (An) of Pari, for repairing the highways f. 
Counter's Bridge, thr. Brentford &c., 1769, 
see England: Laws. 
Acta eruditorum, see A'ico (G. B.) Scienza 
nuova prima, con la polem, c, gli "Atti d, 
erud," di Lipsia, 1931, 
Acta, et diplomata Graeca medii aevi &c., 6t, 
1860-90, see Miklosich (F.) & J. Muller, 
Acta martyrum et sanctorum, [in Syriac, 
t5-7 ed, P, Bedjan], 7t, 8°, Paris, 1890-7 
,, ,, Indice agiograph,, 1919, see Bedjan 

Acta Sanctorum, quae coll, J, BoUandus. 
,, ,, Novembris coll, digesta illust, ab 

H, Delehaye, P, Peeters & M, Coens, 

t2ii, fol, Brux, 1931 
Acta Tirolensia: urkundl, Quellen z, Gesch, 
Tirols, 1886-1908, see Tirolensia, 
Acta Apostolicae Sedis. Commentarium ofii- 
ciale. Annus 1-41, vl— 41, 

la8°, Romae, 1909-49 
v26— 41 also numbered s2, \'1-16. 


Actes des Etats de I'isle de Jersey, 1701- 

1800, 1905-17, see Jersey, 
Le mystere des A, des Apotres (16c,), 1929, 
see LEBiiGUE (R,) 
Acting (The) national drama, vl-15, 1837-49, 

see Webster (B, N), ed. 
Action, Council oJ, see Council op Action, 
Action (L') francaise [newspaper]. 
L* "Action fr," & le Vatican. [Les pieces d'un 
proems], Pr^f. de C, Maurras & L, Daudet. 

s8°, [1927] 

The condemnation of the "Action fr." [Doc". 

&c., tr.] Ed. L. Ward. s8°. [1928] 

Non, I'Aotion fr. n'a bien servi, ni I'Eglise, ni 

la France. [Intr. signed F. Gay]. s8°. [1927?] 

Sous la terreur, 20 sept.-15 nov. 1927. [La 

politique du Vatican]. Pr6f. de L. Daudet, 

& Epilogue de C. Maurras. 

sS". Versailles. 1928 
see Balfour (R. E,) A,fr, movement, 1930. 
„ CouRCOURAL (P,) Le "Danger" de I'A, 

fr,: r^p, k Mons, Maritain, 1928, 
„ Fontaine (N,) Saint-Siege, "A, fr.*' * 

"Catholiques int6graux", 1928. 
,, Gay (F,) Comment j'ai defendu le Pape, 

,, LaberthonniJire (L,) Positivisme <fe 
catholicisme, k propos de "I'A, fr.", 
,, Maurras (C, M, P.) Au signe de Flore: 
souv, &c,: I'affaire Dreyfus — La fonda- 
tion de I'A, fr,, 1898-1900, 1933, 
,, Roux (le marq. M, de), C, Maurras & le 
nationalisme de I'A, fr,, 1928, 
Acton (Eliza). 

Mod, cookery &c, rev, & enl, ed. s8°. 1866 
Acton (Harold Mario Mitchell). 
The last Medici [Cosmo III Ac] 8°. [1932] 
Memoirs of an aesthete. 8^*. [1948] 

Peonies & ponies. 88°. 1941 

see Arlington (L. C.) & H. A., edd. Famous 

Chinese plays; tr., 1937. 
„ Oxford poetry, 1924; ed. H, A, & P, 
Quennell, 1924. 

& Ch'en Shih-Hsiang. 

Mod, Chinese poetry. Tr, 8°, [1936] 

Acton (John E. E. Dalberg-Acton, 1st baron). 

Essays on freedom & power. Sel,, w, intr. by 

G, Himmelfarb, 8°, Boston. 1948 

iJist, essays & studies, Ed. J, N, Figgis & 

R, V, Laurence, [repr,] 8°. 1919 

The history of freedom & o, essays. 

[repr,] 8°. 1922 


Acton (John E. E. Dalberg-Acton) [continued]. 
Lectures on mod. hiat. Ed. w. intr. by J. N. 
Figgis & R. V. Laurence. [repr.] 8°. 1907 
[repr.] 8°. 1921 
see BUTTBBFIELD (H.) Ld. A., 1948. 
„ Lally (F. B.) As Ld. A. says, 1942. 
„ Mathew (D.) A., the formative years, 

., NoACK (U.) Gesch.-wiss. u. Wahrheit, 
nach d. Sohr. v. A., 1935. 

,, Katholiz. u. G-eistesfreiheit, nach d. 

Schr. V. A., 1936. 
Acton (Murray Adams), see Adams-Acton (M.) 
Actor. Letters of an vinsuccessful a., 1923, see 

Acts of court of the Mercer's Co., 1453-1527, 

1936, see Mercer's Company. 
Acts o! the Apostles, see Bible: Acts. 
Actus &c. d. degrad. u. verprennung d. 
merterer Augistiner ordens geschehen zu 
Brussel, 1523, 1911, see Aitgustinian. 
Acu&a y Bejarano (Juan de), marques de Casa 

Fuerte, see Casa Fuerte. 
Acvalayana, see A^valayana. 
Acworth (Gapt. Bernard), R.N. 
Back to the coal standard. 8°. 1932 

Britain in danger: exam, of our new navy. 

8°. 1937 

Butterfly miracles & mysteries. 8°. 1947 

The cuckoo & o. bird mysteries. 8°. 1944 

The navies of today & tomorrow. 8°. 1930 

The Navy & the next war; vindic. of sea 

power. 8°. 1934 

,, ,, 2nd ed. w. title The restoration of 

England's sea power, w. 4 new chaps. 

8°. 1935 

Swift. 8°. [1947] 

This bondage: "migration" of birds, insects 

& aircraft, w. reflect, on "evolution" & 

relativity. sS". [1929] 

This progress; the tragedy of evolution. 

8°. 1934 
Acworth (Marion W.), see Neon, ps. 
Adaeus [Adai]. The liturgy of the Holy 
Apostles Adai & Mari, w. 2 addit. liturgies 
&c. & order of baptism. [Tr.f. Syriac]. 

4°. 1893 
Adair (Arthur H.), see Toye (N.) & A. H. A. 

Petits & gr. verres; tr., 192'7. 
Adair (Edward Robert). 
The extraterritoriality of ambassadors in the 
16th & 17th cent. 8°. 1929 

Adair (James Makittrick) [tMAKiTTRicK (J.), 
aft. J. M. Adair; ps. Peteb Paragraph]. 
•'The Methodist & mimick. Tale in Hudi- 
brastick verse. 2nd ed. 4"- 1767 

Adair (Robert). 
*A Whig's apology for h. consistency: in a 
letter f. a Member of Pari. 8°. 1795 

Adair (Yvonne), see Shavf (H. W.), ed. Musical 

educ; symposium by Y. A. &c., 1945. 
Adalbert, prince of Bavaria. 
Das Ende d. Habsburger in Spanien. 

2B. 8°. Miinchen. [1929] 
1, Karl II. 2, Maria Anna v. Neuburg, 
Konigin v. Spanien. 
see Maeia de la Paz. Thr. 4 revolutions; set 
forth by Prince A., 1933. 

& G. Maura Gamazo. Doc", ref . a las 

postrimerlas de la Casa de Austria en Esp. 
[1678-1703], see Real Acad, de la Hist. 
Boletin, t86-106, 1925-35. 
Adalbert, Saint, hp. of Prague, see Egmond of 
Zee. Pontes Egmundenses: incl. Vita S. A. 
&c., 1933. 
Adam, of Dryburgh, see Ad auub, Praemonstrai. 
Adam, v. Fulda, see Adamus, de Fulda. 
Adam, de La Bassee, d. 1286. Ludus super 
Anticlaudianum \hy Alanus de Insulis]. Publ. 
avec intr. &c. par P. Bayart. 

4°. Tourcoing. 1930 
Adam, Maitre, joiner of Nevers, see Billaut 

Adam, the patriarch. 
Das Adamsspiel: anglonormann. Mysterium 
d. 12. Jhdts. Hrsg. K. Grass. [Roman. 
Bibl., 6]. 3» verb. A. 8°. Halle (Saale). 1928 
see Bezold (C.) Arab.-athiop. Test. A., 1906. 
,, Jasteow (M.) a. & Eve in Babylonian 
lit., 1899. 
Adam (Carl). 
Die Eucharistielehre d. hi. Augustin, see 

FORSCHUNGEN Z. CHE. LiTT. &C., B8, 1908. 

Adam (Carl) [continued]. 
Der Kirchenbegriff Tertullians, see Fohsch- 

UNGEN Z. CHR. LiTT. &0., B6, 1907. 

The Son of God. Tr. P. Hereford. 8°. 1934 
The spirit of Catholicism. Tr. J. McCann. 

8°. [1929] 
see Hauee (J. W.), K. Heim & C. A. Ger- 
many's new religion; tr., 1937. 
Adam (Charles), prof, a Dijon. 
Descartes, sa vie & s. (uuvre. 88°. [1937] 

, E. Br6hier, L. Brunschvicg &c. 

Descartes. Recueil publ. par "La Revue 

Philos." k I'occ. du 3c centen. du "Disc, de 

la m(5thode". 8°. 1937 

Adam (Colin Forbes). Life of Lord Lloyd. 

Forew. by Rt. Hon. W.S.Churchill. 8°. 1948 

Adam (George). 

The Tiger: Georges Clemenceau, 8°. [1930] 

Treason & tragedy: French war trials. 

8°. 1929 
Adam (Georges). 

L'epee dans les reins. sS". Geneve. [1944] 

Adam (Hargrave Lee). 
C.I.D. Behind the scenes at Scotland Yard. 

8°. [1931] 

Murder by persons unknown. 8". [1931] 

Murder most mysterious. 8°. [1932] 

see Chapman (G.) Trial of G. C; ed. A., 1930. 

Adam (Helen Pearl). 

International cartoons of the War. Sel. w. 

intr. by A. 4°. 1916 

Paris sees it through, 1914-19. 8°. 1919 

Adam {VabbS Jacques). Discours pron. dans 

I'Acad. Fr., 2 Dec. 1723 k la r^cept. de A. 

[Resp. De Roquette. P2888]. 4°. 1723 

Adam (Juliette), see Chaigne (L.) Vies & 

<B. d'eorivains, t2, 1938. 
Adam (Leonhard). Primitive art. [Pelican bks.] 
s8°. Harmondsworth. [1940] 
see ScHULTZ-EwEBTH (E.) & L. A., edd. Das 
Eingeborenenrecht, 2B, 1929-30. 
Adam (Ludwig). Homer, der Erzieher d. 
Griechen. [M108]. 8°. Paderborn. 1897 

Adam (Paul). 
L'annee de Clarisse. Roman. s8°. n.d. 

see Demange (C.) Souv. de C. D., by P. A. 
&c., 1911. 
Adam (Robert), architect, see Lees-Milne (J.) 

The age of A., 1947. 
Adam (Ruth). 

Murder in the Home Guard. 88°. [1942] 

Adam (Thomas), rector of Wintringham. 

Expos, of the 4 Gospels. Ed. A. Westoby, w. 

mem. of the a. 2v. 8° 1837 

Adam {Rev. William). *A second letter f. the 

country, cone, the Nat. Covenant &c. in 

ans. to pamph. [by J. Webster]. 

[P2972]. 84°. n.p. 1707 

Adam (-R*. Hon. William). [Letters betw. W. A. 

& J. Bowles respecting the Duke of Bedford. 

No tp.] s4°. London? 1803 

Adamantius, ps. [i.e. Richard Simon] Samen- 

epraken; bewerkt door H. U. Meyboom. [Oud 

-Christ. Geschr. in Ned. Vertal., 39. M506]. 

8°. Leiden. 1926 

Adama van Scheltema (Frederik), see Schel- 

tema (F. a. v.) 
Adami (Giuseppe). 
Un secolo di scenografia alia Scala. [Museo 
Teatrale a. S.] fol. Milano. 1945 

II tabarro (The cloak) [Ital. <fc Eng.], see 
Puccini (G.) II tabarro, &o., 1918. 
Adami (John George), M.D., Yiee-Chancellor 
of Univ. of Liverpool, see Adami (M.) J. G. A.: 
memoir, 1930. 
Adami (Marie), wife of J. O. Adami, form. 
Wilkinson. Fanny Keats. 8°. 1937 

J. George Adami, Vice -Chancellor of Univ. of 
Liverpool, 1919-26. Mem., by M. A. w. 
contrib. f. others. 8°. 1930 

Adamic (Louis). 
Dinner at the White House. 8°. N.Y. [1946] 
Laughing in the jungle: autobiog. of an 
immigrant in America. 8°. N.Y. 1932 

My America, 1928-38. 8°. [1939] 

My native land. [Yugoslavia]. 8°. N.Y. 1943 
The native's return: Yugoslavia. 8°. 1934 

Two-way passage. 8°. N.Y. [1941] 

Adamnan, Saint, abbot of Hy, see Seymour 
(St. J. D.) Ir. visions of the o. -world, 1930. 
Adam-Oannes, see Kenealy (E. V. H.) Book 
of God: [vl]. Apocalypse of A.-O., 1867. 


Adamov (Evgeny Aleksandrovich). 
Die europ. Machte u. d. Ttirkei wahr. d. 
Weltkrieges. Die Aufteilung d. asiat. Tiirkei. 
Nach d. Geheimdok. d. ehem. Ministeriums 
fiir Auswartige Angelegenheiten. [Hrsg.] 
E. A. [Die Grosse Politik d. Machte in 
Weltkr., T3]. 8". Dresden. 1932 

,, ,, ,, Konstantinopel u. d. Meer- 

engen. Naoh d. (ieheimdok. d. ehem. 
Ministeriums fiir Auswartige Angelegen- 
heiten. [Hrsg.] E. A. [Die Grosse Politik d. 
Machte im Weltkr., Tl] 

4B. 8°. Dresden. 1930-32 
Die europ. Machte u. Griechenland wahr. d. 
Weltkrieges. Nach d. Geheimdok. d. ehem. 
Ministeriums fiir Auswartige Angelegen- 
heiten. [Hrsg.] E. A. [Die Grosse Politik d. 
Machte im Weltkr., T2]. 8°. Dresden. 1932 
Adams, The family of, see Adams (J.) J. A. 'a 
bk.: notes on a record &c., 1934. 
see Adams (J. T.) The A. family, 1930. 
„ Adams (P. W. L.) Notes on some N. 

Staffs, families, incl. A. &c., 1930? 
,, Bartlett (J. G.) Henry A.: Eng. an- 
cestry & descendants, 1927. 
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Navy, shipping & navig. to 50 Geo. Ill, w. 

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Admiralty [continued]. 
References [continued], 
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see Council for Pres. of Rural Eng. The 
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& Eng. ingratitude freely consid. &c. 

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Adventures [continued]. 

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Advertising Service Guild, see Mass Observa- 
tion, for books prep, by M.-O. for A. S. G. 


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fortune in imit. of the 4th satyr of Perseus. 

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5th, 1689. By a Country-Conformist. 

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Charles I], 1646, 1843, see Paper. 
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The English Church & how it works. 

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t2. b8°. 1929 



^neas \continued'\, 

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Reyna Dido; intr. &c. by J. E. Gillet &c., 
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D. Abktis MIT Luftfahbzeugen]. 

Die Arktistahrt d. Luftsohilfes "Graf Zeppe- 
lin" im Juli 1931: wiss. Ergebnisae, mit 
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^schines, the orator [Eschine; Esquines]. 

Korra TmotpxoO. — flEpi napairpsapelas. — 
Kcrrd K-rT\a\<fS>vTO^. MeTdcppams [Mod. Ok.], 
a)(6Aia 'H. 'HAfou [v3, T. KopSctTou]. 

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^SChyluS [continued]. 
Translations [continued]. 
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., ,, izd. 3e, podred. A. E. Gruzinskago. 

2t [in 1]. Ia8°. Moskva. 1897 

Afanasev (Aleksandr Nikolaevich) [continued]. 
Poetich. vozzreniya Slavyan na prirodu. 
Izd. K. Soldatenkova. 

3t [t2 wanting]. 8°. Moskva. 1865-9 
AJanasev (Petr S.), see Skazki. Skazka; 

risunki A., n.d. 
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Guide du voyageur en Abyssinie. [Man. 
d'amharique]. 8°. Rome. 1908 

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F. Gallina]. 8°. [Roma. 1908] 

[Life of Menelilc II. In Amharic. Pref. signed 
F. G.] 8°. [Roma. 1909?] 

Affifi (Abul Ela). The mystical philosophy of 
Muhyid Din-Ibnul 'Arabi. 8°. C. 1939 

A£tlitto (Eustachio d'). Memorie d. scrittori d. 
regno di Napoli. 

tl (A) [no more publ] 4°. NapoH. 1782 
AJ£rica, see Africa. 

Afghanistan. Afghan Boxxndary Comm. Sur- 
veys, see De Pbee (Col. G. C.) Map of N.-W. 
Trans-Frontier, 1885. 
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philosofos s. la alma, see Abbavanel (L.) 

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Distant point. A play. Tr. & adapted by 
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Fear, see Lyons (E.), ed. 6 Soviet plays; tr., 

Strak. 200 izd. s8°. 1932 

Aflalo (Frederick George). 
A book of the wilderness & jungle. Bd. A. 

8°. [1912] 

An idler in the Near East. 8°. 1910 

The sports of the world. Bd. A. 4°. [1905] 

Airahat, surnamed the Persian sage. Ausgew. 

Sohriften d. Syr. Kirchenvater, Aphratea, 

Rabulas a. Isaak v. Ninive; libers. G. 

Bickell. s8°. Kempten. 1874 

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African Languages. Ed. D. Westermann dh 

E.W.Smith, vl-19 (1928-49). 

Ia8°. [1928-49] 
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(T.), ed. 
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etiopico, Studi e doc. &c., 2e ed., 1936, see 
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della Consoc. Turist. I. [Redazione di G. 
Vota]. s8°. Milano. 1938 

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Atti del 2° Convegno di Studi Coloniali, 
Firenze, Maggie 1947. [Univ. d. St. di 
Firenze. Centre di St. Colon., 36]. 

Ia8°. Firenze. 1948 
Annali dell' A. Italiana, Anno 1, 1938, see 

Ann ALL 
Arts of West A., 1935, see Sadleb (Sir M. B.), 

Call (The) f. A., statement by a Comm. app. by 
Missionary Council &c., 1926, see National 
Assembly of the C. of E. 
Conf. of Governors of the E. Afr. depen- 
dencies, 1926. Summary of proc. fol. [1926] 
Conquest (The) of N. A. Prep. f. official 
records & first-hand reports. 8°. [1943] 

Eastern A. to-day & to-morrow, 1934, see 

Joelson (F. S.), ed. 
Education in A. Under ausp. of Phelps- 
Stokes Fund &c. Rep. prep, by T. J. Jones. 
la8°.N.Y. [1922] 
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& South A. by 2nd Afr. Educ. Comm. &c. 
Rep.prep.byT. J. Jones. Ia8°. N.Y. [1926] 
Europeans m West A., 1450-1560, 2v, 1942, 

see Blake (J. W.), ed. 
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1881, see Espanoles. 
Land usage & soil erosion in A., speeches, 
Roy. Afr. Soc, 1st Dec, 1937, see Afbican 
Soc. Journal, v37, Suppl. Jan. 1938. 
*Note on the Rep. of the B. A. Comm., 1925, 
see Oldham (J. H.) 
Picturesque N. A., 1925, see Kuhnel (E.) 
Racial problems in S. A. Rep. by a deput. f. 
the Soc. of Friends. [P3102]. 8°. [1938] 

•Travels m Africa. e8°. D. 1824 



Africa [continued]. 

Union of South Africa. Official Publ». 
Areas Reservation & Immigration &c. 
(Fiirther provision) Bill. Rep. of Sel. Comm. 
8°. Cape Town. 1926 
Asiatic Inquiry Comm. Report. [6. w. Ind. 
Enq. Comm., 1914]. 4°. Cape Town. 1921 
Comm. app. to enq^li^e into assaults on 
women. Report. fol. Cape Town. 1913 

Comm. app. to enquire into the rebellion of 
the Bondelzwarta. Rep. [6. w. Natives L. 
Comm. Minute, 1916]. fol. Cape Town. 1923 
Comm. of Inquiry reg. Cape coloured popula- 
tion. Rep. fol. Pretoria. 1937 
Debates. House of Assembly. First Pari., 
sessions 1-6 (1910-15). [Session 5 is b. w. 
Senate Debates]. 

Ia8°. Cape Town. [1911-15] 
Debates of the Senate. First Pari., sessions 1, 
3, 5 & 6 (1910-15). 

Ia8°. Cape Town. [1911-15] 
Economic & Wage Comm. Rep. (1925). 

8°. Cape Town. 1926 
Indian Enquiry Comm. Rep. 

4°. Cape Town. 1914 
Irrigation in Australia, 1935, see Lewis 

Joint Comma, on natives & coloured persons, 
1930-34. Reps- & proc. 

fol. [Cape Town]. 1935 
Judicial Comm. of inquiry into the rebellion 
in S.A. Rep. & Minutes of evid. 

[2v in 1]. 4°. Cape Town. 1916 

Monthly bulletin of Union statistics. No. 

73-168 (1928-35). fol. Pretoria. [1928-35] 

Native Affairs. 2nd-6th Rep=- of Sel. Comm. 

(Feb. 1917). 8°. Cape Town. 1917 

Native Affairs. 2nd Rep. of Sel. Comm. 

(March 1920). [b. w. Rep., 1917]. 

8°. Cape Town. 1920 
Native Affairs Comm. Report, 1926—26. 

8°. Cape Town. 1927 
Native areas in Natal recommended by the 
Natives Land Comm.; rep., by M. S. Evans. 
[6. w. Natives L. Comm. Minute, 1916]. 

fol. Cape Town. 1918 
Native Economic Comm., 1930-32. Report. 

fol. Pretoria. 1932 
Natives Land Comm. Minute. 

fol. Cape Town. 1916 
Natives Land Comm. Rep. 

2v. fol. Cape Town. 1916 

Natives Land Committee. Rep. & Min. of 

evid. [7p in Iv]. fol. Cape Town. 1918 

Cape Prov., Rep. Natal Prov., Rep. & M. of 

e., 2p. Orange Free State, Rep. Transvaal 

(E.), Rep. & M. of e., 2p. Transvaal (W.), 


Official Year Book. 

No. 9-22, 1926-41. 8°. Pretoria. [1928-42] 
Prov. of Transvaal. Rep. of Local Govt. 
Comm. (Munic. taxation &c.), 1915. 

fol. Pretoria. 1915 
Report pres. to League of Nations cone, 
admin, of S.W. Africa, 1929. 

fol. Pretoria. 1930 
Select Comm. on Rebellion. Rep. 

8°. Cape Town. 1915 
Sel. Comm. on the Union Native Cotincil 
Bill, Coloured Persons Rights Bill &c. 

8°. Cape Town. 1928 
Sel. Conma. on the Wage Bill. Rep. 

8°. Cape Town. 1925 

Transvaal (The) Agric. journal, vl, 1902-3 

[gen. tp. wanting}. 8°. [Pretoria. 1903] 

Transvaal Asiatic Land Tenure Act Comm. 

Rep. 3p [in Iv]. fol. Pretoria. 1934^35 

see South African Nat. Convention. 

Minutes of proo«- &c., 1908-9, 1911. 

Dept. of Mines. 

»ee Fbommurze (H. F.), T. W. Gevebs &o. 
Geology &c. of the Karibib area, S.W. 
Africa, 1942. 
„ Haughton (S. H.), H. F. Frommurze &c. 
Geology & mineral deposits of the 
Omarin^u area, 1939. 
*Africaine (L'), lyric drama, n.d., see Scribe 

(A. B.) 
Central Afr. archives, 1936-47, 1947, see 
Central African archives. 
♦Chronicles of an Afr. trip, 1927, see Eastman 

African Association, see fAssociATioN for 

Promoting the Discovery of the In- 
terior Parts of Africa. 
African handbook (The) & traveller's guide. 

Ed. O. Martens & O. Karstedt. s8°. 1932 

„ 2nded. s8°. 1938 

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Contin. of Bantu studies. 

v5, 6. Ia8°. Johannesburg. 1946-47 
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fol. 1934 
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see Witwatebsrand, Univ. of. 
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St. di Firenze, Centre di St. Colon., 38]. 

Ia8°. Firenze. 1948 
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Perham (M.), ed. 
Africanus, medicit^j TTepi orotQ^cov, Fragm., 

see Lagarde (P. de) Symmicta, 1877. 
Africanus (Sextus Julius). Fragments des 

Cestes proven, de la coll. des tacticiens grecs. 

Ed. avec intr. &c. par J. R. Vieillefond. 

Ia8°. 1932 
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ed. H. Junker, see Koniglich-Sachs. Akad. 

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production. 2t. 8°. 1913 

'Afterglow (The): songs & sonnets for my 

friends, 1867, see Cautley (G. S.) 
Agada, see Haggadah. 
Agadir, see Santa Cruz du Cap de GujS. 
Aga Khan [tHusAiN HasanI, called Agha 

Khan]; 1800-81, see Goolamali (K.) An 

appeal (Voice f. India, 1864) &c., 1932. 
Aga Ehan [Aga Sultan Sir Mahomed Shah; 

tSuLTAN Muhammad Shah, Agha Khan], 
see Dumasia (N. M.) The A. K. & h. ances- 
tors, 1939. 

,, Goolamali (K.) An appeal &c., 1932. 

,, Ikbal Ali, Shah. The prince A. K., 1933. 
Agapida {Fray Antonio), ps. Chron. of the 

conquest of Granada, f. MSS. of F. A. A., 

1910, see Irving (W.) 
Agar (Herbert). 
The Amer. presidents, f. Washington to 

Harding. 8°. 1933 

Pursuit of happiness: story of Amer. democ- 
racy. 8°. 1939 
A time for greatness. 8°. 1943 
[Guild Bks.] 88°. 1944 
What is America? 8°. 1936 
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&c. Can planning be democratic? : essays, 

Agar (Wilfred Bade), see Phillips (P. D.) &o., 

edd. The peopling of Australia, 1928. 
Agar (William). Food or freedom: the vital 

blockade, see America faces the War, 1941. 
Agar (Winifred), see Ballades. 101 b.; oou- 

trib. by A. &c., 1931. 
Agard (Frederick B.), see Alexandeb, the Ot. 

The med. French Roman d'A., v5. Version 

of Alexandre de Paris: variants & notes to 

Branch 2; intr. by F. B. A., 1942. 
Agard (Walter Raymond). What democracy 

meant to the Greeks. 8°. Chapel Hill. 1942 
Agardh (Carl Adolf), see Bebzelius (J. J.) 

Bref, B4iii, Brevvaxling mellan B. & C. A. A. 

(1819-47), 1925. 
Agar-Hamilton (John Augustus Ion). 
The native policy of the Voortrekkers: hist. 

of interior of S. Africa, 1836-58. 

8°. Cape Town. [1928] 
The road to the North; S. Africa, 1852-86. 

8°. [1937] 
South African Protectorates. [Extr. f. Journ. 

of Afr. Soc, v29]. 8°. [1930] 

Agarwal (Chhotalal Bhagavand§s). 

The Harijans in rebellion. s8°. Poona. 1934 
Agastyaparwa [Angastyapabwa]. Agastya- 

parwa: Oud-Javaansch proza-geschrift; uitg. 

J. Gonda, see Bijdeaqen tot de Taal- & 

VoLKENKUNDB V. Ned.-Indie, d90, 1933. 
Agate (James Evershed). 
Aroimd cinemas. 2s. 8°. 1946-48 

At half -past eight: essays of the theatre, 

1921-22. 8°. [1923] 

Agate (James Eveished) [continued]. 
Brief chronicles: survey of plays of Shake- 
speare & the Elizabethans in actual per- 
formance. 8°. [1943] 
The oontemp. theatre, 1926. Intr. by A. 
Bennett. s8°. 1927 
The contemp. theatre, 1944-45. 8°. [1946] 
Ego [& Ego 2-9]. Autobiog. of J. A. 

[9v]. 8°. [1935-48] 
Fantasies & impromptus. 8°. [1923] 

Horses for kingdoms. 8°. 1936 

Immoment toys: survey of light entertain- 
ment on the London stage, 1920-43. 

8°. [1945] 
Mary Russell Mitford, see Russell (L.), ed. 

Eng. wits 1940. 
Rachel. [Repres. women]. 8°. [1928] 

Red letter nights: Post-Eliz. drama on the 
London stage, 1921-43. 8°. [1944] 

Short view of the Eng. stage, 1900-26. 

s8°. 1926 
These were actors. Extr. fr. a newspaper 
cutting book, 1811-33. [Criticisms by Haz- 
litt, Leigh Hunt d: o.] Sel. & annot. by A. 

8°. [1943] 

Those were the nights: [anthol. of crit., 1880- 

1906, sel. by J. A.] 8°. [1947] 

Thursdays & Fridays. 8°. [1941] 

Agate (May). Madame Sarah. s8°. 1945 

Agatha, wife of Edward, son of Edmund 

Ironside, see Fest (S.) The sons of Eadmund 

Ironside &c.. 1938. 

Agathangelus, historian. A. u. d. Akten 

Gregors v. Armenien [Greek]. Neu hrsg. v. 

P. de Lagarde. [Aus Abh. d. K. Gesells. d. 

W. zu Gottingen, B36. P3048]. 

4°. Gottingen. 1887 

Agathonicus, bp. of Tardus. Faijum. Frag- 

mente: Reden d. A.; hrsg. &o. W. Erichsen, 

see Kongeligt Dan. Vid. Sblskab. Hist.-fil. 

Med., B19, 1933. 

♦Age (The) of the world &o., 1707, see 

Sympson (J.) 
Age (Ehub Dekhta). 

India to-morrow. s8°. 1927 

Agee (James). Permit me voyage. [Poems &c.] 
Forew.byA.MaoLeish. 8°. New Haven. 1934 
Agenda Club. 
The rough & the fairway. Enquiry into the 
golf caddie problem. s8°. 1912 

see English. ♦Open letter to Eng. gentlemen, 
w. note on A. C, 1910. 
♦Agent in Italy, 1943, see K. (S.), ps. 
Agg (Howard), see Constandubos (M.) & 

H. A. The lady f. abroad, 1942. 
Aggrey (James Emman Kwegyir), see Smith 
(E. W.) A. of Africa, 3rd ed., 1929; 6th ed., 
Aggs (William Hanbury), see Trustee Act, 

1925; with notes &c. by A. &c., 1925. 
Aghion (Max). 

Le theatre & Paris au 18o siecle. 4°. [1926] 
Agis II, hing of Sparta, see Woodhouse (W. J.) 
King A. of S. & h. campaign in Arkadia in 
418 B.C., 1933. 
Agnes, saint dh martyr. 

♦Le jeu de S. Agnds: drame provenpal du 14» 
s. Ed. A. Jeanroy, avec transcr. dea 
melodies par Th. Ceroid. s8°. 1931 

The old French lives of St. A. & o. vernacular 
versions of the Middle Ages. Ed. w. intr. 
by A. J. Denomy. [Harvard St. in Romance 
Lang., vl3]. 8°. Camb., Mass. 1938 

Agnes Augusta, empress, consort of Henry III, 
emp. of Oermany, see Bulst-Thiele (M. L.) 
Kaiserin A., 1933. 
Agnese Scassi (Onuphrius), see Scassi (0.) 
Agnesi (Margarita Gaetana Angiola Maria) 
[Agnesi (Maeia Gaetana)], see Anzo- 
LETTI (L.) M. G. A. [1718-99], 1900. 
Agnew (Derek). Bevin Boy. 88°. [1947] 

Agniel (Marguerite). The art of the body, 
rhythmic exercises for health and beauty. 

Ia8°. 1931 
Agobardus, Saint, abp. of Lyons, see Wiegand 

(F.) A. V. Lyon u. d. Judenfrage, 1901. 
Agontz (Ger. Steph. Giuver). Hasarakakho- 
aouthion ashkharhagrouthean. [Intr. to geog. 
in Arm.] sS". i Venedik. 1817 

Agostini (E. de). Notizie s. regione di Cufra 
(el-C^fra). [Gov. d. Cirenaioa. Uffic. studi, 
ser. 2», no. 8]. Ia8°. Bengasi. 1927 



Agostini (Lionardo) [Augustinus (L.)]. 
Gemmae & sculpturae ant. depictae ab L. A. 
Add. earum enarr. in Lat. versa ab J. 
Gronovio, cujus aco. praef. 

ed. 2*. 2p [in Iv]. 94o. Franequerae. 1694 
Agostino (Padre) da Montefeltro, Franciscan 
[LuiGi ViciNl]. Resoconti d. prediche pro- 
nunz. n. chiesa di San Severino in Napoli. 

Ia8°. [Napoli. 1890] 

Agoult {la comtesse Marie Catherine Sophie d') 

[ps. I3ANIEL Stern], see Aragonn^s (C.) 

M. d'Agoult, une destin^e romant., 1938. 

see Hebwegh (M.), ed. Au printemps dea 

dieux: corr. de M. d'A. &o., 1929. 
„ Liszt (F.) Corr. de L. & de la Gtsse. d'A., 
1833-[64]; publ. D. Ollivier, 2t, 1933-34. 
,, lIoNOD (M. O.) Daniel Stern, otsse. d'A., 
Agra & Oudh, United Provinces of. 
Hist, of services of gazetted officers attached 
to U.P. Corr. up to July 1928-31, 1933 [each 
year in 12p. 1928, 1933, p8 wanting. 1929- 
31, p8 & 12 wanting]. 

8°. Allahabad. 1928-33 
,. 1935, 1937, 1939 (Opium & income- 
tax officers). 8°. Delhi. 1935-39 
Rep. on admin, of U.P. of A. & 0., 1926/27- 
1936/37, 1939-46. 
I 8°. Allahabad* Lucknow. 1928-49 
J Agram, see Wiedemann (A.) Aegypt. Inschr. 
aus d. MuB. zu A. &c., 1892. 
Agrarian China: sel. materials f. Chinese a^., 

1939, see China. 
Agreda (Marie de) [tMAEiA Fernandez 
CoBONEL, de Agreda]. Vida de la Virgen 
Maria segun la venerable de Agreda. Pro- 
logo de E. Pardo Bazan. s8°. [1892] 
•Agreeable (The) variety. 8°. 1717 
Agren (Sven). Karl XI's indelningsverk for 
armen, 1679-97. Akad. avhandl. 

8°- Uppsala. 1922 
Agric. atlas of Eng. & Wales, 1932, see 
i Messeb (M.) 

Agric. co-op. in England. Survey by the 

) Horace Plunkett Foundation. 8°. 1930 

Agric. co-op. in Ireland. Survey by Horace 

J Plunkett Foundation. 8°. [1931] 

! Agric. co-op. in Scotland & Wales. Survey 

by Horace Plunliett Foundation. Forew. 

by Sir J. Gilmour. 8°. [1932] 

Agric. (The) dilemma: rep. of enquiry &c., 

1 1935, see Astor (W., visct.) & B. S. Rown- 


Agric. reconstruction, 1943, see Land Union. 
f Agricultural Economics Research Institute, 
Country planning. St. of rural problems. 

8°. 1944 
[repr.] s8°. [1945] 
Progress in English farming systems; [by] 
F. J. Prewett, S. M. Bligh, C. S. Orwin & 
A. Bridges. 7p [in Iv]. 8°. O. 1929-33 

1 «ee Bbidqes (A.) & R. N. DixBY. Brit, sugar 
beet, 1934. 
,, Davies (J. Ll.) Grass farming, 1928. 
,, Obwin(C. S.) Financing the farmer, 1933. 
„ Shobt (J. B.) Butcher's shop, 1928. 
,, Skilbeok (D.) & M. Messer. Incidence 
of farming prosperity & depression, 1929. 
A. in the Sudan: hdbk., by num. a^., 1948, see 

TOTHILI. (J. D.), ed. 
A. in the 20th cent.: essays pros, to Sir D. 
; Hall, 1939, see Hall {Sir A. D.) 

World a.: internat. survey, 1932, see Roy. 
Inst, of Internal Affairs. 
■j Agrippa (Henricus Cornelius). 

Magische Werke, aammt d. Schriften d. 
Petrua v. Abano, Piotorius v. Villingen, 
Gerhard v. Cremona, Tritheim v. Spanheim 
&o. In's Deut. iibers. [Geheime Wiss., BIO- 
14]. 4e A. 5B in 3. 88°. 1921 

»ee Spenoe (L.) C. A., 1939. 
Agrippa (Marcus Vipsanius). 
see Reinhold (M.) M. A.: a biog., 1933. 
„ Shipley (F. W.) A.'s building activities 

in Rome, 1933. 
,, Wright (F. A.) M. A., organizer of 
victory, 1937. 
Agrippina, the younger, wife of Claudius, see 
Bailly (A.) N6ron & A., 1929. 

Aguado Bleye (Pedro). Compendio de hist, de 
Espana. 4i» ed. t2. 8°. 1933 

see Men^ndez Pidal (R.), ed. Hist, de E,sp., 
t2, Esp. rom., per P. A. B. &c., 1935. 
Aguettant (Louis). 

Les dialogues do P. Val6ry. 8°. 1926 

Aguilar (Grace). 

The Vale of Cedars. [repr.] 88°. [1903] 

Aguilera (Hieronymo Torres y), see Torres y 

Aguileba (H.) 
Aguilera y Gamboa (Enriaue de), man/iu's de 
Cerralboa. El virreinato de Mejico, 1892, see 
Ateneo Cient. &c. de Madrid. El Con- 
tinente amer., t3, 1894. 
Aguirre (Joaquin). Curso de disciplina eclesiast. 
2t [in Iv]. 8°. 1848-49 
Aguirre (Josfe Antonio de), president of the 
Basque Country. [Dr. Alvabez of Panama]. 
Freedom was flesh & blood. b8°. 1945 

Aguirre Acha (Jose). The boundary dispute 
betw. Bolivia & Paraguay. Tr. A. Boyle. 

4°. B'ham. [1929] 
Aguirrebena (Feliciano Ortego), see Obtego 

Aliuibrebena (F.) 

Agustin (Francisco). Ramon Perez de Ayala, 

su vida y obras. 8°. [1927] 

Agustin (Miguel). Libro de los secretes de 

agricultura, casa del campo, y pastoril. Tr. 

[n. ed.] s4°. Barcelona. 1722 

Ah (Jose£ Ignaz v.) 

Von d. frommen Leben &c. d. HI. K. 

Borromaus. 4e A. s8°. Einsiedeln. n.d. 

Ahab, l<:ing of Israel, see Jack (-J. W.) Samaria 

in A.'s time, 1929. 
Ahadh Ha'Am, ps., see Ginzbebg (A.) 
Aharon (Yitshaq Ben), see Ben Aharon (Y. ) 
Aheta Mikael, see Budge (E. A. W.) Lady 
Meux MSS. No». 2-5: Magic, prayers of 
A. M. &c., 1900. 
Aykar [tH.incAB, al-Hakim]. 
Die weisen Spriiche des A. nach d. syr. Hs. 
Cod. Sachau Nr. 336 d. Kgl. Bibl., Berlin, 
hrsg. u. bearb. S. Griinberg. [M558]. 8°. 1917 
see Smend (R.) Alter &c. d. A. -Romans u. s. 
Verhaltnis zu Aesop, 1908. 
Ahl^en (Reinhold). Swedish poets of the 17th 
cent. Tr., & biog. notes by R. A. 

8°. San Francisco. 1932 
Ahl6n (Bengt), ed. Svenskt fdrfatterlexikon, 
1900-40. 3v (v3. Register). Ia8°. 1942 

Ahlsand (Ruth), wife of T. Ahlsand. 
Over Khyber to the Caspian Sea. 

68°. Bombay. 1944 
Ahmad (Ehwaja Muhammad). 
Prelim, excav. at prehist. sites nr. Janampet. 
i'.n.p. [1947] 
Rockhewn monuments of Karkunda. 

i'.n.p. [1947] 

Ahmadi (Abolghassem). Le chemin de fer 

transiranien : s. role polit. & econ. Ia8°. 1945 

Ahmad ibn 'Abd al-Kadir (Shibab al-Din). 

Hist, de la conquete de rAbyesinie, 168 

siecle. Texte arabe, avec tr. fran^.. & notes 

par R. Basset. [Ecole des Lettres d'Alger. 

Bull, de Corr. Afr., 19, 20]. [2t. 1, Texte, 

2, Tr. t2 wants fasc. 1]. 8°. 1897-1909 

Ahmad ibn *Abd Allah, al-Kalkashandl, called 

Ibn Ahi Ohudda. An Arab account of India 

in 14th cent., being a tr. of chapters on 

India f. Al-Qalqashandl's Subh ul-A'sha, by 

O. Spies. [Bonner Orient. St., H14]. 

8°. St. 1936 
Ahmad ibn 'Arabshah [tAniaAD ibn Mtjham- 
:\i.\d, called Ibn ^ Arabshdh]. Tamerlane, or 
Timur, the gt. Amir. Tr. J. H. Sanders. 

8°. 1936 
Ahmad ibn Fartua, Iman. 
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1777, & convicted of setting fire to H.M. 

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L'Chese & 4 Jesuits, 1680, see State tracts, 

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dat, see Mass^ (H.) Livre des merveilles du 

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s8°. [1935] 
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Dept.] Ia8°. Hyderabab. 1927 

see YazdanI (G.) A.: colour &c. reprod'. of 
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Textcfc Plates of Cave 2, p3. Text* Plates 
of Caves 6-7, 9-12, 15-17, 1930-46. 
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medecin du Pape &c., 1753, see Voltaire. 
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East Carelia, 1934. 

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Pisidia?] & little compline. Arrangement. 

Gr. text w. rend, in Eng. s8°. 1919 

Akbar, emperor of Hindustan. 

see Abu al Fadhl ibn INIubarak. The 

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,, Chron. of A. the Gt.: descr. of MS, 

[w. fac".] illust. by court painters, 1937, 
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1946. IS] 

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Great Mogul, 1932. 
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fict.), 1929. 

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HusAiN, Khan Bahadur]. Kuliyat-i-Akbar 
llahabade. [Coll. poems ?n Hindustani]. 

3v. 8°. Budayuncfc Jaunpur. 1921-23 
Akbai Husain, Saiyid Khan Bahadur, see 

Akbab Allahabadi, ps, 
Akeley (Carl Ethan), see Akeley (M, L, J,) 

C, A,'s Africa, 1931, 
Akeley (Mary L. Jobe), wife of Carl Ethan 
Akeley, form. Jobe. 
Carl Akeley's Africa. Ace. of the Akeley- 
Eastman-Pomeroy African Hall Exped. 

8°. 1931 

Rumble of a distant drum: true story of 

African hinterland. 8°. [1948] 

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„ Quelques mots s. la vie &c. de J. D. A., 1891. 

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crises. Tr. E. Sprigge & C. Napier. 8°. 1932 

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meaning for the West. 8°. [1948] 

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A. O., laya kn. skazok, 1940. 


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Naphuria, the hist, of the true A., 1936. 
see tMEEEJKOVSKY (D. S.) A., k. of E. 
fiction; tr., 1927; Fr. tr., 1928. 
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& oriental. 8°. Lahore. [1945] 

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by R. East. 8°. O. 1939 

Akimoto (Shunkichi) [Akimoto (Syttnkiti)]. 
Family life in Japan. [Tourist lib., 17]. 

s8°. [Tokyo. 1937] 

The lure of Japan. [Intr. by A. F. Thomas.] 

8°. Tokyo. [1934] 

Manchuria scene. 8°. Tokyo. [1933] 

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Index, see Nova Scotia Hist. See. Rep. & 

Coll., v8, 1895-1907. 

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Akominatos (Niketas), see Nicetas, Choniates. 

Akroyd (Annette Susannah), aft. wife of 

Henry Beveridge, see Bevekidge {Mrs. A. S.) 

Akroyd (R.), see Maydon (H. C), ed. Big 

game shooting in Africa; by A. &c., 1932. 
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V oblasti spiritualizma. Po povodu kn. A. 
Dasse [d'Assier] "O posmert. chelovech- 
estve". 8°. 1884 

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Zamok zora. Povest. [P3081]. 8°. 1892 

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Istoriya moego znakomstva s Gogolem, so 
perep., 1832-52. Ia8°. Moskva. 1890 

Semeinaya khronika i vospominaniya. 

izd. 2o». 2 ch. [in Iv]. 8°. Moskva. 1856 
Akselrod (Lyubov Isaakovna) [Akselbod- 
Ortodoks], see Friche (V. M.) O Tolstom: 
sbornik, 1928. 
Aksum [Axum]. Liber Axumae. Ed. <fc inter- 
pret. K. Conti Rossini. [Ethiopic dh Fr. 
Corpus scr. Chr. Or.: Scr. Aethiop., s2, t8. 
2p in Iv]. 8°. Paris. 1909-10 

Akti sobr. v bibl. &c. Ross. Imp., 4t, 1836-38, 
see Impebatobskaya Abkheoqrat. Kom- 


Akylas, see Onkelos. 

Al-Afghanl, see Jamal ad-Din, al-Afghdni. 
Alagiyavanna fflohottala. A tr. of A.'s Subha- 
sitaya into Eng. verse by E. P. Wijetunge. 
8°. Colombo. 1930 
Alain, ps., see Chartier (Emile Auguste). 
Alain (Jehan), see Gavoty (B.) J. A., musicien 
frang, 1911—40, avec un choix de lettres &c., 
Alain-Fournier (Henri). 
Le grand Meaulnes. [n. ed.] sS". [1936] 

Hoinmage h A.-F. Textes ined. d'A.-F. &. de 
C. Peguy. Etudes &c. de M. Abraham, 
R. Bizet &c. 2= ed. 8°. [1930] 

The wanderer (Le grand Meaulnes). Tr. F. 
Delisle. [Intr. by H. Elhs]. sS". [1929] 

see GiLLET (H.) A.-F., 1948. 
,, Rivii;RE (J.) & A.-F. Corr., 1905-14, 4t, 
Alan (lona), wife of Jay Alan, form. Plath, see 

Plath (I.) 
Alan (Maijorle). 

Murder in November. s8°. 1946 

Alanus, de Inaulis, see Adam, de la Bassie. 

Ludus super Anticlaudianum, 1930. 
Alaicon (Juan Ruiz de) [tRuiz de AlarcOn y 
Mendoza (Juan)]. 
Apuntes y doc^. nuevos para la biog. de A.; 
ed. D. Schons, see Real Acad, db la Hist. 
Boletin, t95, 1929. 
Teatro sel. Prec. de su biog. por M. G. 
LL[ana]. 88°. 1868 

La verdad sospechosa. Biog., prol, y not. de 
A. C. Leal. [Bibl. Encicl. Pop. 13]. 

8°. Mexico. 1944 
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Theatre espagnol, t2, 1932. 
Alarcon (Don Lope de Vera y), see Vera v 

Alaicon (Martin de), see Celiz (F.) Diary of 
the A. exped. into Texas, 1718-19; tr. 
Hoffmann, 1935. 
Alaicon (Pedio Antonio de). 
La Alpujarra. 2« ed. s8°. 1882 

El capitan Veneno — Hist, de mis libros. 
[Obras]. 9» ed. s8°. 1909 

Novelas cortas. s3. Narr. inverosimiles. 

88". 1882 

Alaic6n (Pedio Antonio de) [continued]. 

El sombrero de tres pioos — El Capitan 

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The three-cornered hat. Tr. M. Armstrong. 

[repr.] s8°. [1933] 

Viajes por Espana. s8°. 1883 

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1460-'1528, see Antico. 
Alaiic I, king of the Visigoths, see Brion (M.) 

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Alas (Leopoldo) [ps. Clabin]. 
B. Perez Galdos: est. orit. biog. 

2^ ed. s8°. 1889 
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Ensayos y revistas, 1888-92. s8°. 1892 

Nueva campaiia, 1885-6. s8°. 1887 

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mento, Aveoilla &o. 88°. 1886 

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Sermon perdido. (Critica y satira). 

3'«ed. s8°. [1886] 
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2»ed. 8°. [1881] 
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The Balkans & Europe. s8°. [1937] 

Cyprus, past & future. s8°. [1944] 

Venizelos, patriot, statesman &c. s8°. 1942 
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des Portugais aux Indes. 4°. [1931] 

Alava, The family of , see EohAvabbi (V. G. de). 
Alaveses ilust., t2, Biog. de la fam. de A., 
Alazaid (Jean). 
C^ria. [Artistes nouv.] 8°. [1930] 

The Florentine portrait. Tr. B. Whelpton. 

Ia8°. [1948] 

Or San Michele, sanctuaire des corporations 

florent. [Visites d'art. Mem.] 88°. [1920] 

see AlgiiIBIE. Le Mus6e des Beaux-Arts 

d'Alger, par J. A., 1932. 

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riens de I'Algerie. Intr. par S. Gsell. [Coll. 
du centenaire de I'A., 4]. 8°. 1931 

Alba e suo territorio n. guerra d. 1703-9: 
cronaca comp. con estr. d. Ordinati orig. d. 
Comune; [ed.] F. Eusebio, see Piemonte. 
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[3v]. Ia8°. [1942-43] 
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Also (F.) 
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Endure no longer. 88°. [1945] 

Without orders. s8°. [1944] 

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Alcdzar (Cayetano) [f Alcazar Molina (Caye- 


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Duello de M. A. A. fatto di Latino Italiano. 
Tre consigli apresso de la materia medesima 
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Alcibiades [continued], 
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Geology of Saint John region. New Bruns- 
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Little women & Good wives. s8°. [1934] 

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Time I was dead. 8°. 1934 

see Emanuel (W.) A dog day, pictured by 

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„ Fbedeeick (C. E. St. J.) &c. Fox- 
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Signed with their honour. 

1:2nd impr.] s8°. [1942] 

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(A. Pio). 
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Lui V. A. [Extr. din op. sale, DiBcursvirile 
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•Alegres jubilos &c. k la elev. al throno de 

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tion des Pasteurs de Geneve]. 

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„ „ for a. ed. see h. Melanges, t2, 1772. 
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P. A.], ed. nov., 1701. 
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RusCELLi?], see Febguson (J.) Secrets of 

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A. A., 1929. 
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Alexander, see also Skinder. 
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anima & corpore [Syr. & Lat.], see Mai 

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On destiny. Addr. to the emperors. Text & 

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k. of Ethiopia. 
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go ri93'*i 

[repr.] 8°. [1932] 

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. [1917] 
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deir Abate T. Valperga di Caluso a V. A.] 
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„ „ [Ed. Florentia]. 

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proving Will, of Durham the true 
founder & ans. arguments who ascribe 
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El justo medio en la creencia. Compend. de 
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Ia8°. Beirut. 1933 
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see AsfN Palacios (M.) La eapiritualidad de 

A. y su sentido cristiano, 2t, 1934—35. 
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AlgSrie [Alger]. 
Colonisation de I'ex-R^gence d'A.: doc", 
officiels [by Lapinsonni^re (&c.] 8°. 1834 

Hist. & historiena de I'Alg^rie, 1931, see 

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Alazard. [Coll. Publ. de France. Mem.] 

88°. 1932 

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Tunisia. [Descr. de I'Afr. du Nord, Min. de 

I'Instr. Publ. &c.] 4°. 1928 

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ibn 'Ali, called Al-Harlri]. Die Verwand- 
lungen d. Abu Seid von Serug, oder d. 
Makamen d. Hariri v. F. Riickert. 

4s A. 8°. St. 1864 
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Ibn 'Abd al-Mun'im, al, Himyari. 
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[2nd rev. ed.] 8". Lahnre. 1947 
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victorious king that conquered Spaine. His 
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pratique. Etudes culinaires suivies du 
traitement de I'ob^sit^ dea gourmands. 

4e 6d. augm.4°. [1926] 
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L'afiaire A., 1927. 
Alibert (Francois Paul). 

Pierre Puget. 8°. 1930 

Alienation Office, Poona, see Poona. 
Aliger (Margarita). 

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ohieri], see Conti (P. G.) Vita & opere di 
P. di D. A., con doo. ined., 1939. 

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see Stitt (G. M. S.) A prince of Arabia, the 
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Shddali [Abu al Mawahib, al Shddhili]. 
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intr. & notes, based on a crit. ed. of A. 'a 
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ben Schems-Eddin]. Chanisches Geschichts- 

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Text, see Dorn (B.) Muh. Quellen, T2, 1857. 

'Ali ibn Sina, see Avioenna. 

Alimony. '^Lady A.; or The alimony lady 

(1659), 1875, see Lady. 
Alinari (J056 Bam6n M61ida y), see M^lida 

(J. R.) 
Alington (Adrian). 
Ann & Aureha. a8°. 1934 

Chaytor'a. a8°. [1933] 

Moss is the stuff. b8°. 1937 

Those kids fr. town again. 88°. [1943] 

Alington (Charles E. A.) 

Partridge driving. s8°, 1904 

Alington (Cyril Argentine), dean of Durham. 
Christianity in England. Hist. sk. a8°. 1942 
Crime on the Kennet. s8°. [1939] 

Doubts & difficulties. Intr. by Abp. of 
Canterbury. 88°. 1929 

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Edward Lyttelton: an appreciation. 

s8°. [1943] 
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Europe. A personal & polit. survey. 8°. [1946] 
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[2nd impr.] 8°. 1933 
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8°. O. 1940 
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Sense & non-sense. A study of basic Xty. 
Forew. by Bp. of Durham. 88°. 0. 1949 
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Things anc. & mod. 8°. [1936] 
, E. J. Campbell &C. Sermons for corona- 
tion of K. George VI. 5th impr. 88°. [1937] 
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The growth of America. 8°. [1940] 

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vizier of Epirus; 1744-1822 [Ali of Tepalen; 
Ali Weli Zadeh], see Baggally (J. W.) 
A. P. & Gt. Brit., 1938. 
see Davenport (R. A.) Life of A. P., 1823. 
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Shirak. [Illust. topog. in Armenian]. 

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armen. & publ. a. ausp. de Noubar Pacha. 

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Pref. by E. Herriot. s8°. [1939] 

Allx (Yves), see Allard (R.) Y. A.: reprod. de 

peinturea &c. pr6c. d'une et. crit., 2« 6d., 


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Ahmad ibn 'Abd al-I^dir. 
Al-Ealabadhi, see Abu Bakr ibn Abi Ishaq 


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hoofddeelen &c. vermeerd. P. van der 

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Al-Ehuwarazmi, see Muhammad ibn Musa, 

al-Khuwarazmi . 

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XW. men are brothers; tr., 1933, see Shui hu 

•.All the world's a stage, 1777, see Jackman 

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3 dissert, de Nicetis, de Philonibus & de 

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AllShSbadi (Akbar), see Akbar Allahabadi, 


Allain (Marcel). 
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L'heure d'aimer, see Q5uvres libres, 109, 

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Eng. polit. thought, 1603-60. 

vl, 1603-44. 8°. [1938] 
A hist, of polit. thought in the 16th cent. 

8°. [1928] 
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HuLBEBT (Mrs. M. A.) 
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,, ,, contind. to pres. time by T. 

Wright. 5v. 8°. 1837-39 

[engr. tp'. of vl-4 have New hist. &c., v5, 
National hist. &c.] 
New & compl. hist, of the County of York. 
111. by views engr. by N. Whittock. 

3v. s4°. 1828-31 
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Allin {Sir T.) 
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& P. Muratov. Russian campaigns of 

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Combechester. s8°. 1939 

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Schr. d. Alt. Test.; hrsg. F. Feldmann. B6, 
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La question juive dev. la Conf. de la Paix. 

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see Anglo-Jewish Assoc. Ann. rep«., in 

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,, L'A.I., 8. action ^dncatrice, 1900. 

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A. Berkeley &c. 

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s8°. n.p. [1912] 
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Alvarez should read Alvarez in following 
entries. Accented Clarendon A not available 
in this type. 
Alvarez (Alejandro). 

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8°. [1936] 
L'Espagne veut la paix. [6. w. h. Deux disc, 
1938]. 8°. [1936] 

Freedom's battle. [Tr. E. E. Brooke]. 

8°. [1940] 

Speech at Council of League of Nations 

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de Torres Villarro^l el que scrive la vida &c. 

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de todas las misioneg de los PP. franciscanos 

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Translations . 

Four comedies. Eng. by Helen & Harley 

Granville-Barker. Love passes by — Don 

Abel wrote a tragedy — Peace & quiet — 

Dona Clarines. 8°. 1932 

A hundred years old. Eng. by Helen & 

Harley Granville-Barker. s8°. [1928] 

[repr.] s8°. [1929] 

For another ed., see Plays of to-day, v3, 


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2ed. 8°. [Milano]. 1947 
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& C. E. Carter. 

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por A.. 4t, 1855-59. 
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2»ed. 8°. Buenos Aires. 1934 

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Verde], see Cognasso (F.) II conte Verde, 



Amadeus VII, of Savoy, 1360-91 [11 conte 
Rosso], see Cognasso (F.) II conte Rosso, 
Amadeus VIII, of Savoy, see Felix V, antipope. 
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1786, see Ceeou [cliev. de). 
Amantes. *Relacion hist, de los amantes de 

Teruel (verse), 1888, see Teeuel. 
Amanullah, king of Afghanistan, see Wild (R.) 

A., ex-k. of A., 1932. 
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cost, de Portug. Ed. M. Lopes de Almeida 
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Missionnaire Lazariste, 1923, 5ee Baeteman 
Amaru (Jose Gabriel de Tupac-), see Tupac- 

Amaetj (J. G. de). 
Amat (Jean Charles Roman d'), see Roman 

(J. C.) 
Amateur (An), ps. How about Cronstadt? 

1855, see JIaetin (F. P. B.) 
Amateur stage (The). Ed. F. J. Dawson. 

vl, 2. 4°. 1926-27 

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Italia. 8v. Ia8°. Milano. [1868-80?] 

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(1886), 1936, see Mouat (E.) 
Ambedkar (Bhimrao R.) [TBhImaeau Ramaji 
Pakistan. [3rd ed.] 8°. Bombay. [1946| 

W^ho were the Shudras? 8°. Bombay. [1946] 
Amberg (George). 

Art in mod. ballet. i" . [1947] 

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1st earl Russell; 1842-76. The Amberley 
papers. Letters & diaries of Ld. & Lady A. 
Ed. Bertrand & P. Russell. 2v. 8°. 1937 

Amberley (Kate, viscountess), wife of Johyi 
Russell, visct. Amberley , form. Stanley ; 1842- 
74, see Ambeeley (J. R., visct.) The 
Amberley papers, 2v, 1937. 

Ambler (Benjamin George). 

St. Dunstan. Drama. 38°. [1921] 

Ambler (Charles Henry). Francis H. Pierpont. 
8°. Chapel Hill, N.C. 1937 
G. Washington & the West. 

8°. Chapel Hill, N.C. 1936 
Ambler (Christopher GiKord). 

Smiler. Wr. & illust. by A. 8°. [1945] 

Ambler (Eric). 

Cause for alarm. s8°. [1938] 

Epitaph for a spy. [repr.] s8°. [1938] 

Journey into fear. [5th impr.] 88°. [1948] 

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In an elem. Council School, cfc Supp. 

[M373, 383]. 8°. [1916] 
*Amboise, le chateau, la ville&c, 1897, see 

Amboise (Renee de Bussy d'), psse. de Cambrai, 

see Bdssy d'Amboise (R. de). 
Ambolt (Nils). Karavan: travels in E. Turkes- 
tan. Tr. J. Bulman. 8°. [1939] 
Ambourney (Alexandre d'), see Deschamps (P. ), 

A. D'A. & CiE. 
Ambra (Lucio d'). 
L'autore delle duecento commedie (C. 
Goldoni). 8'. Bologna. 1936 

Vieux papiers h vendre, see G^vvres libres, 
119, 1931. 
Ambri^re (Francis). 
Le favori de Frangois 1*^'', Gouttier de Bon- 
ni\'et. amiral de France, 1489-1525. 

s8°. 1936 
La galerie dramatique, 1945—48; le theatre 
fr. dep. la liberation. 8°. [1949] 

Les grandes vacances, 1939-45. 8°. [1946] 

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The Crusade of Richard Lion-Heart. Tr. f. 
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by J. L. La Monte. [Columbia Univ. Rec. 
of civiliz. Sources &c.. No. 34]. 

8°. N.Y. 1941 
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(E. N.) 3 old French chronicles of the 
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infl. en France. [2e 6d.] 8°. 1946 

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Ambros (August Wilhelm), see Langhans (W.) 
Gesch. d. Musik d. 17.-19. Jhdts in chrono- 
log. Anschlusse an d. Musikgesch. v. A., 2B, 
Ambrose & Eleanor; or, adv. of 2 children &c.; 

tr., 4th ed., 1820, see Peacock (L.) 
Ambrose, Saint, bp. of Milan, see Brewee (H.) 
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e. Werk d. hi. A. &c., 1909. 
see Connolly (R. H.) The De Sacramentis, 

a work of St. A., 1942. 
,, DUDDEN (F. H.) Life & times of St. A., 

2v, 1935. 
,, NiEDEEHUBEE (.J. E.) Eschatologie d. hi. 
A., 1907. 

,, Lehre d. hi. A. v. Reiche Gottes 

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,, Palanque (J. R.) St. A. & I'Emp. rom., 

,, Philo, Judaeus. Neue Philontexte in d. 

Cberarb. d. A. &c., 1932. 
,, Weight (F. A.), ed. Fathers of the 
Church; sel. f. wr., A. &c., 1928. 
Ambrose (John Willis). 
C16ricy & La Pause map areas, Quebec. 
[Canada. Geolog. Survey. Mem. 233]. 

8°. Ottawa. 1941 
The magnetometer as an aid in geolog. map- 
ping, see Canada. Geolog. Survey Bull., 2, 
see Gunning (H. C.) & J. W. A. Malartic 
Area, Quebec, 1940. 
Ambrosi (Gustinus), see Kaepfen (F.), ed. 

G. A., 1923. 
Ambrosi (Marco Degli), called Melozzo da 

Forli, see Melozzo, da Forli. 
Ambrosini (Gaspare). 

I problemi d. Mediterraneo. 8°. 1937 

Ambrosini (Luigi). Cronache d. Risorgimento 

e seritti letterari. Con intr. biog. 8°. [1931] 

'Amda Seyon, king of Ethiopia. Hist, dee 

guerres d'A. Tr. J. Perruchon. Extr. du 

Joiunal Asiat. 8°. 1890 


Amdrup (Georg Carl), see Greenland; ed. 

M. Vahl, A. &c., 3v, 1928-29. 
Amdur (Alice Steiner). The poetry of Ezra 
Pound. 8°. Camb., Mass. 1936 

Am6, see Aim6. 
Ameal (Joao). 
Dona Leonor, "Princeza Perfeitiseima''- 

88°. Porto. 1943 
Hiet. de Portugal. 

2a ed., rev. e acresc. 8°. Porto. 1942 

Sao Tomaz de Aquino. Pr6f. de J. Maritain. 

8°. Porto. 1938 

& R. Cavalheiro. 

Erratas h hist, de Portugal. De D. Joao V a 

D. Miguel. 8°. Porto. 1939 

Ameel (Joseph). Red hell: 20 years in Soviet 

Russia. 8°. [1941] 

Ameer Ali, Syed. 

The personal law of the Mahommedans. 

8°. 1880 
A short hist, of the Saracens. 

[repr.] a8°. [1949] 

Ameisenowa (ZoJja), see Ceacow. Princ. mss. 

k peint. de la Bibl. Jagellonienne de C. 

d«cr. par J. A., 1933. 

Am^lineau (Emile). 

De Hist. Lausiaca. Adj. Coptica fragm. ined. 

[a. c. in P3060]. 8°. Paris. 1887 

fitude s. le Christianisme en figypte au 7« 

siecle \includ. Coptic text <& tr, of Eloge de 

Pisentios, by Moses, bp. of Keft. Tir. de 

I'lnstitut Egypt., v2]. 4°. 1887 

Les nouv. fouilles d'Abydos. [Compte rendu]. 

8°. 1896 
see PiSTis Sophia; tr. du Copte en Fr., avec 
intr., par E. A., 1895. 
Amelli (Ambrogio Maria), see Bible: Psalms. 

Liber Ps. &c., cur. A., 1912. 
Amelot de Chaillou (Jean Jacques), foreign 
minister. '•'Letter f. a minister at the 
French court, cont. reasons of A.'s disgrace 
&c. [P3076]. sfol. 1744 

Amelung (A.), Garteninspektor, see Amblunq 


Amelung (Heinrich). Prakt. u. lohnende 

Champignonkultur, m. e. Anhang v. R. 

Betten. 8°. Erfurt. [1905] 

Amendola (Giovanni), see Peezzolini (6.) 

G. A., 1925. 
Amen-em-apt, son of Kanekht [Amenemope], 
see Mercer (S. A. B.) The Wisdom of A. 
& h. relig. ideas [w. tr.], 1934. 
Amenemhat I, king of Egypt [Amenemhait]. 
Les enseignementa d'A. I ^ s. fils Sanouasrit 
I; transcr. & publ. par G. Maspero. [Inst. 
Fr. d'Arch. Or. Bibl. d'«t., t6J. 

4°. Le Caire. 1914 
Amenhotep II, king of Egypt, c. 1447 B.C. 


( P.) Les textes des tombes de Thoutmosis HI 
& d'A. II, tl, 1932. 
Amenmose, see Davibs (N. de G.) Tombs of 

Menkheperrasonb, A. &c., 1933. 
Ameno (Lndovicus de), see Sinisteaei (L. M.), 

de Ameno. 
Amenophis II, king of Egypt, see Amen- 
hotep II. 

'''America & the Jews. [Jewish Board of 
Deputies. M456, 459]. 8°. 1921 

"■America, Britain & the world: svu'vey, 1945, 
see Atlanticus, ps. 
America faces the W^ar. No^. 1—16. 

[in 2v.] s8°. 1941-42 

America looks to the future; 4 speeches by 

Amer. statesmen, see America faces the 

War, No. 14, 1942. 

America's econ. policy: for the War & the 

Peace. Statements by officials of U.S. 

Govt. & 6th & 6th rep8. to Congr. on Lend- 

Lease operations &c. s8°. [1942] 

America's peace aims: [speeches by] F. 

Roosevelt &c., see Peace aims doc^.. No. 3, 


America y Hostos: coll. de ensayos &c., 1939, 

see Hostos (E. M. de). 
Animals of A., 1937, see Anthony (H. E.), ed. 
Birds of A., 1936, see Peaeson (T. G.). ed. 
Continente (El) Americano, 4° cent. d. 
doscub. de A., 3t, 1894, see Ateneo Cient. 
&c. de Madrid. 
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29, see Gabeiel (R. H.), ed. 



America [continued]. 
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N. Amer., v3, 4, 1702-39, 1930-37, see 

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see Serrano y Sanz (M.), ed. 
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Royal Instit. of Internat. Affairs. 
Tres tratados de A. (sig. 18). sS". 1894 

1, Merisalde y Santisteban (J. de). Relac. 
de la ciudad de Cuenca. 

2, Montufar y Fraseo (J. P. de). Razon s. el 
estado &c. de la jurisdiccion de Quito en 

3, Diario de todo lo oeurrido en expugn. de 
los fuertes de Bocachica y sitio de Carta- 
gena de las Indias en 1741. Formado de 
pliegos remit, a S. M. por S. Eslava &c. 

♦Voice (A) to America; or the model republ., 
1855, see Saunders (F.) & T. B. Thorpe. 

*Wild flowers of A. By a corps of special 
artists & botanists. 

obi. 8°. N.Y. G. H. Buck dc Co. 1894 

America Latina. Acta & decreta Concilii plen. 

Americae Lat. in Urbe celebrati A.D. 1899. 

[cfc App. sep. pagin.] Ia8°. Romae. 1900 

A Tn pnp 9.H 

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1947, see Album. 
Album of Amer. hist.; J. T. Adams, ed. in 

chief, 4v, 1944-48, see Album. 
Amer. detective stories, 1943; 1944, see 

RiCHAKDSON (M.), ed. 
Amer. (The) Empire, 4th impr., 1943, see 

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v50 in 4 No'. No». 1, 3 cfc 4 have a 2nd part 

called Memoir 68-70, for contents see below. 

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59th ann. rep. has suppl. Religion tomorrow: 
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Writings on Amer. hist., 1929, 1933, 1934, 
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Petroleum Div. (1930-42, 1944-45, 1947) 
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American Numismatic Society [continued]. 

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stamp, 1940. [ggi 

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4°. Phila. 1939-49 
see HoBBS (W. H.) Discoveries of Ant- 
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American (The) poUtical science review. 

vl2, 22-43 (1918, 1928-49). 
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for Progressive .Judaism] to Spec. Conv. 

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pubd. in honour of K. Kohler. 

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[M542, 573]. 8°. n.p. [1928] 
Some aspects of industrial relations. 

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The Union Prayer Book; Symposium, Provi- 
dence, 1930. [M574]. 8°. n.p. 1930 
Views on the synod. 

[M177]. &". Baltimore, Md. 1905 
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see Amee. Heb. Congbeg. Set of holiday 
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Hesperia, Suppl. 5. 
see Dinsmoob (W. B.) Obs. on the Hephai- 
steion, 1941. [5.] 

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1, Rep. on investig. at Assos, 1881, w. app. 
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baron), see Taffs (W.) Lord O. R. 1st b. A., 


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,, ,, [repr.] 8°. Amsterdam. 1927 

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German, in Iv]. s8°. [Amst. 1737-73] 

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E. M.) 
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8°. [1926] 
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,, Sappho. S. — A. & Anacreontiques: [tr. 
avec Prolegomdnes par] M. Meunier, 
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ps. Dern. amour de Byron lla ctsse. A.], 
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Analyses of the railroad corps., 1913^ j^g Qj^^ 

Colony Trust Co. 
•Analysis (The) of a new quack-medicine 
called Antidote, &c. By a member of one 
of the inferior corporations [of Dublin] 

[P3087]. 8°. D. 1766 
Analysis. Ed. A. E. Duncan-Jones &c. 

v8-10 (1947-50). 8°. O. [1948-50] 
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The big heart. Novel. s8°. [1946] 

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reality by E. Gill. 8' 

Letters on India. s8^ 

Persian painting. [Criterion Misc., 25], 



The sword & the sickle. 
Two leaves & a bud. 

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intent of a pamph. called Omnia comest a 
Belo. _ [P2923]. 84°. 1679 

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of the Xtn. Fathers of Egypt. Syr. version 
of the Apophthegmata Patrum. Tr. Budge. 

8°. 0. 1934 
see Pall.idius. Book of paradise ace. to 
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Egypt. 250-400; tr. out of Syriac of 
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Basilius]; hrsg. u. iibers. v. S. Euringer, see 
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Die 2 gewohnl. athiop. Gregorius-A.; hrsg. 
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see Geneva Inst, of Intebnat. Rel. 
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laevna, Grand Duchess of Russia, aee 
Rathlef-Keilmann (H. v.) A., 1928. 
Anastasi Campagna (Rosalia). Di una sacra 
rappresent. [Resurrectio Christi] d. quattro- 
cento in dial, sicil. [Soc. Sioil. per la St. 
Patria. Doc. &c., s4, vl2]. 

Ia8°. Palermo. 1913 
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[Acad. Rom. Studii &c. 13], 

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G. Laehr, see Dijmmleb (E. L.), ed. Epist. 
Merow. et Karol. aevi, t5, 1912-28. 
Anastasius (Joannes), Veluanus [ps. Adamds 
Chbistianus]. Kort Bericht, genant der 
Leken Wechwyser, 1554— Vom Nachtmal 
Christi, 1557— Bekantenisz, 1561, see BiB- 
liotheca reform. Neerl., d4, 1906. 
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The Alexandrian orig. of the 'Christian 
topog.' of Cosmas Indicopleustes, see Dum- 
barton Oaks Papers, 3, 1946. 
Pletho's calendar & liturgy, see Dumbarton 
Oaks Papers, 4, 1948. 
Anatomy [Anatomie]. 

•Anatomic (The) of the Service Book, dedic. 
to the High Court &o., by Dwalphintramis, 
1641, see Bernajid (J.) 
•Anatomy (The) of an equivalent, 1689, see 
Halifax (G. S., m. of). 


Anatomy [continued]. 

•Anatomy (The) of murder by H. Simpson, 

J. Rhode &c., 1937, see Simpson {H.)c&c. 
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A. de C, 1948. 
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OuCTiKd d. Bolos Demokritos u. d. Magier A. 

aus L., Tl, 1928. 
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Anaya (Salvador Gonzalez), see Gonzalez 
Anaya (S.) 

Ancel (Jacaues). 

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& la Prusse Orient. Conferences k la Bibl. 
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blockade & siege of Gibraltar, 1779-83. By 
an officer. 8°. [1784?] 
2nded. 8°. Liv'l. 1785 

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d'Angleterre, trag6die. [P3013]. 8°. 1829 

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riEpl TMV UUOTplcoV. [Hspl Tfjs JoUTOU KOt965oV/. 

— ritpi Tf|s irpos AccKE5canovious elprivris. — Kerr' 
AXKipid5ou]. Elaocycoyri, pETcicppaais [Mod. 
Ok.], CTY6Aia E. AvSpouAiSdcKti. 

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Andbada (R.) 
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d'Andeade (A.) 

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& J. Huxley. 

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1, Things aroimd us. 2, Sci. & life. 
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More simple science. Earth & man. 

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dbade (J.) 


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The infi. of the stars on health & life. 

[P2967]. 8°. n.d. 
Inn signs & sign brackets. 

[no tp. P2967]. 8°. [1894] 
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■•Reipublicae Christianopolitanse desor. [b. w. h. 

Turbo, 1616]. s8°. Argentorati. 1619 

*Turbo, sive moleste & frustra per cuncta 

divagans ingenium. In theatrum productum. 

s8°. "Helicone, juxta pamassum" . 

[Strasburg]. 1616 

see Kvaoala (J.) J. V. A.'s Antheil an gehei- 

men Gesellsohaften, 1899. 


Andreae (Sijbrandus Johannes Fockema), see 


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Diaries &c. of A., N. Strindberg & K. 
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ment! (Amorosi contrasti)c& sep. pagin.] 

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Andiew, see also Andr^; Andreas. 
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The old Eng. alliter. measure. 

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Postscript on Beowulf. 8°. C. 1948 

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its rel". to the Euphrates Valley & o. routes 

to India. 8°. 1856 

Andrewes (John), an Irish rebel, see Ireland. 

*More newes f. I. &c., w. rel. of plot agst. 

the Ld. Chief Justice by J. A., 1641. 

Andrewes (Lancelot), bp. of Winchester. 

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2nd ed., rev. & enl. 8°. C. 1899 
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&c., 1928. 
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The challenge of the N.-W. Frontier. 

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India & Britain: a moral challenge. s8°. [1935] 

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Mahatma Gandhi's ideas incl. sel. f. h. 

writings. 8°. [1929] 

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merc. & colonial policies. 

Narratives of the insurrections, 1675—90. 

Ed. A. [Orig. narr. of early Amer. hist.] 

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Descr. cat. of antiqs.] recov. by Sir A. 
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see Stein (Sir M. A.) Archaeolog. recon- 
naissances in N.-W. India &o.; antiq. 
exam, by A., 1937. 

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antiques by A. &c., 4v, 1928. 

,, Old routes of W. Iran: antiq". exam., 

descr. &c. w. assist, of A.. 1940. 
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Better late than never. Comedy. 8"^. 1790 
,, ,, for a. ed., see London stage, v3, 1826. 
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Ends of the earth. Ia8°. 1929 

Meet your ancestors; biog. of primitive man. 

8°. [1948] 
The new conquest of Central Asia: narr. of 
explor. of C. A. expeds. in Mongolia & 
China, 1921-30. With chaps, by W. Granger, 
C. H. Pope, N. C. Nelson &c. [Amer. Mus. of 
Nat. Hist.: Nat. hist, of C. Asia, ed. C. A. 
Reeds, vl]. 4°. N.Y. 1932 

Under a lucky star: a lifetime of adv. 

8°. [1945] 

Andrews (Mrs. Shamela), character in fiction, 

see Apology for the life of Mrs. S. A., 1930. 

Andrews (William), F.R.Hist.S. 

Bygone Derbyshire. 8°. Derby. 1892 

Bygone Durham. 8°. 1898 

Bygone Hampshire. 8°. 1899 

Bygone Leicestershire. 8°. Leicester. 1892 

Curious epitaphs. Coll. & ed. w. notes. 

8°. 1899 
England in the dave of old. 8°. 1897 

Historic Yorkshire. 8°. [1883] 

The lawyer, in hist., lit., & humour. [By 
var. wr''.] Ed. A. 8°. 1896 

Legal lore: curiosities of law and lawyers. 
Ed. W. A. 8°. 1897 

Andrews (William), student in astrology. 
Extraordinary [ cfc Remarkable] news f . the 
stars, 1708, 1747 &c., see News &c. 
Andrews (William Frampton). Hertford dur. 
the 19th c. 68°. Hertford. 1900 

Andria (Maria Maddalena CaraSa, duchessa d'), 
aft. Maria Maddalena, Dominican nun, 
see Sgambati (S.) Vita di suor M. M. C, 
dssa. d'A., 1654. 
Andrian (Leopold, Frhr. v.) Oesterreich im 
Prisma d. Idee. Katechismus. 

s8°. Graz. [1937] 
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in French, see Academia Rom. Mem. sect . 
iet., s3, t3, 1926. 
Andrieu-Guitrancourt (I'abbi Pierre). L'arch- 
eveque Eudes Rigaud & la vie de r6glise au 
13» si^cle d'ap. le "Begestrum Visitatio- 
num"- Pr«f. de Card. Baudrillart. 8°. 1938 


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homme, roman, see CEuvees libres, 105, 
'Andromana; or The merchant's wife, (1660), 

1875, see Shikley (J.) 
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ed. Remains of old Lat., v2, L. A. &c., 1936. 
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miima in nuptias Vladislai Pannon. &c. regis 
& Annae Candaliae reginae [1502]. Ed. 
L. Juhdsz. [Bibl. ecr. medii &c. aev.] 

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Andronicus (Tranquillus Parthenius) [Andreis 
(Tranquillo)]. De rebus in Hungaria gestis 
a Ludovico Gritti deque ejus obitu epistola 
(1634); ed. F. Banff, see Aechivio stor. per 
LA Dalmazia, v18, 1935. 
Andros (Sir Edmund) [Androsse]. 
The Andros tracts. Repr. f. orig. ed". & 
MSS. w. notes & mem. of E. A. by W. H. 
Whitmore. [Prince Soc] 

3v. 8°. Boston. 1868-74 
see Stoughton (VV.) &c. Narr. of proc. of 
Sir E. A. &c., dur. h. govt, in New England, 
Androuet du Cerceau (Charles), architect, see 
Barrier (A.) Hotel Sully h Chatellerault 
& C. A. du C, 1594-1606, 1902. 
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Burmese economic life. Forew. by J. S. 
Furnivall. 8°. Stanford, Cal. [1947] 

see RoBEQUAiN (C.) Eoon. develop, of 
French Indo-China, SuppL, Rec. develop", 
in I.-C, 1939-43, by A. &c., 1944. 
Andueza Palaoio (Raimundo), president oj 
Rep. of Venezuela, see Venezuela. Doc. 
para dos anales de V.; publ. de orden d. 
Pros. R. A. P. &c., t5-7, 1891-1909. 
Aneodota f. Irish MSS., 5v, 1907-13, see 

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4t, 1862-75, see Land (J. P. N.) 
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archivis Pistor. coll. &c., 1756, see Zaocarla 
(F. A.) 
Anecdota Oxoniensla: texts, doc". & extracts 
chiefly f. MSS. in Bodleian & o. Oxford lib". 
Series IV. Mediaeval & modern. pl5. 

4°. O. 1929 
Stevenson (W. H.), ed. Early scholastic 
colloquies, 1929. [15.] 


*A. of Mary; or, the good governess. By the 
a. of the Hist, of the Davenport family. 

88°. 1795 
*A. of some distingd. persons, 5v, 1795-97, 

see Seward (W.) 
*Hi3t., milit. & naval a., 1819, see Orme (E.), 

Anegenge, see Schroder (E.) Das A., 1881. 
Aneirin [IAneurin]. 
Canu Aneirin, gyda rhag. a nodiadau gan 
I. Williams. 8°. Caerdydd. 1938 

Facsimile & text of the Book of Aneirin. 
Ed. J. G. Evans. [Ser. Welsh texts, 8]. 

Ia8°. Pwllheli. 1908 
'Anekdoten u. Charakterziige d. Feldmar., 
Grafen P. A. Rumanzow-Sadunaiskoi; iibers. 
F. Artzt, 1818, see Saikin (I.) 
Aner (Carl). Aus d. Briefen d. Paulus nach 
Korinth. Verdeut. u. ausgelegt v. K. A. 
[Religionsgesch. Volksbiicher. M341]. 

8°. Tiibingen. 1913 
Anesaki (Hasaharu). 
A concordance to the hist, of Kirishitan 
missions. Catholic missions m .Japan in 16 
& 17 cent. [Imp. Acad. Proc. Suppl. to 
v6]. 4°. Tokyo. 1930 

Hist, of Japanese religion. 8°. 1930 

see tMYTHOLOGY. The mythol. of all races, 
v8: Japanese, by M. A., 1928. 
Anet (Claude), ps. [i.e. Jean Schopfeb]. 

Mayerling. Roman. s8°. [1930] 

Anet (Daniel). A. de Saint-Exup^ry. [PrM. du 
Gto. Davet]. 8°. [1948] 

Aneurin, see Aneirin. 

Angarita Arvelo (Raiael). Hist, y orit. de la 
no vela en Venezuela. 8°. Berlin. 1938 

Angas (Lawrence Lee Bazley). 
Gold, boom or slump. Ia8°. 1935 

Investment. 8°. 1930 

Ange (Pire), see Joyeuse (H., due de). 
Angeberg {cte d'), ps., see Chodzko (J. L.) 

•Angel (The) in the house: the betrothal, 1854, 

see Patmobe (Coventry K. D.) 

Angel (John Lawrence), see Schmitt (B. E.), 

ed. Poland; chapters by J. L. A. &c., 1945. 

Angela, of Foligno [^A. de Fulginio], 

Le livre des visions & instructions. Tr. 

E. Hello. 3« 6d. 88°. 1896 

Angeli (Arthur), see Enenkel (Aeturo 

Angeli (Diego). 
Le cronache del "Caffe Greco" - 

8°. Milano. 1930 
Roma. [Italia artistica. 111, 113]. 

p3, 4. Ia8°. Bergamo. [1933] 

3, II Rinascimento. 4, Roma barocca e mod. 

Roma romantica. 8°. Milano. [1935] 

Storia Romana, 1770-1800. 8°. Milano. 1931 

Angeli (Mrs. Helen Rossetti), /orm. Bossetti. 

Dante G. Rossetti, h. friends & enemies. 

8°. [1949] 

AngeUco (Fra) [tGiovANNi, da Fiesole; GuiDO 

da Mugello), known as Fra Angelico], see 

Cochin (H.) Le bienheureux A., 3« 6d., 


see Gengaro (M. L. ) II Beato A. a San 

Marco, 1944. 
„ Nasse (H.) Fra Giov. A., 1924. 
,, Staley (E.) Fra A. (Newnee' Art lib.), 

„ Williamson (G. C.) F. A., 1908. 
Angelino (Arnold Dirk Adrian De Eat). 
Colonial policy. Abr. tr. by G. J. Renier in 
collab. w. a. 2v. Ia8°. The Hague. 1931 

1, Gen. princ. 2, The Dutch E. Indies. 
Angelis (Pedro de). Coleccion de obras y doc. 
rel. a la hist. ant. y mod. de las prov. d. 
Rio de la Plata. Ilust. con notas &c. por P. 
de A. 6t. tol. Buenos-Aires. 1836-37 

Alvear (D. de). Rel. d. Prov. de Misiones. 

Ariaa (F. G. de). Diario d. exped. reduc- 
cional, 1780. [6.] 

Arredondo {N. de). Informe, cuestion de 
limites entre Esp. y Port., 1795. [4.] 

Azara {F. de). Corresp. e. demarc. de 
limites entre Paraguay y Brasil (1784-95). 


Diario d. naveg. &c. d. rio Tebicuari. 


Diario d. reconoc. d. frontera de 

Buenos- Airea. [6.] 

Informe s. var. proj. de oolonizar el 

Chaco, 1799. 


Banda Oriental. Apuntes hiet. ». demarc. de 

limites, B.O. y Brasil. [4.] 

Barco Centenera {M. del). La Argentina, 

Bautista (p.) 


Mayo 1810. 

Serie d. 



gobernadores de 


oapitularee, 2 1-25 


Col. de viages &c. a campos de B.-A. 

y a las costas de Patagonia. [6.] 

Cabrer (J. M.) Reconoc. d. rio Pepirl- 

Guazu. [4.] 

Cerro y Zamudio (J. S.) Itin., Buenos 

Aires hasta Talca. [1.] 

Cramer (A.) Reconoc. d. fuerte d. Carmen 

d. Rio Negro &c. [6.] 

Cruz (L. de la). Deser. de la naturaleza d. 

terrenes en los Andes pos. por los Peguen- 

ches, 1835. [1.] 

Examen crit. d. diario de C. por una 

comis. d. consulado de Buenos-Aires. [6.] 

Viage, desde Ballenar hasta Buenos- 
Aires. [1.] 

Diaz de Guzman (R.) Hist, argentina, escr. 

1612. [1.] 

Doblas (G. de). Mem. s. la prov. de Misiones 

de Indios Guaranis. [3.] 

Encantada. Derroteros y viages a E. <fec. 

(1707-82). [1.] 

Falkner (T.) Descr. de Patagonia; tr. [1.] 
Fernandes Cornejo (J. A.) Descubr. de un 

nuevo caraino desde el valle de Centa hasta 

Tarija(1791). [4.] 

Diario de la 1« exped. al Chaco, 1780. 


Exped. al Chaco, por el rio Bermeio 

(1790). [4.] 

Flores (M. A. de). Carta, para la egecuoion 
d. Tratado de limites, Madrid, 1750. [4.] 

Garay (J. de). Fundaoion de Buenos-Aires, 
con o. doc. [3,] 


Angelis (Pedro de) [continued]. 

Garcia (P. A.) Diario d. exped. de 1822 a 
Ids campoB d. aud de Buenoa-Aires, con 
observ. por J. M. de los Reyes. [4.1 

Diario de un viage a Salinas Grandee, 

sud de Buenos Aires. [31 

Mem. s. la naveg. d. Tercero y otros 

rios que confl. al Parana. [31 

Nuevo plan de fronteras de la prov. 

de Buenos-Aires, 1816. [6 1 

Garcia de Solalinde (A. ) Proyecto de 
colonizacion del Chaco (1799). [4,1 

Guevara (J.) Hist. d. Paraguay, Rio de la 
Plata y Tucuman. [2.] 

Hernandez (E.) Diario de un viage desde 
el fuerte de San Rafael hasta San Lorenzo 
en las puntas d. Rio Quinto, con otros doc 


Henis (T. X.) Diario d. rebelion &c. d, 
pueblos Guaranis, Rio Uruguay, 1754; 
version castellana. [5,] 

Lozano (P.) Diario d. viage a la costa d. 
Mar Magellanica en 1745, form. s. las. obs. 
de los pp. Cardiel y Quiroga. [1.] 

Madrid. Tratado firm, en M., 13 de En. de 
1750, para determ. los limites de los 
estados pert, a Esp. y Port, en Asia y 
Amer. [4.] 

Malaspina (A.) Tablas de latitudes y 
longitudes d. princ. puntoa d. Rio de la 
Plata. [6.] 

Matorras (G.) Diario d. exped., 1774, a Iob 
paises d. Gran Chaco, desde el fuerte d. 
Valle. [6.] 

Morillo (F.) Diario d. viage al rio Bermejo. 

. . [6-] 

Pasos (I. de). Diario de una naveg. &c. d. 

rio Paraguay. [4.] 

Pino Manrique (J. del). Descr. de la prov. 

y ciudad de Tarija. [3.] 

Descr. de la villa de Potosl &c. [2.] 

Quiroga (J.) Descr. d. rio Paraguay. [2.] 
Rosas (J. M. J. D. O. de). Diario de la Com. 

nombrada para establ. la nueva linea de 

frontera al sud de Buenos-Aires. [6.] 

San Lorenzo. Tratado prelim, s. los limites 

de los estados pert, a Esp. y Port, en la 

Amer. merid. ajust. &c. en San. L., 11 Oct. 

1777. [4.1 

Schmidt (U.) Viage al Rio de la Plata y 

Paraguay; tr. [3.] 

Sourry^re de Souillac (J.) Descr. geogr. de 

un nuevo camino de la Gran Cordillera. [6,] 

Itinerario de Buenos-Aires a Cordoba. 

Viedma (A. de). Diario de un viage a la 

costa de Patagonia. [6.] 

Viedma (F. de). Descr. de la prov. de Santa 

Cruz de la Sierra. [3.] 

Mem., establ. proyect. en la Costa 

Patagonia. [1.] 

Villarino (B.) Diario de la naveg., 1781, 
desde el Rio Negro &c. [6.] 

Diario d. reconoc. d. Rio Negro, 

Patagonia, 1782. [6.] 

Zavala (B. M.) Fundacion de Montevideo, 

con o. doc. [3.] 

Zizur (P.) Diario de una exped. t^ Salinas 

en 1786. [6.] 

Angeli (Charles Frederick). Some ace. of the 

parisii church of St. Mary's at Town Sutton, 

or Sutton Valence, Kent. 8°. 1874 

Angeli (James Rowland ). Pop. & unpopular 

science, by J. R. A. — Nature of progr. in 

science, by H. A. Spoehr. [C.I. of Wash. 

Root Lect«.] 8°. Wash. 1935 

Angeli (James Waterhouse). 

Financial for. policy of the U.S. Rep. to the 

2nd Int. Studies Conf. on the State & econ. 

life. 8°. N.Y. 1933 

The recovery of Germany. [2nd pr.] 

8'. New Haven. [1930] 
see Fisher (I.) Lessons of monetary experi- 
ence: essays by A. &c., 1937. 
Angeli [Sir Norman) [form. Ralph N. Angell 
The defence of the Empire. 8^ [1937] 

For what do we fight? s8°. [1939] 

From chaos to control. [Halley Stewart Leot., 
1932]. 8°. 1933 

Geneva & the drift to war; by Sir N. A. &c., 
see Geneva Inst, of Internat. Rel. 
Problems of peace, sl2, 1938. 


Angell (>Sir Norman) [continued] 
The great illusion. [special ed.] .8'. 1913 

1933. [Proo/ copy]. 8°. 1933 

,, ,, — now. [Penguin spec, repr.] 

s8°. 1939 
If Britain is to live. s8°. [1923] 

Let the people know. 8°. N.Y. 1943 

The menace to our national defence. 

s8°. [1934] 

]\lu9t Britain travel the Moscow Road? With 

spec. ref. to Trotsky's "Where is Britain 

going?" ' s8°. [1926] 

Must it be war? 8°. 1939 

Peace with the dictators? 

[3rd impr.] 8°. [1938] 
Preface to peace: guide for the plain man. 

8°. [1935] 
[cheap ed.] 8°. [1935] 
The press & the organis. of society. 

[rev. ed.] 8°. C. 1933 
The steep places: exam, of polit. tendencies. 

8°. [1947] 
The story of money. 8°. [1930] 

This have & have-not business. 38". [1936] 
The unseen assassins. 8^. [1932] 

[3rd impr.] 8°. [1932] 
see Fayle (C. E.), ed. Harold Wright: a 

mem., w. contrib. by A. &c., 1934. 
„ Fish (C. R.), Sir N. A. &.c. The U.S. 

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(E.) &c. 
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GoNXA DE P,A.L.A.jos]. *Mes pensees. [Dedic. 

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Hist. Soc. of Eng.] Ia8°. 1949 


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Charlotte de Bourbon, duchesse d^ Angou- 
leme]. *Recit des ev^nements arrives au 
Temple dep. 13 aout 1792 jusqu'& la mort 
du Dauphin Louis XVII. 8°. 1823 

Rel. de voyage de Louis XVI & de sa famille 
h Varennes, avec notes hist. & biog. 

8°. Londres. 1824 
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[tLouis Anthony de Bourbon, due d' 
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tl. Ia8°. Barcelona. 1945 



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see HowAY (F. W.), 
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aold by Sotheby, May 1927. 

[Illust.] Ia8°. [1927] 
Ani, see Book op the Dead: the papyrus of 

A. in Brit. Museum &c., var. ed'. 
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[2eed.]8°. [1932] 
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38 p. pagin. contin.'] s8°. Yverdon. 1779-81 
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see FivAL (P. H. C] The Duke's daughter; 
dram, by Bourgeois &c., 1863. 
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late's [T. Sherlock's] remarks &c., 2nd ed. 
1731, see Abnall (W.) 
•Animadv. on Mr. Hill's book &c., 1695, see 

Allix (P.) 
*Some a. upon necessity of continuing pres. 
Pari. dur. war w. Spain, 1740, see Pablia- 
MENT: Anon, wobks. 
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[1st. St. Ital. Reg., 25, 31]. pi, vl, 2. 

Ia8°. 1939-42 
pi. Regno di Carlo I, vl, a cura di B. 
Anjou (Marguerite d'), see Mabgabet [of 

Anjou (Yolande d'), see Yolande, wife of 

Louis II, duke of Anjou. 
EwEBTH (E.) Das Eingeborenenreoht, Bl, 
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8°. 1928 
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,, Legends of Our Lady Mary, & h. 

mother H.; tr. f. Ethiopie MSS. by B., 
Anna Amalia [tANNE Amelia, consort of 
Ernest Augustus Constantine, Grand duke of 
Saxe-Weimar], see Cabl August, Grhz. v. 
Sachs en -Weimar. Briefe an s. Mutter d. 
Hrzg. A. A., 1774-1807, 1938. 
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the emperor Alexius']. 
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Tr. E. A. S. Dawes. 8°. 1928 

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tl, 2. 8°. 1937-43 
see BucKLEB (G.) A. C: a study, 1929. 
„ MiTOHisON (N.) A. C. [Repres. women], 

Anna Maiie, ps., see Hautefeuille (Mme 

A. A. C. DE B.) 
Anna Sophia, landgravine of Hesse Darmstadt 
dh abbess of Quedlinburg. Spruchbuch, 1 630; 
mitgetheilt v. C. Schulze, see Abchiv r. d. 
St. d. neu. Spb., B59, 1878. 
AnnaMn (Ethel), see Snowden (E., vctss.) 
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see tKONGELiGT NOBDISK Oldskbift- 
Annales de St. Pierre de Gand, see Ghent. 
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1808-12, see Babault. 
Annales contemporaines, see tSovBEMENNivA 

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;, Index to vl-8. 8°. Des Moines. 1912 
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G. L. A. Acts of French roy. admin, oonc. 
Canada &c., 1929-30. 
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Companies (Consolidation) Act 1908, as 
amended by the Co. Act 1928 w. Index. 

8°. E. 1928 
Annand (Rachel), see Taylob (R. A.) 
Anne [of Austria], q. consort of Louis XIII, 
k. of France, see Buchanan (M.) A. of 
Austria, 1936. 
see La Vabende (J. de). A. d'Autriche, 
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Anne [of Austrln], queen consort of Philip II 
of Spain; 1549-80, see Dhanys (M.) Les 
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[2) Louis XII, kings of France, see Ibailh 
(A. S.) Hist, de la reunion de la Bretagne 
a la France: anecdotes s. la Pcsse A., 2t, 
Anne [BuUen], q. c. of Henry VIII, k. of 
England. [Anne Boleyn]. Last letter to 
Henry VIII, see Goldsmid (E. M.) & G. 
Goldsmid. Hist. repr. 14, 1886. 
see Babbington (E.), ps. A. B. [fiction], 

„ Gallup (Mrs. E. W.) Tragedy of A. B., 

drama in cipher &o., 1901. 
,, Hackett (F.) Queen Anne Boleyn, novel, 

„ Henby VIII, kin-g of England. Love 
letters to A. B. & 2 1. f. A. B. to Wolsev. 
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„ MOMIGLIANO (B.) A. B., dronning af 

Eng.; oversat, 1943. 
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vl (Marriage & coron. of A.), 1788. 
„ Sebgeant (P. W.) A. B., n. & rev. ed., 

Anne [of Denmark], q. c. of James I of Ot. Brit., 
see James I, k. of Ot. Brit. Letters to J. f. 
the Queen &c., 1835. 
Anne [de Oonzagues de GUves], see Raffin (L ) 

A. de G., 1616-84, 1935. 
Anne, Queen of Gt. Brit, tb Ireland. 

Her Majestys letter to the Abp. of Canterbury 
&c. [Postscr. by W. Mitchel]. 

[no tp. P2974]. s4°. [E. 1711] 

"•■The honour & prerogative of the Queen's 

Majesty vindic. agst. insolence of a. of the 

Guardian, in letter f. a Country Whig to 

Mr. Steele. 2nd ed. [P2992]. s8°. 1713 

Letter to the Pari, of Scotland, w. speeches. 

fol. E. 1706 
Letters & diplom. instructions, [1686-1714] 
Ed. B. C. Brown. 8». [1935] 

see Bbown (B. C.) A. Stuart, Q. of Eng 

,, Chambeblayne (E.) *Btat prfis. d'Angle- 

terre s. la reyne A.; tr., 2t, 1702. 
,, Connell (N.) a., last Stuart monarch, 

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depicting M. & the reign of Q. A., 1934. 
,, Owen (J. H.) War at sea under Q. A., 

1702-8, 1938. 
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of A. imtil Peace of Utrecht, 1701-13, 
3rd ed., 1871. 
,, Suthebland (J.) Background for Q. A., 

,, Tbevelyan (G. M.) Eng. under Q. A., 
3v, 1930-34. 

,, Sel. doc. for Q. A.'s reign, 1702-7, 

Anne, Saint, mother of the Virgin Mary, see 

Annie. Ann^e (L') cruoiale, juin 1940-1941. 
Par le critique milit. de La France libre. 
s8°. Lond. [1944] 
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see Restif de La Bbetonne (N. E.) 
Ann§e (L') de I'figlise, 1898, par C. Egremont. 

s8°. [1898] 
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tl6, ann§es 1942-44. 8°. 1946 
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n. b., tl, 2 (1923-26). [t2 incomplete. No more 
of t2 publ.] 8°. 1925-27 
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Piksanova. Vstupitelnaya statya &c. B. M. 
Eikhenbauma. s8°. 1928 

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1792. Register utarb. af E. CoUiander. 

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Wesley (Mrs. S.) 
Annison (Harold E.) 

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sons souveraines de I'Europe. Publ. par 

B. d'Hauterive [& cont. sous la dir. du Vte 
A. Revfeend]. Anni5e[s] 1-94. [1864, 1868, 
1870, 1883, 1885-89, 1915-22, wanting]. 

s8°. 1843-[1938] 
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[& des villegiatures], 1904^5; 1906-7. 

180 & 206 annfe[s]. 8°. 1905-7 

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bibliophile &c. Publ. L. Delteil&c. Ann66[8] 

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1923. 8°. 1923 

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8°. [1931] 
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Fbance: Min. du Tbavail. 
Annual. Annual bibliography of Eng. lang. & 
lit., 1929 &c., see Bibliogeaphy. 
Annual events in Japan, 1938, see Japan. 



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Bengali]. 8°. Calcutta. 1833 

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8° 1928-60 

Annual survey oJ English law, 1934^39. 

London Sch. of Econ. & Polit. Sci. (Univ. 

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Ed. d. Sindacato Naz. Fascista dei Giorna- 

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Annuario do Brasil, 1932, see Year book of 

Annuario Pontificio, 1939-41. 

s8°. auk del Vaticano. 1939-41 

Annunziata (Alfredo). La vita e il martirio di 

G. Oberdan. s8°. Napoli. [1915] 

Annunzio (Gabriele d'), form. Gaetano Bapa- 

gnatio [p5. Angelo Cocles]. Cento e cento 

e cento e cento pagine d. Libro segreto di 

G. d'A. 8°. [Verona]. 1935 

La citti morta.. Tragedia. [Ed. naz.] 

Ia8°. [Verona. 1929] 
Contemplazione d. morte. [Ed. naz.] 

Ia8°. [Verona. 1928] 
Di gramatica in retorica. [Prime vere. Ed. 
naz.] Ia8°. [Verona. 1930] 

Fedra. Tragedia. [Ed. naz.] 

Ia8°. [Verona. 1928] 
Feramine e muse. [Canto novo — Intermezzo 
— Elegie romane. Ed. naz.] 

Ia8°. [Verona. 1929] 

La fiaccola sotto il moggio. Tragedia. [Ed. 

naz.] Ia8°. [Verona. 1929] 

La figlia di lorio. Tragedia pastorale. [Ed. 

naz.] Ia8°. [Verona. 1927] 

Forse che si forse che no. [Ed. naz.] 

Ia8°. [Verona. 1927] 
II fuoco. [Romanzi d. Melagrano, 1. Ed. 
naz.] Ia8°. [Verona. 1930] 

La Gioconda. Tragedia. [Ed. naz.] 

Ia8°. [Verona. 1928] 
La gloria. Tragedia. [Ed. naz.] 

Ia8°. [Verona. 1930] 
L' innocente. 5a ed. s8°. 1895 

,, [Romanzi d. rosa, 2. Ed. naz.] 

Ia8''. [Verona. 1929] 

Laudi del cielo, d. mare, d. terra e degli eroi. 

[4v. 1, Maia; 2, Elottra; 3, Alcione; 

4, Merope. Ed. naz.] Ia8°. [\'erona. 1927-9] 

La Leda senza cigno. [Ed. naz.] 

Ia8°. [Verona. 1930] 

I Malatesti; Francesca da Rimini. [Ed. naz.] 

Ia8°. [Verona. 1927] 
La nave. Tragedia. [Ed. naz.] 

la 8°. [Verona. 1929] 
Novelle della Pescara. [Ed. naz.] 

Ia8°. [Verona. 1930] 
L'orto e la prora. [Poema paradisiaco — Odi 
navali — L'armata d'ltalia. Ed. naz.] 

Ia8°. [Verona. 1930] 

II piacere. [Romanzi d. rosa, 1. Ed. naz.] 

Ia8°. [Verona. 1928] 
Poesie. Poema paradisiaco; Odi navali (1891- 

93). s8°. Milano. 1896 

II secondo amante di Lucrezia Buti. [Ed. 

naz.] Ia8°. [Verona. 1929] 

Solus ad solam. [Publ. J. de Blasi con prem. 

& facs. 2» ed.] 8°. [Firenze. 1939] 

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Trionfo della morte. [Romanzi d. rosa, 3. 

Ed. naz. 2v.] Ia8°. [Verona. 1929] 

Tutte le opere di G. d'A. A cura dell' 1st. 

Naz. per la Ed. di Tutte le Opere di G. d'A. 

[Illust. programma]. tol. [Milano. 1927] 

Le vergini delle rocce. [Romanzi d. giglio, 1. 

Ed. naz.] Ia8°. [Verona. 1930] 

II verso 6 tutto. [L'Isotteo — La chimera. 

Ed. naz.] Ia8°. [Verona. 1930] 

La vita di Cola di Rienzo. [Vite di uomini 

illustri &c. Ed. naz.] Ia8°. [Verona. 1930] 
A Victor Hugo; tr. A. Doderet, see CEuvres 

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transcript by W.H. Woodward. 8°.j3.y). 1926 
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sonnets cisalpins. Intr., tr. &■ notes de 

t;. Tosi. s8°. [1946] 

Annunzio (Gabriele d') [continued]. 
Translations [eontinued]. 
Gioconda; tr. A. Symons, see Dickinson 
(T. H.) Chief contemp. dramatists, s2, c. 
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see Antona-Teaversi (C.) Vita di G. d'A., 
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Anon (James), ps., see Barrie {Sir J. M.) 
Anonyme (Un). "'Le fou raisonnable: com6die 

par un a., 1781, see Fou. 

■* Anonymous, 1871-1935, 1936, aee Platt (A.) 
Anon. (An) short Eng. metr. chronicle, 1935, 
see Chronicle. 
Anonymous, ps. *The Span. Republic: survey 

of 2 yrs. of progress, 1933, see Spanish. 
Anonymous Londinensis. Medical writings of 
A.L. [Menoneia. Or. text w. introd., tr. &c.] by 
W. H. S. Jones. 8°. C. 1947 

Anouilh (Jean). 
Works in QiluvRES libres. 
Le bal des voleurs, comedie-ballet, 1938. 


L'hermine, piece, 1933. [151.] 

La sauvage, pi^ce ined., 1938. [201.] 

Nouv. pieces noires. .Jezabel — Antigone — 

Romeo & Jeannette — M6dee. s8°. [1947] 

Pieces noires. L'hermine — La sauvage — Le 

voyageiu" sans bagage — Eurydice. s8°. 1945 

AnQuetil (Louis Pierre). Hist, civile & polit. de 

la ville de Reims. [Wr. in conjunction w. 

F. de la Salle]. 3t. s8°. Reims. 1756 

see Beguin de Coucy {Lt. gdn.) Lettre k 

M. A., 1757. 

Anauetil du Perron (Abraham Hyacinthe), see 

ScBrwAB (R.) Vie d'A-Duperron &c., suivie 

des Usages civils & rehg., par A. D., 1934. 

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[M253, 273]. 8°. Tubingen. 1909 

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Ensayo de una bibliog. hist, i jeograf. de 

Chile. 8°. Santiago de Chile. 1902 

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leggenda. Pref. di C. ZoH. Ia8°. 1933 

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menta Germ. Hist. Ser., t30, p2, 1934. 
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Klbinvpachter (F. F. G.) & H. v. Paller, 
Anschiiiz (Gerhard). Der Fall Friesenhausen. 
Noch e. Beitr. z. lipp. Thronstreit. 

[P3164]. 8°. Tiibingen. 1904 

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comedies &c., avec airs &c. 3t. 8°. 1766 

Coll. of pieces publ. at diff. times, each w. sep. 

tp. or half-title, & sep. pagin. 

Ansell, The family of, see Ansell (J. E.) A., 

1086-c. 1600, 2v, 1929-33. 
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Cambridge : Peteehouse. Admissions, 
1911-30: reg., compiled by E. A., 1939. 
Ansell (John Evelyn), barrister. 
Ansell, hist, of the name, 1086-c. 1600. 

8°. 1929 
,, ,, Add. vol., o. counties. 8*^. 1933 

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erlaut. v. R. AUers. 68°. "Wien. 1936 

Anselm [continued]. 
Meditatio s. Miserere, see Mai {Card. A.) Nov. 

Patrum bibl. tl, 1852. 
Ein neuea unvoU. Work d. HI. A. v. C. [De 
potestate & impotentia &c.] Hrsg. u. unters. 
V. F. S. Schmitt. [Beitr. z. Gesoh. d. Philos. 
&c. d. M.-a., B33iii]. 8°. Miinster i. W. 1936 
Proslogium — Monologium — Cur Deus homo. 
Tr. S. N. Deane, w. intr., bibliog. &c. 

[M544]. s8°. Chicago. 1903 
see Church (R. W.) St. A., n. ed., repr., 

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imitate divin. essent.", 1944. 
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d. hi. A., 1909. 
„ Southern (R. W.) St. A. & h. Eng. 

pupils, 1941. 
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philos. de S. A. de C, 1875. 
Anselm, St., bp. of Lucca, see Rangerius, bp. 

Vita metrica S. A., 1934. 
Anselme, de Laon, see Anselmus, Laudunensis 

Eccl. diaconus. 
Anselmo (Antonio Joaquim). Bibliografia d. 
bibliog. portuguesas. [Bibl. Nac. Bibl. do 
biblioteoario (fee., 3]. s8°. 1923 

Bibliografia d. obras impr. em Portugal no 
s. 16. [Bibl. Nacional]. Ia8°. 1926 

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impressoes. 8°. [Porto.] 1938 

Anselmus, Laudunensis Eccl. diaconus. [An- 
selme, de Laon], see Weisweiler (H.) 
Schrifttum d. Schule A. v. L. &c. in deut. 
Bibl., 1935. 
Anshen (Ruth Nanda). Freedom, its meaning. 
By B. Croce, C. A. Beard, J. Maritain &c. 
Planned & ed. by A. 8°. [1942] 

Anslow (Florence A.), see Minter (D. C), ed. 
Mod. needlecraft; [by var. wr.], A. &c., 1932. 
Anson (George Anson, baron). 
Authentic & genuine journal of Commodore 
A.'s exped. &c. partic. to Madeira, St, 
Juhan's &c. 2nd ed. s8°. 1745 

Voyage round the world, 1740—44, 1748, see 
PuRVES (D. L.) Eng. circumnavigators, 
1874; 1876. 

,, ,, [Corap. by R. Walter. Intr. by 

J. Masefield. Everyman's Lib. repr.] 

s8°. [1923] 
,, ,, n. ed. w. pref. notes by G. S. 
Laird Clowes. 8°. 1928 

see SoMERViLLE ( Vice-Adm. H. B. T.) Comm. 
A.'s voyage into the S. Seas &c., 1934. 
Anson (Harold), Master of the Temple. 
Looking forward. 8°. [1938] 

T. B. Strong, bishop, musician, dean, vice- 
chancellor. 8°. 1949 
Anson (Peter Frederick) [Fred. Charles 
Anson]. The Benedictines of Caldey. 
Anglican B. of C. & th. submission to the 
Cathohc Church. 8°. [1940] 
Brit, sea fishermen. [Britain in pictures]. 

8°. 1944 

The Catholic Church in mod. Scotland, 1560- 

1937. 8°. [1937] 

Fishing boats & fisher folk on E. coast of 

Scot. 8°. 1930 

Harbour Head: maritime memories. 

s8°. [1944] 
Mariners of Brittany. 8°. [1931] 

A roving recluse. More memoirs. 

8°. Cork. 1946 
Anson {Rt. Hon. Sir William Reynell), bart. 
Ballads en termes de la ley & o. verses. 

sS". p.f.p.c. O. [1914] 

Law & custom of the constitution. 4th ed. 

by A. B. Keith. v2 [in 2p]. 8°. O. 1935 

Principles of the Eng. law of contract. 15th 

ed., by M. L. Gwyer. 8°. O. 1920 

19th ed., by J. L. Brierly. 

8°. O. 1945 
Anstein (Hans). Die abessin. Kirche, i. Ent- 
stehung, Erstarrung &c. 8°. St. 1935 

Anstey (Christopher). 

•The new Bath guide &c. [P3160]. 4°. 1766 
13th ed. 8°. 1788 
Anstey {Brig. Edgar Carnegie). 

The mystery of the Blue Inns. s8°. [1937] 

Anstey (F.), ps. [i.e. Thomas Anstey 
Guthrie]. Humour & fantasy. Vice versa 
— The tinted Venus — A fallen idol — The 
talking horse — Salted almonds — The brass 
bottle. 98°. [1931] 


Anstey (F.) \continued]. 

A long retrospect. 8°. 1936 

Vice versa. [repr.] s8°. [1929] 

Anstey (Vera). 

The econ. development of India. 8°. 1929 

3rd (rev. & enl.) ed. 8°. 1936 

The trade of the Indian Ocean. 8°. 1929 

Anstis (John), Oarter King at Arms, see 

London (H. S.) Heralds' arms: grants of 

arms to J. A., sen. & jmir. &c., 1938. 
Anstruther (Joyce), aft. wife of Anthony 

Maxtone Qraham, see Stbutheb (Jan), ps. 
Anstruther (Robert Hamilton). Comwallis. 

[Comp. by R. H. A.] 8°. Malta, n.d. 

Answer [Answbbe; Ajstswbbs]. 
•Answer (An) of a letter f. a gentleman in 

Fife &c. [on the Pittenweem witches, w. 

*A just reproof to the false reports &c.'], 

1705, see Witchobaft. A coll. of rare &o. 

tracts, 1820. 
•Answer (The) to a late pamph.: Exam. &o. 

of Impartial state of case of the E. of Danby, 

1680, see Danby (T. O., e. of), 1st d. of Leeds. 
•Answer (An) to a Letter to a late noble 

commander of Brit, forces, 1759, see Sack- 

VILLE {Ld. G.) 
•Answer (An) to a paper, intitled, Reflections 

on the Pr. of Orange's Declar., 1688?, see 

William III, king of England. 
•Answer (An) to Father O'Fogherty's Letter 

to a count of Milan, 1764, see O'FoaHEBTY 

•Answer (An) to Mr. Pitt's speech agst. 

reform of Pari., 1793, see Pitt (W.) 
•Answer (An) to the Declar. of the Amer. 

Congress, 1776, see Lind (J.) 
•Answer (An) to the Letter f. a Commoner 

of North-Britain, w. resp. to Mr. Green- 
shield's case, 1711, see Gbeenshiblds (J.) 
•Answer (An) to two letters addr. to G. 

Canning by H. Philpotts on Roman Cath. 

claims [signed Clericus], 1828, see Clbbicus, 

•Answere (An) to the proclamation of the 

rebels of the North, 1569 [ballad'], 1843, see 

Richabdson (M. A.) Reprints, Biog., v2. 
•Answers for Mr. H. Murray &c. to libel 

raised agst. them, 1706?, see Mubbay (H.) 
•Final (A) answer to the Remarks on the 

Craftsman's Vindication &c., 1731, see 

Bolingbboke (H. St. -J., visct.) 
Antal (Frederick). Florentine painting & its 

social background: Bourgeois Republ., 14 & 

early 15 cent. laS". [1948] 

Antal (G§za von), bp., & J. C. H. de Pater, edd. 

Weensche gezantschapsberichten, 1670-1720. 

[Rijks Gesch. Publ., 67, 79]. 

2d. 4°. 's-Gravenhage. 1929-34 
Antcliffe (Herbert). Living music: pop. intr. 

to methods of mod. m. 8°. 1912 

Antechristo. *Imagen del A. [1558], 1849, see 

Pebez de Pinedo (J.) 
Antelmy (Joseph) [Antelmi]. Descr. dicece- 

seos Forojul., see Gibabdin (J. F.) Descr. 

hist.; publ. J. B. Disdier, 1872. 
Antelope, East India Packet. *Narr. of the 

shipwreck of the A., on the Pelew Islands, 

Aug. 1783. s8''. Perth. 1788 

Antequera (Fernando de), see Febdinand I, 

of Aragon. 
Antequera (Jos6 Maria de). 

La desamortizacion eclesiast. 8°. 1885 

Antheil (George). 

Bad boy of music. s8°. [1947] 

Anthem. Church a. book; ed. Sir W. Davies 

& H. G. Ley, 1933, see Chdhch. 
Anthemius, Mathematician, see Heath (T. L.) 

Fragm. of A. on burning mirrors, 1906. 
Anthenay (Jean Benoist d'). Lo prem. adminis- 

trateur de I'Alsace frantj.: J. de La Grange, 

intendant d'Alsace, 1673-98. 8°. Str. [1930] 
Anthes (Rudolf). Lebensregeln u. Lebens- 

weisheit d. alt. Agypter. see Alte Obient 

(Der), B32, 1933. 
Anthiaume [Vabbi Albert). Le CoUi^ge du 

Havre, 1579-1865. 2t. 8°. Le Havre. 1905 
Fr6d6rio Sauvage & I'h^Hce. 8°. F6camp. 1924 
Pierre Desceliers, pdre de I'hydrogr. &c. 

Ia8°. [Rouen], 1926 

Recherches s. I'hist. de la sci. naut. anter. h 

la d6couv. du Nouv. Monde. [Soc. Havraise]. 

Ia8°. Le Havre. 1913 

Le sauvetage marit. au Havre pend. le 19« 

si^cle. 8°. 1927 

Anthimns, medicus. De obs. ciborum ad 
Theodoricum regem Francorum epist.; rec. 

E. Lieohtenhan, see CoEPirs medio. Lat., 
v8i, 1928. 

Anthoine (R.) Traitement des minerais 
auriferes d'orig. filon. aux mines d'or 
de Kilo-moto. [Inst. Roy. Colon. Beige. 
M6m., tlii]. 4°. Brux. 1933 

Anthologia Grraeoa [IGbbek Anthology]. 
'AvOoAoyla sive epigrammatum Graec. delec- 
tus, in usum Scholae Westmonast. 8°. 1748 
A. G. ad Palat. cod. fidem ed. 

n. impr. 3t. s8°. L. Tauehnitz. 1872-80 

Epigrammata e G. A. fontibus; notulas &o. 

adj. J. Edwards. 8°. 1825 


Anthologiise graecorum epigrammatum liber 1 

universus per F. Bellicarium in Lat. serm. 

conversus. s4°. Parisiis. L. Orandinus. 1543 

Anthologie Greoque. Texte 6tabli & tr. par 

P. Waltz &c. [Coll. des Univ. de Fr.] 

pl,tl— 6. 8°. 1928-44 
1, Anthol. Palatine, tl-6. 
Greek anthology, Bks. .5-8. [Tr.] A. S.jWay. 

s8°. 1939 


Anthologie lyr. u. epigramm. Dichtiingen d. 
alten Griechen. Unter Zugrundelegung d. 

F. Jacobs' schen Auswahl hrsg. v. E. Boesel. 

[M97]. s8°. L. 1884 
A Greek garland. Sel. f. the Palatine 

Anthology. Gr. text w. tr. into Eng. verse 

by F. L. Lucas. 98°. O. 1939 

Greek love songs ife epigrams, f. The Anthol. 

Tr. J. A. Pott. s8°. 1911 

Love, worship & death. Some renderings f. 

the Gk. A. by Sir J. R. Rodd. s8°. 1916 
Others abide. [Trs. f. the Gr. A. by] H. 

Wolfe. 8°. 1927 

Sel. epigrams f. the Greek Anthology. Tr. 

J. W. Mackail. n. impr. s8°. 1913 

n. impr. s8°. 1923 
see DouoLAS (N.) Birds & beasts of the Gr. 
Anthology, 1928. 

,, Hutton (J.) Gr. Anthology in France & 
in Lat. wtb. of the Netherlands to 1800, 

,, Gr. Anthol. in Italy to 1800, 1935. 

,, WooDWABD (G. R.) [Bxtr. f.] Gr. Anth.; 

Eng. verse by W., Beauty epigrams — 

Epigr. heroica &c., 4p, 1924-31. 

Anthologia Palatina, see Anthologia Gbaeca. 

Anthologie. A. des conteurs chinois mod., 

1929, see Kyn Yn Yu (J. B.), ed. 
A. des conteurs creates, 1880—1930; [tr.], 

1933, see Dayke (J.), ed. 
A. des narrateurs ital. contemp.; tr., 1933, 

see FiUMi (L.) & E. Bbstaux. 
A. des pontes de la Suisse romande, 1946, see 

Boccaed (E. de). 
A. des poetes fran9., 19^ si^cle. y 

sS°.Lemerre. [1905]*^ 
A. des poetes n6o-grecs (1886-1929); pr(Sf. de 

P. Lebesque, 1930, see Michel (J.) 
A. des poetes russes, 1011, see Lancebay 

A. des troubadours, 1927, see Anglade (J.), 

A. du livre illustrS, catalogue par A. Skira, 

1946, see Skira (A.) 
Anthology. A. of contemp. Lat. -Amer. poetry, 

rev. ed., 1947, see FiTTS (D.), ed. 
A. of Empire, 1932, see Haslam (A.), ed. 
A. of imaginative prose, 1912, see Cowl 

(R. P.), ed. 
A. of invective &, abuse, 1929, see Kingsmill 

(H.), ed. 
A. of magazine verse, 1915, 1917, see Bbaith- 

waite (W. S.), ed. 
A. of Orkney verse, 1949, see Mabwick 

(E. W.), ed. 
Autumn a. Repres. verse f. world's living 

poets. 8°. [1930] 

Anthony, St., the monk, of Egypt. A picture 

bookofthelifeof St. A. the Abbot. Reprod. 

f. MS., 1426, in Malta Publ. Lib. at Valletta, 

w. suppl. plates. Ed. & descr. by R. 

Graham. [Roxburghe Club]. fol. O. 1937 
Predigt [in Rumanian & Oerman']; bearb. v. 

P. Dachselt, see Institut fue Ruman. 

Spbache. Jahresber., 1, 1894. 
Probe e. syr. Version d. Vita St. A. Inaug.- 

Diss. [w. text (k tr.], Strassburg, v. F. 

Schulthess. [P3057]. 8°. L. 1894 


Anthony, St., of Egypt [continued], 
see Geaham (R.) Picture-bk of life of St. A 

1426, 1933. 
„ Jibea'il Rufa'il al-Tukhi, Bey. Life of 

St. A. {in Arabic), 1919. 

,, List (J.) Das Antoniusleben d. Athana- 

sius d. Gr., 1930. 

Anthony, Saint, of Padua [Antonio, deLisboa; 

fANTONY, of Padua]. Leggende di S. 

Antonio di Padova e altri doc. del sec. 13 

[incl. Vita a Jo. Rigaldi ord.] A cura di 

F. Conconi. Ia8°. Padova. 1930 

Moral concordances. Tr. &c. w. add", f. the 

Promptuarium morale of Thomas Hiberni- 

ous by J. M. Neale. 2nd ed. s8°. 1867 

see Febbantb (G. M.) A, da Lisbona, 1195- 

1231, 1931. 
,, Mattos (A. de). Santo A. de Lisboa na 
tradiijao pop., 1937. 
Anthony (Alfred Williams). The Jewish prob- 
lem. [Repr. f. "Christian Work". M521]. 

s8°. N.Y. 1924 

Anthony (C. L.), ps. [i.e. Miss Dodie Smith]. 

Autumn crocus, see Plays. Famous p. of 

1931, 1931. 

Call it a day, see Plays. Famous p. of 1935-6 

Service, see Plays. Famous p. of 1932-33, 

Touch wood, see Plays. Famous p. of 1934 
Anthony (Edgar Waterman). 
Early Florentine architectm^e & decoration. 
8°. Camb., Mass. 1927 
Anthony (Edwyn), see Cut-Cavendish, ps. 
Anthony (Gordon). Massine: camera studies, 
w, an apprec. by S. Sitwell. 4°. [1939] 

Anthony (Harold Elmer). Animals of America. 
"Mammals of Amer." Tech. ed. H. E. A. 
Managing ed. J. W. McSpadden. Contrib. 
A. Porter &c. 

Ia8°. Garden City, N.Y. [1937] 
Anthony (Herbert Douglas). 

Science & its background. 8°. 1948 

Anthony (Hugh), ps. Houses. Permanence & 

prefabrication. 8°. [1945] 

Anthony (Irvin). Decatur. 8°. N.Y. 1931 

Ralegh & h. world. 8°. N.Y. 1934 

Revolt at sea: narr. of many mutinies. 

8°. [1938] 
Anthony (Katharine). 
Catherine the Great. [re-iss.] 8°. [1931] 

The Lambs: st. of pre-Victorian Eng. 

8°. [1948] 
Marie Antoinette. 8°. 1933 

Queen Elizabeth. 8°. 1929 

Anthony (Sylvia). The child's discovery of 
death. Intr. by J. C. Flugel. 8°. [1940] 

Anthouard de Wasservas {baron Albert), see 
Hanotaux (G.) L'emp. colonial frang., par 
A. &c., 1929. 
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on the conduct of the King of Prussia after 
the Battle of Auslerlitz]. n. ed. 8°. 1806 

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A contin. of the diurnall passages in Ireland: 
declared in 2 letters sent f. Ld. A. Feb. 1641. 
[P2913]. 8°. 1641 
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R. L.) a. pedigrees: at. of a Cheahire fam., 
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pedigrees; story of a Cheshire family. 

4°. 1929 


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or, choice writs &c. [w. aep. tp.'i, 1675, see 
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Bilimovich, M. O. Batshev, & D. N. 
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Anvers yee Af^TwsiRp 

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mit4 de la cour de Prusse (1858-90): m6m. 
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see Zinovev (G. E.) 
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Aquila Romanus, 1519]. 38°. [Romae. 1517] 
«ee Joannes, Sardianus. Comm. in A, Pro- 
gymnasmata; ed. H. Rabe, 1928. 

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Caesar's astronomy, by P. A., 1540, 1936. 
Apis (Dragontine Dimitri^vich), see Dimitei^- 

viOH Apis (D.) 
Apocrypha. Altjiid. Schrifttum ausserhalb d. 
Bibel. (Jbers. u. eriaut. v. P. Riessler. 

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[2nd ed.] 8°. [1906] 
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lOp in Iv [pi wanting]. 8°. 1893-1900 

1, Baruch &c. 2, Mas'h'afa t'omar. 3, 

Ascension d'Isaie. 4, L6gendes de S. 

Tertag & S. Sousnyos. 5, Prieres de la 

Vierge k Bartos & au Golgotha. 6, Prieres 

de S. Cyprien & de Theophile. 7, Enseign. 

de Jesus-Christ & prifires mag. 8, Regies 

attrib. k St. Pakhome. 9, Apocalypse 

d'Esdras. 10, Sagesse de Sibylle. 

Two a. in old Eng. homilies, 1935, see 


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1708mP3046. IT 61-2 imperfect]. 

s8°. 1708-62 

ApoUodorus, Atheniensis. BipXio9iiKri. 

EiCToycoyfi, jjETdcppaais [Mod. Ok.], oriHEiwCTEis 

n. llETpiBou. 8°. 'Aerivcci. 1939 

see Gale (T.) Hist, poeticas script, antiqui: 

A. &c., Gr. & Lat., 1675. 


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2, Rinascimento. 

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& Sereni Antiss. De sectione cylindri & coni 

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Sieben Biicher fib. Kegelschnitte nebst d. 
durch Halley wieder hergestellten 8*11 Buche. 
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Anhang. 8°. 1861 

see Archibald (R. C.) Certain geometr. 

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d. A., 1882. 
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Fleming (C.) 
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LozANO Peeez Ramajo (M.) 
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Apology. *Apology (An) for ministers of 
state. [P2989]. 8°. 1736 

•Apology (An) for the danger of the Church 

&c., 1719, see Gordon (T.) 
•Apology (An) for the Eng. dissenters &c., 

1707, see Dissenters. 

•Apology ( An) for the life of Mrs. Shamela 

Andrews. [By Conny Keyber]. Attr. to 

H. Fielding. Intr. by B. W. Downs. 

[Minority Repr., No. 1]. s8°. C. 1930 

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'Anan Isho'. Wit & wisdom of the Xtn. 

fathers of Egypt, Syr. version of the A. 

Patrum; tr., 1934. 

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1577, see Manuzio (P.) 

Apophthegmatum opus, 1 532, seeEEASMUS(D.) 

Apostles' Creed. Symbolumapostolicuni:facB. 

after unique copy in Vienna Nat. Lib. of 

earliest known block-book pr. in colours. 

Intr. by O. Smital [6. Sep.] 8°. Paris. 1927 

see Baeth (C.) Credo, chief problems of 

dogmatics w. ref. to A. C, tr., 1936. 
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poenalis — Symbolum Apost.: 3 Block- 
bucher, 1907. 
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Russ. govt. dur. the War, see Michelson 
(A. M.) Russ. publ. finance &e., 1928. 
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1, 2, 1907, see Hemmer (H.), ed. 


Apostolic [continued]. 


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the Jews: letter addr. to a Member of 

Parliament. [M28]. 8°. 1796 

•Appearance is against them, farce, 1827, see 

Inchbald (E.) 
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Bertrans v. Born, see KOnigl. Gesells. zu 
GOttingen. Nachr., 1929-30. 
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Formenlehre u. Glossar. 

fie verbess. A. 8°. L. 1920 

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d. Hs. mitgeteilt. [Zeitschr. f. reman. 

Philol. Beih. 81]. 8°. Halle/Saale. 1934 

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My horses, & o. essays. Ed. w. intr. by E. D. 
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Cuming. 8°. E. 1927 

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Bygone London life. 8°. 1903 

Eng. proverbs & proverb, phrases: hist. diet. 

8°. [1929] 
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Musikbuch, Bl, Unter Mitarbeit v. E. A. 
&c., 1939. 
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Celtica, Libyca, Illyrica, Syriaca, Parthica, 
Mithridatica, civilis. [Greek]. 

fol. Lutetise, C. Stephanus. 1551 

•Appius & Virginia [By R. B. {Richard 

Bowerl)], see fDoDSLEy (R.) Sel. coll. of 

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produced &o. by H. N. A., 1929. 
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munication, see British Sci. Guild. 
Norman Lockyer lect., 1933. 
see HoxLEY (J. S.), Sir E. V. A. &c. Sci. at 
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[Burma pamphlets. No. 3. repr.] s8°. [1944] 
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Forew. by Lord Askwith. s8°. [1923] 

Appleyard (Rollo). 
Charles Parsons: h. life & work. 8°. 1933 

Hist, of the Institution of Electrical En- 
gineers, 1871-1931. Ia8°. 1939 
Pioneers of electrical communication. 

8°. 1930 
A tribute to Michael Faraday. 8°. 1931 

Applied Chemistry (7th Internat. Congress of). 
see British. Rise &c. of Brit, explosives 
indust., 1909. 
Applin (Arthur). 
Philandering angler. 8°. [1948] 

Piccadilly. Romance. sS". [1929] 

Shadowed lives. s8°. [1928] 

Apponyi (Albert, CIrof), 1846-1933. 
Memoirs. [Tr.] 8°. [1935] 

see H0NO-tRY. Justice for H.; by A. &c., 

„ Petho (A.) Cte A. A., cfc choix des disc. 

fr., 1931. 
„ Rakosi (J.) Elete 6s muvei; irtak A. A. 
&e., 1930. 
Appy (John), see O'Conob (N. J.) A servant 
of the Crown, 1756-61, papers of J. A., 1938. 

April. *The first of A.: poem, 1777, see 

Combe (W.) 
•April-day, a burlotta, 1778, see O'Haba (K.) 
Apsley (Allen Algernon Bathurst, Lord) & Lady 
Apsley. The amateur settlers. 8°. [1926] 
Apsley (Viola, Lady). 
Bridleways thr. history. 8°. [1936] 

see Apsley (A. A. B., Lord) & Lady A. The 
amateur settlers, 1926. 
Ap Talfan (Aneurin), see Tallan (A. ap). 
Aptheker (Herbert). American negro slave 
revolts. [Columbia Univ. St. in hist. &c., 
No. 501. 2nd pr.] 8°. N.Y. 1944 

Aptowitz«r (Vigdor). R. Chuschiel u. B. 
Chananel, see Israelit.-theol. Lehban- 
stalt. Zum 40-jahr. Bestehen, 1933. 
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Pseudo-Apuleius]. Lib. de medicaminibua 
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A. Mancini, see Reale Accad. Lucchese. 
Atti, t32, 1904. 
Apuleius (Lucius), Madaurensis. 
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refondue. tl, Les M6tamorphose3 ou I'Ane 
d'or. s8°. 1891 

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s8°. Ceneda. 1715 
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,, ,, Eng. verse by G. R. Woodward. 

8°. 1912 

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[Abbey Classics, repr.] s8°. [1930] 

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Univ. de France]. 3t. 8°. 1940-46 

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Golden Ass &c., 1940. 

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accenni n. Divina Commedia a cose sanesi. 

nuova stampa. s8°. Citta di Castello. 1889. 

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P. R. & A. R., ant. auctores, 1519. 
Aquila, of Sinope, see Silveestone (A. E.) 

A. & Onkelos, 1931. 
Aquilano (SeraHno). Opere nuov. impresse cO 
molte cose aggiunte. 

s8°. [Firenze, Oiunta. 1516] 
AQuileja. II R. Museo Archeologico di A. [By] 
G. Brusin. [Itin. dei musei &c. d'lt., 48]. 

s8°. [1936] 
AquUina (Guze), see Saydon" (P. P.) & G. A. 

Ward ta' Qari Malti, 2v, 1937-40. 

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Saint]. [Opera], tl-3, Expos, in libros 

Aristotelis [w. Antiqua translatio ds J. Argy- 

ropoli tr.] 3t in Iv. [Bach t. has sev. pagin".] 

fol. Romae. 1570 

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tl3-15. fol. Romae. 1918-30 

13-15, Summa contra Gentiles [lib. 1-4], 

cum comm. F. de Sylvestris Ferrar., cura 

&c. Fratrum Praedioatorum. 

De regimine principum & De regimine 

Judieorura. Rec. J. Mathis curante. 

8°. Taurini. 1924 
Compendium theologiae (pi, tractate 2). 
Tr. R. J. Dunn. s8°. Toronto. 1934 

On the governance of rulers. Tr. G. B. 
Phelan. s8°. Toronto. 1935 

St. T. A. on the Blessed Sacrament & the 
Mass. Tr. w. notes by F. O'Neill. sS". 1935 
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man's Lib.] s8°. [1939] 
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lat. [Diss, prelim, di G. F. B. Maria de 
Rossi.] 2v. 8°. Firenze. 1881-4 
The Summa contra Gentiles. Lit. tr. by the 
Eng. Dominican Fathers. 

Bk. 3, 4 [Bk. 3 in 2p]. 8°. [1928-29] 

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conceptos fundament, de files, tomista, 


,, Carr^ (M. H.) Realists & nominalists: 

[T. A. &c.], 1946. 
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Aquinas (Thomas) [continued]. 
Translations [continued], 
see Chevalier (J.) 3 confer. d'Oxford: St. T. 

&c., 2eed., 1933. 
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Asthetik d. T. v. A., 1929. 
„ Entr^ves (A. P. d'). Med. contrib. to 

polit. thought; T. A. &o., 1939. 
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phil. de S. Th. d'A., 1942. 
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Thomist Eesthetic, 1934. 
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Hco-Thom., ed. 4a, 2v, 1926. 
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thomist. Erkenntnisbegriffes im An- 
schluss an d. Correctorium "Quare", 

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C. L., 1925. 
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di S. T. &o., 1932. 
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d. T. Anglicus u. d. Lehrunterschiede 

zw. T. V. Aquin u. Duns Scotus, T2, 

,, Schneider (W.) Die Quaest. disput. de 

veritate d. T. v. A. in i. Beziehung zu 

Augustinus, 1930. 
,, Sertillanqes (A. D.) Le christianisme 

& les philos., tl. Synthase thomiste, 

,, Les gr. thi^ses de la philos. thomiste, 

,, Sheen (F. J.) God & inteUigence in mod. 

philos.: crit. st. in light of philos. of St. 

T,, repr., 1938. 
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„ Veen (O. v.) Vita d. T. A., 0. V. manu 

deUn., 1610. 
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dogma & philos. illust. f. works of S. T. A., 

,, WiLPERT (P.) Problem d. Wahrheitasioh. 

b. T. V. A., 1931. 
,, WuLF (M. M. C. J. DE). Mediaeval philos. 

illust. f. system of T. A., 1926. 
•Arab archery: Ar. MS. of about A.D, 1500, 
"Book on the excellence of the bow & arrow 
&c." Tr. & ed. N. A. Paris & R. P. Elmer. 
8°. Princeton. 1945 
Arab Bureau, Baghdad. *Arab tribes of the 
Baghdad Wilayat, July 1918. 

fol. Calcutta. 1919 

Arab Bureau, Basrah. The Muntafik. Al 

Sa'dun, Bani Malik, Ajwad, Bani Sa'i'd, 

Bani Huchaim. fol. Calcutta. 1917 

Tribes of the Tigris. 

[2p in Iv]. fol. Calcutta. 1917 
Tribes round the junction of the Euphrates 
& Tigris. fol. Calcutta. 1917 

Arabe [Ababes]. Elements de gramm. a., 2p, 
1886, see Elements. 
Historiens a.: pages choisies tr. & pr6s. par 
J. Sauvaget. 8°. 1946 

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des mss. 8°. Beyrouth. 1885 

Arabia. A.; map, n.d., see Philips', publ. 
Arabia, seu Arabum &c. leges &c. [A Gabr. 
Sionita & I. Hesronita interpr. a. c. b. w. De 
Laet (J.) Persia, 1633]. 

s8°. Amstelodami. 1633 


Arabian Nights. Tbanslations. 
A.N. lUust. w. engravirga f. designs by R. 
Westall. 4v. s8°. 1825 

Each vol. has also engraved tp. dated 1819, 
which date also appears on illust' . 
The Book of the 1001 nights <fc Suppl. nights. 
Tr. Sir R. F. Burton. Repr. ed. L. C. 
Smithers. Illust. [Lib?, ed.] 12v. 8°. 1897 
,, ,, w. intr., notes, & essay upon the 

hist, of the Nights, by R. F. Burton. 
[Illust. Benares ed. Burton Club]. 

lOv. 8°. n.p. n.d. 
,, ,, Supplemental Nights; w. 

notes, by R. F. Burton. 

6v [in 7; 3i, ii]. 8°. n.p. n.d. 
The Book of the thousand nights & one night. 
Rendered into English fr. Fr. tr. of J. C. 
Mardrus by P. Mathers. 

[repr.] 4v. 8°. [1947] 

Continuation des Mille & une nuits, contea 

arabes. Tr. par D. Chavis & red. par M. 

Cazotte. 4t. s8°. Geneve. 1788-89 

Continuation of Galland's coll". Plates by 


Fairy tales f. A.N. [Everyman's Lib. repr.] 

s8°. [1916] 
El libro de las mil noches y una noche. Tr. 
J. C. Mardrus. Version esp. de V. Blasco 
Ibaiiez. Prologo de E. Gomez Carriiio. 

23t [in llv]. s8°. Valencia. [1899] 

see MoNTET (E.) Le conte dans I'Orient 

musulman: et. litt. &c. s. les Mille & une 

nuits &c., 1930. 

Arabische Berichte v. Gesandten an German. 

Fiirstenhofe, 9. u. 10. Jhdt.; iibertr. &c. 

V. G. Jacob, 1927, see Jacob (G.) 

Aragao (Augusto Carlos Teixeira de), see 

TmXEIBA BE Abagao (A. C.) 

Aragao e Vasconcellos (Antonio L. de Brito) 

«ee Bbito Aragao e Vasconcellos. 

'Aragawi (Za-Mika'el) [fZA-MiKi-'EL 'Aba. 

OAWl]. II "Gadla" Aragaw); ed. I. Guidi 

{text & Sommario), see Reale Accad. dei 

LiNCEi. Atti, S5, v2, 1896. 

Vita Za-Mika'el 'A. [Textns ge'ez]. Ed. I. 

Guidi. 68"'. Romae. 1896 

Arago (Dominique Francois J.), 17S6-1853, see 

Datjmas (M.) a., 1943. 
Aragon. Fueros, obs., actos de Corte &c.; 
tr. &c., 2t, 1907, see Pabeal y Cbistobal 
Aragon (Louis) [ps'. Feanqois La CoLiBE; 
Saint Romain Aenaitd]. Aragon, poet of 
resurgent France. [Sel". tr. &] ed. by H. 
Josephson & M. Cowley. s8°. 1946 

Aurelien: roman. [9« 6d.] 8°. 1944 

Les beaux quartiers. Roman. 

[9»^d.] 8°. [1936] 
Broc61iande; po^me. 

[2e 6d.] 8°. Neuohatel. [1945] 
Chroniques du bel cani^o. s8°. [Geneve. 1947] 
Les cloches de Bale. Roman. 

[14e 6d.] s8°. [1935] 

Le cr6ve-coeur. Pr6f. d' A. Labarthe & de 

C. Connolly. s8°. Londres. 1942 

,, ,, & Les yeux d'Elsa: pr6f. d'Aragon. 

68°. Londres. 1944 

Diane. s8°. [1947] 

En 6trange pays dans mon pays lui-meme. 

En franoais dans le texte, & Broc61iande. 

8°. [1947] 

L'homme communiste. 10« id. s8°. [1946] 

Le Mus^e Grevin: poeme. [Cahiers du silence]. 

s8°, Londres. [1946] 

Pa-ssengers of destiny. Tr. H. Josephson. 

8°. 1947 
La peinture au defi. [Expos, de collages]. 

8°. 1930 

Servitude & grandeur des Fran9ais. Scenes 

des annees terribles. s8°. [1946] 

Trois contes. s8°. Londres. [1946] 

Les voyageurs de I'lmperiale. Roman. 

ed. d(5fin., 22e M. 8°. [1947] 
Les yeux d'Elsa. s8°. Londres. 1943 

tee Domaine fran?.: Messages, 1943 [poems 

by L. A. &o.], 1943. 
,, Photogeaphie (La) ano.; hy A. &c., 
Aragona (Tullia d'). Dialogo d. infinite di 
amore. s8° Vinegia. 1547 

see RosATi (S.) T. d'A., 1936. 
Arag6n G6mez (Bartolom^). Sintesis de eco- 
nomia corporativa. s8°. Salamanca. 1937 

Aragonn^S (Claude). Madeleine de Scud6ry, 
reine du tendre. 8°. 1934 

Marie d'Agoult, une destinee romantique. 

8°. [1938] 
Aragon y Azlor (Juan Pablo), d. de Villa- 

hcTTnosa, see Villaheemosa. 
Aiaignement, see Aeeaignement. 
Arakel [Abakhel], of Tabriz, see Bbosset 
(M. F.) Hist, armen. d. 17' & 18« s.: A. de 
T., 1873. 
Arala Pinto (Antonio). O Pinhal do Rei. 
Subsidies. 2v. Ia8°. pr. Alcoba^a. 1938 

Aram (Eugene). '*Trial & life [by M. Fryer] of 
E. A.; sev. of h. letters & poems & h. plan 
&c. of an Anglo-Celtic lexicon &o. 

8°. Richmond. 1832 
Aram (Kurt), ps. [i.e. Hans Fisoheb]. 

Der Zar u. s. Juden. [M342]. sS". [1914] 

Aranda (Emanuel de). 
Relation de la captivite & liberte du sieur 
E. d'A., jadis esolave a Alger. 3* ed., augm. 
de 13 relations. s8°. Brux. 1662 

,, ,, 4e ed., augm. d'une 3« partie 

[Div. histoires, w. sep. tp. &■ pagin.] 

s8°. Leyde. 1671 
Arandia (Baltasar de), fl. 1778, see Coebea 

Ltjna (C. C.) B. de A., 1915. 
Arango (Doroteo), see Villa (Pancho), ps. 
Aranha (Jose Pereira da Graca), see Geaqa 

Abanha (J. P. da). 
Aranjuez. *Descr. hist. &c. de los reales sitios 
de A., San Ildefonso, y del Monasterio del 
Escorial. s8°. 1844 

Arany (Janos). The death of King Buda. 
Hungarian epic poem, [tr.] W. Kirkconnell 
&o. 8°. Cleveland, Ohio. 1936 

Aranzadi y Unamuno (TelesJoro de). -4peros de 
labranza y s. aledaiios textiles y pastoriles, 
see Cabeeeas y Candi (F.), ed. Folklore 
&c. de Esp., tl, 1931. 
Fauna amer., 1892, see Atbneo Cibnt. &c. 
DE Madeid. El Continente amer., t2, 1894. 
Araguistain (Luis). 

La revolucion mejicana. 8°. [1929] 

Ararat. [Monthly mag. in Armenian^. Jan. 
1899-Mar. 1900 [in Iv]. 

4°. Vagharshapat. 1899-1900 

Arata (Alda). Niooolo da Correggio nella vita 

lett. &c. d. tempo suo, 1450-1508. Intr. di 

A. Galletti. 8°. Bologna. 1934 

Arata (Giulio UUsse) & G. Biasi. 

Arte sarda. fol. Milano. [1936] 

Aratus, of Sicyon, Greek statesman, B.C. 271— 
213, see Pltjtabch. Life of A.; intr. &c. by 
W. H. Porter, 1937. 
see Walbank (F. W.) A. of S., 1933. 
Aratus, of Soli. OaivojjiEva Kai 5ioar|ueia. ©^covos 
Zx6^la. AEovTiou MtixoiuikoO TTspl dpcrrEias 
CT9aipas [Foil, by a. c. of h. Phaenomena &c.; 
tr., 1659]. 4°. Paris, O. Morelius. 1659 

Araujo (Joaquim de). 
Luis de Camoes. Poemeto, com carta de E^a 
de Queiroz. s8°. Porto. 1887 

Luigi de Camoens. Poemetto. Con lettera 
di E. de Queiroz; tr. G. Zuppone-Strani. 

[P3107]. s8°. Geneva. 1895 

O soneto de T. Tasso a Camoes e Vasco da 

Gama. [P3107]. 88°. Geneva. 1898 

see ClEGULO Camoniano, revista internac, 

J. de A. dir., vl, 2, 1890-92. 

Araujo (Joaquim Aurelio Nabuco de), see 

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[M507]. 8°. [1923] 
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Trois solitaires ; Courier — Stendhal — M^rim^e. 

s8°. 1934 
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n. ed., rewr. & enl. S°. C. 1938 
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A. 8°. 1948 

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see Hafiz, Shirazi. 50 poems: texts & tr"., 

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. Spec, of Arabic & Persian palaeo- 
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Notebook of an Amer. soldier in Britain. 

8°. [1946] 
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Desengahos mystieos a las almas detenidas o 
engaiiadas en el camino de la perfeccion. 

impr. 4a. s4°. 1714 
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d Arblay]. 

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s8°. [1920] 

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ciencias y las bellas artes en Colombia. 

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nimis oultam [Lat. & Fr.\, see Raynaud (E.) 

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les morts &e. [He6. & Fr.\ s8°. 1911 

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60]. Ed. A. Aspinall. [Roy. Hist. Soc, III, 

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or remarks on Travels into sev. remote 

nations &c. {someXimes attrib. to J. A.), 1728, 

see Swift (J.) 


Arbutbnot (John) [continued]. 
Hist, of John Bull. [Caasell's Nat. Lib.] 

s8°. 1889 

*Law ia a bottomless -pit. Exempl. in case of 

Ld. Strutt, J. Bull, Nich. Frog & Lewis 

Baboon. 4thed. 4p [* App. top3]. s8°. 1712 

Each part has aep. tp. & pagin. Titles of 

2-4 are aa under: — 
2, John Bull in h. senses, 3rd ed. 3, John 
Bull still in h. senses, 3rd ed. [ & App.] 
4, Lewis Baboon turned honest &c., 2nd 
ed., corr. 
,, ,, Complete key. 

5th ed., corr. s8°. 1712 
•A sermon preach'd to the people, at the 
Mercat Cross of Edinb., on the Union. 

[P2972]. 34°. n.p. 1706 
see Beattie (L. M.) J. A., mathematician & 

satirist, 1935. 
„ Pope (A.) An epistle to Dr. A., 1734, 

repr., 1926. 
Arbuzov (Sergei Petrovich). Gr. L. N. Tolstoi- 
Vospominaniya. s8°. Moskva. 1904 

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MouRA (J.) & P. LouvET. La mere de 
Jeanne d'Arc, 1930. 
Arc (Jeanne d') [Joan of Arc; Maid of 
Orleans; La Pucblle]. Jeanne d'Arc. 
Par le Mar. Foch, M. Barres &o. Ia8°. 1929 
see Belloc (H.) J. of A., 1929. 
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Rouen, 1865. 
„ Boutet de Monvel (L. M.) J. d'A., 1896. 
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1372-1407: prologue to tragedy of La 

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armure, 1929. 
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(1429-1926), 1928. 
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d'Orleans dans la litt. hist, fran^., 1935. 
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alleni. de I'hist. de J. d'A.: E. Windecke, 

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Maid", 1926. 
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1894-1929, 1930. 
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J. of A. & G. de Rais, 1948. 
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of France &c., 1714, see Oldmixon (J.) 
■^Arcana in the Ruwenzori; or, treasures in 
Uganda. [P2998]. 8°. 1892 

Arcana of science & art: or annual register of 
useful inventions &c., abr. f. transacts, of 
publ. soc'. &c. of past yr. 4th yr. s8°. 1831 

Arcangeli (Francesco). Tarsie. [Quademi 

d'Arte, 3]. 2» ed. 8°. [1943] 

Arce (Juan A. Saco y), see Saco y Aroe (J. A.) 

Arce (Lorenzo de Cevallos y), see Cevallos y 

AnCE (L. de). 
Arce (Louis Armand de Lom d'), haron de La 

Hontan, see La Hontan. 
Arce (Manuel Maples), see Maples Arce (M.) 
Arcenay (Jacques d'). 

Diane de Poitiers & son temps. s8°. [1887] 
Arceval (Julio), ps., see Madariaga (S. de). 
Arce y Ceballos (Gregorio VAsquez de), see 

Vasquez de Arce y Ceballos (G.) 
Arch (Robert). 

Whence, whither, & why? s8°. [1926] 

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Cambrian Arch. Assoc. 

s7, v8 ( = v83), V84-100. 8°. Cardiff. 1928-49 

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Arch. Society. 
Archaeologia Hungarica. Acta Arohaeologica 
Musei Nationalis Hungarici. No. 1. 

sfol. Budapest. 1926 
see Fettich (N.) D. Kunstgewerbe d. 
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1st ann. report, w. accomp. papers, 1879-80. 
8°. Cambridge [Mass.] 1880 
Classical series, see Amer. School of Classi- 
cal Studies at Athens. 
Journal, see American journal of archae- 
Archambault (Louis Francois), dit Dorvigny, 

see Dorvigny (L. F. A., dit). 
Archambault (Paul). Humanity d'A. Gide: 
essai de biog. & de crit. psycholog. 8°. 1946 

,E. Borne &C. Options sur demain: taches 

nouvelles — nouv. equipes. 8°. 1939 

Archangel, Father, Capuchin, see Leslie 

(George), called Count Leslie. 
Archaologische BibUographie, 1932-38, see 

Kaiserl. Deut. Arch. Inst. 
Archaologische Zeitung. Hrsg. v. Arch. Inst, 
d. Deut. Reichs. Redacteur: M. Frankel. 

Jhrg. 36-43 (1878-85). 4°. 1879-86 

Register, Jhrg. 1-43. Ia8°. 1886 

Archaologisches Institut d. Deutschen Belches, 

see Kaiserlich-Deut. Archaolog. Inst. 
Archbishops. Archbishops' Comm. on Canon 
Law: rep., see Church. Canon law of the 
Ch. of Eng. &c., 1947. 
Archbishops' Comm. on the Ministry of 

women, 1935, see Ministry. 
Church & State, rep. of A.s' Comm., 1935, 
vl, 1936, see Church. 
Archbold (William Arthur Jobson). 
Bengal haggis, the lighter side of Indian life. 

s8°. 1928 
Archdale (John). 
A new descr. of Carolina, 1707, see Carroll 
(B, R.) Hist, coll., v2, 1836. 
,, ,, see Salley (A. S.) Narr. 

of early C, 1911. 
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sprawoin archiwalnym. [Revue des Arch- 
ives]. Red. S. Ptaszycki &c. 
vl-15 [li wanting]. 8°. Warszawa. 1927-38 
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(J. H.) Memorials of families of the surname 
of A., 1861. 
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work & friendships. 8°. [1931] 

Archer {Maj. Edward CaulJield). Tours in 
Upper India & in parts of the Himalaya 
mts. <fcc. 2v. 8°. 1833 

Archer {Sir Geoffrey Francis) & E. M. Godman. 
Birds of Brit. Somaliland & the Gulf of Aden. 
2v [pagin. cont.] Ia8°. 1937 
Archer (John Clark). The Sikhs in rel. to 
Hindus, Moslems, Xtns. & Ahmadiyyas. 
Study in compar. religion. 

8°. Princeton, 1946 
Archer (Percy Charles). 

Historic Cheshunt. 8°. Cheshunt. [1924] 

Archer (Richard Lawrence). Secondary educ. 

in the 19th cent. [repr.] 8°. C. 1932 

Archer (S. B.), ps., see Soderbeeg (P. M.) 

Archer (Sir Simon), see Styles (P.) Sir S. A., 

Archer (Thomas), a. of "Wayfe Summers" , tSc 
hist, writer. Charles Dickens; h. life, worlcs, 
&c., w. 18 character sk'. by F. Barnard. 

fol. [1894?] 


Archer (Thomas) [continued]. 
Pictures & royal portraits illust. of Eng. & 
Soot, hist., w. descr. hist. sk'. by T. A. 

2v. 4"". [1878] 
see Hood (T.), the younger. Rates & taxes [by 
T. H., T. a. &c.], 1866. 
Archer (William). 

Eng. dramatists of to-day. 8°. 1882 

■''The great analysis. Plea for rational world- 
order. Intr. by G. Murray. s8°. [1912] 
[repr.] 8°. 1931 
On dreams. Ed. T. Besterman, w. pref. by 
G. Murray. 8°. [1935] 
The theatrical "world" of 1894. Intr. by 
G. B. Shaw. 8°. 1895 
The thirteen days, July 23-Aug. 4, 1914: a 
chron. & interpretation. 8°. O. 1915 
see Archer (Lt.-Col. C.) W. A., life, work &c., 

„ Legband (P.), ed. Das Deut. Theater in 
Berlin: unt. Mitarb. v. W. A. &c., 1909. 
Archer (William George). 
The blue grove: the poetry of the Uraons. 
Forew. by A. Waley. 8°. [1940] 

The plains of the sun. Poems. 8°. [1948] 

The vertical man: prim. Indian sculpture. 

8°. [1947] 
Archer (WiUiam John). Cruising in the Medi- 
terranean. Forew. by C. Sheridan. 8°. 1935 
Archer-Thomson (William), see Thomson 

(W. A.) 
Archiac (vte d'), see Grossman (L. P.) Zapiski 
d' Arshiaka: Peterburg. khron., 1836, 1933. 
Archibald {Sir Adams G.) The expulsion of 
the Aeadians, see Nova Scotia Hist. Soc. 
Coll'., v5, 1887. 
Archibald (John), see Kent. East Kent 
regional planning scheme; final report; 
prep, by P. Abercrombie in coUab. w. J. A., 
Archibald {Mrs. Katherine). 

Wartime shipyard. 8°. Berkeley, Cal. 1947 
Archibald (Raymond Clare). Certain geometr. 
problems of Heraclitus & ApoUonius. [Extr. 
f. Proc. Edin. Math. Soc. v28. P3140]. 

8°. [E. 1910] 
With some corr. and add. in MS. ? by the 
Archimbaud (L§on), see Val^iry (P.), L. A. &o. 

La France veut la liberte, 1938. 
Archimedes. Opera quae extant. Novis 
demonstrationibus, coram. &c. illust. per 
D. Rivaltum a Flurantia. fol. Parisiis. 1615 
Des theoremes m6caniques on de la methode 
(Ephodiques). Tr. &c. T. Reinach. Extr. 
de la Rev. G6n. des Sci., nov. & dec. 1907. 

8°. 1907 

see Becker (H.) Geometr. Entwiekel. d. 

Infinitesimalbegriffs im Exhaustions- 

beweise bei A. &c., 1894. 

,, Gibson (G. A.) The treatment of arithm. 

progressions by A., 1898. 
„ Heath {Sir T. L.) On the Salinon of A., 

,, Vailati (G.) Del concetto di centre di 

gravity n. statica d'A., 1897. 
,, Zeuthen (H. G.) Ueb. e. A. Postulate, 
Archinard (Louis), see Requin (E.) A. & le 

Soudan, 1946. 
Archipoeta, ps., see Stach (W.) Salve, mundi 
domine ! Komment. Betracht. zum Kaiser- 
hymnus d. A., 1939. 
Architectural & Archaeological Society for Co. 
of Buckingham, see Fowler (G. H.) Rolls 
f. the oftice of the sheriff of Beds. &c., 
1332-4, 1929. 
see Records of Buckinghamshire: cen- 
tenary journ. of the A. &, A.S. for Co. of B., 
vl5, 1947. 
Architectural & Archaeological Society of Dur- 
ham & Northumberland. Transactions, vl-6 

8°. Sunderland & Durham. 1870-1912 
Architectural review (The): for the artist & 
craftsman [a magazine of archit. & the arts 
of design]. 

vl-106 [wanting 29, 30, 37-62, 73, 74]. 
fol. 1897-1949 
vl3-15, 17, 25, 28 want tp'. dr some have 
typed indexes, v26, 96, 99 imperfect. 


Aichitectuial Societies [Associated]. 

Reports & Papers read at meetings of the 

A.S. of Archdeaconry of Northampton, Co^. 

of York, Lincoln, Beds. & St. Albans, [aft. 

ent. Reports &c., A. S. of Co', of Lincoln, 

York &c.] vl-31 [vlSwanting]. 8°. 1850-1912 

Index to vl-8 (1850-66), by G. 

Rowe [6. w. vl]. 8°. [1866?] 

Index to v9-14 (1867-78), by 

G. T. Harvey [6. w. v9 (1867)]. 8°. [1878?] 

Architecture. Lesser known a. of Spain, 2s., 

1925-26, see Yeeeuey (F. R.) 
*Rudiments of anc. a., w. diet, of terms. 

6th ed. 8°. 1821 

Aichitectare Club. Recent Eng. architecture, 

1920-40. Sel. byA.G. Ia8°. [1947] 

Architekten- u. Ingenieur-Verein zu Hamburg, 

see Hamburg. H. u. s. Bauten, B2, 1914. 
Arcbiv fur das Studium d. neueren Sprachen u. 
Literaturen. Hrsg. L. Herrig &c. Bll, 37, 
153-182. 8». Braunschweig. 1852-1943 

,, Gen. -Register. Bl-50. Hrsg. L. Herrig. 
[6. w. B51]. 8°. Braunschweig. 1874 

Register zu BlOl-110. [6. w. BllO]. 

8°. [Braunschweig. 1903] 
Archiv fiir elsassische Eirchengeschichte. Im 
Auftrage d. Gesells. f. elsass. Kirchengesch. 
hrsg. J. Brauner. 2er Jhrg. 

Ia8°. Freiburg i. B. 1927 
Archiv {iir Gesohichte der Medizin: gegriindet 
aus Mittein d. Puschmann-Stiftung an d. 
Univ. Leipzig hrsg. K. Sudhoff &c. 

B20-27. Ia8°. L. 1928-34 

21, Ausgewahlte Abhdlgn. v. K. Sudhoff 

rait e. autobiog. Skizze; zum 75. Geburta- 

tage hrsg. H. E. Sigerist. 

Archiv tiir Geschichte der Philosophie. Hrsg. 

L. Stein. B39-41 (N.F., B32-34). 

[no more publ.] 8°. 1930-32 

Archiv iiir hessische Gesch. u. Aliertumskunde. 

Neue Folge. B9-16. 8°. Darmstadt. 1913-30 

B9-14, hrsg. F. Herrmann. B16, 16, hrsg. 

E. E. Beclcer. 

,, ,, Beitrage z. hess. Kirchengesch. 

Red. W. Diehl, F. Herrmann. Erganz- 
ungsbd. 5—8 z. Archiv f. h. Gesch. &c., 
Neue Folge. 8°. Darmstadt. 1913-26 

Archiv fiir Landes- u. Volkskunde v. Nieder- 
sachsen. [Prov.-Inst. f. Landesplanung an 
d. Univ. Gottingen. Bl-5], Hl-23 [14 
wanting]. Ia8°. Oldenburg. 1940-44 

Archiv fur Medaillen- u. Flaketten-Kunde. 
Hrsg. V. A. Riechmann & Co. Red. G. 
Habich &c. Jhrg. 1—5 [6. in 3v]. 

Ia8°. Halle a. d. Saale. 1913-26 
Archiv fiir Reformationsgesch. Texte u. Unter- 
suchungen. Im Auftr. d. Vereins f. Reforma- 
tionsgesch.; hrsg. V W. Friedensburg u. 
O. Scheel. Erganzungsband 6. 8°. L. 1937 
see Bainton (R. H.) D. Joris, Wiedertaufer 
&c., 1937. [6.] 

Archiv fiir Eeligionswissenschaft vereint mit 
d. Beitragen z. Religionswiss. Gesellschaft 
in Stockholm. Hrsg. O. Weinrich &c. 

B26-37. 8°. L. 1928-42 

Archiv fiir systematische Philosophie u. Socio- 

logie. Neue Folge der Philos. Monatshefte. 

B31-34 [no more publ.] 8°. 1928-31 

Archiv fiir TJrkundenforschung. Hrsg. v. K. 

Brandi, H. Bresslau &c. Bl-18i [16iii 

wauling]. Ia8°. <fc 8° L. * Berlin. 1908-44 

Archivalien zur neueren Gesch. Osterreichs. 

Verzeichnet im Auftr. d. Komm. [Komm. 

f, n. G. O. Veroff. 4, 28il. 

Bl, 2i. Ia8°. Wien. 1913-32 
Archives de I'Athos, see Athos, Mount. 
Archives of Brit. Honduras, 3v, 1931-35, see 
British Honduras. 
Archives alsaciennes d'hist. de I'art. 

annee[s] 3, 4. Ia8°. Strasbourg. 1924-25 
Archives de la France monastique. 

vl-4, 6-38. 41-44. 8°. 1905-37 

see Anger {Dom P.) Dependances de I'Abbaye 

de St. Germain-des-Pres, 3t, 1906-9. 

[3, 6, 8.] 
,, AuDEBERT {Dom B.) Memoires; publ. 
L. Guilloreau, 1911. [11.] 

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hist, des archevech6s, ^veches, abbayes 
& prieures de France, Intr. tL- tl— 10, 

[1, 4, 7, 10, 12, 14, 15, 17, 19, 36, 37.] 

Archives de la France monastiaue [continued], 
see Besse (J. M. L.) Les moines de Vane. 

France, 1906. [2.] 

„ Chauliac (A.) Hist, de I'abbaye Ste.- 

Croix de Bordeaux, 1910. [9.] 

,, GODEFROY (J.) Biblioth^que des Ben6- 

dictins de St.-Vanne & Saint-Hydulphe, 

1925. [29.] 

,, Lemarigniek (J. F.) Et. s. les privileges 

d'exempt. &c. des abbayes normandes, 

1937. [44.] 

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Cluny & le Saint-Sidge, 1923. [22.] 

„ MaoLaughlin (T. P.) Le tr^s anc. droit 

monast. de TOccid., 1935. [38.] 

,, Maitre (L.) Ecoles episc. & monast. en 

Occident av. les universit^s, 768-1180, 

1924. [26.] 

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de St.-Maur, 7t, 1928-37. [31-35, 42, 43.] 

,, La vie des Justes, 3t, 1924-26. 

[27, 28, 30.] 
,, Roman (J. C.) Chartes de I'ordre de 

Chalais, 1101-1400, 3t, 1923. [23-25.] 
,, Saint Martin des Champs. Recueil de 

chartes & doe». de St.-M.; ed. J. Depoin, 

5t, 1912-21. [13, 16, 18, 20, 21.] 

, Valgus (G. de). Le temporel & la sit. 

financ. des 6tabl. de I'Ordre de Cluny, 

1935. [41.] 

Archives des missions scientifigues & litteraires. 
Publ. sous les auspices du Min. de I'lnstr. 

„ „ Nouvelles Archives &c. tl9-22 

[No more publ.] 8°. 1911-[24] 

Archives historiques du Dept. de la Gironde, 

tl-12, 1859-70, see Gironde, La. 
Archives marocains, 1923-34, see Mission 


Archives Nationales, Musfee des, see France. 

Min. DE l'Instruction Publ. 
Archives parlementaires de 1787 k 1860. Rec. 
complet des debata des Chambres. [s2], 
1800-60. tl-42, 1800-25. Ia8°. 1862-79 

tl4 has Annexe: Tables, tl-14, prec. d'une 
concordance des calendriers republ. & 
Archivio della Reale Society Bomana di Storia 
Patria, vl-55, 1877-1932, see Reale SocietA 
Rom. di S. P. 
Archivio storico di Corsica. Direttore: G. 
Volpe. Anno 9-14, 1933-38. 

Ia8°. Livorno. [1933-38] 
Archivio storico italiano. Anno 86-104. 

Ia8°. Firenze. 1928-47 
„ „ Indice, 1842-1941; 

a cura E. Rossi. 3v. v3, Documenti. [vl, 2, 
pagin. cant.] Ia8°. Firenze. 1945-47 

The list below is not a complete list of every- 
thing contained in the Archivio, but only of 
the Documenti, Memorie orig. <& Necrologie. 
The Rassegna bibliog., Notizie varie, Annunzi 
bibliog. <&: such like are omitted. For these the 
special indexes to each series m,ust be con- 

Barbadoro (B.) Atti consiliari d. Comune di 

Firenze. [Anno 92.] 

Battara (P.) Botteghe e pigioni n. Firenze 

del '500: censimento industriale &o. [Anno 

95, v2.] 

Indagini congett. o. popolazione di 

Firenze &o. [Anno 93, vl.] 

Battelli (G.) La "peoia" e la crit. d. mss. 

univ. med. [Anno 93, v2.] 

Benedetto (E.) Congrega fiorentina della 

"Giovine Italia" &c., 1832-33. 

[Anno 97, vl.] 
Benedetto (L. F.) Varietk marcopol.: di 

una pretesa redaz. lat. &c. [Anno 88, vl.] 
Bertolini (0.) Diplomi d. duchi &c. longo- 

bardi dell' Ital. merid., 1928. [Anno 86, vl.] 

II VI Congresso Internaz. di Scienze 

Storiche, Oslo, 1928. [Anno 87, vl.] 

BoUea (L. C.) II "Majoris Eocles. Tauri- 

nensis S. Salvatoris necrolog." [Anno 92.] 
Bombe (W.) II Palagio dell' Arte d. lana in 

Firenze, [Anno 88, v2.] 

Camagna (A.) L'organiz. interna d. arti 

maggiori in Firenze. [Anno 90.] 

Camerani (S.) Amicizie &c. di Leopoldo do' 

Medici &c. [Anno 97, vl.] 

Storia d. trattati commero. fra la 

Toscana e i Turchi. [Anno 97, v2.] 


Archivio storico italiano [continued]. 
Camerani (S.) [continued]. 

La Toscana alia vigilia d. rivoluz. 

[Anno 103-104.] 

Canasi (A. M.) Tendenze polit. in Lombardia 

prima e dopo il 1853. [Anno 101.1 

Cannarozzi (C.) L'adesione d. Giansenisti 

ital. a. Chiesa seism, di Utrecht. 

[Anno 100, v2.] 
Caraci (6.) Un Italiano nell' alto Egitto ed 
in Nubia sul fin. d. sec. 16. [Anno 87 vl 1 
Casella (M.) II Libro di M. Polo. 

[Anno 87, vl.] 

Poesia e storia [Anno 96, v2.] 

Cessi (R.) Note s. storia d. finanza fiorent. 

med. [Anno 89, v2.j 

Chartier (A.) Lettera au Giovanna d'Arco; 

ed. A. Cretton. [Anno 88, v2.) 

Chiappelli (L.) La oiviltJi di un comune 

medievale ital. [Anno 94, vl.] 

Formaz. storioa d. comune cittadino 

in Italia, p3-5. [Anno 86, v2, 88, vl 2 ] 

I rettori di Pistoia (716-1306). 

[Anno 91.] 

Le tradiz. rom. in Pistoia dur. il 

medioevo. [Anno 92.] 

Ciasca (R.) Dante e I'arte dei medici &c. 

[89, vl.] 

Rapporti tra Firenze e la reg. d. 

Vulture nel. sec. 14. [Anno 86, v2.] 

Codignola (T.) Masaa Trabaria nel 13 s. 

[Anno 97, v2, 98, vl.] 
Cusin (F.) Rodolfo IV d'Absburgo, la Curia 

Avignonese &c., 1363-65. [Anno 98, vl.] 
Cutolo (A.) La rivol. di Luglio e il princ. 

di Castelcicala. [Anno 91.] 

Dainelli (A.) Niccolo' da Uzzano. 

[Anno 90.] 
Davidsohn (R.) L'avo di N. Machiavelli 

cronista fiorentino. [Anno 93, vl.] 

Donner (G. A.) Castrum Bragantinum. 

[Anno 87, vl.] 
Doren (A.) Necrologia. [Anno 92.] 

Egidi (P.) Necrologia. [Anno 87, v2.] 

Ereole (F.) S. orig. franc. &c. d. form. "Rex 

super, non recogn. est princeps in regno 

suo". [Anno 89, v2.] 

Espoaito (M.) Contrib. alia storia dell' 

Alpinismo, 1. [Anno 91.] 

Una falsific. lett. d. sec. 19: le 

"Lettere" di B. Latini &c. [Anno 88, vl.] 

Manifest, d'incred. relig. n. medioevo: 

il detto di "Tre impoatori" &c. 

[Anno 89, v2.] 
Falce (A.) Doc. ined. d. duchi di Tuscia 

(seoo. 7-12). [Anno 86, vl, 2.] 

Fanfani (A.) Note suU' induatria alberghiera 

ital. nel medioevo. [Anno 92,] 

Fasoli (G.) Guelfi e Ghibellini di Romagna, 

1280-81. [Anno 94, vl.] 

La pace del 1279 tra i partiti bologn. 

[Anno 91.] 
Fedele (P.) & P. Torelli. Onoranze a L. 
SchiaparelU. [Anno 92.] 

Federici (V.) Domua Caietana. 

[Anno 86, vl.) 

Ferrari (G.) II doc. private dell' alto 

medioevo &c. [Anno 87, y2.] 

Ferretti (G.) Pietro Giordani e gl'inizi dell' 

Archivio stor. ital. [Anno 95, v2.] 

Filangieri (R.) Giotto a NapoU e gU avanzi 

di pitture nella Cappella Palatina Angioina. 

[Anno 95, vl.] 

Fiumi(E.) Notodistoriamedioev.volterrana. 

[Anno 103-104,] 

Gasperoni (G.) Aapetti culturaU e polit. d. 

settocento ital. [Anno 92, 93.] 

Gilbert (F.) Alouni disc, di uomini polit. 

fiorentini &c. [Anno 93, v2.] 

Giorgetti (A.) Necrologia. [89, vl.] 

Gorrini (G.) Lettera di G. Mazzini (1852). 

[Anno 89, v2.1 

Gualazzini (U.) Per la atoria dei rapporti 

tra Enrico III e Bonifacio di Canossa. 

[Anno 91.] 

Guidi (P.) Alouni maestri lombardi a 

Lucca nel seo. 13. [Anno 87, v2.] 

Ancora d. supposta chiesa di S. 

Eubolo a Lucca. [Anno 89, v2.) 

La data n. leggende di Leobino, 

[Anno 90.] 

Guidotti (P.) Un amico del Petrarca &c.: 

Zanobi da Strada. [Anno 88, vl.] 



Archivio storico italiano [continued]. 

Giiterbook (F.) Alia vigilia della Lega 
Lombarda: il dispotiamo dei vicari im- 
periali a Piacenza. [Anno 95, vl, 2.] 

O. e A. Morena. [Anno 88, vl.] 

Henriquea (A. M.) La vendetta n. vita &o. 

fiorent. [Anno 91.] 

Jones (A.l Venuta in Italia d. Pr. Eugenio 

di Savoia nel 1690. [Anno 91.] 

Levi (A.) Aleuni punti d. quest, degli 

archivi privati. [Anno 94, v2.] 

II oentenario d. morte di G. D. Roma- 

gnosi. [Anno 94, vl ] 

Levi (E.) Inni e laudi d'un frate pie- 
montese del sec. 14. [Anno 86, v2.] 

L'Islam e la Romanit^ nei doc. di 

Toledo. [Anno 88, v2,] 

Manaresi (C.) Le qualifiche di "don" 6 
"donna" in Lombardia. [Anno 87, vl.] 

Mancini (A.l Note agiograf. [Anno 89, vl.] 
Martini (F.) Necrologia. [Anno 86, v2.] 

Mauri (A.) La cattedra di C. Beccaria. 

[Anno 91.] 

Mazzoni (G.) Dante e il Polifemo Bolognese. 

[Anno 96, vl.] 

Un doc. mazziniano per la Federazione 

deir Italia. [Anno 92.] 

Firenze e gli alti studii. [Anno 91.] 

Influssi danteschi nella "Maesta" di 

S. Martini. [Anno 94, v2.] 

Vita cult, fiorent. nei primi decennii 

dell' Ottooento. [Anno 97, v2.] 

Minto (A.) Ricerche archeolog. in Etruria. 

[Anno 97, vl.] 
Monti (G. M.) Legaz. d. Polo e Giberti in 

Francia &c., 1537. [Anno 87, v2.] 

Mor (C. G.) Recenti st. su Emanuele 

Filiberto. [Anno 87, v2.] 

Morandi (C.) CoUab. lombardi dell' "Archi- 

vio stor. ital." [Anno 101.] 

II concetto d. polit. d'equilibrio nell' 

Europa mod. [Anno 98, vl.] 

La fine d. dominio spagn. in Lom- 
bardia &c. [Anno 94, vl.] 

Moretti (G. E.) II card. Ippolito dei Medici, 
1529-35. [Anno 98, vl.] 

Morghen (R.) La missione dell' Impero e la 
"Italien. Kaiserpolitik" &c. [Anno 93, vl.] 

Mori (R.) Aspiraz. costit. nel pensiero polit. 
toacano d. settecento. [Anno 101.] 

II Concordato del 1851 tra la Toscana 

elaS. Sede&c. [Anno 98, v2, 99, vl.] 

J. J. Rousseau e il pensiero polit. 

toscano d. settecento. [Anno 102.] 

Mov. reazion. in Toscana a. riforme 

eoon. leopold. n. 1790. [Anno 100, v2.] 

Nicolini (F.) Amici e corr. dell' abate F. 
Galiani: A. Gatti. [Aimo 87, v2.] 

Cosimo III de' Medici e Antonio 

Carafa. [Anno 96, vl.] 

La vera ragione d. fuga di L. Da Ponte 

da Venezia. [Anno 88, v2.] 

Nicolini (N.) Sulla riconquista ispano- 

borbonica d. Regno di Napoli. 

[Anno 87, v2,] 
Olschki (L. S.) Benvenuto Cellini in Sviz- 

zera. Un oentenario. [Anno 95, v2.] 

Necrologio. [Anno 98, vl.] 

Ottenthal (E.) Necrologia. [Anno 89, vl.] 
Ottokar (N.) Studi fiorent., 1. [Anno 91.] 
Paiter (M.) Toscani alia corte di Maria de' 

Medici. [Anno 98, v2.] 

Palmarocchi (R.) L'arabasceria del Gui- 

cciardini in Spagna. [Anno 97, vl.] 

Contrib. alio st. d. fonti statut. fiorent. : 

costit. d. podestk, 1322-5. [Anno 88, v2.] 

Palumbo (P. F.) Formaz. e sviluppo d. 

studi di storia mod. in Ital. [Anno 99, vl.] 
Panella (A.) F. Bonaini e I'ordinamento d. 

archivi ital. [Anno 92.] 

Guerra degli Otto Santi &c. 

[Anno 99, vl.] 

Lega ital. dur. la guerra d. Trent' 

anni, 2p. [Anno 94, v2, 95, vl.] 

Orig. deir archivio notarile di Firenze. 

[Anno 92.] 

Per la biog. d. cronista Marchionne. 

[Anno 88, v2.] 

Una polemica su Lorenzo il Magnif. e 

motivi ispir. d. "Hist. d. repub. ital." d. 
Sismondi. [Anno 101.] 

Pastor (L. v.) Necrologia. [Anno 87, vl.] 

Peretti (A.) Per la storia d. testo di M. 

Polo. [Anno 88, vl.] 

Archivio storico italiano [continued]. 

Piattoli (L.) Le leggi fiorent. sull' assi- 

ciu'azione nel medioevo. [Anno 90.] 

Piattoli (R.) I Ghibellini d. comune di 

Prato, 1266-80. [Anno 88, v2, 89, vl.] 

Leggenda e storia in una tradiz. 

pratese. [Anno 94, v2.] 

I piCl ant. registri di lettere d. comune 

di Prato. [Anno 90.] 

Podestfi d. Comime di Prato, 1265-82. 

[Anno 89, v2.] 

Vanni Fucci e Focaccia de' Cancellieri. 

[Anno 92.] 
Picotti (G. B.) Della supposta parentela 
ebraica di Gregorio VI e Gregorio VII. 

[Anno 100, vl.] 

II "Patricius'' nell' ult, etk imperiale 

&c., 1928. [Anno 86, vl.] 

II senate rom. e il processo di Boezio. 

[Anno 89, vl.] 
Pontieri (E.) Carlo Felipe al gov. d. 
Sardegna (1799-1806), 3p. 

[Anno 93, vl, 2, 95, vl.] 

II Papato e la sua funzione morale e 

polit. in Italia. [Anno 96, v2.] 

Quazza (G.) Missione Rosellini in Toscana 

per i] progetto d. costituente. 

[Anno 100, vl.] 
Quilici (B.) Giov. Gualberto e la s. riforma 

monastica. [Anno 99, 100.] 

Rajna (P.) Necrologia. [Anno 89, vl.] 

"Signori e Collegi", "Senate". 

[Anno 88, vl.] 
Rebora (P.) L'opera d'uno ser. toscano s. 

seisma d'lnghilterra &c. [Anno 93, vl.] 
Renouard (Y.) Le compagnie commerc. 

fiorent. d. Trecento. [Anno 96, vl.] 

Ridolfi (R.) Ancora sulla questione degli 

archivi privati. [Anno 95, vl.] 

Lettera di A. Vespucci cfc Ancora 3. la 

lettera. [Anno 95, vl, 2,] 

Gli ult. anni d. Repubbl. fiorent. 

[Anno 87, v2.] 
Rivoire (P.) Tentative di Francesco III 
d'Este per riconq. Ferrara &c. 

[Anno 86, vl.] 

Bodolico (N.) Un disegno di Lega ital. d. 

1833. [Anno 93, v2.] 

Nuove forze soo. &c. nel Piemonte. 

[Anno 98, v2.] 

Pio XI. [Anno 96, v2.] 

Proletariate operaio in Firenze nel 

s. 14. [Anno 101.] 

RosselU (N.) 6. Montanelli e il probl. 

toscana, 1859. [Anno 94, v2.] 

Rota (E.) Un prezioso consenso al progr. 

antitedesco di G. Alberoni, 1936. 

[Anno 93, vl.] 

II problema d'ltalia e la polit. di 

guerra del triennio repubbl. (1796-99). 

[Anno 95, v2.] 

Rubertis (A. de). Episodi dei rapporti d. 

Toscana con Roma &o. [Anno 92.] 

L'opera dell' Alfieri esam. dai censori 

toscani. [Anno 90.] 

Rubinstein (N.) La lotta centre i magnati 
a Firenze. [Anno 93, v2.] 

Sapori (A.) L'attendibilita di alcune testi- 
monianze cronist. dell' econ. medievale. 

JAnno 87, v2.] 

La Compagnia dei 


Un fiorent. bizzarre, 

II giusto prezzo 

Tommaso &c. 

[Anno 102.] 
Scaglia Tifi. 
[Anno 89, v2.] 
. dottrina di S. 
[Anno 90.] 

L'interesse d. danaro a Firenze nel 
Trecento [Anno 86, v2.] 

II libro di amministraz. dell' eredita 

di Baldovino lacopi Biecomanni (1272-74). 

[Anno 96, v2.] 

Personale d. comp. mercant. d. micd. 

evo. [Anno 97, v2.] 

Storia interna d. compagnia mercantile 

dei Periizzi. [Anno 92.] 

Schiaparelli (L.) Note diplomat, s. carte 
longobarde, 1-7. [Anno 90-92.] 

Note paleograf. &o. 

[Anno 87, vl, 2, 89, v2.] 

Sohiappoli (I.) Isabella di Chiaromonte, reg. 

di Napoli. [Anno 98, v2.] 

Sohipa (M.) I diari d. Zazzera e la loro ed. 

[Anno 90.] 

Necrologio. [Anno 98, vl.] 

Archivio storico italiano [continued]. 

Schneider (F.) Necrologia. [Anno 90.] 

Segre (A.) Necrologia. [Anno 86, v2.] 

Sestan (E.) Lo state maggiore del primo 

"Archiv. stor. ital." [Anno 103-104.] 

Sforza (G.) Riflessi d. Controriforma n. 

Repubblica di Venezia. [Anno 93, vl, 2.] 
Simeoni (L.) L'elezione di Obizzo d'Eate a 

signore di Ferrara, 1936. [Anno 93, vl.] 
Soranzo (G.) Collegati, raccommandati &c. 

negli Stati ital. d. sec. 14 e 15. 

[Anno 99, vl.] 
Tamassia (N.) Necrologia. [Anno 90.] 

Tornetta (V.) Polit. del Mazzarino verso il 

Papato, 1644-46. [Anno 99. v2, 100, v2.] 

Valeri (N.) Gli studi viscontei-sforzeschi &c 

[Anno 93, v2.] 

Valsecehi (F.) 1859 in Germania: idee e 

problemi. [Anno 93, vl.] 

La polit. di Cavour e la Prussia nel 

1859. [Anno 94, vl.] 

Toscana ed Austria nel 1859. 

[Anno 94, v2.] 
Vedovato (G.) Privilegi capit. fiorent. del a. 

15. [Anno 97, vl.] 

Vespucci (A.) Lettera ined. s. il sue terzo 

viaggio, ed. R. Ridolfi. [Anno 95, vl, 2.] 
Viora (M.) Due interventi di Federieo I di 

Svezia &c. [Anno 87, v2.] 

Volpi (G.) Lorenzo il Magnifico e Vallom- 

broea. [Anno 92.] 

Orig. d. "Giardino dei Semplici" di 

Firenze. [Anno 86, vl.] 

Warburg (A.) Necrologia. [Anno 88, vl.] 

Wieruszowski (H.) La Corte di Pietro 

d'Aragona e i precedenti dell' impresa sicil.; 

2[p.] [Anno 96, vl, 2.] 

Zucchi (M.) II Cardinale Maurizio di Savoia 

e I'Arcivescovato di Monreale. 

[Anno 94, vl.] 

see Sestan (E.) Lo state maggiore del primo 

"A. s. it." 1841-47, 1947. 

Archivio storico per la Dalmazia. v5-20 (Apr. 

1928-Marzo 1936). Ia8°. 1928-1936 

Archive bibliografico hispano-americano. Publ. 

V. Sudrez. tl6-23. 8°. 1926-33 

Archive bibliographico. 

[v]l. 8°. Coimbra. 1877 

Archive de Protoeolos, Seville. Cat. de los 

fondos americanos, tl— 3, sig. 16, see Col- 

ecci6n de doc. ined. p. la hist, de Hisp.- 

Amer., tlO, 11, 14, 1930-32. 

Archive espanol de arte y ariueologia. Direo- 

tores M. Gomez-Moreno, E. Tormo y Monzo. 

tl-13, 1926-37. Ia8°. 1925-37 

Archive General de Indias, Seville. Catalogo de 

pasajeros a Indias dur. aiglos 16—18. Red. 

bajo dir. d. C. Bermudez Plata, vl, 2. 

8°. Sevilla. 1940-42 

1, 1509-34. 2, 1535-38. 

Indice de documentos de Nueva Espana en 

A. de I. de S. [tl-4]. 8°. Mexico. 1928-31 

see Coi.ecci6n de doc. ined. para la hist, de 

Hisp.-Amer., t5, Invent, gen. de registros 

cedularios d. A. G. de I., [by] L. Bubio y 

Moreno, t6, Cedulario Cubano, t7, 9, 

Cat. de fondos cubanos d. -A.. G., 1929-30. 

,, RuBio yMokeno (L.) Pasajeros a Indias: 

cat. de las informac. &c. exist, en el 

Arch. Gen. de I., 1492-1592. tl, 2, 


,, Weight (I. A.), ed. Doc». cone. Eng. 

voyages to Span. Main, 1569-80: 1, Span. 

doc^. sel. f. Aj'chives of Indies &e., 1932. 

,, Span. doc. cone. Eng. voyages to 

Caribbean, 1527-68, sel. f. Archives of 
Indies, tr., 1929. 
Archive General de la Nacion Argent., see 

Argentine Reptjbl. 
Archive hist6rico espanol, 1928 &f., see Espan.j.. 
Archivo historice portuguez. 

v5. Ia8°. Lisboa. 1907 
Archivo Nacional, Brazil, see Rio de Janeieo. 
Archivo Nacional, Cuba. Boletln. tll-13, 17- 
20, 22, 23, 28, 29, 32 (1912-33). 

Ia8°. Habana. 1912-36 

tl3 wants N.^6, 17 wants N.l & 4, 18 wants 

N.4-6, 19 wants N.1-3. 

Archive Nacional, Venezuela, aft. Archivo 

Genebal de la Naci6n. 

Boletin. tl4-22. 34-36. [ti'i-Z'i not publ.] 

8°. Caracas. 1932-49 


Aichivum Latinitatis Medii Aevi consoc. acad. 
aiispiciis cond. Digess. J. H. Baxter, C. H. 
Beeson &c. [Union Acad. Internat. Bulletin 
Du Cange]. tl-lOi, 11-18. Ia8°. 1924-45 

,, Indices verb. t6, 7 & 9 & Tables dea 
tl-10 [b.w. til]. 
Arciniegas (GermAn). 
Los alemanes en la conquista de America. 

8°. Buenos Aires. 1941 

Caribbean : sea of the new world. Tr. Harriet 

de Onis. 8°. N.Y. 1946 

Germans in the conquest of America. A 1 6th 

cent, venture. Tr. A. Flores. 8°. N.Y. 1943 

The green continent: Latin Amer. by leading 

wr»., sel. & ed. by G. A. Tr. H. de Onis &c. 

[4th pr.] 8°. N.Y. 1945 

Arco (Luis del), see Del Aboo (L.) 

Atco (Manuel Sanchez del), see Sanchez del 

Arco (M.) 
Arconada (Cesar M.) 

Le partage des terres. Tr. E. Guyot. 38°. 1936 
Arconati Visconti {la marchesa d'), see Louvre. 

Cat. de la Coll. A. V., 1917. 
Arctic war. Norway's role on the Northern 
Front. [Roy. Norweg. Govt. Inform. Office]. 

8°. 1945 

Aictowski (Henryk). On solar-constant & 

atmospheric temperature changes, 1941, see 

Smithsonian Inst. Misc. coU'., vlOl, 1942. 

*Ardante (L') ou fiamboyante colomne de tous 

les Pays-Has, 1636, see Pays-Bas. 
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sous Louis XVI. [Extr. f. Dorpat Univ. 
Ucheniya zapiski, 1902—4]. t3, App. pi, 
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Arda-Viraf. The book of A. V. Pahlavi text 
prep, by Destur Hoshangji Jamaspji Asa, 
rev., w. Eng. tr. & intr., & app. cont. texts 
<fe tr. of the Gosht-i Fryano, & Hadokht- 
Nask by M. Haug ass. by E. W. West. 

8°. Bombay. 1872 
Ardel (Henri). 
Ainsi soufHa le vent . . . s8°. [1934] 

L'autre miracle. s8°. [1936] 

Les deux visages de I'amour. s8°. [1938] 

Arden o£ Feversham, 1592. [Prep, by H. 
Macdonald w. assist, f. D. N. Smith. 
Malone Soc. repr.] s4°. 1940 [1947] 

,, ,, ,, see Oliphant (E. H. C), 

ed. Shakespeare &c., vl, 1929. 
Arden (Mary), ps. [i.e. Violet Mukby, wife 
of J. Middleton Murry, form. Le Maistre]. 
Luck & o. s. s8°. [1927] 

Arden-Close (Gol. Sir Charles Frederick), see 

Close {Col. Sir C. F. A.-). 
Ardenne de Tizac (Andree Francoise Caroline 
d') [ps. Andree Viollis]. 
Notre Tunisie. s8°. [1939] 

Ardenne de Tizac (Jean Henri d') [ps. Jean 
La sculpture chinoise. Ia8°. 1931 

Arderius (Joaquin). Night of frost; tr., see 

Spanish omnibus, 1932. 
Ardern (Charles Ernest). 

Lymm & district. s8^. Lymm. [1913] 

Ardig6 (Roberto), see Tabozzi (G.) R. A., 1928. 

ArdiU (John Roche), dean of Blphin Cath. 

St. Patrick, a.d. 180. 8°. [1931] 

St. Patrick: where was he born? s8°. D. 1934 

Ardizzone (Edward), see Gorham (M.) The 

local: lithographs by E. A., 1939. 
Ardizzone (Michael). A nation is born: defence 
of Malayan Union. 8°. [1946] 

Ardley (Richard Arthur Blyth). The birds of 
the S. Orkney Islands, see Discovery, 
steamship. D. reports, vl2, 1936. 

& N. A. Mackintosh. The Royal Research 

Ship 'Discovery II', see Discovery, steam- 
ship. D. reports, vl3, 1936. 
Ardoino (Antonio). Examen apol. de la Hist, 
de los naufragios &c. de A. Nuiiez Cabeza 
de Baoa, see Gonzalez Baecia (A.), ed. 
Historiadores, tl, 1749. 
Ardrey (Robert). 
Thunder Rock. Play. 88°. [1940] 

For a. c, see Plays. Five p. of 1940, 1940. 
Worlds beginning. s8°. [1945] 

•Are these things so?, 1740, see Miller {Rev. 

'Are£ el-'Arel. Bedouin love, law & legend, 
dealing w. the Badu of Beersheba. Version 
in Eng. in collab. w. H. W. Tilley. 

8°. Jerusalem. [1944] 

'Are! el-' Are! [continued}. 
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Aristophanes [continued]. 
Translations [continued], 
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Works & Selections. 

Antiqua trans. <!• Jo. Argyropoli tr., see 
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A., 1570. 


Aristotle [continued]. 

Translations [continued]. 

Works & Selections [continued]. 

A. omnia quae extant opera. Selectis tr. &c. 

rec. Averrois Cordub. comment. Nonnulli 

etiam ipsiuB in Logica &c. cum Levi 

Gersonidis annot., plurimi a lacob Mantino 

in Lat. conversi. Grec, Arabum &c. 

lucubrationes. M. Antonii Zimarae solu- 

tiones. B. Tomitani in Arist. & Aver, dicta 

Bolutiones. Superadd. Michaelia Pselli 

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tp. only in Ind. vol.] s8°. Venetiis. 1573—75 

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Tkanslations [continued]. 
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[Shortened version]. 

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Spubious Wobks. 
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Aristotle [continued]. 
Refebences [continued], 
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& VoLKBNKUNDE V. Ned. Indie. d90, 1933. 
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No. 1]. Ia8°. 1949 

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Meet these people. Caricatures by B. Thomas. 
[2nd pr.] s8°. J1928] 
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Carohne of Ansbach, George the ^Second a 
queen. 8°. 0. 1939 

Arkell (William Joscelyn). 
The geology of Oxford. 8°. 0. 1947 

Oxford stone. 8°- [1»*'J 

see RiCHABDSON (L.), W. J. A. &0. Geol. 
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Pechalnik Prepodobnii Sergei i osnov. im 
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„ izd. 3« [P2958]. s8°. Moskva. 19H 

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1906, see Abbikosov (Kh.) Jizn A. i. A- 




Aikhangelsky (Aleksandi Semenovich). 

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XV V. [i.e. Molitva. O.L.D.P. Pamyat. 50]. 

fol. 1884 

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t21 contains Petrunkevich (I. I.) Iz zapisok 

obscii. deyatelya. 

Ark Royal, H.M.S., see Admiralty. Ark 

Royal, 1942. 
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Return journey. Escape f. Oflag VI B. 

8°. [1948] 
Arkwright (Frank). 

The ABC of teohnooracy. 8°. N.Y. 1933 

Arkwright (Godfrey E. P.) Cat. of portion of 

coll. of music & books on music, prop, of A. 

Sold by Sotheby, Feb. 1939. [lUust. ofc w. 

prices]. Ia8°. 1939 

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Antards. lOe ed. sS". [1932] 

II faut de tout pour faire un monde. 

[Nouvelles]. s8°. [1947] 

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s8°. [1929] 
Sidobre, see CEuvbes libres, 257, 1948. 
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monast. benedictino. [Ed,'\ L. Serrano. 

Ia8°. 1926 
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Arlen (Michael) [form. M. Kotjyoumdjian; 


Babes in the wood. s8°. [1929] 

The crooked coronet, & o. misrepresentations. 

8°. [1937] 
The green hat. [5th impr.] 8°. [1924] 

Hell! said the Duchess. s8°. [1934] 

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Lily Christine. Regeny. [Hung, tr.] 

s8°. Budapest, n.d, 
Man's mortality. 8°. 1933 

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Men dislike women. s8°. [1931] 

The romantic lady. [5th impr.] s8°. [1924] 
[7th impr.] s8°. [1926] 
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DE Tezay (N. M. F.) 
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Pustnikul. Pe limba Romyanesk tlmchit de 
P. Prunku. 

2p [in Iv]. s8°. Eshii [Jassy]. 1837 

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The Chinese drama f. earliest times &c. 

Forew. by H. A. Giles. 4°. Shanghai. 1930 

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Chinese govt, service. 8". 1931 

& H. Acton. Famous Chinese plays. Tr. 

& ed. L. C. A. & H. A. 8°. Peiping. 1937 

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Ausgew. Sehriften &c. [Tr.] 8°. 1936 

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Drawings by M. Ayrton. 8°. [1946] 

Indian summer: ace. of cricket tour in Eng., 
1946. 8°. [1947] 

see Hamilton (G. T.) & J. A., edd. Land- 
marks: topogr. verse for Eng. & Wales, 1943. 
Arlus. *The second part of the Impartial 
secret hist, of A., Fortunatus & Odolphus. 
[P3083]. s8°. 1710 
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Gen. de Simancas sel. por E. Herrera Oria, 
1587-89, see Espana. Archivo hist esp.: 
Col. de doc, t2, 1929. 
Armada y Losada (Juan), see Figueboa (eZ 

marq. de). 
* Armageddon: or, the necessity of carrying on 

the War &c., 1711, see Depoe (D.) 

Armagh. Book of A.: the patrician doc. 

Facs. in collotype. Intr. by E. Gwynn. 

[Ir. MSS. Comm.] 4°. D. 1937 

Cat. of MSS. in Public Lib. of A. Comp. by 

J. Dean. 8°. Dundalk. 1928 

Armagnac (Louis Philippe de Lorraine d'), 

1643—1702, see Loreaine {Le chev. de). 
Armagnac (Matha de), duquesa de Oerona, see 
Gebona (M. de A., d. DE). 

Armaill6 (ctsse Marie C£lestine Am61ie d'), nie 

Sdgur. Quand on savait vivre heureux, 

1830-60. Souvs. de jeunesse. Publ. par la 

Ctsse J. de Pange. 8°. [1934] 

Armaments year-book, 1931, 1933, see League 

OP Nations. 
Armando (Morini). Venezuela. Condiz. fisiche 
& econ. Cenni stor. & cult. [Istit. C. Colombo]. 

8°. [1925?] 
Armandy (Andre). 
Le chantier des reves. s8°. [1940] 

Lo demon bleu. [2t.] sS". 1931 

1, Le roi du Chewing gum. 

2, La cite oubliee. 

R^gatcs. s8°. 1932 

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La vie d'amour de Madame de Warens. 

s8°. [1928] 
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famiglia de' Capizucchi. s4°. 1668 

Armanyach, see Armagnac. 
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[Ensayos]. 8°. Habana. 1915 

Armattoe (Raphael Ernest Grail). 
The golden age of West African civilization. 
Ia8°. Londonderry. 1946 
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Initia Amharica. An intr. to spoken Amharic. 
pi, 2. 8\ C. 1908-10 
1, Grammar. 2, Eng. -Amharic vocab. w. 
Armchair science. v2 (Apr. 1930-Mar. 1931). 

4°. 1931 
Arm^e. *Precis d'un journal de la retraite &c. 
de I'a. fr. de Moscou &c. [6. w. Borysthdne. 
Carte des pays entre le B. &c., 1812]. 

8°. Londres. 1813 
Armees. '•'L'esprit des a. &c., 1815, see Espbit. 
Armel (Camille). La tueuse, see Q^^uvbes 

libres, 207, 1938. 
Armengol (A. Cuyas), see Cuyas Abmengol (A.) 
Armenia [cib Anon. Armenian works]. 
""Betrayal of A. Reply to Lord Salisbury &c. 
w. letter f. the Duke of Argyll. 

2nd ed. [P3102]. 8°. M'ter. 1896 

Hatentir patmouth. varoutz Osmanean 

thakauoratz. [Sel. hisi^. of Osmanli sultans 

dec. In Arm.] 8°. i Venetik. 1848 

Kronakitouthiun Qristoneakan. [Christian 

teaching. In Arm.] 8°. i Moskov. 1831 

Storakrouthiun hin Hayastaneaytz, 1822, see 

Indjidjean (L.) 

Armenian. Pocket dictionary of the Eng. & 

A. [* A. & Eng.] lang. 

2v [in 1]. s8°. Venice. 1835 
Arm6nie. La verite sur les massacres d'A. 
Doc. nouv. ou peu connus. Rapp. de 
tSmoins ocul. &c., par un Philarmdne. 

8°. 1896 
Armenischen. .-Vusgewahlte Schr. d. ». Kirch- 
envater. tJbers. [u.] hrsg. S. Weber. 

Bl, 2. s8°. Miinchen. 1927 

1, Eznik. Koriun, Hatschachapatum. 

2, Mambre Verzanogh, Johannes Manda- 
kuni, Elische. 

ArmJelt (Roger Noel). 

Education: new hopes &c. 8°. 1949 

Shapton affairs. s8°. 1948 

Armfleld (Maxwell). 

A manual of tempera-painting. Forew. by 

Sir C. Hohnes. 8°. [1930] 

Tempera painting today. 8°. 1946 

Armfleld (Mrs. Maxwell), form. Constance 

Smedley, see Smedley (C.) 

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Gesellsehaften &o. 8°. Miinchen. 1921 

Armindn (Luis de). 

Gen. Gonzalo Queipo de Llano. [Heroes de 

Esp., no. 3]. s8°. Avila. 1937 

*Armine & Elvira, 2nd ed., 1771, see Caet- 

wbight (E.) 
Armine (Sir William), 1593-1651 [Abmyne]. 
Copy of letter f. Marq. of Argyle & Sir W. A. 
(1643), see Ahdebson (Col. F.) Copy of 
letter, 1846. 
Arming in the air, the Daily Mail campaign, 

1936, see Daily Mail. 
Arminius, 'ps. '''From Serajevo to the Rhine: 
generals of the Gt. War. Tr. G. Griffin. 

8°. [1933] 
Arminius, prince of the Cherusci. [ApiMIN; 
Heemann], see Klttzleb (H.) Der erste 
Deutsche &c., 1934. 

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Sun, stand thou still. The life & work of 
Copernicus. 8°. [1947] 

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The Taylors of Ongar. 8°. C. [1939] 

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runners, 1729-1829 [w. repr. of "Thieving 

detected, 1777]. 8°. [1932] 

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Jeffery Famol: biog. sketch. sS". [1928] 

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movt. & its results. 3rd ed. 88"^. 1908 

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Dispersed at sale, Ap. 1937, by Amer. Art 

Assoc. 8°. N.Y. 1937 

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rominisc. of an artist sportsman. 8°. 193'7 

Armour (James Brown), see Abmoub (W. S.) 

A. of Ballymoney, 1934. 
Armour (WUliam Stavely). Armour of Bally- 
money. Forew. by R. Lynd. 8°. [1934] 
Facing the Irish question. 88°. [1935] 
Mankind at the watershed. s8°. [1936] 
Armstrong College, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 
[Univ. op Dtjeham]. Calendar, 1928-36. 

s8°. Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 1928-36 

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Aemstbong Willis]. 

The pack of pieces. 68°. [1942] 

Taxi! 8°. [1930] 

Ten-minute alibi, see Play's. Famous p. of 

1933, 5th impr., 1935. 
see Centuby. Second c. of humour: storiea 

by A. A. &c., 1936. 
,, Hay (Ian), ps. & A. A. Orders are 
orders, 1932. 
Armstrong (Arnold B.) 

Parched earth. 8°. [1934] 

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of the intelligible universe in the philos. of 

Plotinus. 8°. C. 1940 

Introd. to anc. philosophy. 8°. [1947] 

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Dereham. A Norfolk diary: passages f. 

diary of B. J. A., 1850-[87]. Ed. H. B. J. 

Armstrong. 8°. [1949] 

Armstrong (Cecil Ferard). 

A century of great actors. 8°. [1912] 

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cinus (D.) Usurpation of Richard III; tr., 

w. intr. &c. by A., 1936. 

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Life in Spain to-day. 8°. E. 1930 

Survival of the unfittest. [2nd ed.] s8°. [1931] 

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autobiog. s8°. [1938] 

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Mission. 8°. 1900 

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Book of the Publ. Library, Museums &c. of 

v., 1906-31; by A. &c., 1932. 

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sports & pastimes of h. age. [Fr. Mod. Lang. 

Rev., vl]. 2[p in Iv]. 8°. C. [1906] 

Hist. & art in quattrocento. Ital. lect. [Fr. 

Proc. of Brit. Acad., vll]. 8°. [1923] 

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see HuTTON (W. H.) E. A., 1846-1928, 1928. 

Armstrong (Edward Allworthy). 

Bird display. Introd. to the study of bird 

psychol. 8°. C. 1942 

,, ,, rev. & enl. ed. w. t. Bird 

display & behaviour. 8°. [1947] 

Birds of the grey wind. 8°. 1940 

Shakespeare's imagination. 8°. 1946 

The way birds hve. [2nd ed.] 8°. [1944] 

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the Great. Med. French Roman d'Alex., 

v2, 4; ed. &c. E. C. A. &o., 1937-42. 

Armstrong (Edward Frankland) & L. M. Miall. 

Raw materials f. the sea. 

8°. Leicester. [1945] 
Armstrong (Elizabeth Adela), aft. Forbes, see 

Armstrong (EUzabeth H.) 

The crisis of Quebec, 1914-18. 8°. N.Y. 1937 
Armstrong (Francis Harold Courtenay Lupin), 

see Akmstbong (Habold C.) 
Armstrong (George Gilbert). Christianity & 
war. 3 addresses. [M413]. s8°. M'ter. 1918 


Aimstiong (Hamilton Fish). 

Chronology of failure : last days of the French 

Republic. 8°. N.Y. [1940] 

"We or they", 2 worlds in conflict. s8°. 1937 

see DxJLiES (A. W.) & H. F. A. Can we be 

neutral?, 1936. 

„ Lanqee (W. L.) & H. F. A. Foreign 

affairs bibliog., 1919-32, 1933. 

Aimstiong (Harold) [tABMSTKONo (Fbanois 

Habold Couetbnay Lupin)]. Der Graue 

Wolf: d. Loben d. Diktators Mustafa Kemal 

[Ubertr. v. P. Wit]. 8°. 1933 

Grey steel, J. C. Smuts. 8°. [193'/ 1 

Grey Wolf, Mustafa Kemal: an intimate stud /. 

8°. [1932] 
[3rded.] 8°. [1932] 
Lord of Arabia, Ibn Saud. 8°. [1934] 

On the run: escaping tales. Ed. H. C. A. 

8°. 1934 
Tmrkey & Syria reborn: record of 2 yrs. of 
travel. 8°. [1930] 

Unending battle. 8°. 1934 

Armstrong (Henry Edward). 
Our need to honour Huxley's will. Huxley 
Mem. Lect. 8°. [1933] 

see Centbal Institution (The). The Cen- 
tral, v35, A. Mem. No., 1938. 
Armstrong (J. E.) Geology & mineral deposits 
of N. Brit. Columbia, W. of the Rocky 
Mtns., see Canada. Geolog. Survey Bull., 
5, 1946. 
Armstrong (Jean), see Keen {Mrs. B.) & J. A. 

Herb gathering, 1941. 
Armstrong (Joseph). The Mother Church: 
building of the First Ch. of Christ, Scientist, 
Boston, Mass. s8°. Boston, Mass. [1911] 

Armstrong (Lilias Eveline), see Coustenoble 
(H. E.) & L. E. A. St. in French intonation, 
Armstrong {Mrs. Lucile). 

Dances of Portugal. s8°. [1948] 

Armstrong (Margaret Neilson). Fanny Kemble: 

a passionate Victorian. 8^^. 1938 

Trelawny. A man's life. 8°. 1941 

Armstrong (Martin Donisthorpe). 

Adrian Glynde. 88°. 1930 

The bazaar & o. stories. s8°. [1924] 

The foster-mother. s8°. 1933 

s8°. N.Y. [1934] 

Lady Hester Stanhope. 8°. [1927] 

,, ,, ,, see Six brilliant Eng. 

women, 1930. 

Lover's leap. s8°. 1932 

The major pleasures of life. Sel. & arr. by 

M. A. [cheap ed.] s8°. 1936 

La petite Miss Millett: nouvelle; tr. R. 

Asselin, see CEuvbes libres, 262, 1948. 
Romantic adv. of Mr. Darby & of Sarah h. 
wife. 8°. 1931 

Saint Christopher's day. s8°. 1928 

For o. issue see Novels. Famous n. of 
to-day, 1930. 
Sir Pompey & Madame Juno & o. t. 

s8°. [1927] 
The sleeping fury. s8°. 1929 

Spanish circus. 8°. 1937 

Venus over Lannery. s8°. 1936 

Victorian peep-show. [Autobiog.] 8°. [1938] 
see M^GBOz (R. L.) 5 novelist poets [A. &c. 

w. List of 1st ed>.], 1933. 
„ Pope (T. M.), ed. Book of Fleet Street, 

, G. Bullett &c. 

What is happiness? s8°. [1938] 

Armstrong (NeviU Alexander Drummond). 
Yukon yesterdays: 30 years of adventure in 
the Klondike. 8°. 1936 

Armstrong (Olive). 
Edward Bruce's invasion of Ireland. 8° 1923 
Armstrong (Richards 

Sea change. s8°. [1948] 

Armstrong (Richard Acland). Address, Man- 
chester Coll., Oxf. [M170]. 8°. 1904 
The principles & ideals of the Unitarians. 

[no tp. M721. s8°. [1893] 
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Brit, grasses & th. employment in agricul- 
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WOBTH (J.), pS. 

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The Crowthers of Bankdam. 8°. 1940 

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8°. 1947 

Armstrong (Thomas) [continued]. 
King Cotton. 

Armstrong (Warren). 
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Freedom of the seas. 8°. [1943] 

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Army [Aemib; Aemy's]. 
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8°. 1935 
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see Railton (J.) 
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pres. by E. Bear &c. unto Sir T. Fairfax, 
also h. ans. thereunto, 1647, see Lbvellbb 
tracts; ed. W. Haller &c., 1944. 
♦Declaration (A) of the Northern army w. 
instr. concl. at a councell of warre &c., 
Dec. 1647. s4°. York. 1648 

''Letter (A) f. an officer in a. of the Alhes: 
cont. ace. of events &o., partic. resign, of 
the Earl of S— r [i.e. Stair], & Pr. Charles's 
passing the Rhine. [Signed T. B. P3076]. 

sfol. 1743 
♦Letter (A) to a general officer in the a. of 
the Allies, in respect to behaviour of the 
Blues &c., Battle of Dettingen [signed N. L.], 
w. Letter f. a lieut. in the Blues &c. [signed 
G. E. P3076]. sfol. 1743 

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Clarko MSS. &c., 1938, see Woodhouse 
(A. S. P.), ed. 
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by the Adjutant Gen.'s Office, see War 
*Some mementos for the officers & soldiers 
of the army, f. some sober Xtians. 

[no tp.] s4°. [1654] 

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s8°. [1819-41] 
[Annual], 1949, 1950. 8°. 1949-50 
see also fHART's Army List, 1846—1914. 
see List of general & field officers &c., 1754— 

,, Succession of Colonels fr. their rise &c., 
Army List (The Hal£-Yearly), for per. ending 
31st Dec. 1922, 1923, 30th June 1926, 31st 
Deo. 1930, 31, 32, 33, 30th June 1936. 

8°. 1923-36 
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effective army of Gt. Brit, as div. into 
regulars &c. Jan.-Dec. 1798, Mar. 1799. 

[3v]. sS". 1798-99 

, Feb., Mar., Dec, 1915. 

s8°. 1915 

Army List (The Official) for quarter[s] ending 

31 Deo. 1882-1912, & q. ending 31 Mar. 

1908. 8°. 1883-1913 

continued as Army List (The Quarterly) 


Army List (The Quarterly), for quarter[s] 

ending 31 Dec. 1913-20 also q. ending June 

1914, Sept. 1920 ct' Mar. 1922. 8°. 1914^22 

Quarter ending Deo. 1918 has Suppl. 6. sep. 

1, ,, „ Annual suppl., Deo. 1948. 

8°. 1949 

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1928-Jan. 1950). 8°, [1928-50] 

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(Ya. S.), ed. 
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(A. J.) 
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new pearl &c., w. obs. f. works of A &c 
see Vbbbiee (R.) Etudes s. A. de V., 1240- 
1311, 1947. 
Arnall (William) [ps. Solomon Abeabanel], 
=•= Animadversions on a rev. prelate's [Bp. 
T. Sherlock's] remarks upon a bill to prevent 
suits for tythes &c. By a member of the H. 
of Commons. 2nd ed, [P3080]. i". 1731 

The complaint of the Children of Israel 
repr. grievances under penal laws. 

4th ed. [M472]. s8°. 1736 

*Obs. on a pamph., intit. An ans. to one part 

of a late infamous libel &c. [by Caleb 

D'Anvers i.e. N. Amhurst]. In a letter to 

Mr. P[ulteney, i.e. Wm. P., e. of Bath] 

[P2989]. 8°. 1731 
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Kjaeb (A.), ed. 

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1, Sa biog., s. observ., sa philos. 2, La 

forme, I'originalite. 3, Dev. ses contemp. & 

dev. la posterite, [t& Bibliog.] 

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tr. of D. A., 1934. 
Arnaud (Henri), see BEACBBEicaE (C. H.) 
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tr. of La rentr6e glorieuse d'H. A. &c., 1827. 
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[1851. R^oits d'autrefois]. s8°. [1926] 

La 2e Republ. & le 2nd Empire. 8°. [1929] 
The Second Republ. & Napoleon III. Tr. 
B. F. Buckley. [National hist, of Fr.] 

8°. [1930] 

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aux Etats de Blois. Drame. 

[P3010]. 8°. 1829 

Gustave-Adolphe, ou la Bataille de Lutzen. 

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Arnautovic (Aleksandr), see Abnaoutovitoh 

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see KJNAUBB (P.) E. M. A., d. gr. Erzieher d. 

Deutschen, 1935. 
„ Pundt (A. G.) A. & the Nationalist 

awakening in Germany, 1935. 
„ Ruth (P. H.) A. u. d. Gesoh., 1930. 
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teen-thirties. Rep. drafted by H. W. A. 
R. Inst, of Internat. Affairs. 8°. 1944 

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for voice, harpsichord & violin. [6. w. Bach 
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see CUMMINQS (W. H.) Dr. A. & Rule, 

Britannia, 1912. 
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1710-78, 1893 
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Gesch. d. reiner Mathematik. 8 . bt. isoi 

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ment in Georgia. [Columbia Umv. bt. m 
Hist. &c., 104i]. 8°- N-Y- 1922 

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Bello {Sultan M.) Rise of Sokoto Fulam, 
ed. E. J. A., 1922. 


IVrnhard (Carl von), see Aethiopische. Litur- 
gie z. Tauf-Fost d. Aethiop. Kirclic, Inaug.- 
Dissert., v. C. v. A., 1886. 
Arnbeim (J.) T. Middleton, see Archiv f. d. 

St. d. new. Spk., B78, 1887. 
Arnheim (Rudolf), W. H. Auden &c. 
Poets at work. Kssays based on the mod. 
poetry coll. at Lockwood Memorial Lib., 
Univ. of Buffalo. Intr. by C. D. Abbott. 

8°. N.V. fl948] 
*Arnliein lift. Diary of a glider pilot. s8°. 1945 
Aruim {Countess v.), nee Bea-uchamp, aft. ivife 

of 2nd Earl Russell. 

♦The caravaners. 5th impr. 8°. 1910 

♦Expiation. By a. of "Elizabeth & h. 

German garden". 8°. 1929 

♦Father. By a. of "Elizabeth & h. German 

garden" 8=. 1931 

♦In the mountains. 8°. 1920 

♦The jasmine farm. 8°. [1934] 

♦Mr. Skeffington. By a. of "Elizabeth & her 

German garden". s8°. [1940] 

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aft. V. Arnim, calling herself Bettina]. 

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see Goethe (J. \V^. v.) Correspondence \\-. a 

child; tr.. 1860. 
,, Levin-Derwein (H.) Die Gesehwister B., 

„ Steig (K.) Achim v. A. u. B. B., 1913. 
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Deutschlands Erwecker. Kampf u. Werlc d. 
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Die sprachl. Forschung als Grundlage d. 

Chronol. d. platon. Dialoge u. d. Kratylos, 

1929, 1930. [210.] 

Stoicorum veterum fragmenta coll. A.. 1903- 

24. For, seeYESTA. (N.) Frammenti, 


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toUe Invalide auf d. Fort Ratonneau <£■ Die 
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Wiss. Autorenverzeichnis zu d. Veroffentl. 

[d- Mitglieder-Verz.], 1751-1927; v. M. A., 


Arnim (Maxe v.), aft. wife of E., Q-raf Orlola, 

see Weenee (J.) M. v'. A., 1937. 
Arnim (Sophie, Qrafin v.) 

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Abendmahls im Liohte d. neuesten liturgie- 
gesohiohtl. Forschung. 

8". Freiburg im Br. 1937 
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Ace. of A.'s exped.; oomp. by W. Allen, see 
Maine Hist. Soc. Coll., vl, 1866. 
see Taylob (J. G.) Some new hght on later 
life & last resting place of B. A. & h. wife 
M. Shippen, 1928. 
Arnold (C.) 

The game of squash rackets. s8°. [1926] 

Arnold (Edward), of The Grove, Dorking. 
Catalogue of the library of French lit. in 
handsome bindings, formed by E. .\.. sold 
by Sotheby, 6th May, 1929 &c. 

[Illust.] Ia8". 1929 

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5th ed., reissue. s8°. 1903 

see BhagavadgIta. The song celestial, or B., 

tr. A., 1919. 
. Mah.vbharata. Indian idylls f. the i\I.. 
by A., 1893. 
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paniment f. a thorough-bass as pract. in 
17th & 18th cent. Ia8°. 1931 

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Verfahren gegen Geisteskranke u. Ver- 
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St. Richard of Wyche, Bp. of Chichester. 
[Repr. f. Sussex Co. Mag.] 

s8°. Eastbourne. 1935 
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The Surrey \\'ood mystery. s8°. [1928] 

What happened at Andals? s8°. [1929] 

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The second wife. s8'. [1924] 

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,, ,. ,, Ed. w. mtr. by 

J. D. Wilson. 8°. C. 1932 

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lating Homer (w. F. \V. Newman's reply) & 
5 o. essays not elsewhere coll. 

[repr.] s8°. O. [1936] 

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Everyman's Lib.] sS. [1906] 

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Everyman's Lib.] s8°. [1908] 

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,, M. A. (Warton Lcct. on Eng. 

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FrontiiJres du theatre. s8°. [1946] 

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The Hundred of Hoo. 8°. [1947] 

Treaty-making procedure: methods obtaining 

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Ia8°. 1933 

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Francis Walsingham], see Charles I, of 

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The symbols of government. 

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[Shang Tee]. s8°. [1931] 

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FoRSTER (Bear-Adm. F. D.) At war w. the 

smugglers: career of Dr. Arnold's father, 


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(A) to Mr. A — d cone. h. motives for 

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Charter, & Declarations of Moscow, Cairo & 

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The land question of Griqualand West, w. a 
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8°. [1949] 
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This impertinence. 8°. [1941] 

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[no tp. FZOll]. 8°. [1831] 

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s8°. [1937] 
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[t4 no (p.] Ia8''. [1918-31] 

Continued as Revista espaiiola de arte, Afio 

1-4 (til, 12). Ia8°. 1932-35 

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DE Arteaga (E.) 
Arteaga (Felix de), see Paravicino y Arteaga 

(H. F.) 
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Suppl. paper No. 5]. Ia8°. 1929 

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Who killed Netta Maul? s8°. 1941 

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of Tasmania, aft. Lt.-Gov. of Upper Canada; 

17S4-1S5-]. The Arthur papers. Papers, 

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G. A., last Lt.-Gov. of Upper Canada, in 

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Concerning Winston S. Churchill. s8°. [1940] 

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stage thr. 65 yrs. Intr. by J. Gielgud. 

8°. [1936] 

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♦Further letters f. a Man of no importance, 

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Queen Mary. 8°. [1935] 

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see also Further letters above. 

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8°. O. [1929] 
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see G6mez (H. F.) El gen. A. y los hombres 
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Rossii. Nabroski. 4°. Moskva. [1918?] 

Artucio (Hugo Fernandez), see Fernandez 

Artucio (H.) 
Arturo (Guido Horn-d'), see Horn-d'Arturo 

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1917 & 1941, see America faces the War, 
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the civd law of Ceylon, vl. Persons. 

8°. 1910 

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bank case, H. of Lords, May 3rd. Wm. 

Holmes, appell., Henty, Lear &c., respond. 

8°. Arundel. 1836 

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anthology, 1945. 

Arundel (Thomas Howard, 2nd earl of), 1585- 

1646. 'The true coppy of a letter f. E. of A. to 

Mr. Pym, read before the Committee 18 

Sept. 1641 &c., w. names of the Comm*. 

s4°. 1641 
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ed. 5«. s8°. C. 1860 
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Abvelo (R.) 
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English]. s8°. Paris. 1939 

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Arye (Judah), of Modena, see Modena (Leo). 
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genealog. des fam. d'A., 1678. 
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Vvodnaya statya, red. &c. M. S. Borov- 
kovoi-Maikovoi, pred. D. Blagogo. 

8°. [1933] 
*As it was, 1926, see Thomas (Helen). 
Asad Allah Khan, MirzS, called Ghalib, see 

Asaf, Judaeus, see Asaph ben Berechiah, pa. 
Asahi (The), see Japan. Present-day J.; suppl. 

to Osaka A. & Tokyo A., 1928-31. 
Asakawa (Kan-Ichi). Early institut. Kfe of 
Japan: reform of 645 A.D. 8°. Tokyo. 1903 


Asaph ben Beiechiah, ps., see Venetianeb 
(L.) Asaf Judaeus, d. aelt. medizin. 
Sohriftsteller in hebr. Spraehe, 2T, 1916-17. 
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Ye olde fire laddies. 8°. N.Y. 1930 

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Ia8°. Paris. 1872 

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Ia8°. Paris. 1872 

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Boyle (C.) 
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Schmitz. sS". 1931 

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1S19]. s8°. [FlorentifP. 1519] 

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Martin Alonso Pinzon. s8°. [1892] 

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3, 1908-14. 4, Cataclysm, 1914^17. .5, 
Fantasia in Egypt, 1917-22. 7, Recon- 
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6, 1918-23 pubV. w. title A Palestine note- 
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see Weston Subedge. Last rec. of a Cots- 
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at Engloton, nr. Brewood, see Stafpobd- 
SHIRE. Coll., 1938. 
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Mfr». Assoc] 8^.1931 

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Eng. art & Eng. society. 8°. [1936] 

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My 60 years in the law. 8°. [1936] 

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Death of a curate. s8°. [1932] 

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8°. 0. 1934 
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Movt. in 17th cent. 8°. [1947] 

Louis XIV & the greatness of France. 

s8°. [1946] 
Mr. President: intr. to Amer. hist. 8°. [1948] 
Oliver Cromwell, the Conservative dictator. 

8°. [1937] 
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*Almansor the learned &c. king: h. life &c. 
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American govt. rev. & rewr. 8°. N.Y. 1910 
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[n. impr.] s8°. [1937] 
,, ,, ,, [3rd ed.], w. 3 suppl. chapf. 

[on period 1914^49] by G. C. Allen. 

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see Harbis (G. R. C. H., 4th b.) & F. S. A.-C. 
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Greek sculpture in Sicily & S. Italy. Lect., 

1934. 8°. [1936] 

For a. copy see Bbit. Acad. Proc, v20 

(1934), 1936. 

see Beazley (J. D.) & B. A. Greek sculpture 

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liabilities of trustees. [Bepr. f. Scot. Law 

Rev., Dec. 1922]. Ia8°. E. 1922 

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intr. &o. by M. A. 8°. N.Y. 1921 

The Singing Swan: ace of Anna Seward, & h. 

acquaintance w. Dr. Johnson &c. 

8°. New Haven. 1931 
Ashridge. *The hist, of the Coll. of Bon- 

hommes, at A., 1812, see Todd (H. J.) 
Ash-Shaykhule Akbar, see Muhammad ibn 
'AlI (Muhvi al-Din), called Ibn al-Arabi. 
Ashton (A. B.), ps., see Basch (E.) 
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656 letters to the press, 1906-7. s8°. 1908 
Truth, wit, & wisdom. 525 letters to the 
press, 1887-1903. s8°. 1906 

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Ashton (H. S.), ps. 
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The Netherlands at war. Forew. by P. S. 
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Ashton (Harry). Moh^re. s8°. 1930 



Ashton (Helen) [Mrs. Helen Rosaline 
Jordan, wife of A. E. N. Jordan]. 
A background for Caroline. s8°. [1929] 

[2nd impr.] s8°. [1929] 

Belinda Grove. 

Dr. Serooold, a page f. 

38°. 1932 
h. day-book. 

s8°. 1930 
38°- 1934 
[3rd impr.] s8°. 1935 
38°. 1930 
see Novels. Famous 

Family cruise. 
Hornets' nest. 
Mackerel sky. 

,, „ for a. ed. 
n., 1931. 
People in cages. 8". 1937 

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Hist, novel. 8°. [1940] 

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8°. 1938 
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& K. Davies. I had a sister; st. of M. 

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One clear call. [M368]. s8°. 1914 

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ballads. Coll., ed. &o. J. A. Ia8°. 1887 

A righte merrie Christma.sse ! ! ! The story of 

Christ-tide. 4°. [1894] 

Ashton (Major John), see Peeston (R. G., 

visct.) Arraignment, trials &c. of Sir R. G. 

& J. A. for high-treason, 1690, 1691. 

Ashton (Leigh) [Ashton [Sir Aethub L. 

Bolland)]. Style in sculpture. Ed. L. A. 

8°. 1947 
see BiNYON (L.), L. A. &c. Chinese art, 1935. 

& B. Gray. 

Chinese art. [4th impr.] 8°. [1947] 

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John Mdioards, see Edwards (Mrs. M. E. A.) 

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ed. W. S. Lewis, vl3, Corr. w. A. &o., 1948. 

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The industrial revolution, 1760-1830. [Home 

Univ. Lib.] s8°. 1948 

& J. Sykes. The coal industry of the 1 8th 

cent. [Univ. of M'ter. Econ. Hist. Ser., 

No. 5]. 8°. M'ter. 1929 

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Pakis (John), ps. 
Ashton-Wolie (Harry Hugh). The forgotten 
clue. Tales & methods of the Siirete. 

8°. 1930 

The thrill of evil. 8°. [1929] 

Ashuibanipal, king of Assyria, see Assue- 


Ashurnasirpal II, king of Assyria, see Assur- 


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Reflections f. Shakespeare. Leet". Ed. R. 

Pocock. 8°. [1926] 

Asia. Karta Srednei A. Sostav. po novishim 

svedeniyam i grav. pri Voenno-Topogr. 

Depo. Ispravl. po 1873 g. 

folded 8°. [in case. 1873] 
Asiatic quarterly review, see Imperial & 

Asiatic q. r. 
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A. S. of B., 1788-1928, 1929. 
Monograph Ser. vl. 8°. Calcutta. 1946 

see Law (B. C.) ASvagho?a, 1946. [1.] 

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Trans. s2, v5-19. 8°. Tokyo. 1928-40 

s2, v5 cont. Index, si, vl-50. 

The foil, have sep. tp". or form whole vol'. 

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doba y 8u Hist. crit. de las ideas relig. 
[R. Acad, de la Hist.] 3t. Ia8°. 1927-29 

Asin Palacios (Miguel) ^contimied]. 

Dante y el Islam. [Col. de manuales hisp., 

vl, sB]. s8°. 1927 

La espiritualidad ile Algazel y su sentido 

cristiano. [Publ. de las Esouelas de Est. 

Arabes de .Madrid &c., sA, 2]. 

2t. 8°. 1934-35 

Infl. evangelicas en la lit. relig. del Islam, see 

Browne (E. Ci.) Vol. of Or. st. pres. to 13., 


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doc, see Real Acad, de la Hist. Boletin, 

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The Pharos of Alexandria. Summary of 

essay. Comm. by the Duke of Alba. [With 

archit. comm. by M. Lopez Otero]. 8°. [1933] 

For a. issue see Brit. Acad. Proc, vl9 

(1933), 1935. 

see MuHAMM-\D IBN 'Ali (M. AL-D.) Vidas 

de santones andaluces; intr. by A. P., 1933. 

'Asiqpasazade, see Giese (F.) Verschied. 

Textrezensionen <1. A., 1936. 
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*"Ask Mamma", 1872, see Surtees (R. S.) 
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1588, see Nichols (J.) Progresses of Q. 
Elizabeth, v2, 1788; 1823. 
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T. Ko.soiuszko. [M461]. s8°. Geneve. 1921 
Prince .Joseph Poniatowski. Oration. 

[M378]. s8°. [1910] 

see Napoleon I. Mss. de N., 1793-95, en 

Pologne; publ. A., 1929. 

Askew (Margaret), aft. wife of (1) Judge 

Thomas Fell, (2) George Fox. see Fell (M.) 

Askew (R. J.) 

Walks & talks ab. Shere. 8°. [1938] 

Askew (William C.) Europe & Italy's acquisi- 
tion of Libya, 1911-12. 

8°. Durham, N.C. 1942 

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Copied by M. E. Noble. 8°. 1904 

Askowith (Dora). Toleration & persec. of the 

.Tews in the Roman Emp. pi. Toleration 

under Julius Caesar & Augustus. 

[M369]. 8°. N.Y. 1915 
Asku6 (Vabbi Resurreccion Maria de), see 

AZKUE (R. M. de). 
Askwith (Hon. Betty EUen). Keats. 8°. [1941] 
see Benson (T.) & B. A. Seven basketfuls, 
Askwith (George Ranken Askwith, 1st baron). 
British taverns; hist. & laws. 8°. 1928 

Lord James of Hereford. 8°. [1930] 

Askwith (William Harrison), see Kane (J.) 
List of officers of the Roy. Regt. of Artillery, 
1716-1914; added, Notes on services coll. by 
A., 2v, 1900-14. 
Aslib, see Assoc, of Spec. Lib. & Inform. 

Asoka, emperor of India, see 
Arch. Ser., No. 10, Oavimath &c. inscr. of 
A., 1932. 
see MacPhatl (J. M.) A., 1928. 
,, Seligman {H. M.) "When peacocks called, 
[fiction], 1940. 
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quarterly, No. 16, 1924. 
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of Stanley, & biog. of 14th Earl of Derby. 
[App., Unveiling of Lanes. Statue memorial, 
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The British West Indies. 8°. 1912 

A wayfarer in the West Indies. 8°. [1928] 

2nd ed. 8^ [1930] 
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admin. &c. reforms, w. ace. of expans. of 
the E.I. Co., & of found, of Penang, 1786-93. 
[Univ. of M'ter. Hist, ser., No. 60]. 

8°. M'ter. 1931 

Early Eng. trade unions; doc^. f. Home Office 

papers in P.R.O. 8°. [1949] 

The formation of Canning's ministry, Feb. to 

Aug. 1827. Ed. f. oontemp. eorresp. by A. 

[Roy. Hist. Soc. Camden ser.. Ill, 59]. 

8°. 1937 

Pohtios & the press, c. 1780-1850. 8°. [1949] 

see Bessborough (V. B. P., 9th e. of). Lady 

B. & h. fam. circle; ed. E. of B. in 

collab. w. A. A., 1940. 

Aspinall (Arthur) [continued]. 
see Chaelotte, pcss. Letters, 1811-17; ed. 
A., 1949. 
Aspinall (Clarke). "Liverpool a few years 
since. By an old stager. 

2nded. 8°. Liv'l. 1869 
Aspinall (Frank), see Caepenteb (M. L.) 

3 great hearts; A. &c., 1928. 
Aspinall-Oglander (Brig.-Oen. Cecil Faber). 
Admiral's widow: life & letters of the Hon. 
Mis. Edward Bosoawen, 1761-1805. 

8°. [1942] 
Admiral's wife; life & letters of the Hon. Mrs. 
Edward Boscawen, 1719-61. 8°. [1940] 

Nunwell symphony. [Family of Oglander]. 

8°. 1945 
see A\'ae. Hist, of Gt. War based on offic. 
doc, Milit. oper., Gallipoli; by C. F. A.-O., 
2v, 1929-32. 
AspinwaU papers, p2 [1763-1817], see Massa- 
chusetts Hist. Soc. Coll., s4, vlO, 1871. 
Aspremont (Paul de Sury d'), see Sury d'Aspre- 

MONT (P. de). 

AsQuith (Lady Cynthia), wife of Hon. Herbert 
Asquith, form. Charteris. The black cap: 
stories [by var. a.] Comp. by C. A. 8°. [1927] 
Shudders. Coll. of new nightmare tales. 

8°. [1931] 
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(J. A.) & C. A. Life of H. H. Asquith, Ld. 
Oxford & A., 2v, 1932. 
Asquith (Emma Alice Margaret), wife of Earl 
of Oxford (£: Asquith. 
More memories. 8°. [1933] 

[2nd ed.] 8°. 1933 
Myself when young. By famous women of 
to-day [i.e. Ctss of O., M. Bowen &c.] Ed. 
Ctss of Oxford & A. 8" 1938 

Octavia. s8°. 1928 

Off the record. s8°. [1943] 

Asquith (Hon. Herbert). 
Moments of memory; recoil'. &o. 8°. [1937] 
Poems, 1912-33. 8°. 1934 

Roon. s8°. [1929] 

The volunteer & o. poems. 

[M367]. s8°. 1915 

Young Orland. [12th ed.] s8°. [1927] 

Asquith (Bt. Hon. Herbert Henry), end of 

Oxford c& Asquith. H. H. A. Letters to a 

friend, 1915-27. [Intr. by D. MacCarthy]. 

2s. 8°. [1933-34] 

Memories & reflections, 1852-1927. [Ed. Lady 

Asquith]. 2v. 8°. [1928] 

Sir Henry Wotton &c. [Eng. Assoc. Pamph. 

44. a. c. ijiM415]. 8°. 1919 

Speeches, [1887-1926]. 8°. [1927] 

Speeches at unveiling & pres. to Reform 

Club of portrait of A. [M412]. 8°. 1918 

see BiBESCO (pcsse M.) Portraits d'hommes, 

A. &c., 1929. 

,, Spender (J. A.) & C. Asquith. Life of 

H. H. A., Ld. Oxford & A., 2v, 1932. 

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Russia, 1921-23. s8°. 1943 

Assailly (Mme Gisdle d*). Avec les peintres 

de la realite poetique. s8°. [1949] 

Assaleh (Abu Mohammed), see Salih ibn 'Abd 

AL Halim (A. M.), al-Qharndii. 
Assam. Report of Commissioners app. to enq. 
into state & prospects of tea cultiv. in A. 
&o., 1868, see Tea. 
Asseggach^gn, native of the Uadla. Epistolario 
d. debtera A. [Amharic text d.'] nota di C. 
Conti Ptossini. [Estr. d. Rendic d. Reale 
Acoad. dei Lincei, s6, vl. P3056]. 8°. 1925 
Asselin (Henry). 

La Hollande dans le monde. 8°. 1921 

Asselin (Maurice), see Cabco (F. C, dit). M. A. : 
reprod. de peintures prec. d'une et. crit., 
Asseliueau (Charles), see Lemerre (A.), ed. 
Le livre des sonnets; [pref., Hist, du sonnet 
by C. A.], n.d. 
Assemanus (Josephus Aloysius), see Die (P.) 
J. S. Assemani & s. 2 neveux [i.e. J. A. A. 
&c.]: leurs testaments, 1939. 
Assemanus (Josephus Simonius), see Die (P.) 
J. S. A. & s. 2 neveux; leurs testaments, 1939. 
Assemanus (Stephanus Evodius), abp. of 
Apamea, see Dib (P.) J. S. Assemani & s. 2 
neveux [i.e. S. E. A. &c.]: leurs testaments, 
Assheton (William). Toleration disapprov'd 
&o. 2nd ed. corr. & enl. s8°. O. 1670 


Assier (Adolphe d'), see Aksakov (A. N.) 

Pozitivizm v obi. spiritualizma, 1884. 
Assises. *Great (The) assises holden in Par- 
nassus by Apollo &c. (1645), 1948, see Great. 
Assises de Romanie, see Romamie. 
Assis Figueiiedo (Afionso Celso de), vise, de 

Ouro Preto, see Ovr&o Pbeto. 
Assize Rolls. Welsh A. Roll, 1277-84; ed. 

J. C. Davies, 1940, see Welsh. 
Assmann (Kurt), see Krieq (Der) zur See, 
1914-18, Die Kampfe d. Kaiserl. Marine in 
d. deut. Kolonien; bearb. K. A., 1935. 
Associated Country Women of tiie World, see 
Watt (S.), ed. What the country women of 
the world are doing, 1933. 
Association. The A. Oath Rolls of the Brit. 
Plantations, 1696, 1922, see Gandy (W.), ed. 
Guide to the A. Oath Rolls of 1696, 1921, see 

Gandy (W.) 
Lancashire A. Oath Rolls, 1696, 1921, see 
Gandy (W,), ed. 
Association des Amis de I'Ait Copte, see 

SociETE d'Aboheolooie Copte. 
Association for Education in Citizenship. 
Bibliography of soc. studies. [Pref. signed 
W. H. Hadow & E. M. Hubback]. 8°. 1936 
see Democracy in school life, 1947. 
,, Education for citizenship in secondary 
[cfc elem.] schools, 1936-39. 
Association for International Understanding. 
see Bulletin of intern at. news. 
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1927, 1927. 
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in women & children in the East. Summary 
of 1933 rep. to League of Nations. 

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struction. Housing digest. Analysis of 
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see Glass (R.), ed. Social background of a 
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rials of the Dead in Ireland. Coats-of-arms f. 
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8°. [D. 1910-13] 
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8°. [D. 1931] 

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Sciences, ^ee Boulogne. B.-sur-Mer &c.: 

ouvr. off. aux membres du 28* Cong, de 

I'Assoc. Fr., 1899. 

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"Lettres d'humanite". tl-4. s8°. 1942—45 

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Schools (Incorporated). Memorandum on 
the teaching of mod. languages. s8°. 1929 
Association of Assistant Mistresses in Secondary 
Schools. Memorandum on the teaching of 
French. 8°. [1934] 

Association of Scientiflc Workers, see Indus- 
trial research laboratories, list comp. by 
A. of S.W., 1936. 
Association of Special Libraries & Information 
Bureaux [Aslib]. The Aslib directory: 
guide to sources of specialized inform, in 
Gt. Brit. & Ir. Ed. G. F. Barwick. 

Ia8°. 1928 
Brit, sources of ref. & inform.: a guide. 
Comp. under dir. of Comm. of Aslib, & ed. 
by T. Besterman. 8°. 1947 

Association of Technical Institutions. Tech- 
nical college buildings, a i'eport. laS'^. 1935 
Association of University Professors of Allied 
Countries in Gt. Brit. Function of a univer- 
sity in a mod. community. [Educ. C'onf., 
May, 1943]. s8°. O. [1943] 

Association pour la Protection de la Jeune 
Fille. Section Israelite. Assemblee gen. 
1912. [M315]. 8°. 1912 

Association pour la Repression de la Traits 
des Blanches &C. Assembl6e gen. 

[M197, 249]. 8°. 1908 
Associazione Internazionale degli Studi Medi- 
terranei. BoUettino. Anno 1-5. 

Ia8°. 1930-35 

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[I oondottieri]. s8°. Torino. [1933] 

Vittorio Emanuele II. 8°. Torino. 1935 

Assumpcam (Manoel da), see Manoel da 

Assurance Companies' returns, 1936, 1937, see 

Board of Trade. 
Assurbanipal, king of Assyria [Asenappeb; 

Ashurbanipal; Sardanapalus], see Brit. 

Mus.: Insoeipt". The prisms of Esarhad- 

don & A. found at Nineveh, 1927-8: 

[texld: tr.]; by R. C. Thompson, 1931. 
see Mbissner (B.) & D. Opitz. Stud. z. Bit 

Hilani im Nordpalast A., 1940. 
Assurnasirpal II, king of Assyria [Ashur- 

nasirpal]. see Metrop. Mus. of Art. The 

gt. king. King of Assyria [A. 11], 1945. 
Assyrian. Assyrian laws (The); ed., w. tr. & 

comm., 1935, see Driver (G. R.) & J. C. 

Miles, edd. 
•Assyrian tragedy (The). 

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[League of Nations questions, 5]. 

8°. Geneva. 1935 
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L'Asie Mineur & I'Assyrie aux 8« & 7' 

siecles av. J. C. d'ap. les Annales, 1938. 
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pottery: Astbury figures; 1924. 
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true &c. inventory of lands &c. of ^^'. A. d: 

Ledger [w. sep. pag. P3028]. fol. 1721 

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upatur; ed. {w. Mem & app.] Q. Sella, 4v, 

see Reale Accad. dei Lincei. Atti, s2, 

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Avant que le rideau no torabe. s8°. [1945] 
Sept fois, sept jours. s8°. 1947 

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Mrs. Pepys her book. s8^. [1929] 

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&c. [repr. of 2nd ed., 1803]. 4°. 1876 

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Catalogue of the library of C. A. at Brinsop 

Court. [Rev. by A. F. Johnson], fol. [1928] 
Astley (Hugh John Dukinfleld). Biblical 

anthropology comp. w. &c. the folklore of 

Europe &c. 8°. 1929 

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Norfolk. 5th ed., rev. 8°. Swaffham. [1931] 
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show on earth, A.'s Roy. Amphitheatre. 

Astley-Corbett {Sir Francis Edmund George). 
Cat. of pr. books, lit. & med. MSS., autograph 

letters &e., prop, of Sir F. A. C. &c. Sold 

by Sotheby, 14 April, 1930. [Illust.] 

Ia8°. [1930] 
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by the A. fam.; [ed.] A. Clifford, 1813. 
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accounts & finance. 8°. 1930 

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of the material universe. [7th Earl Grey 

Mem. Lect. P3113]. 8°. 1925 

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The Duke of Connaught, Ufe &o. With assist. 

of E. Graham. 8°. [1929] 

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Lib.] s8°. [1930] 

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They winter abroad. s8°. 1932 

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Manchester. 3rd ed. s8°. M'ter. [1826] 

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of 3 Brit. p. o. w., 1940-42. Introd. by 

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Japanese wr. lang. 3rd ed. rev. 8°. 1904 

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church of A. Transcr. &c. \V. F. Carter 

vl, 1544-1639/40. 8°. B'ham. 1900 
Aster {Hon. David) [Francis David Lang- 

HORNE Astor], see Teeling (W.), ed. After 

the War: symposium by Sir R. Acland 

D. a. &c., 1940. 
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(K. W.) J, J. A., business man, 2v, 1931. 


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8°. 1935 

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Rep. of enq. [Wr. by H. D. Henderson &c.] 

8°. [1938] 

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enq.; by P. Lamartine Yates, 1940, see 
Yates (P. L.) 

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& K. A. H. Murray. Land & life: econ. 

nat. policy for agric. Intr. by Sir W. B. 

Thomas. 8°. 1932 

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A. Salter. 8°. 1933 

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8°. Buenos Aires. 1936 
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R. Hercher ed. [Jahresber., K. Joachims- 

thal. Gymn.] s4°. 1863 

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Belgians, see Conrardy (J.) A., Reine dea 

Beiges, 1936. 
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master key of futurity. By Members of the 

Mercurii, Raphael \i.e. R. C. Smith], the 

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iMerlinus Anglicus, Jun. 8°. 1826 

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Graeoorum. tlO. 8°. Brux. 1924 

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Astronomical. The United States A. Exped. 

to the S. Hemisphere, 1849-52, 2v, 1855, see 

United States. Govt. Publ". 
Astronomic (L'), 1928-37, see SooiiSiTjfe Astro- 

NOM. DE Fr. 
Astrov (Nikolai I.), see Gronsky (P. P.) & 

N. I. A. The War & the Russ. govt., 1929. 
Astruc (Alexandre). 

Les vaca.nces. Roman. s8°. [1945] 

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tomes: souvenirs. [lOe 6d.] s8°. [1929] 
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libres, 104, 1930. 
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Genealog. mem. of fam. of A. &c., 1881. 
Asua (Luis Jimenez de), see Jimenez de AsiJa 

A;vaghosha. Buddhas Wandel (A^vaghoshas 

Buddha carita), frei iibertr. v. C. Cappeller, 

[in verse. Belig. d. alten Ind., B5. M478]. 
8°. Jena. 1922 
see Law (B. C.) A., 1946. 
Asvalayana [Aqvalayana]. Ind. Hausregeln; 

Sansk. u. deutsch hrsg. v. A. F. Stentzler, 

1, A., 2H, see Deutsche Morgenl. Gesells. 

Abh., B3, 4, 1864-65. 
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{Mme H.) Os amores de Camoes e de C. 

d'A., 2t, 1844. 
Atalanta. Ed. L. T. Meade. [v5], Oct. 1891- 

Sept. 1892. Ia8°. [1892] 

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On the epiclesis of the Eucharistic liturgy & 

in the consecr. of the font. [Alcuin Club 

Coll., No. 31]. Ia8°. 1935 

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Attica. Illust. by W. O. Everett. Prep, for 

publ. by W. B. Turrill. 4°. O. 1938 

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Madrid. El Contiuente Americano. Con- 

ferencias, 4° centen. d. descubrim. de A. per 

C. del Castillo &c. 3t. Ia8°. 1894 

Athaide (Catharine d'), see Ataide. 
Athanasi (Giovanni d'). Brief ace. of researches 

& discoveries in Upper Egypt, made under 

dir. of Henry Salt. Added, Cat. of Mr. S.'s 

coll. of Egypt, antiqs. 8°. 1836 

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sogen. A. Glaubensbekenntnis e. Werk d. 

hi. Ambrosius &c., 1909. 
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di lu re Japicu in la gitati di Catania, 1287; 

a cura di E. Sieardi, see Mueatori (L. A.) 

Rerum Ital. Scr., 34i, 1936. 
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Athanasiana syriaca (Disc. s. la virginite tfc 

Une lettre [Syr. db Fr.]; ed. J. Lebon), see 

MusiSoN (Le), t40, 41, 1927-28. 



Athanasius, Saint, patr, of Alexandria [cont.]. 

De inoarnatione. [St. & doc".; ed. K. & S. 

Lake, 14]. 2p [in Iv]. Ia8°. [1945-46] 

1, The long recension MSS., by G. J. Ryan. 

2, The short recension, by R. P. Casey. 
On the Incarnation. Greek text ed. A. 

Robertson. 4th ed. based on Codex Segue- 

rianus. 8°. 1910 

The Incarnation of the Word of God. Tr. by 

a religious of C.S.M.V. Intr. by C. S. Lewis. 

8°. [1944] 

Epist. festales Syr. & Lat. cum chron. & 

fragm. aliis, see Mai {card. A.) Nov. Pat. 

bibl., t6, 1853. 

Fragm. in Lucam &c. [Qr.dh Lat.], see Mai 

{card. A.) Nov. Pat. bibl., t2, 1844. 
Lettre au sujet de I'amour & de la temperance 
[Coptic d: Fr.; ed. Arn], see MusfioN (Le), 
t40, 1927. 
Lettres k S6rapion s. la divinity du S. -Esprit. 
Intr. & tr. de J. Lebon. 8°. 1947 

Sur la virginity [Coptic & Fr.; ed. L. Th. 
Lefort], see MusfiON (Le), t42, 1929. 
see List (J.) Das Antoniusleben d. A. d. Gr., 

,, Palladius, 6^. Stories of the holy fathers 

&c. of Egypt (Anthony, by A.), 1934. 
,, Weiol (E.) Unters. z. Christologie d. hi. 
A., 1914. 
Athavale {Mrs. Parvati). My story: autobiog. 
of a Hindu widow. Tr. J. E. Abbott. 

8°. N.Y. 1930 

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Middle Eng. romance. Ed. A. McI. Trounce. 

[Philol. Soc. Pubis., 11]. 8°. 1933 

Athenaeum (The), periodical, see Makchand 

(L. a.) The A.: mirror of Victorian culture, 


Athenaeus, Naucratita. The Deipnosophists. 

[Text] w. Eng. tr. by C. B. Gulick. [Loeb 

Clas3.Lib.]v2-7.[6,rev.&repr.]s8°. 1928-50 

see Desbousseaux (A. M.) Observ. crit. s. 

liv. Ill & IV d'A., 1942. 
,, Hbbbodeau (E. a.) Et. & commB. du 
livre d'A., "Les Deipnosophistes", 1933. 
Athenaion poliieia, see Gelzeb (C. I.) Die 
Schrift V. Staate d. Athener [form, attrib. 
to Xenophon], 1937. 
Athenian, ps., see Lavea (S.) 
Plague (The) of A., 1700, see Sprat (T.) 
National Museum. 
see Corpus vasorum antiq., Grdce: Athenes, 

Mus. Nat., fasc. 1, 1930. 
,, OiKONOMOS (G. p.) Le nouv. "Zeus" du 
Mus^e d'A., 1929. 
Atherton (Gertrude Franklin). 
Adventxu-es of a novelist. 8°. [1932] 

Dido, queen of hearts. s8°. 1929 

The foghorn & o. s. s8°. [1935] 

Golden peacock. e8°. [1937] 

The sophisticates. s8°. 1931 

Vengeful gods. (Alcibiades). s8°. [1928] 

Atherton (Mary). White nigger. s8°. [1928] 
Atherton (William Henry), see Wood {Col. W.), 
ed. The storied Prov. of Quebec; assoc. ed., 
W. H. A. &c., 5v, 1931-32. 
Atholl (Katharine Marjory, duchess of), ivife of 
8th duke. 
The conscription of a people. 8°. 1931 

Facts overlooked in "India f. a back bench". 
[6. w. h. Main facts, 1933]. 8°. [1934?] 

Main facts of the Ind. problem. Forew. by 
Lord Islington. 8°. [1933] 

Searchlight on Spain. 38°. [1938] 

Women & pohtiea. 8°. 1931 

see Dawson (R. G.) My reply to Dss of A.'s 

"My impressions of Spain", 1937. 
,, Sarolea (C.) Daylight on Spain, ans. to 
Duchess of A., 1938. 

& J. C. French. India & the rep. of the 

Joint Sel. Comm. [6. w. h. Main facts, 1933]. 

8°. [1934?] 
Athos, Mount. Actes de Kutlumus. Ed. dipl. 
& crit. par P. Lemerle, w. Album. [Oreek 
texts. Arch, de I'Athos, 2. in Iv.] 

4°. 1945-46 
Actes de Lavra. Ed. dipl. & crit. par G. 
Rouillard & P. CoUomp d'ap. les descr. &c. 
de G. Millet & Spyridon de Lavra. [Oreek 
texts. Arch, de I'Athos, 1]. tl (897-1178), 
aveo album de 30 planches [6. Sep.] 

8° lb 4°. 1937 

Athos, Mount [continued.] 
ZunTrAyipcoya dyiopEiTiKwv KcrrocAiycov 

BoctotteSIou Koi AooJpas Oiri 2. EuorpocTKiSou. 
4°. Paris. 1930 
see American Acad, of Arts &c. Dated 
Greek minusc. MSS., fasc. 3, MSS. in mon". 
of Mt. A., 1935. 
Athouguia {Conde de), see Rio de Janeiro: 
Bibl. Nac. Doc. hist., v3-5, 1648-72, Corr. 
dos gov. geraes, A. &c., 1928. 
Atis, play, see Beare (M.) German pop. play 

A. & the Venetian opera &c., 1938. 

Atiya (Aziz Suryal). The Crusade in the later 

Middle Ages. 8°. [1938] 

The Crusade of Nicopolis. 8°. 1934 

Atiyah (Edward). An Arab tells his story. 

Study in loyalties. 8". [1946] 

Atkin (John). 

Jonah Tink, poem. s8°. Newark. 1823 

Atkins (Charles Edward), see Clockmakers' 
Co. Reg. of apprentices, 1631-1931; com- 
piled by C. E. A., 1931. 
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& h. times. 8°. Chicago. [1936] 

Atkins (Gaius Glenn). The making of the Xtn. 
mind. 8°. 1929 

Atkins (Henry Gibson). German literature 
through Nazi eyes. s8°. [1941] 

Heine. sS". 1929 

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Cat. libr. MSS. bibl. Wigorn., made in 
1622-3 by P. Young; c.l., w. intr. by I. A. 
&c., 1944. 
Atkins (John Black). 

Incidents & reflections. 8°. [1947] 

Atkins (John William Hey). Eng. lit. criticism: 

the medieval phase. 8°. C. 1943 

Eng. lit. criticism: the Renascence. 8". [1947] 

Literary criticism in antiquity. 

2v. 8°. C. 1934 

1, Greek. 2, Graeco-Roman. 

Walter de la Mare: an exploration. s8°. [1947] 

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cabinet opened. [2 stories]. By the a. of 

"Fruits of Enterprize" &c. [i.e. S. A.] 

n. ed. s8°. [1838] 
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The Greek language. 8°. [1931] 

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f. a Yorkshire dale. Forew. by Judge 
Woodcock. s8°. 1934 

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Dragoon in the Span. Succession War, 
contemp. narr. Ed. "w. intr. &c. by C. T. A. 
[Soc. of Army Hist. Res. Spec, publ., 6]. 

Ia8''. 1938 

see Gardiner (S. R.) Letters & papers rel. 

to the First Dutch War, 1662-54, v6, ed. A., 


Atkinson (Donald). Rep. on excav. at 

Wroxeter (Viroconium), Salop, 1923-27. 

[B'ham Arohaeol. Soc] 8°. O. printed. 1942 

Atkinson (Dorothy F.) Edmund Spenser: a 

bibliog. suppl. [to F. I. Carpenter's A 

reference guide to E. S., 1923]. 

8°. Baltimore. 1937 
Atkinson (G. W. E.), see Walker (J. T.) Map 
of Turkestan, comp. under orders of W. 
chiefly by A., 1879. 
Atkinson (Geoifroy). Les nouv. horizons de la 
Renaiss. fran9. 8°. 1935 
Atkinson (Jasper). *Consid. on the propriety 
of the Bank of England resuming its pay- 
ments in specie &c. By [i.e. J. A. 

P3100]. 8°. 1802 

Atkinson {Lt.-Col. John) [ps. John Aye]. 

Humour am. the clergy. s8°. [1931] 

Humour am. the lawyers. s8°. [1931] 

Humour on the rail. s8°. [1931] 

Atkinson (John Christopher). Brit, birds' eggs 

& nests, pop. descr. n. ed. s8°. [1862] 

Forty yrs. in a moorland parish. 

ill. ed. [2nd]. 8°. 1891 
Atkinson (Kathleen M. T.), wife of Donald A., 

form. Ghrimes, see Chbimes (K. M. T.) 
Atkinson (M. E.) 
Challenge to adventure. 8°. [1942] 

The monster of Widgeon Weir. 8°. [1943] 

Atkinson (Richard John Copland). 

Field archaeology. 8°. [1946] 

Atkinson (Robert). On S. -Coptic texts. (1, On 

Rossi's publ.; 2. Bouriant's Eloges du 

martyr Victor). [Repr. f. R. Irish Acad. 

Proc, s3, v3. P3060]. 8°. D. 1893 

Atkinson (T.), ps. [i.e. William Templeton 
tb others]. Exercise Bowler. [Play]. 

8°. [1947] 

Atkinson (Thomas Dinham). Architect, hist. 

of the Benedictine monastery of St. Ethel- 

dreda at Ely. [Plans 6. Sep.] fol. C. 1933 

A key to Eng. architecture. 

[repr.] s8°. [1936] 

Local style in Eng. architecture. 8°. [1947] 

Atkinson (Thomas Witlam). Travels in regions 

of Upper & Lower Amoor & Russian acquis. 

on conflnes of India & China. 

2nd ed. 8°. 1861 
Atkinson (W. Christopher). Hist. & statist, 
ace. of New-Brunswick w. advice to emi- 
grants. 3rd ed., impr. & corr. s8°. E. 1844 
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to Portuguese & Brazilian studies. 8°. [1945] 
H. P6rez de Oliva, see Revue hispan., t71, 

Spain. Brief hist. 8°. [1934] 

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9-13. Ed. W. E. B. DuBois. 

8°. Atlanta, Ga. 1902-8 
5, The college-bred Negro (2nd abr. ed.) 

9, Negro crime particularly in Georgia. 

10, Sel. bibliog. of the Negro Amer. 

11, Health & physique of the Negro Amer. 

12, Econ. co-operation am. Negro Americans. 

13, The Negro Amer. family. 

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Amer. standpoint. Study by the Comm. on 
Africa, the War & Peace Aims. [Fhelpa- 
Stokes Fund]. 8°. N.Y. 1942 

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Dec. 1949). 8°. Boston. 1928-49 

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8°. Boston, Mass. [1916] 

Atlanticus, ps. ""America, Britain & the world. 

1945 survey. [Emp. Econ. Union]. 8°. 1946 

Atlas. ■* Atlas geographus: compl. system of 

geog. With maps by H. Moll. 

5v. s4°. 1711-17 

1, 2, Europe. 3, Asia. 4, Africa. 5, America. 

Atlas historique. [t]l-3. 8°. 1936-37 

1, L'antiquite par L. Delaporte, A. Piganiol 

2, Le moyen age par J. Calmette, avec 
coUab. de R. Grousset &c. 

3, Les temps mod. par A. R6billon, avec 
collab. de V. L. Tapi^. 

Atlas of anc. & class, geog.; [orig. comp. by 
S. Butler]. [Everyman's Lib. repr.] 

s8°. [1928] 
Atomic. Atomic challenge. A symposium [by] 
J. D. Cockcroft, M. L. Oliphant &c., w. 
commB. by students &c. [B.B.C. talks]. 

s8°. [1947] 
Atomic energy: its internat. implications, 
1948, see Royal Institute of Inter- 
national Affairs. 
Atre. L'atre p6rilleux. Roman de la Table 
Ronde. Ed. B. Woledge. [Class, fr. du 
m. a.] 38°. 1936 

Atta {Sir Ofori), K.B.E., see Danquah (J. B.) 
The Akim Abuakwa hdbk. [w. Biog. sk. of 
Sir O. A.], 1928. 
Attaya (Mikhail Osipovich). Patriarkh Anti- 
oldi. Makarii i star, spisolt ego Puteshestviya 
na Rus Pavla Aleppskago. Dokladi M. O. A. 
— Opisanie star, rukopisi "Put. M." sdel. 
A. A. Olesnitskim — Nekrolog G. A. Murkosa. 
[Trudi po vostok. izd. Lazarevskim Inst. 
Vostoch. Yaz., vip. 38]. Ia8°. Moskva. 1913 
Attenborough (Gladys Mary). 
Lady of daylight. s8°. [1930] 

The httle virgin. 68°. [1932] 

The rich young man. s8°. [1929] 

Atterbom (Pehr Daniel Amadeus). Samlade 
dikter. 6B [1 & 2 6. together]. 

8°. Orebro. 1864-63 
1, 2, Lycksalighetens 0. 3, Fagel bla. 
4-6, L^Tiska dikter. 
Samlade slcrifter i obunden stil. 

7d [in 14. li, ii, pagin. coniin.; 2i, ii; 3i— vi 
(2a uppl.); 6i, ii; 7i, ii]. 

8°. Orebro. 1859-70 

1, Minnen fr^n Tyskland och Italien, 2B. 

2, Poesiens historia, 4B [in 2]. 

3, Svenska siare och skalder, intill och 
Gustaf 111:3 tidehvarf, 6B [in 4]. 

4, Grunddr. af Forn-Skandinav. och Sv. 
vitterhetens hist, intill Stjernhjehn; C. den 
Tolfte: inledn. och suppl. till Sv. siare &c. 


Atterbom (Pehr Daniel Amadeus) [continued]. 
Samlade skrifter i obunden stil [continued]. 

5, Asthetislta afhandlingar. 

6, jMinnesteckningar och tal, '2B. 

7, Litterara karakteristiker, 2B. 
Atterbury (Francis), bp. of Rochester. Maxims, 

reflect". & obs., divine, moral & polit. [Pref. 
signed J. j\I .] Added, h. Lat. version of 
Dryden's Absalom & Achitophel [w. Sep. tp. 
& pagin.] s8°. 1723 

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Augusta, daughter of Frederick, prince of Wales, 
wife of Ch. Will. Ferd., pr. of Brunswick- 
Wolfenb., see tFREDERicE, pr. of Wales. 
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Augusta, of Saxe-Weimar, consort of William I, 
Germ. emp. Bekenntnisse an e. Freundin. 
Aufzeichnungen aus i. Freundschaft mit 
J. V. Gu&ted. [Hrsg. R. Kiihn]. 

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Augusta Caroline Sophia, consort of Francis 

Frederick Anthony, Duke of Saxe-Coburg- 

Saalfeld. In Napoleonic days. Extr. f. 

diary of A., 1806-21. Sel. &: tr. Princess 

Beatrice. 8°. [1941] 

Augusta Victoria, consort of William II, Germ. 

Emp., see Keller (M. A. I., Grafin v.) 40 

Jahre im Dienst d. Kaiserin, 1881-1921. 


see Lemdenberg (P.) Kaiserin A. V., 1933. 

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Augustan Bks. of Eng. Poetry, see Poems. 
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6i, Extra s. li [each s. in 4 no^.] 

8° d- 4-. Ann Arbor, Mich. 1946-48 
1, Essays on %vit. 2, Essays on poetry &c. 
3, Essays on the stage. 4, ^Men, manners &, 

critics. 5, Drama. 6, Poetry & language. 
Blackmore {Sir R.) Essay upon wit, 1716. 


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1702. [liii.] 

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1707. [2i.] 


Augustan Reprint Society, The [continued]. 

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♦Representation of impiety &c. of Eng. 
stage, 1704. [3ii.] 

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spear, 1709. [Extra ser., 1.] 
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wr. by W. Shakespeare, 1736. [3iii.] 
*Some thoughts cone, the stage, 1704. [3ii.] 
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comedie [par Dezdde & baron de Mantauffel], 
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Augustine, Saint, abp. of Canterbury, see 
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An Augustine synthesis. Arr. by E. Przy- 
wara. Intr. by C C. Martindale. 8 '. 1936 
Eine A. falschlich beilegte Homiha de sacri- 
legiis. Aus e. Einsiedeler Hs. d. 8. Jhdt. 
hrsg. u. mit krit. &c. Anmerk. v. C. P. 
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s8°. O. 1914 
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alia quaedam, see Mai {card. A.) Nov. 
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see Mabiageb Legende-Haandskr., 1917-30. 
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Vives' Comma.; ed. R. V. G. Tasker, intr. by 

Sir E. Barker. Everyman's Lib.] 

2v. s8\ [1945] 
Cone, the teacher & On the immortality of 
the soul. Tr. w. pref. by G. G. Leckie. 

s8°. N.Y. 1938 

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& adaptee au texte latin [w. text]. Intr. par 

M. Charpentier. [reissue]. s8°. [1874] 

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of Devotion]. 8th ed. s8°. [1912] 

,, [Tr. E. B. Pusey. Everyman's Lib. 

repr.] s8°. [1942] 

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Arand. [Anc. Xtn. wr".; ed. J. Quasten &c., 

No. 3]. 8°. Westminster, Maryland. [1947] 

King Alfred's Old Eng. version of St. A.'s 

Soliloquies turned into mod. Eng. by H. L. 

Hargrove. [Yale St. in Eng., 22]. 

8°. N.Y. 1904 
The Lord's Sermon on the Mount. Tr. J. J. 
Jepsoh, w. intr. & notes by the edd. [Anc. 
Xtn wr".; ed. J. Queisten &c.. No. 5]. 

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see Abercrombie (N. J.) St. A. & French 
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Augustine, Saint, bp. of Hippo [AuGUSTiNns]. 

Translations [continued], 
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polit.: form, des theories polit. du m.-age, 
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Cakee (M. H.) Realists & Nominalists: 

[A. &c.], 1946. 
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D'Arcy (M. C.) &c. a monument to 

St. A., 1930. 
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n. A. u. d. Friihscholastik, 1905. 
FucHS (H.) A. u. d. ant. Friedensgedanke, 

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revealed in sermons of St. A., 1931. 
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2e ed., 1943. 
Goodwin (J.) Evangel. A. Gregor.: descr. 
of Gospels sent by Gregory the Gt. to 
A., A.D. 601, 1847. 
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Plotin & St. A., 1933. 
Henry (P.) Plotin & I'Occident &c.: 

St. A. &c., 1934. 
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in s. Grundlagen &c., 1933. 
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de la Cite de Dieu de St. A., 3t, 1909. 
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culture ant., 2p, 1938-49. 
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A., 1932. 
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de St. A., 1886. 
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St. A., 1935. 
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d. wahren Kirche n. A., 1908. 
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^'eritate d. Thomas v. Aquin in i. 
Beziehung zu A., 1930. 
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&c., 1930. 

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writings, 1944. 
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s. sources, 1933. 
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prennung d. merterer Augistiner ordens 
geschehen zu Brussel, 1523 — Hist, de 2 
Augustinensibus &c. — Dye histori &o. [3 
tracts], see Bibliotheca reform. Neerl., d8, 
Augustinus (Georgius), see Zagabriensis 

(G. A.) 
"Augustus Carp, Esq. By himself. 

s8°. Boston. 1924 
For a. ed. see Omnibus book {2nd), 1930. 
Augustus II, Duke of Brunswick-Luneburcj [ps. 
Selends (Gustavus)], see Gianutio (O.) 
The wks. of G. & G. Selenus on chess; tr. & 
arr. J. H. Sarratt, 2v, 1817. 
Augustus II, Iritig of Poland, see Haake (P ) 

A. d. Starke, 1927. 
Augustus (Caius Julius Caesar Octavianus), 
emperor of Rome, see Allen (B, M.) A 
Caesar, 1937. 
see Baker (G. P.) A., the golden age of 
Rome, 1937. 

s8'. [1935] 
■ cardinal Dubois. Prtf. 
38°. [1948] 


Augustus (Caius Julius Caesar Octavianus), 

see BiEKENEELD (G.) Augustus: (novel)' tr 
Buchan (J.) A., 1937. 
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Cyrene, 1940. 
Aujard (Edouard A.) 

The Devil's First. 
Aujol (Jean Louis). Le 

de L. Descaves. 
Aulad Hasan, Sayid. 

Old Dacca, [extr. illustr.] 8°. Dacca. n.d. 

Aulanier {Mme Robert), see Michel (E,), 
R. A. &c. Watteau: I'embarquement &c. 
Aulard (Francois Victor Alplionse), see Belloni 
(G.) A., historien de la Revol. franf., 1949. 
see Cochin (A.) La crise de I'hist. revol.: 
Taine &, M. A., 2e ed., 1909. 
Auld (George P.) The Dawes Plan & the new 
economics. Forew. by R. C. Dawes. 

8°. N.Y. 1928 
Auld CWilliam Muir). 

Christmas traditions. s8°. N.Y. 1931 

Aul^n (GustaJ), bp. of Strdngnas. Christus 
Victor. Hist. St. of 3 main types of the idea 
of the Atonement. Tr. A. G. Herbert. 

[repr.] 8°. [1937] 
see Baillie (J.) & H. Martin, edd. Revela- 
tion; by G. A. &c., 1937. 
Aulnay, seigneurs d\ see AuNAY^ 
Aulneau ( Josepll). La ctsse Du Barry & la fin 
de I'Anc. Regime. 8°. [1937] 

Aulnoy {Mme d'), d. 1705 [fLA Moths (Marik 
Catherine), ctsse d^A.] Memoires secrets 
de Mr. L. D. D. O. ou les avantures com. de 
plus. gr. princes de la cour de France, 

s8°. 1696 

Relacion que hizo de su viaje por Espana en 

1679. 1» version espaii. n. ed. 8°. 1892 

Travels into Spain. Tr. f. Rel. du voyage 

d'Esp. (1691), w. intr. &c. by R. Fouloh6- 

Dclbosc. [Broadway Travellers]. 8°. [1930] 

see LALtT^RE (A.) Mme d'A. & s. m^re: 

roman, 1946. 
,. Pilon (E.) Muses & bourgeoises, Mme 

d'A., 1933. 
,, StbecbienbachIM.) Mme d'A., i. Novellen 
&c., 1931. 
Ault (Norman). Elizabethan lyrics f. orig. 
texts. Chosen, ed. &c. by A. 

[3rd ed.] 8°. [1949] 

New light on Pope, w. addit". to h. poetry 

hitherto unknown. 8°. 1949 

A treasury of unfamiliar lyrics. Sel. & ed. 

by A. s8°. 1938 

see Pope (A.) Prose wks., coll. & ed. by A., 

vl, 1936. 

Ault (Warren Ortman), see Ramsey, Abbey of. 

Court rolls &c.; ed. A., 1928. 
Aumale (Henri, due d'), 1822-97 [tHENBY 
Eugene Philip Louis [d'Orlians], due 
d' Aumale], see Bubnand (R.) Le due d'A. 
& s. temps, 1949. 
see PicoT (G. M. R.) M. le due d'A., 1898. 
Aumonier (Stacy). 

Little windows, coll. of stories. s8°. [1931] 
Aumonier (William). 

Mod. arohit. sculpture. Ed. W. A. fol. [1930] 
Aunay, seigneurs d\ see LemaeiiS (E.) Notice 

genealog. ». les seigneurs d'A., n.d. 
Aunay (Alfred d'), ps., see Descudieb (A.) 
Aung (Maung Htin). 

Burmese folk-tales. 8°. [1948] 

Aungervyle Society, see Fobd (S.) Londoni 

quod reliquum, or London's remains, 1667, 

repr., 1886. 

Auppegard (Louis). Le retour de la Sainte. 

Mystire. [Ed". Penguin]. s8°. Londres. 1945 


Aniangzib, emperor of Hindustan [tA. 'Alam- 

gIb], see Adbichem (D. van). Journaal, 

hofrei8 naar A., 1662; uitg. A. J. B. 

Kempers, 1941. 

see Faeuki (Z.) A. & h. times, 1935. 

Aureli [Aukelj] (Antonietta Maria Bessone-), 

see Bessone-Aurelj (A. M.) 
Aur^lia. *Hist. admirable du Franc Harderad 
& de la Vierge A., l^gende du 7* a.; tr. &c-., 
1825, see Hardekad. 
Aoielius Antoninus (Marcus), called the Philo- 
sopher, emperor of Borne. A moi-meme. Tr. 
[G. Loisell. 8°. 1926 

Els lauT6v. EltTotyooyi^, pETdiypaCTis [Jlifod. Qk.\ 
orineitbcreis F. de Gyorgio. 8". 'AO^jvon. 1939 
The golden book of M. A. Tr. M. Casaubon. 
[Everyman's Lib. repr.] s8°. [1913] 

Marcus Aurelius. A rendering in verse by 
J. Lvth. Pref. by G. Murray. [P.E.N. 
Books]. s8°. [1942] 

Meditations, 4th book. Rev. text w. tr. & 
comm. & app. on rel. of Emp. w. Cornelius 
Fronto, by H. Crossley. [a. c. in M60 & 

Meditations. Tr. J. Collier. 

notes by A. Zimmern. 
Meditations. Tr. G. Long. 

Meditations. Ed., 


1, Text & 

8°. 1882 

Rev. w. intr. & 

s8°. 1887 

Intr. by W. L. 

s8°. [1910] 

, w. tr. & comm. by A. S. L. 

2v. 8°. O. 1944 

; tr. 2. Greek comm. 

Repr. f. rev. tr. of G. Long. 

s8°. 1897 

The 12 books of M. A. A., the Emperor. Tr. 

G.Long. la paper. 8°. Ohimrick Pr. 1S9S 

see BoDEK (A.) M. A. A. als Zeitgenosse u. 

Freund d. Rabbi Jehuda ha-Nasi, 1868. 

,, ChOnebt (F.) Kaiser Friedrich u. M. A.. 


Dove (C. C.) M. A. A.: life & times, 1930. 

Haywabd (F. H.) M. a., a saviour of 

men, 1935. 
Kbauss (S.) Antoninus u. Rabbi, 1910. 
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ungen d. Kaiser M. &o., 1932. 
Matheson (P. E.) M. A. & h. task as 

Emperor, 1922. 
Renan (J. E.) M. A.; tr., 1904. 
ser Marcus, 1931. 
Amelias Verus (Lucius), emperor of Rome, see 
Ktjbitschek (W.) Zur Abfolge d. Prag- 
imgen d. Kaiser Marcus u. V., 1932. 
Aurelius Victor (Sextus), see Suetonius Tban- 
QUiLLUS (C.) Ex recogn. D. Erasmi, C. 
Suetonius Tranquillus, Sex. A. V. &c., 1518. 
Anrel}, see Aureli. 
Aui6n (Sven). 
Signature tune. Tr. E. Ramsden. s8°. [1943] 
The tricolour flies again. Tr. E. Ramsden. 

8°. [1946] 
Auieolus (Fetrus), cardinal, abp. of Aix, see 
ViGNAUX (P.) Justif. & predest. au 14' s.: 
P. d'A. &c., 1934. 
Auria (Jacobus) [Jacobus, v. Auria; Okia 
(Jacopo d')], see Caffabus, de Taschifellone. 
Annali genovese di C. e suoi contin. tr., tS, 9, 
see Impebiale di Sant' Angelo (C.) J. d'O. 
e i s. annaU; St. di un' aristocrazia ital. nel 
duecento, 1930. 
Auriac (Jules Eugene d'), see Turquan (J.) & 
J. d'A. a gt. adventuress: Lady Hamilton 
& the Revol. in Naples; tr., 1914. 
see TuKQUAN (J.) & J. d'A. M. le Cte 
d'Artois, 1928. 

,, & Monsieur Comte de Provence, 


Anriant (A.), ps. L'envers d'une muse [i.e. 

Mme Colet], see CEuvres hbres, 202, 1938. 

see Antbaiques (E. L. H. A. de L.. cte d'). 

Un Fran^ais d'autrefois en Egypte: Icttres 

inid. du cte d'E.; rec. & publ. par A., 193o. 

Anrigemma (Salvatore). H R. JIuseo di Spina, 

con una relaz. di C. Calzecchi s. restaur© d. 

Palazzo di Ludovico il Moro. [Pubbl. &c. d. 

R. Istit. di Archeol. &c.] 8°. Ferrara. 1935 

Auriol (Jean George). Le petit Albert, gr. 

nouvelle, see CEuvees libres, 201, 1938. 
Auriol (Vincent). 

Hier demain. 2[t]. s8°. [1945] 

Aoriole (Pierre d'), abp. of Aix, see Aubeolus 

Aurivillins (Christopher), see LOnnbeeg (E.) & 

C. A. C. V. Linn^ sisom zoolog, 1907. 
Autobindo, Sri [tARAviNDA Ghosha; Aubo- 
BiNDO Ghose]. Coll. poems & plays. [Wr. 
in Eng. or tr. f. Sanskrit], 

2v. Ia8°. Pondicherry. [1942] 
Essays on the Gita. 

[2nd ed.] si. 8°. Calcutta. [1926] 
The ideal of human unity. s8°. Madras. 1920 
Isha Upanishad. Auth. ed., rev. [2nd ed.] 

88°. Calcutta. [1924] 
Letters. [3 ser.] s8°. Bombay. [1947-49] 

The life divine, [rev. & enl. 2v. 

v2 in 2p, pagin. cont.] 8°. Calcutta. 1939-40 
The message of the Gita as interpr. by A. 
Ed. A. Roy. [repr.] Ia8°. [1946] 

The renaissance in India. 

8°. Chandernagore. 1920 
The spirit & form of Indian polity. 

s8°. Calcutta. [1947] 
The synthesis of Yoga. 8°. Madras. 1948 

see Iyenqab (K. R. S.) Sri A., 1945. 
,, Langley (G. H.) Sri A., 1949. 
.. llAiTBA (S. K.) studies in Sri A. 's philos., 

,, Roy (A.) The world crisis: S. A. 'S' vision 

of the future, 1947. 
,, Vedas. Hymns to the mystic fire; w. tr. 
by S. A., 1946. 
Aurora. '•'Discurso phys. a. la aurora boreal, 
24 Oct. [P2921]. 8°. 1769 

Aurora, H.M.S. "The Silver Phantom", 
H.M.S. Aurora. By Her Company. 

s8°. [1945] 
Aurousseau (Marcel). 

Highway into Spain. S°. 1930 

Aury (Dominiaue), see Paulhan (J.) & D. A., 

edd. La patrie se fait tous les jours, 1947. 
Ausa (Juan Rojas y), see Rojas y Ausa (J.) 
Ausfeld (Friedrich). Die dent, anakreont. 
Dichtung d. 18. Jhdts, see Quellen u. 
FoBSCH. z. Spb. &c., HlOl, 1907. 
Auslandskredite (Die) in i. finanz., wirtschaftl. 
&c. Bedeutung: wise. Gutachten v. L. 
Dupriez &c., see Finanzwissenschaftl. 
Untersuchungen, T3, 1928. 
Auslese u. Anpassung d. Arbeiterschaft in d. 
Elektroindustrie, Buchdruckerei, Fein- 
mechanik u. Maschinenindustrie. Mit Beitr. 
V. Dr. V. Bienlcowski &c. [Verein f. Sozialpol., 
134ii]. 8°. L. 1910 

Ausonius (Decimus Magnus). 
Opera. s8°. Aanstelredami. 1621 

The Mosella. [Text w.] tr. into Eng. verse by 
E. H. Blakeney. Forew. by J. W. Mackail. 

8°. 1933 
Patchwork quilt. Poems. [Done into Eng. 
by J. Lindsay]. 

[limited ed.] 8°. Fanfrolico Pr. [1930] 

Auspex, ?7s. *Victory fr. the air. 8°. [1941] 

Austen, The family of. A. papers, 1704-1856. 

Ed. R. A. Austen-Leigh. 8°. p.p. 1942 

Austen (Brev.-Maj. Alfred Reade Godwin-), see 

Austen (Anne, Lady), wife of Sir Robert Austen, 
Bt., form. Richardson, see PovEY (K.) 
Cowper & Lady A., 1934. 
Austen {Mi^s Cassandra Elizabeth), see Ashton 
(H.) & K. Davies. I had a sister, st. of C. A. 
&c., 1937. 
Austen (Edmund). 

Brede: story of a Sussex parish. 8°. Rye. 1946 

Austen (Major Ernest Edward), see Beit. 

Mus. OF Nat. Hist.; Zoology. Bombyhidae 

of Palestine; by A., 1937. 

see Bkit. Mus. of Nat. Hist.: Zoology. 

Clothes moths &c.; by A. &c., 1932; 2nd 

ed., 1935. 

„ : The house-fly; by A., 4th ed., 

rev., 1939. 

Austen (Frederick William). Rectors of 2 

Essex parishes & th. times, f. 13th to 20th 

cent. Ia8°. Colchester. 1943 

Austen (James Edward), aft. Austen-Leigh, see 

Austen-Leigh (J. K.) 
Austen (Jane). 
Novels. [Winchester ed.] 

n. &rev. ed. vll. 8°. E. 1912 
11, Lady Susan — The Watsons — Letters, vl. 
Novels. Text based on collation of early eda. 
by R. W. Chapman, w. notes &c. 

3rded. vl, 5. 8°. O. 1933 
1, Sense & sensibility. 5, Northanger Abbey 
& Persuasion. 


Austen (Jane) [continued]. 
Charades &o. wr. a 100 yrs. ago by J. A. & h. 
family. 8°. [1895] 

Duologues & scenes f. the novels of J. A. arr. 
&c. by R. Filippi (Mrs. Dowson). a8°. 1895 
Emma. [Everyman's Lib. repr.] s8°. [1916] 
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[Works. Adelphi ed.] s8°. [1931] 
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s8°. 1902 
,, ,, [Everyman's Lib. repr.] 

s8°. [1913] 

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„ ., [Everyman's Lib. repr.] 

s8°. [1913] 

[repr.] s8°. [1916] 

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Illust. by H. Thomson. [repr.] s8°. 1895 

,, ,, ,, [Everyman's Lib. repr.] 

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Ed. S. Lee]. 8°. [1905] 

,, ,. ,, [Everyman's Lib. repr.] 

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Volume the first. Pr. f. MS. in Bodleian Lib. 

s8°. O. 1933 
The Watsons, see Lady Susan, above, 
see Austen-Leigh (E.) J. A. & Bath, 1939. 

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s8°. [1931] 
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[repr.] s8°. [1941] 
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Buster, ps. 
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M=Phee. Bur. of Census &c.] 

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Austria], Infanta, 1609—41. 
Austria (Stephanie, Crown princess of), see 

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Frederick the Great. 8". 1932 

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Reiches, 1871-1914, einzige v. A. Amt 
autoris. gekiirzte Ausgabe d. amtl. Grosson 
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see Bracebridge (C. H.) 
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operas, w. Eng. & Ital. texts &c., 1939, see 
Authentic memoirs of the Green-Room, 1801 
1803, 1804. Sketches, biog., crit. &c. of 
performers of the Theatres-Royal. 

s8°. [1801]-4 
■"Authentic (An) narr. of 4 yrs. resid. at 

Tongataboo, 1810, see Vason (G.) 
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defended &c., 1707, see Webster (J ) 
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., , 8°. [1934-38] 

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, , [P3124]. 8°. [1937] 

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, 1948. Ed. L. G. Pine. 
« iv , 8°. [1948] 

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1900, see Rose (A. S.), ed 


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tive & amusing lives &c. vl8. s8°. 1827 

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[in Iv]. obi. 4'\ 1883-64 

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Touring gazetteer & atlas of Gt. Brit. 

8°. 1946 
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ungsberichte aus d. Inst, fiir Sozialforachunc 
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1, Poomes de la mer. 2, Vie rurale. 3, La 
flute & le tambour. 4, Sonnets caprieieux. 
5, La lyre k 7 cordes. 6, Drames & comi- 
dies. 7, Lettres & Notes de voyage. 8, ia 
comedie de I'hist. 
Autriche. L'interpret. par VA. de I'art. 80 du 
Traite de St. Germain-en-Laye: mem. s. lo 
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J1470]. 8°. 1922 

Lois & ordonnances en A., la repression de la 
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living poets, 1930, see Anthology. 
"Autumn holidays of a country parson, 1865 

see Boyd (A. K. H.) 
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Regards catholiques s. le monde. 8°. [1938] 

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des bibl. de France. [Ecoles Fr. d'Athtees 

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8°. [1940] 
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Avanciuus (Nicolaus). Pietas victrix (1659), 
see Deutsche Lit.: Barockdrama; hrsg. W. 
Flemming, B2, 1930. 
Avantures, see Aventures. 
Avarado, Family of, see Rujula y Ochoto- 
eena (J. de) & A. DEL Solak y Taboada. 
Los A. en el Nuevo Mondo, 1934^35. 
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nel risorg. siciliano. 8°. Bari. 1928 

■"Avatars (The): a futurist fantasy, 1933, see 

Russell (G. W.) 
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mission de C. de M., etc d'A., ambass. 
extr. en Pologne, 1634-36. Publ. F. 
Pulaski & L. Tomkiewicz. [Doc. rel. aux 
rapp. diplom. entre la Fr. & la P., 1]. 

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ciations de M. le cte d'Avaux en Irlande 

1689-90. Intr. by J. Hogan. [Facs. of ed. 

pr. c. 1845. Irish MSS. Comm.] 8°. D. 1934 

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A short hist, of coins & currency. s8°. 1902 

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Luiz de Camoens. 8°. Leipzig. 1879 

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Mme Maillart. [La vie de Ph. Denis. 20^ 6d.] 

s8°. 1930 
Mme Maillart. [La vie de Ph. Denis. 14« 6d.] 

s8°. 1930 
'"Le temps mort. [Les cahiers du silence]. 

s8°. Londres. 1945 
Voiture 7, place 15. s8°. [1937] 

see Bergeb (M.), ed. Les plus jolies histoirea 
d'enfanta de C. A. &c., 1938. 


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Marx: intr. [8th ed.] s8°. [1920] 

& E. M. Aveling. Shelley's socialism 

(1888). 2 leot". [Pref. by F. AUaun], 

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Personality & will. 8°. [1931] 

The psycholog. approach to reality. 8^^. 1929 
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«ee Rose (W.), ed. Outline of mod. know- 
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[tp. & pt. of index wanting]. 8°. n.d. 

Avencebrol [Ibn gebibol; Salomo ben Jehxjda 

IBN Gebirol; Avicebbon &c.], see Dreyer 

(C.) Belig. Gedankenwelt des S. ibn G., 


Avenel {vte Georges d'). D^couvertes d'hist. 

Bociale, 1200-1910. s8°. 1920 

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Gesch. d. Entstehung v. .\. "Germania 

illust." u. d. "Zeitbuch li. ganz Teutsoh- 

land", 1935. 

Aventures [Avanttjbes]. *Les a. satyriques 

de Florinde, 1625, 1929, see Flobinde. 
Averbakh (Leopold Leonidovich). 
Pamyati Mayakovskogo. s8°. Moskva. 1930 
Averroes, the elder [fMuHAiiJiAD ibn Ahmad, 
called Ibn Rushd, or Averroes]. Drei 
Abhandl. lib. d. Conjunction d. separaten 
Intellects mit d. Menschen v. A. (Vater u. 
Sohn) aus d. Arab, iibers. [into Hebrew] v. 
S. Ibn Tibbon &c., hrsg., iibers. [/. the 
Hebrew] u. erlaut. v. J. Hercz. 

[MlOO]. 8°. 1869 
see Aristotle. A. opera, A. Cordubensis 

comment., 1573—75. 
,, Grabmann (M.) Der lat. Averroisinus d. 
13. Jhdts. u. s. Stellung z. christl. 
Weltanschauung, 1931. 
Avertissement [Advertissement]. *Adver- 
tissement partic. & verit. de tout ce qui 
s'est passe en Tholose (c. 1589), see 
DuRANTi (J. E.) Hist, v^rit. &:c., 1861. 
Avery Library, see Columbia Univ. 
Avesnes (Baudouin d'), see Baudouin, 

Avesnes (Jean d'), 121S-57, see .Jean, 

d^ Avesnes. 

Avetisyan (G. A.) Armyanskaya S.S.R. na 

selskogozyaistv. vistavke 1939 g. [Sostav. 

G. A. A.] 4°. [Leningrad]. 1940 

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(Marie Abmand Pascal d')]. Hist, de las 

islas de Africa, vers, castell., n.d., see 

Panorama LTNTVERSAL, 1838-49. 

Aviano (Marco d'), see Marco, d'Aviano, 


Avianus (Flavins). Fables, suivies des Dia- 

tiques de D. Caton. Tr. J. Chenu. \b. w. 

Luoilius (C.) Satires; tr., 1846]. 8 = . 1843 

Fabulae [text & tr.], see Duff (J. W.) &c., 

edd. Minor Lat. poets, 1934. 
see GoLDSOHMiDT (A.) An early MS. of the 
^sop fables of A. &c.; tr., 1947. 
Avicenna [Abug.ilius filius Sin.t:; Avicbistne; 
Ebn Sina; tHus-AiN IBN 'Abd Allah (Abu 
'Ali), called Ibn Sind, or Avicenna]. Canon 
d'A.; tr., see Muhamsiad ibn Zakabiya. 
Trois traites d'anatomie arabes, par M. ibn 
Z. &c., 1903. 
Kitabu' 5-§ifa' (Mathematiques, chap. 12), 
tr. fr., see Erlangeb {baron R. d'), ed. La 
musique arabe, t2, 1935. 
A treatise on love; tr. E. L. Fackenheim, see 
Mediaeval studies, v7, 1945. 
Avidius Cassius, emperor of Borne, see Krauss 
(S.) Antoninus [i.e. A. C.?] u. Rabbi, 1910. 
Avignon. Mus^e Calvet, see Gibaed (J.) 

Mus6e d'A.: sculpture & peinture, 1931. 
Avila (Jnan de), the **Apostle of Andalusia^', 
1500-69. The Audi filia, or a rich cabinet 
full of spirituall Jewells. Tr. [Dedic. signed 
L. T. i.e. Sir Toby Matthew?]. 

s4°. [St. Omer]. 1620 
see Montana (J. F.) El ven. maestro J. d. A., 

„ Oddi (L. DE). Vida d. J. de A., 1800? 

Aviler (Augustin Charles d'). Corns d'archi- 

tecture qui comprend les ordres de Vignole, 

avec comm., figures &c. de Michel-Ange 

&c., avec explic. de tons termes. 2t [2, n. & 

3" 4>d.] s4°. 1, Paris. 2, Amsterdam. 1700-10 

t2 is ent. Diet, d'architecture. 
Aviraneta (Eugenio de), see Baroja (P.) A. o 

la vida de un conspirador, 1931. 
Avi-Yonah (M.) Abbreviations in Greek inscr. 

(Near East, 200 B.C.-A.D. 1100), see 

Palestine. Quarterly of Dept. of Antiq., 

v9, Suppl., 1940. 
Map of Roman Palestine. [Repr. f. Quarterly 

of Dept. of Antiq. in Palestine, v5]. 4°. 1936 

„ ,, 2nd rev. ed. 4^. Jerusalem. 1940 

Mosaic pavements in Palestine. [Repr. f. 

Quarterly of Dept. of Antiq. in Palestine, 

v2, 3]. 4°. 1935 

Avizonis (Konstantinas). Die Entstehung u. 

Entwicklung d. litau. Adels bis 1386. 

[Hist. Studien, H. 223]. 8". 1932 

*Avocat (L') Patelin: comedie, n. ed., 1785, 

see Beueys (D. A. de). 
Avonmore (William Charles Yelverton, visct), 

see Yelverton (W. C.) 
Avory (Rt. Hon. Sir Horace Edmund), see 

Ashley (F. W.), c(eri: to Mr. Justice A. My 

60 yrs. in the law, 1936. 
see Lang (G.) Mr. Justice A., 1935. 

,, O'Donnell (B.) The trials of Mr. Justice 
A., 1935. 
Avont (Jacques d'). La querelle des Armagnacs 

& des Boiu-guignons. 8^ ed. 8°. [1943] 

Avranches (Henry o/), see Henry, of A vranches. 
Awakum Petvovichf protopop; 1620-82. Leben 

d. Protopopen A. t)bers. nebst Einl. u. 

Komm. V. R. Jagoditsch. [Quellen &c. z. 

russ. Gesch.; hrsg. K. Stahlin, BIO]. 8°. 1930 
see Pascal (P.) A. & les debuts du raskol, 

Avvisatore (L') librario settimanale. Bollettino 

bibliogr. ed. d. Soc. Gen. d. Messaggerie 

Ital. Anno 5, 6, 1932-33. 

8°. Bologna. 1932-33 
Awab Zada, see Zada (N. Awab). 
Awdeley (John). The fraternity of vagabonds 

(1561), see Judges (A. V.), ed. Eliz. under- 
world, 1930. 
Awdlay (John), chantry priest, see Audelay 

Awfeeld (Thomas), see Alfield (T.) 
Awolowo (Obaiemi). Path to Nigerian free- 
dom. Forew. by M. Perham. 8°. [1947] 
Axelrod (Daniel I.) A Miocene flora f. the 

^A'. border of the Mohave Desert. [Carnegie 

I. of Wash.] Ia8°. Wash. 1939 

see Cn.iNEY (R. W.), ed. Pliocene floras of 

California &c.; contrib^., A. &c., 1944. 
Axelrod (Esther Luba). 

Tolstois Weltanschaumig. [M150]. 8°. St. 1902 
Axelrod (Lyubov Isaakovna), see Akselrod. 
Axelsen (Angelica). Supernat. beings in the 

French med. dramas; w. spec. ref. to 

miracles of the Virgin. Tr. A. FausboU. 

8°. Copenhagen. 1923 
Axelson (Eric). 

South-east Africa, 1488-1530. 8°. [1940] 

Axford (Mrs. Hannah), form. Lightfoot, see 

Lighttoot (H.) 
Axling (William). 

Kagawa. [5th ed.] s8°. [1935] 

Axnas (Carl). Slavisch-baltisches in altnord. 

Beinamen. [Nomina Germanica, 2]. 

8°. Uppsala. 1937 
Axon (Ernest). Rectors & deans of M'ter prior 

to 1421, see Chetham misc., n. ser., v6, 

Axson (Margaret), see Elliott (Mrs. M. A.) 
Axum, see Aksum. 
Axworthy (W. A.) *Hist. sketch of the parish 

of Saint Neot, incl. life of St. N. &c. & the 

Ballad of Tregeagle. 8°. Paignton. 1894 

Ayala (Felipe Guaman P. de), see Guaman 

PoMA DE Ayala. 
Ayala (Manuel Fernandez de), see Fernandez 


Ayala (Manuel Josel de). Dicoionario de 

gobiemo y legisl. de Indias, rev. por L. 

Moreno, [t]l, 2, see Colecci6n de doc. ined. 

para la hist, de Ibero-America, t4, 8, 1929— 

Ayala (Marie Louise de), aft. Mrs. Duran- 

Reynals, see Duran-Reynals (M. L.) 


Ayala (Teresa de), see G6mez de Ayala (T.) 
Aydelotte (Frank). Breaking the academic 
lock step: devel. of honors work in Amer. 
colleges & univ. 8°. 1944 

The vision of Cecil Rhodes: 40 years of Amer. 
scholarships. b8°. 1946 

Aydelotte (William Osgood). Bismarck A 
Brit, colonial policy: problem of S. West 
Africa, 1883-85. 8°. Phila. 1937 

Aye (John), ps., see Atkinson {Lt.-col. J.) 
Ayer (Al&ed Jules). 
Found, of empirical knowl. 8°. 1940 

Language, truth & logic. [2nd impr.] 8°. 1936 
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Check list of MSS. in E. E. A. coU., 1937. 
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& C. Tylor. 

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Why "according to Matthew"? 

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Resuscitatio, or bringing into publiok light 
sev. pieces of worlts &c. of B, in 2p. 3rd ed. 
w. Life by W. Rawley. [indud. A brief 
discourse touching the office of Lord Chan- 
cellor of Engl. wr. by J. Selden; w. a true 
cat. of Lord Chancellors f. Norman conquest 
— 1671, by W. Dugdale. var. tpn. <fc paging.] 

sfol. 1671 

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Sep, tp'. & pagin'.] Publ. W. Rawley. 

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Bacon (Francis) [continued]. 
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,, Tudor problems: hist. &c. claims 

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Women in the Church. 8°. [1946] 

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,, ,, w. lives of Bungye & Vander- 

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Bacon (Roger) [continued]. 
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see Guexon (R.) Man & his becoming aco. to 
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The hist, of the Creeds. 8°. 1930 

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Hebrews in th. hist, setting. 8°. [1937] 

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Oloff Napea]. *Letters f. London. Obs. of 
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J. B.] 8°. 1816 

Sportman's slang; a new diet. &c. 

ed. 2a. 8°. 1825 

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8°. 1835 
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One hears a drum. s8°. [1929] 

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Type-script index of subjects treated in 
books on the Caucasus given to the London 
Library by J. F. B.] 4°. n.d. 

Key to Kalmuk map No. 2 reproduced in h. 
Russia, Mongolia, China, 1919. [MS.] 

s8°. [c. 1914-16] 

[97 photographs of the Caucasus &c. coll. by 

B. on cards in case]. \aS'^. n.d. 

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pi, Edinb., Glasgow & the Highlands. 

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Wales (S.) & the Wye dist. of Monmouthshire. 

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wife of Eichard Baddeley, form. Snow, see 

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Baddeley (Victor Clinton Clinton-), see Clinton- 

Baddeley (V. C.) 
Baddeley (Welbore St. Clair). A Cotteswold 
manor; hist, of Painswick. 

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Badeley (John Fanshawe) [tHENBY John 
Fanshawe Badeley]. Bookplates. Lect.. 
Nov. 18, 1925. [Print Coll. Club, No. 6]. 

Ia8°. 1927 

Baden (Gustav Adoli von), cardinal [Bernabd- 

Gustav, abbot of Fulda]. *Le voyage de 

M. le Card, de B. & s. sfijour k Liege, 1674- 

75. s4°. n.p. [1675?] 

Baden (Sibylla Augusta, Markgrdfin v.), see 

Sibylla Augusta, Markgrdfin v. Baden. 
Badenhausen (Rolf). Das span. Kostiim u. s. 
Bedeutung f. d. Biihne. Inaug.-Diss., 
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Baden-Powell (Robert Stephenson Smyth 
Baden-Powell, 1st baron) [Baden-Powell 
OF Gilwell]. Adventures & accidents. 

8°. 1934 
African adventures. s8°. [1937] 

Birds & beasts in Africa. 8°. 1938 


Baden-Powell (Robert Stephenson Smyth 
Baden-Powell [continued]. 
Lessons f. the Varsity of life. 

[cheap ed.] s8°. [1934] 
More sketches of Kenya. 8°. 1940 

see Reynolds (E. E.) B.-P.: biog., 1942. 
•Badger (The) in the fox-trap &o., 1684?, see 

Dean (J.) 
Badger (Alfred B.) 
Public schools & the nation. 8^ [1944] 

•Badges & emblems of the Services. s8°. 1940 
•Badges & th. meaning. Army & Navy &c. 

88°. [1916] 
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(Maj. T. J.) 
Badianus (Joannes), 16 c, see Emmaet (E. W.) 
Cone, the B. MS., an Aztec herbal <fec. tr. 
by B., 1936. 
Badigin (Konstantin Sergeevich). Men of the 
ice-breaker Sedov. Tr. F. Smitham. 

s8°. [1944] 
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Badische Historische Commission, see Reoesta 

episc. Constant., B4, 5i, ii, 1928-31. 
Badley (John Haden). 
A schoolmaster's testament: 40 yrs. of educ. 
experience. 8°. O. 1937 

The will to live. Evolut. psychology. 

8°. [1931] 

Badminton Library (The) of Sports & Pastimes. 

Ed. by the Duke of Beaufort &c. 

Cricket. By A. G. Steel & Hon. R. H. 

Lyttelton. 5th ed., rev. 8°. 1893 

Fishing. By H. Cholmondeley-Pennell. 

vl, Salmon & trout. 11th imp. 8°. 1912 

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cum F. de Foveis (14 c), see Jones (E. J.), 

ed. Med. heraldry, 1943. 

Badoglio (il mar. Pietio). La guerra d'Etiopia. 

Con pref. del Duce. 

[5« ed.] Ia8°. Milano. 1936 
L'ltalie dans la Guerre Mondiale. Tr. 

88°. [1946] 
Rivelazioni su Fiume [w. letters of d' Annunzio, 
Nitti, Orlando &c.] 8°. [1946] 

The war in Abyssinia. Foreword by B. 
Mussolini. [Tr.] Ia8°. [1937] 

Badonnel (Andr6), see Allobge (P.), A. B. &c. 
Contrib. k I'et. du peuplement d. lies atlant., 
Badoureau (A.) L'atmosphere terrestre & la 
circulation a^rienne. Ia8°. [1911] 

Badsworth, ps. [i.e. A. Llndsay Lister]. 
Princ". of auction bridge, w. latest develop- 
ments &o. 88°. 1910 
Princs. of bridge & the laws of the game. 
2nd ed. w. rev. laws &c. s8°. N.Y. 1906 
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ings; intr., based on the artist's journal by 
K. B., 1946. 
Baeck (Leo), see Back (L.) 
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Bavarian Highlands &o. 10th ed. 88°. L. 1903 
Austria . 
Osterreich, ohne Dalmatien, Dngarn u. 
Bosnien. 25e A. s8°. L. 1898 
Osterreich-Ungarn nebst Cetinje, Belgrad, 
Bukarest. 29' A. s8°. L. 1913 
Austria, incl. Hungary, Transylvania, Dal- 
matia & Bosnia. 9th ed. s8°. L. 1900 
,, w. Budapest, Prague, Karlsbad, 
Marienbad. 12th ed. s8°. L. 1929 
Belgium & Holland. 
B. & H. lOthed. s8°. L. 1891 
,, ,, incl. Luxembourg. 

nth ed. rev. & augm. 8°. L. 1894 
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Constantinople . 
Konstantinopel u. d. westl. Kleinasien. 

8°. L. 1906 
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Egypt & the Sudan. 8th rev. ed. s8°. L. 1929 
Le Nord-Est de la F. 

7e 6d. rev. 8°. Leipzig. 1903 
Le Sud-Est de la F. du Jura k la M^diterran^e 
y compris la Corse. 

9e M., ref., augm. &c. s8°. 1910 


Baedeker (Carl) [co7i/i?iuerf]. 
Germany: hdbk. for rly. travellers & motorists. 

s8". 1936 
N. G. 16th rev. ed. hS-. L. 1913 

„ „ 17th rev. ed. 98°. L. 1925 

S. G. (Wurteinberg & Bavaria). 

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13th rev. ed. s8°. L. 1929 
Great Bbitain: Eng., Wales, & Scot. 

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I. fr. the Alps to Naples. Abr. hdbk. 

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3'ed. s8°. L. 1909 


London & environs. 15th rev. ed. s8^. L. 1908 

18th rev. ed. s8°. L. 1923 

Londres & s. environs. 11« ed. s8°. L. 1907 

Norway & Sweden. Sudde & Norvege, 

routes a travers le Danemark, excursions en 

Islande & au Spitzbergen. 

4e ed. s8°. L. 1911 
Paris & its environs. 

20th rev. ed. s8°. L. 1932 w. Suppl. 1937 

Rhine, The &c. 17th rev. ed. s8°. L. 1911 

Russia. West- u. Mittel-Bussland. .sS°. L. 1883 

Switzerland . 

Schweiz nebst angrenz. Teilen v. Oberital., 

Savoy, u. Tirol. 29e A. s8°. L. 1901 

La Suisse &c. 20^ ed. ref. s8°. Leipzig. 1896 

29e ed. ref. s8°. Leipzig. 1921 

S. w. Chamonix & the Ital. Lakes. 

26th ed. s8°. L. 1922 
,, 28th rev. ed. s8 . L. 1938 
Tirol, Vorarlberg, Etschland &c. 

39e A. s8°. L. 1929 
Tyrol & the Dolomites incl. Bavarian Alps. 
13th rev. ed. s8°. L. 1927 
United States, w. excursions to Mexico &c. 
4th ed. rev. s8°. L. 1909 
Baentsch (Bruno), see Bantsch (B.) 
Baer, see also Bar. 

Baer (Joseph) &Co., booksellers. Bucheinbande. 
Kat. 740 & 770 [in Iv]. 

Ia8°. Frankfurt a. M. n.d. [-1931] 
Cat. of 1000 books &c. [No. 750]. 

3p [in Iv]. Ia8°. Frankfurt. [1928-30] 
Incunabula typographica. 

p4 [6. w. 1-3]. Ia8°. Frankfurt a. M. [1931] 
Baerleiu (Edgar Maximilian), 3. E. Tomkinson, 
E. SneU &c. Rackets, squash rackets, ten- 
nis, fives & badminton. Ed. Ld. Aberdare. 
[Lonsdale Lib., vl6]. 8°. [1933] 

Baerlein (Henry). Baltic paradise. 8°. [1943] 
Belmonte the matador. 8°. [1934] 

Bessarabia & beyond. s8°. 193.5 

The caravan rolls on. 8°. [1944] 

Heine, the strange guest. 8*^. [1928] 

In old Romania. 8°. [1940] 

In search of Slovakia. 8°. [1929] 

Landfalls & farewell. 8°. [1949] 

Mariposa on the way. s8°. [1927] 

No longer Poles apart. Intr. by the Polish 
Ambassador [E. Raozynski]. 8°. [1936] 

Romanian oasis: a further anthol. on R. & 
her people. Ed. H. B. 8°. [1948] 

So many roads. 8". [1947] 

Spain yesterday & tomorrow. 8^. [1930] 

Travels "without a passport. 

[2s]. 8°. [1941-42] 

Baernreither (Josef Maria), see Bar>7reither. 

Baeteman (Joseph). Diet. amarigna-fran9., 

suivi d'un vocab. fran9.-amarigna [w. sep. 

pagitt.] S°. Dire-Daoua. 1929 

*Grammaire amarigna, par un Missionnaire 

lazariste. 8°. Addis-Abeba. 1923 

Baeumker, d' other "ae" names, see Baumker 

Bdez (Cecilio). Hist, colonial d. Paraguay y 
Rio de La Plata. Ia8°. Asuncion. 1926 

Baffin (William), see British Mus.: Maps. 
Six early pr. m. [Descr. of E. India, 1619, by 
W. B.], 1928. 
♦Bagatelles, 1767, see Mills (A. H.) 
Bagdad [Baghdad]. Arab tribes of the B. 
Wilayat. July 1918, 1919, see Arab bureau. 

Bage (Robert). Mount Henneth — Barham 
Downs — James Wallace, see Swift (J.) 
Novels of S., B. &e., 1824. 
Bagehot (Eliza), wife of Walter Bagehot, form. 
Wdxon, see Bagehot (W.) Love-letters of 
W. B. & E. W., 1857-58; ed. Mrs. R. Barring- 
ton, 1933. 
Bagehot (Walter). Works & life of W. B. Ed. 
Mrs. R. Barrington. lOv. 8°. 1915 

10, The hfe by Mrs. R. B., 1st issued Sep., 
Biograph. studies. n. ed. s8°. 1895 

The Eng. constitution. 6th ed. s8°. 1891 

Intr. by Earl of Balfour. 
[World's Classics]. s8°. [1928] 

Lit. studies. Ed., w. mem. by R. H. Hutton. 
n. impr. 3v. s8=. 1905-10 
[Intr. by G. Sampson. Every- 
man's Lib. repr.] 2v. s8°. [1932] 
Lombard Street, n. ed. w. intr. by H. 
Withers. [14th ed., repr.] 8°. [1931] 
Love-Iettirh of W. B. & E. Wilson, 1857-8. 
Ed. Mrs. R. Barrington. 8°. [1933] 
see Irvine (W.) W . B., 1939. 
Bagenal (Nicholas Beauchamp). Fruit growing: 
mod. cultural methods. Ed. B. 8°. [1939] 
Baggally (John Wortley). 
AH Pasha & Great Britain. 8° O. 1938 
The Klephtic ballads in rel. to Greek hist. 
(1715-1821). 8'. O. 1936 
Bagge (Povl), see Fbiis (A.) & P. B., edd. 
L'Europe, le Danemark &c., t2, 3, 1945—48. 
Bagger (Eugene Szeheres). The heathen are 
wrong. An impersonal autobiog. 8°. 1941 
Baggerley (Cora Miranda), aft. wife of F. Older, 

see Older (C. M.) 
Bagh (The) caves in Gwalior State. Text by 
Sir J. Marshall, M. B. Garde &c. [India Soc] 

4°. 1927 
Baghdad, see Bah dad. 

Bagier (Guido). Max Roger. 8°. 1923 

Bagimond [Baiamundus de Vitia, canon of 
Asti; Boiamund]. B.'s roll for Archdeaconry 
of Teviotdale, f. a 13th-cent. transcript; ed. 
A. I. Cameron, see Scottish Hist. Soc. 
Misc., v5, 1933. 
B.'s roll; statement of the tenths of the King- 
dom of Scotland; ed. A. I. Dunlop, see 
Scottish Hist, Soc. Misc., v6, 1939. 
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by A. Graham. [Tr. P. Jordan]. 

2nd ed. rev. &, enl. 8°. 1946 
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mosaischen Gesetzgebung. 

[M77]. 8°. Braun.schweig. 1895 

Bagley (J. J.) Margaret of Anjou, Queen of 

England. 8°. [1948] 

UphoUand Grammar School, evol. thr. 3 

cent". 8°. Liv'l. 1944 

Bagley (William A.) Facts & how to find them: 

guide to sources of inform. &c. 

3rd ed., rev. & enl. s8°. 1948 
Bagley (William Chandler), see Keith (J. A. H.) 

& W. C. B. Nation & the schools, 1920. 

Baglion de La Salle (Francois de), bp. of Arms. 

Mandem.'iit au sujet d'un miracle dans I'eghse 

des Jesuites, [Arras]. [P2888]. 4°. [1738] 

Bagnall (Austin G.) A reference list of bks. & 

o. publ. assoc. w. New Zealand Centennial, 


[P3179]. 8°. Wellington, N.Z. 1942 

& G. C. Petersen. Wilham Colenso, printer, 

missionary &o. 8°. Wellington, N.Z. [1948] 
Bagnall (James Eustace). The flora of War- 
wickshire. Fungi by W. B. Grove & J. E. B. 

8°. 1891 
BagnaU (John Nock). *Hist. of Wednesbury, 
Staffs. &c. & ace. of coal & iron trade. 

8°. Wolverhampton. 1854 
Bagnall (Oscar). The origin & properties of 
the human aura. 8°. 1937 

Bagnall (Stephen). 

The crater's edge. s8°. [1945] 

Bagnani (Gilbert). The Roman Campagna & 

its treasures. 8°. [1929] 

Rome & the Papacy: essay on rel. betw. 

church & state. 8°. [1929] 

Bagnold (Enid), aft. wife of Sir Roderick Jones. 

A diary without dates. [2nd impr.] s8°. [1918] 

[Windmill Lib.] sS". 1933 

The happy foreigner. [n. ed.] s8°. [1929] 

Lottie Dundass. Play. 88°. [1941] 



Bagnold (Enid) lconti,iued]. 
"National Velvet". [Novel]. s8°. [19351 

[PZai/]. see Embassy Theatre 

K. successes, 1945-6, v2, 1946. 

'''Serena Blandish, or the difficulty of getting 

married. By a Lady of Quality. 8°. 1924 

[n- impr.] 8°. 1926 

The squire. s°. [1938] 

[repr.] 8°. [1938] 

Bagnold (Ralph Alger). Libyan sands. Travel 

in a dead w^orld. s°. I935 

[repr.] s8°. [1941] 

The physics of blown sand & desert dunes 

8°; [1941] 
Bagolino (Sebastiano), see Adragna (D.) S. B., 

poeta alcamese d. sec. 16, 1932. 

Bagot {Sir Charles), Govemor-Ueneml 

i/'dniiihi; nSl-1841. see Glazebrook (G 

DE T.) Sir C. B. in Canada, 1929. 

Bagot (John Hendry). Punitive detention. 

Results of treatment of juvenile delinquents 

in Liverpool, 1940-42. s°, [1944] 

Bagot (Sir Josceline FitzBoy), Bart. Col. J. 

Grahme, of Levens. Biog. sk. of Jacobite 

times. 8°. Kendal. 1886 

Bagot (Richard). 

Lakes of N. Italy, copyright ed. s8°. L. 1908 
Bagot (Hon. Richard), bp. of (1) Oxford, 
(2) Bath & Wells, 
see Newman (card. J. H.) Letter to Bp. of 0. 
on occas. of N° 90 in Tracts for the 
Times, 1841. 
., PnsEY (E. B.) Letter to Bp. of 0. on 
tendency to Romanism, 1839. 
Bagrat, tsarevich of Georgia, see Marr (N. Ya.) 

Iz knigi B. o gruz. perevod. &c., 1899. 
Bagration (prince Petr Ivanovich). 
see GoLUBOV (S.) B. [in Russian], 1943. 

,, No easy victories: novel of Gen. B. 

& the campaign of 1812; tr., 1945. 
Bagrow (Leo). A. Ortelii catalogus carto- 
graphorum; bearb. v. L. B., 2T, see Peter- 
manns Mitteil. Erganzungsb. 43, 45, 
Bagshaw (Edward), the younger, see L'Estranoe 
(Sir R.) A whipp a whipp, for the schismati- 
cal animadverter [i.e. E. B.] upon the Bp. 
of W.'s letter [agst Baxter], 1662. 
Bagster (Samuel) & Sous, publishers. The 
Greek student's manual. 1, Pract. guide to 
Gr. N.T.; 2, Gr. N.T., w. author. Eng. ver- 
sion; 3, Gr.-Eng. lexicon. s8°. n.d. 
Bdguena (Joaquin). 

Aledo, su descr. e hist. 8°. 1900 

Bahadur Shah, see Muhammad Bahadub 


Bahama Islands. "Letters f. the B. I'., 1823-4. 

[Signed Adela Del Lorraine &c. ^scr. to 

.Miss Hart]. Ed. R. Kent. 8°. [1948] 

Bahamonde (Antonio). Memoirs of a Spanish 

Nationalist. s8°. 1939 

Bahamonde (Francisco Franco), see Franco 

(Gen. F.) 

Baha Ullah [tHusAiN 'Ali ibn 'Abbas, called 

Baha Ullah], see Holley (H.) L'6con. 

mondiale de B. (extr.); tr. G. de Hons, 1934. 

Bahayla-Mika'el (abbd) or Zosimus. Le livre 

des mysteres du ciel & de la terre; texte 

ethiop. publ. &; tr. par J. Perruchon. [Extr.f. 

Patrologia Orient., tl. P3049]. Ia8°. 1903 

Bahia. A inconfidencia da B.: devassas e 

sequestros [1798-9. Bibl. Nac] 

2v. laS". Rio de Janeiro. 1931 
,, ,, for a. copy see Rio de Janeieo: 

Bibl. Nac. Ann., v43-45, 1931. 
Livro de Denuncia^oes do Santo Offic. na B., 
see Rio de Janeiro: Bibl. Nac. Ann.,v49, 
Bahr (A. W.) Early Chinese paintings f. 
A. W. B. coll., by O. Sirto. fol. 1938 

Bahr (Hans). Quellen z. brandenburg -preiiss. 
Gesch. [Voigtlanders Q.-b., 79, 80, 90]. 

3B. s8°. L. [1914.-16] 
Bahr (Hermann). 
Der Apostel. Schauspiel. s8''. Munchen. 1901 
The concert; tr. B. Q. Morgan, see Dickinson 
(T. H.) Chief contemp. dramatists, s2, 
c. 1921. 
Die Hexe Drut. 68°. 1929 

Himmelfahrt. Roman. 

s8°. Hildesheim. [1927] 

Salzburger Landschaft: a. Briefen u. Tage- 

biich. 8°. Innsbruck. [1937] 

Selbstbildnis. 8°. 1923 



Bahr (Hermann) [conlinued]. 
see Bahe-Hildenburg (A.) & H. B, Bay- 

FLUth. 1912. 
Bahr-Mildenburg (Anna) & H. Bahr. 

Bayreuth. 8°. L. 1912 

Biihrens (Emil). XII panegyric! Latini. Rec. 
J*ini. B. [a. c. b. w. Daros. Phryjius. De 
excidio Troiae hist., 1873]. 

s8°. L. Teubner. 1874 
Bahrens (Kurt). 

Die flam. Brwegung. 8°. 1935 

Baiamundus de Vitia. canon of Asti, see 


Baiao (Antonio). Alguns ascendentes de Albu- 
querque e o seu tilho a luz de doc^. ined. 
Questiio da sepult. do Goverriador. [Ar-ad. 
das Sci. de Lis-boa]. fol. 1915 

Historia da expansao portuguesa no mundo. 
[By var. a«.] Dir. A. Baiao, H. OidacK', il. 
Murias. [Dir. artist. L. de Montalvor]. 

3v. fol. 1937-40 

A infancia da Acadeniia (1788-94). Corresp. 

de J. P. Ribeiro. 8 . 1934 

Baides (Francisco Lopez de Zuniga, marq. de), 

see Lopez de Zuniga (F.) 
Baiern [Bayern]. 
Kunstdcnlimaler (Die) v. B. 

Ia8°. Miinohen. 1931-38 
[\^]. Kogierungsbezirk Mittelfranken. B4-6. 
[VLI]. Ke<j;ierungsbezirk Schwaben; hrsg. 
G. Lill. [B]l. 

Grober (C.) & A. Horn. Bezirksamt Nord- 
lingen, 1938. [VII, 1.] 

& F. .Madcr. Bezirksamt Gunzen- 

hausen, 1937. [V, 6.] 

Jlader (F.) Stadt Dinkelsbiihl, 1931. [V, 4.] 

& C. Grober. Stadt u. Bezirksamt 

^Veissenburg i. B., 1932. [V, 5.] 

Bai£ (Jacques). Les navires truques. [Les 

apprentis faussaires, 1], [8^ ed.] s8'. [1939] 

BaiJ (Jean Antoine de), see Nagel (H.) Leben 

d- Werke J. A. de B.'s. 1878-79. 
Baikalov (Anatole V.) 
I knew Stalin. s8°. 1940 

In the land of communist dictatorship. 

sS^ [1929] 
Baikie (James). 
The anc. East & its story. S'. [1929] 

Egypt, antiq. in the Nik' valley: descr. hdbk. 

8'. [1932] 

Hist, of Egypt. 2v. 8°. 1929 

The life of the ancient East; romance of mod. 

excav. 8°. 1923 

The sea-kings of Crete. 2nd ed. 8°. 1913 

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1654, see NoviKOV (N. I.) Drevn. ross. bibl., 

oh. i, 1788. 

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& secular houses of Yorks. Extr. f. Pub. 

Records. [Yorks. Arch. Soc, Rec. Ser., 81]. 

v2. 8°. 1931 

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\^'rNCHESTER. Transcripts f. municipal 

archives of W. f. 13th c, by B., 1856. 

Bailey (Charles William). 

The brain & golf. 8°. [1923] 

Joyous wayfarers — some mod. ideals in 

education. s8°. [1924] 

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Beit. Acad. Proc, v23 (1937), 1938. 

The classical ideal. [Froebel Inst, addr., 7. 

M120]. 8°. O. 1897 

Fate, men & gods. Pres. address. [Extr. fr. 

Proc. Class. Assoc, v32. JI638]. 8°. [1935] 

F. F. Urquhart: mem. s8°. 1936 

The Greek atomists & Epicurus. 8°. O. 1928 

Hugh Percy Allen. 8°. [1948] 

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ReUgion in Virgil. 8°. O. 1935 

Robert S. Conway, 1864-1933, see Bkit. 

Acad. Proc, v22, 1936. 
see Chbistianity. Hist, of Xty. in Ught of 
mod. knowledge: coll. work [by C. B. 
&e.], 1929. 
,, LiTCKETius. De rer\un nat., ed. "w. comm. 

&c. by B., 3v, 1947. 
,, MuBBAY (G. G. A.), C. B. &c., edd. The 
Oxf. bk. of Greek verse, 1930. 
Bailey (Douglas). 

We built & destroyed. 8°. [1944] 

Bailey (Edna Watson), see Rittbb (W, E.) 
Animal & human conduct; w. collab. of 
E. W. B., 1928. 

BaUey (Edward Battersby). Tectonic essays 

mainly Alpine. Ia8°. O. 1935 

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Turkish reform movt.: Anglo-Turk, rel"., 

1826-53. [Harvard Hist. St., v51]. 

8'. Cambridge, Mass. 1942 
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China — Tibet — Assam : a journey, 1911. 

S°. [1945] 

Mission to Tashkent. 8'. [1946] 

BaUey (Hamilton) & W. J. Bishop. Notable 

names in medicine & surgery. s8^. 1944 

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in the 9th-cent. books. Ratanbai Katrak 

LectB. 8'. O. 1943 

Bailey (Henry Christopher). 

Black land, white land. sS". 1937 

Boiiavcnture. [2nd ed.] s8°. [192S] 

Clue for Mr. Fortune. [3rd irnpr.] s8°. [1937] 

Clunk's claimant. s8°. 1937 

Dead man's effects. s8°. [1945] 

The gamesters. 5th &c. ed. s8°. [1924] 

Tlic golden fleece. s8'. [1925] 

The great game. s8°. 1939 

Honour aniony thie\'e.s. s8^. [1947] 

The Httle captain. s8^ 1941 

Mr. Fortune finds a pig. s8°. 1943 

Mr. Fortune here. sS". 1940 

Mr. Fortune objects. s8'. 1935 

[3rd impr.] s8°. [1936] 

Mr. Fortune speaking. s8°. 1929 

Mr. Fortune wonders. s8°. [1933] 

No murder. s8'. 1942 

Shadow on the wall. sS°. 1934 

This is Mr. Fortune. s8°. 1938 

Saving a rope. s8^. [1948] 

The sullen sky mystery. s8^. 1935 

The Veron mystery. [3rd impr.] 38 = . [1940] 

The wrong man. s8°. [1949] 

Bailey (Hilda). Norton in Herts. Forew. by 

[M. Furse]. 8 = . Letchworth Gdn. City. 1931 

Bailey (Jack), see Babou (N.), ed. Co-op. movt. 

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Man is a weaver. 
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Young man with a horn. s8°. 1938 

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1, Ducks & th. allies (swans, geese &c.) 

2, Snipe, bustards & sand-grouse. 

3, Pheasants & bustard-quail. 

vl is o rev. ed. of work ent. The India ducks 
cfe th. allies. 
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1-Y.F., 4.] 
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8°. 1935 
see Beohhofeb-Robbets (C. E.) S. B.; man 

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, H., baron Snell, Rt. Hon. W. Churchill te 

Responsibilities of Empire. s8°. 1937 



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part of Scarsdale heirlooms. Sold bv 
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For a. c. see Brit. Acad. Proc, vll. 1924— 


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11131]. s8 . C. 1900 

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see CEuvres posthumes, above. 


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Repekences [continued]. 
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Halbvt]. *Offene Antwort auf d. offenen 

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1877, see Offene. 

Bambus (Willy). 

Die jiid. Dorfer in Palastina. [M91]. s8°. 1896 
Bamford (Francis). 
Return to Cottington. s8°. [1946] 

see Hebeb (M.) Dear .Miss H., 18th o. 

corresp.; ed. F. B., 1936. 
„ Sitvvell (S.) & F. B. Edinburgh, 1938. 
Bammate (Haidar). 

Le Caucase et la Revolution russe. s8°. 1929 
Ban (Matija). 
Djela. U dio. Pjesnishtvo. 5kn. in Iv. 

8°. u Beogradu. 1889-90 
Kobna raajna. Tragedija. 

[no tp. b. to. h. Djela, 1889-90]. 8°. n.p. n.d. 

Banbury Peerage, see Brydgbs (Sir S. E.) 

Stemmata illust.; app.. The B. case &c., 


Bances (Ramon Prieto), see Pbieto Bances 

Banchs (Enriaue), see Battistessa (A. .1.) 

Dos poetas argentinos, 1945. 
Banco (El) de la Nacion Argentina en su 
cincuentenario, 1891-1941. 

4°. [Buenos Aires. 1941] 
Banco (Nanni di Antonio di), see Planiscig 

(L.) N. di B., 1946. 
Bancroft (Frederic), see Schurz (C.) Lebenser- 
innerungen, B3 [w.] Polit. Lauflaahn. 1869- 
1906. V. B. &c.; [tr.], 1912. 
Bancroft (George Pleydell). Stage & bar: 
recoils. Pref. by X. Birkett. 8 = . [1939] 

The Ware case. Play. s8^ [1915] 

Bancroft (Hubert Howe). Ketrosiiection, poht. 
& personal. [rcpr.] 8'. N.Y. 1912 

Bancroft (Merle Fowler). Gold-bearing deposits 
on ^\'. coast of Vancou\'er Isl. &c. [Canada. 
Dept. of Mines: Geol. S.] 8°. Ottawa. 1936 
see Walker (J. F.) & M. F. B. Lardeau map- 
area, B.C., 1929. 
Bancroft (Richard), (1) hp. of London, (2) abp. 
of Canterbury, see Cebtaine demands w. th. 
grormds prop, unto R. abp. of C, 1605. 
Band (Claire), uufe of W. Band, & W. Band. 
Dragon fangs: 2 jts. w. Chinese guerrillas. 

8°. [1947] 
Band (William), see Band (C.) & W. B. 

Dragon fangs, 1947. 
Bandamanna Saga. B.-saga med OddsfAattr. 
Olkofra thattr. Udg. ved. F. Jonsson. 
[S.t.u.a.g.n.l., 57]- 8°. 1933 

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limites de la B. O. y el Brasil, see Anoelis 
(P. DE). Col., t4, 1836. 
Bandaranaike {Sir Soloman Dias), K.C.M.O. 
[tDiAS Bandaranay.ika]. Remembered 
\-esterdays: reminiscences. 8°. [1929] 

Bandeira de Mello (Affonso de Toledo). 
Politique commerciale d\\ Bresil. 

8°. Rio de Janeiro. 1935 


Bandelier (Adolph Francis Alphonse) & F. R. 

Bandelier, edd., see Hackett (C. W.), ed. 

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1, Novelle. 2, Novelle, Canti &c., app. 
Cattanei vita &c. 
see Pruvost (R.) M. B. & Elizabethan iiction, 

Bandettini (Teresa), aft. Landucci [ps. Amarilli 

Etbusca]. Notizie autobiograf. ined. [Let- 
ters, 1793-1819]; ed. P. Paganini, see Reale 

AccAD. LuccHESE. Atti, t32, 1904. 
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doe. s. vita di Garibaldi in America. A cura 

di G. Doria. 8=. Firenze. 1932 

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fess, postume inglesi s. violata corrisp. d. 

B. col Mazzini, 1929. 
Baudini (Angelo Maria), see Laurentian 

Library, Florence. Cat. cod. Lat. &c.; rec. 

&.C. B., 5t, 1774-78. 
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see Academia Rom. Mem. sec|. ist., s3, t6, 

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anno 1724 ed., 1892. 
Bandlet of righteousness, Ethiop. text of 

Lefafa sedek in facs. w. tr., 1929, see Budge 

{Sir E. A. T. W.), ed. . 
Bandury (R.), see Gibraltar. G. Directory & 

guide bk.; comp. bv Sir C. Boyle & R. B., 

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W. T. B. Baudelaire en 1848 &o., 1946. 
Ban^at (Paul). Le d6pt. d'lUe-et-Vilaine, hist., 

aroheol. &c. tl, 2. Ia8°. 1927-28 

Banerjea (Benoyendrauath), see Lahiri (S. K.) 

& B. B. New constitution of India, 1936. 
Banerjea (Pramathanath). Indian finance in 

the days of the Company. 8°. 1928 

Public admin, in anc. India. 8°. 1916 

Baneijee, see also Banerji. 
Banerjee (Anil Chandra). The Constituent 

Assembly of India. [Docs.] comp. bv A. C. B. 

8°. Calcutta. [1947] 

Banerjee (Debendra Nath). Early land revenue 

system in Bengal & Bihar. 

vl, 1765-72. 8°. 1936 
Partition or federation? Indian constitut. 

problem. 8°. Calcutta. [1945] 

Banerjee (Indubhusan). Evolution of the 

Khalsa. vl, Formdation of the Sikh Panth. 

8°. Calcutta. 1936 

Banerjee (Mrityunjoy). The constitution of 

free India. 8°. Calcutta. [1947] 

Banerji, see also Banerjee. 
Banerji {Sir Albion Rajkumar). An Indian 

pathfinder: mem", of S. S. Banerji, 1840- 

1924. Forew. by Marq. of Zetland. 

8°. O [1935] 
Banerji (B. N.), see India. Meteobolog. 

Dept. Meteorology of Persian Gulf & 

Mekran, by B., 1931. 
Banerji (Gyenandra Chandra). Keshab Chandra 

& Ramkrishna. s8°. [Allahabad]. 1931 

Banerji (Rakhal Das). Basreliefs of Badami, 

see tiNDiA: Aech. Survey. Mem. 25, 1928. 
East. Indian school of mediaeval sculpture. 

[India. Arch. Survev. New Imp. Ser., v47]. 

4. Dellii. 1933 

The Haihayas of Tripuri & tli. mone., see 

IxDiA: Abch. Survey. Mem. 23, 1931. 
Banerji (S. K.), reader in Indian hist., Luclcnow 

Vnif. [tSUKUMAR.4 V.andyopadhyaya]. 

Huniayfin Badshah. Intr. by Sir E. D. Ross. 

8°. O. 1938 
Banerji (Sevabrata Sasipada), 1S40-1924, see 

Banerji (A. R.) An Indian pathfinder, 

mems. of S. S. B., 1935. 
Banerji (Sudbansu Kumar). The effect of Ind. 

mountain ranges on air motion. Repr. f. 

Ind. Journal of phvsics, v5, p7. 

Ia8°. Calcutta. [1930] 
& V. M. Ghatage. On discontinuous fluid 

motion under diff. thermal condit. Repr. f. 

Indian Journal of physics, v7, p3. 

Ia8°. Calcutta. [1932] 
Banescu (Nicolae). Acte vene^. priv. la 

urmasii lui Petru-Voda Schiopul, see 

-\cademia Rom. Mem. sec^. ist., s3, tlO, 



Banescn (Nicolae) [continued]. 

see AcADEMiA RoMANA. Bull, de la Sect. 

Hist., tl3, Contrib. k I'hist. de Byzance &c., 

par N. B. Sec, 1927. 

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an P. Nansen. [Vorw. v. P. N., hrsg. v. 

L. Nielsenl. s8°. Wien. 192-1 

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Skibsfart & Varetransport gennem Oresund, 

1661-1783 & gennem storebielt 1701-48. 

[In Dan.d- Fr.] dl, Tabeller over Skibs- 

farten. 4^. Kobenhavn. 1930 

Bang (Willy). Materialien zur Kunde d. alt. 

eng. Dramas. Begriindet u. hrsg. v. W. B. 

B28. Ia8°. Louvain. 1910 

Everyman. Repr. by W. W. Greg f. fragm. 

of 2 edfl. by Pynson, w. crit. apparatus, 

1910. [28.] 

Materials for the study of the old Eng. drama. 

Ed. H. de Vocht. 

N.S. vl-20. Ia8\ di- 4°. Louvain. 1927-47 
Baj'lie (S.) The wizard; ed. H. de Vocht, 
1930. [4.] 

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1928-32. [2, 3, 6, 7.] 

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Everyman: compar. study, 1947. [20.] 

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d'Oceano, 1640 & Candy restored, 1641; 
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& A. V. Gabain. Tiirkische Turfan-Texte 

cfc Index, see Konigl. Preuss. Akad. Sitzb,, 

Philos,-hist, Kl., 1929-31, 

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Renaiss. u. d. Barock, B2, bearb. v. B., 1922, 

see KONIGLICHES Museum, Berlin. 

Difr' Kleinplastik d. deut. Renaiss. in Holz u. 

Stein. 4°. Firenze, Pantheon. [1928] 

Bangor, see Univ, Coileoe of N. Wales, 

Bangs (Outram). Birds of W. China obt. by 
Kelley-Roosevelts Exped., see Field Col- 
umbian Mus. Zoolog. ser., vl8, 1932. 
& J. van Tyne. Birds of the Kelley- 
Roosevelts Exped. to French Indo-China; c& 
o. p., see Field Columbian Mus. Zoolog. 
ser., vl8, 1931. 
Banim (John). Damon & Pythias: a tragedy. 
2nded. 8°. 1821 
Banister (Haiiy). 

Psychology & health. 8°. C. 1935 

Banister (Thomas), barrister, see Mossman 

(S.) & T, B. Austraha visited &c., 1853. 
Bank of England. *Consid. on the propriotj 
of the B, of E, resuming its payments in 
specie &c,, 1802, see Atkinson (J,) 
■^Digest (A) of the evidence on the B. Charter 
taken bef. the Comna. of 1832 &c.; pref., 
strictures & remarks. 8°. 1833 

Hist. cat. of engravings, drawings & paintings 
in the B. of E. [Compiled by R. C. Stevenson 
&c., w. pref. by M. Norman]. 4°. 1928 

•Remarks upon the B. of E. By a Merchant 
of London. 8°, 1705 

see DiLNOT (G,), ed. B. of Eng. forgery, 1929. 
Bankers' Clearing House, London. 

Report, 1928-49. [no tp.] Ia8°. [1929-50] 

Bankima-Chandra Chattopadhy3ya, see Buk- 
KiM Chandr.a Chatterjee. 

Bankipore. Cat. of Arabic & Persian MSS. in 
the Oriental Public Library at B. Prep, by 
Maulavi Abdul Muqtadir [vl5 by Maulavi 
Muinuddin Nadwi]. 

vl3-18. 8°. Calcutta. 1928-30 

13, Arabic MSS.: Sufism. 

14, Persian MSS.: comm. on the Quran, 
Hadis, law, theology &c. 

15, Arabic MSS.: History. 

16, Persian MSS.: Sufism, prayers, Hinduism 

17, MSS. of mixed contents. 

18, Arabic MSS.: Quranic science, pi. 
Bankofi (George Alexis), M.D..form. G. A. M. 

Milkomane [ps>. Georoe Borodin; Petbb 
Conway; George Sava], 

For books written under the pseudonyms, see 

Borodin (G.); Conway (P.); Sava (G.) 

The boon of the atom. s8°. [1946] 

The story of surgery. 8°, [1947] 

Banks (C' 0.) The romances of the Finohley 

Manor & early days of Whetstone &o. 

vl, N. Finchley. 8°. [1929] 
Banks (Charles Edward). Edward Godfrey: 
life, letters &o., 1584-1664, see Maine Hist. 
Soc. Coll., v9, 1887. 
Banks (Sir Donald). Flame over Britain. 
Personal narr. of petroleum warfare. Fore- 
word by Viact. Alexander. 8^. [1946] 
Banks (Mrs. Geo. Linnaeus) IfVARLSY (Isa- 
bella), aft. Banks]. 
The Jlanchestcr man. Ia8°. M'ter. 1896 
Wooers & winners or under the scars. lUust. 
8°. M'ter. 1882 
dramatic writer. The Albion 
, see Bell (J.) Brit, theatre. 

Banks (John), 

queens, 177' 
vl4, 1780. 
Anna BuUen 
theatre, vl4. 

1777, see Bell (J.) Brit. 

The unhappy favourite, or The Earl of Essex 

[Facsimile, 1682]. Ed., w. intr. & notes by 

T. M. H. Blair. 8°. N.Y. 1939 

Banks (John), of the Middle Tejnple, see 

Eugene, Prince of Savoy. Hist, of Francis- 

E., Pr. of S., by an English ofBcer [? J. B.], 


Banks (Rt. Hon. Sir Joseph), bart. Catalogue 

of the Sir J. B. papers. Coll. of letters addr. 

to B., 1743-1820, sold by Sotheby, 1,3th 

May, 1929, [Illust,] la8°, 1929 

see Mackaness (G,) Sir J, B,, h, rel, w, 

Australia, 1936, 

Banks (Mrs. Mary Macleod), form. McConnel. 

Memories of pioneer days in Queensland, 

8°, 1931 
see British, Brit, calendar customs: Scot- 
land; by B„ 3v, 1937-41; Orkney & Shetland, 
Banks (Nathan), see Pearse (A. S.) Fauna of 
caves of Yucatan, by A. S. P. w. collab. of 
N. B, &c„ 1938, 
Banks (Sir Thomas), see Bell (C, F,), ed. 

Annals of Sir T, B,, 1938, 
Banks (William Stott). Walks in Yorkshire: 
Wakefield & its neighbourhood, s8°, 1871 
Bannantine (James). New Joe Miller; or, 
the tickler, 2v, [vl, 4th ed,]s8°, 1801-4 

Bannatyne Club. 
Some publications were issued by the Banna- 
tyne Club and the Maitland Club. Maitland 
Club issues have been included in list below 
when the Bannatyne Club issue is not 
Cat, of books to 1837, n.d., see RoxBURGHE 

Catalogue, w, list of members since 1823. 

8°. [E.] 1848 
8°. [E.] 1854 
see Aberdeen. Breviarium A.; [ed. W. J, 
Blew], 2v, 1854. 
Alex.ander, the Ot. Buik of A. 

Beaumanoir (P. DE). Roman de la 

Manekine; publ. F. Michel, 1840, 
Claveehouse, Letters, 1826, 
Edinburgh Unit. A cat. of graduates, 

Fbrousson (D.) Tracts, 1663-72, 1860. 
Grahame (S.) The anatomie of humors 
(1609) & The passionate sparke of a 
relenting minde (1604), 1830. 
Innes (C.) Mem. of T. Thomson, 1854. 
Kennedy (Lady M.) Letters to John, 
Duke of Lauderdale, 1828. 



Bannatyne Club [continued], 
see Mackay (Oen. H.) Memoirs of the war in 
Scotland &c., 1689-91, 1833. [Maitland 
Club, 22]. 
,, Maitland (.Sir R.) Hist, of the Hso. of 
Sevtoun, to 1569, w. contin. by A., 
Visct. Kingston, to 1687, 1829. [Maitland 
Club, 1]. 
,. Makgill (J.) & ,1. Bellenden. Discours 

partic. d'Escosse, 1559, 1824. 
„ Murray (Sir D.) Poems, 1823. 
,, Myln (A.) Vitae Dunkeld. eccles. episc. 

ad 1515, 1823; App., 1831. 
,, Robertson (G.) & H. Chabteris. De 
vita & raorte R. RoUok , narr". (1599), 
,, Scotland: Anon, Wks. Instrumenta 
pub], 1291-96. [known as Ragman rolls], 
,, Skeyne (G,) Tracts; [ed, W, F, Skene], 

,, Spottiswoode (J,) Hist, of the Church 

of Scot., 3v, 1850. 
, Stair (J. D., 1st visct.) Apologv (1690), 

,, Teriu (D.) & A. B. Macdonald. Trial, 
for murder of A. Davis, 1754, 1831. 
Bannatyne 'George). The B. MS. wr, in tyrae 
of pest, 1568, Ed, W, T. Ritchie. [Scot, 
Text Soc, N,S„ 22, 23, 26. s3, 5], 

4v, 8°, E. 1928-34 

Banner (Hubert S.) 

A tropica] tapestry, 8", [1929] 

Wanted on voyage. s8°. [1933] 

Banner (J^nos). A neolithilcum Szarvason — 

A bankuti lovassir [w. r6sumd in Qerm.], see 

Szeged: R, Univ, H, Acta, Sect, geogr,-,, 1, 1937, 

Bannerman (David Armitage). The birds of 

tropica] Africa, vl-7. Ia8°, 1930-49 

Bannington (Bertram George). Eng, public 

health administr. Intr. by G. Wallas. 

2nd ed. 8°. 1929 
Bannister (Arthur Thomas). 
W. Shalcespeare. Lect. 

[P3112]. s8°. Stratford-upon-Avon. 1916 
Bannister (Charles Olden), see Garland (Maj. 

H.) &, C. O, B, Ano. Egjrpt, metallurgy, 

Bannister (Henry Marriott), see Hughes (A,) 

Anglo-French sequelae; ed, f, papers of 

H, M, B„ 1934. 
Bannister (Winifred). A gover'ment job, see 

N, light below. 
North light, 10 new one-act plays f. the N, 

Comp, by W. B. s8°. [1947] 

Baunow (Elisabeth Kramer-), see Krjimeb- 

Bannow (E,) 
Bannwart (Clemens), S.J, see Denzinqeb (H.) 

& C. B. Enchiridion symbolorum &c., ed. 

16» & 17", 1928. 
B4nos (Gizella). Max Planck term&zetbblcse- 

lote. 8°. Szeged. 1939 

Banse (Ewald), Germany, prepare for war! 

Tr, A, Harris, ' 8°, [1934] 

Raum u, Volk im Woltkriege. Gedanken ii. e. 

nat, Wehrlehre. 8°, Oldenburg, i, 0, [1932] 
Wehrwissenschaft. Einfiihr. in e. neue nat. 

Wiss. 2e, verb. A. 8°. L. 1933 

Banski (Hermann), see Grieben's Reise- 

BiBL. Breslau, 4« A. bearbt. v. H. B., 1922. 
Banstead, Surrey. Registers, 1547-1789, 

Transor. &, ed. by F. A, H. Lambert, 

[Parish Reg, Soo. 1], »°.p.p. 1896 

Banting (Sir Frederick Grant), see Shaw 
(IM. M,) He conquered death: story of 

F, G, B„ 1946, 

see Stevenson (Ll,) Sir F. B,, 1947, 
Bautock (Geoffrey Herman), see Rajan (B,), 
ed. Novelist as thinker; by G, H, B. &o„ 
Bantock (Sir Granville). '•G. B. [biog. & list of 
wk'., w. Fr. tr. P2931]. 68°. 1922 

Omar Khayy&m: The Ruba'iyat aco. to 
E. Fitzgerald (5th version) set to music by 

G. B. Bk. of words, "w. notes by E. Newman, 
[pi: quatrains 1-54], 8°, [1906] 

Bantsch (Bruno). Das Bundesbuoh Ex. 22-33. 
[M42], 8°. Halle a, S. 1892 
Das Heiligkeits-Gesetz, Lev. XVII-XXVI. 
[M48], 8°. Erfurt. 1893 


Bantu. Bantu-speaking tribes of S. Africa, 
1937, see Schapkba (I.), ed. 
European-Bantu Conf., see European-Bantu 


Bantu studies. Journal devoted to st. of Bantu, 
Hottentot, & Busliman. 

v4, 5, 1930-31 [v5no(p.] 
8°. Johannesburg. [1930-31] 
After 1941 (vl5) cont. as African studies, g.v. 
eee Jones (J. D. R.) & C. M. Doke, edd. 
Bushmen of the S. Kalahari. Papers 
repr. f. B. St., vlO, 11 &o., 1937. 
,, Rogers (H.) Native admin, in S. Africa, 
2v, 1933. [Suppl. 6]. 
Bafiuelos Craicia (Misael). 
Problemas de mi tierapo y de mi patria. 

4v. 8°. Valladolid. 1936-37 
1, Cuest. poUt.-biolog. 2, Revol. polit. y 
seleccion humana. 3, Universidad, presti- 
gio y grandeza nac. 4, Mentalidad y progr. 
Banville (Theodore de). CEuvres. Le sang de 
la coupe — Trente-six ballades joyeuses — Le 
baiser. s8°. n.d. 

Banzan (Kumazawa). Dai Gaku Wakumon: 
disc, of public questions in light of the 
Great learning; tr. G. M. Fisher, see Asiatic 
Soc. OP Japan. Trans., s2, vl6, 1938. 
see FiSHEB (G. M.) K. B., h. life & ideals, 
Banzole (Ottone di), ps., see Otmani (A.) 
Bappert (Johannes Ferdinand). Richard v. 
Cornwall, seit s. Wahl zum deut. Konig, 
1257-72. Inaug. -Dissert. 8°. Bonn. 1905 

Bapst (Edmond). A la conquete du tronc de 
Bade; la ctsse de Hochberg, la gr.-dsse 
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Une m6re & s. fils: la gr.-dsse Stephanie & 
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,, Information, Ministry of. Harvest 
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0. 1942 
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position & 
s8°. [1931] 

intr., notes 



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°. 1944 
°. 1933 
°. 1933 
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Universities in Great Brit 

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o/ Harley 
book. An 
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(E. E.) 
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,, ,. [Ed. w. pt'. suppressed]. 

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The new psychology; how it aids &c. 

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[repr.] 8°. 1928 

Barrie {Sir James Matthew) [continued]. 
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[Definitive ed.] 8°. 1942 

Walker, London — The professor's love story 

— The little minister — The wedding guest 

— Quality Street — The admirable Crichton 

— Little Mary — Peter Pan — Pantaloon — 

Alice sit-by-the-fire — What every woman 

knows — Old friends — The twelve pound 

look — Rosalind — The will — Half an hour 

— The new word — A kiss for Cinderella — 

Seven women — The old lady shows her 

medals — Dear Brutus — A well-remembered 

voice — Mary Rose — Shall we join the ladies? 

— Barbara's wedding — The boy David. 

Better dead. [repr.] s8°. [1925] 

The boy David. [Plays. Pref. bv H. Gran- 

ville-Barker]. " s8°. [1938] 

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The entrancing life. [Addr., Edinb. Univ., 

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sS". 1932 
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pound look — Rosalind — The will]. 

s8°. [1914] 
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Peter Pan." [Plays]. 38°. 1928 

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Shall we join the ladies? [Half an hour — 

Seven women — Old friends]. s8°. [1929] 

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Santa CeciUa. [6. w. h. L'olmo, 1881]. 

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[P2982]. s8°. 1855 
, dramatist of the 2nd 


Barrington (Charlotte Mary Leycester, viscount- 
ess), nee Stopford, aft. Mrs. Arden Birch. 
Through 80 years, 1855-1935. 8°. [1936] 

Barrington (E.), ps. [i.e. Mrs. L. Adams Beck, 
nee Moresby]. 
Anne Boleyn. [Fiction]. s8°. [1932] 

The divine lady. A romance of Nelson & E. 
Hamilton. [repr.] s8°. [1929] 

The duel of the Queens. Romance of Mary 
Queen of Scotland. [2nd impr.] s8°. [1930] 
The Empress of Hearts, a romance of Marie 
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The house of fulfilment. 

[2nd impr.] 88°. [1931] 
The Irish beauties. Romance of the luck of 
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The laughing queen: romance of Cleopatra. 

[repr.] ai". [1931] 

The Thunderer: romance of Napoleon & 

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{Mrs. Russell). 
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(Emilie Isabel)]. Life of W. Bagehot, 
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typograph., ou Librairies des fils du Roi 

Jean, Charles V, Jean de Berri, Philippe de 

Bourgogne &c. 4°. 1830 

see Bibliotheque Nat. Cat. des mss. des 

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Conversations &c. of an Amer. Pepys in 

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The Scottish War of Independence: a crit. 


2nd ed., w. new intr. 8°. Inverness. 1934 
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Mod. synthetic rubbers. 8°. 1942 

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Ribble navigation f. Preston to the sea. 

4°. Preston. 1938 
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The house desirable. Ia8°. [1929] 

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1, 1879-80. 2, 1880-81. 
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s8°. Rio de Janeiro. 1923 
Almas de lama e de a9o (Lampeao &c.) 

8°. Sao Paulo. [1930] 
Ao som da viola. (Folk-lore.) 

[tp. wanting]. s8°. Pbio de Janeiro. 1921 
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Atraves dos folk-lores. 8°. S. Paulo, n.d. 

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Brazil em face do prata. 8°. Rio. 1930 

Casa de Maribondos. Contos. 

88°. S. Paulo. 1921 
As colunas do temple. Erudi^ao-folclore &c. 
s8°. Rio. 1932 
A guerra de Artigas, 1816—20. 

88°. Sao Paulo. 1930 


Barroso (Gustavo) [continued]. 
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A guerra do Lopez. s8°. Sao Paulo. [1928] 
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Mula sem oabeja. s8°. S. Paulo. 1922 

Osorio o Centauro dos Pampas. 

s8°. [Rio. 1933] 
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A senhora de Pangim. Romance. 

8°. Rio. 1932 
O sertao e o mundo. 

s8°. Rio de Janeiro. 1923 
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8°. Rio.n.d. [1933?] 

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2a ed. s8°. Rio de Janeiro. [1913] 

Tijao do inferno. Romance. s8°. Rio. 1926 

Barroux (Robert). 

Dagobert, roi des Francs. 8°. 1938 

Hist. gen. illustr. de ]a 2™*. guerre niondiale. 

redigee par R. B. 2t. 4°. [1947-48] 

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Monarchy & the chase. 8°. [1948] 

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The growth of Europe, 401-1100. 8°. 1927 
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Building science. s8°. 1932 

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'David', shepherd, poet &c. 8°. [1946] 

Life of Gen. Sir C. Carmichael Monro. 

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Murder on Monday . . .? s8°. 1932 

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Study of Ephesians. s8°. 1926 

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The relevance of Xt^-.: an approach to Xtn. 

ethics. " [repr.] 8°. [1932] 

The relevance of the Church. 8°. [1935] 

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Portrait of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. 

8°. [1928] 

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The coming age & the Catholic Church: a 
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The triumph of life, or sci. & the soul. 

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Adapted f. the Fr. 

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see Edomsky Coll. Sbornik E.; [ed.l N. B., 


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3i, Die Lehre v. d. Schopfung. 
Die kirchl. Lehre v. d. Taufe. [Theol. Stud.] 
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ace. to the teaching of the Reformation. 
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,, ,, a. ed. w. title We who teach. 

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[Al compAs de la fusileria]. 

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&c. avec etude crit.] Ia8°. 1948 

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Sappho de Lesbos & Stesichore. Les pre- 

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Hen. III. b. w. Theophrastus, 1583]. 

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Easily (Nicolas de) [Bazili (Nicolai Alek- 

SANDBOVICH)]. Russia under Soviet rule. 

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1, The Post-Impressionists f. Monet to 

2, The Modernists f. Matisse to De Segonzac. 
La peinture independante en France. 

2t. 8°. [1929] 

1, De Monet k Bonnard. 2, De Matisse h 


Basmadji (Faradj) [Basmadschj]. 

Landschaftl. Elemente in d. mesojpot. Kunst 

d. 4. u. 3. Jhdt. 8°. Basel. [1943] 

Basque. *B. (The) country & European peace: 

German domin. in Euzkadi. 8°. 1938 

Clerge (Le) b. Rapports pres. par des pretres 

basques. s8°. [1938] 

*Foreign wings over the B. country. s8°. 1937 

Basque Nationalist Catholic Youth. Declaration 

on the Spanish War. [P3124]. 8°. [1936] 

Basrah. Port of B., Iraq, 1935, see Byfobd (C.) 

see also Arab Bureau, Basrah. 
Bassano, The family of, [Ponte], see Aeslan 

(W.) I B., 1931. 
Bassano (Jacopo da) [Ponte (Jaoopo de), 
II Bassano], 
see Aeslan (W.) I Bassano, 1931. 
,, Frohlioh-Bum (L.) Neu aufgetauchte 
Gemalde J. B., 1930. 
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nature & hist, of Russian milit. forces. [Tr. 
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cesse des Sables" Pref. de L. Bertrand. 

s8°. [1925] 

Lorraine & la mort de 

s8°. [1930] 

d'une reine d'Espagne, 

~ ■■ "■ 1939 


Le Chevalier 

La vie tragique 
Marie-Louise de Bourbon-Orleans 
Bassermann (Dieter). 

Der spate Rilke. 8°. Miinchen. 1947 

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mann-.Jordan]. Ia8°. Frankfurt a. M. 1926 

Bassermann-Jordau . (Ernst v.) Gesch. d. 

Raderuhr unter besond. Beriicks. d. Uhren 

d. Bayer. Nationalmuseums. 

fol. Franld'urt a. M. 1921 
Basset (Alexandre), see Duvebt (F. A.), A. B. 

&c. Hour & malheur, 1831. 
Basset (Henri). Essai s. la litt. des Berb^res. 

8°. Alger. 1920 
Basset (Ren*). 
Contes pop. d'Afrique. s8°. [1903] 

Etudes 3. I'hist. d'Ethiopie [incl. text <fc tr. of 
Chron. ethiop.] Extr. du Journal asiat. 

8°. 1882 
see Apocbypha. Apocryphes (Les) ^thiopiens; 
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B., 1930. 
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Brit, commerce. s8°. [1913] 


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see JussEBAND (J. J.), W. C. Abbott &c. 
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Bedfordshire, dur. m. a., see Bedfordshire 
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family & democratic society; w. ohapt^. in 
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governor's lady: Mrs. Philip Gidley King. 
An Australian hist. narr. 8°. 1940 

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hist., legend &c. 8°. [1929] 

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Ships & men: develop, fr. prehist. times. 

Ia8°. [1946] 

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4°. Bergamo. [1943] 

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Ba5sler (Ray Smith). Classif. of Edrioastero- 
jdea, see Smithsonian Inst. .Mise. coll"., 
v93, 1935. 
see Canu (F.) & R. S. B. for papers on 
Bryozoa, wr. in. collah. 
Basso (Hamilton). 
Horns of a goat. s8°. [1943] 

Mainstream. s8°. [1944] 

Bassola (Zolt&n). 

Decroly pedag. rendszere. 8^. 1937 

Bassompierre (le marichal Francois de), see 

BoNDOis (P. M.) Le marechal de B., 1579- 

1646, 1925. 

Bassus (Caius Julius Quadratus), see Quadba- 

Tus Bassus (C. Julius). 
Bassus (Saleius). Panegyriqiie de Pison; tr., 
see ^tna. L'Etna de Lucilius Jun. &c.- 
tr., 1843. 
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Advertising reconsidered. s8°. 1935 

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[repr.] 8°. [1921] 

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Coimbra. Estudos-nac] 

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ed. 3a. s8°. Amst. 1634 

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LOG. Deft. Winds, weather & currents on 
coasts of I. &c.; comp. by S. B., 1931. 

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acc». of travellers &o. [1833-68], coll. & 
arr. by G. M. Theal. 3v. 8°. Cape Town. 1883 

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of Trade & Plantations, comm. known as 
the Board of Trade, 1748-82. [Yals Hist. 
Publ. Misc. 14]. 8°. New Haven. 1925 

Bat (Alexander de), see Batz (A. de). 

Bata (SJlJric), clerk of Winchester, see ^Elfric. 

Bataillard (Paul). Etat de la quest, de 

I'anoiennet^ des Tsiganes en Europe. [Jixtr. 

du Compte-rendu du Congr. d'Anthrop. &o. 

pr(5hist., 8» sess., 1876]. 8°. 1877 

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ed. G. Lozinski, 1933, see Careme. 
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federaliame. [By var. wr'. Communaute 

humaine]. Ia8°. [1947] 

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Ed. & tr. by P. A. Wilkins. f. records of 

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9, Les flambeaux — Les soeurs d'amour. 10, 
L'amazone — L'animateur. 11, L'homme k 
la rose — La tendresse. 
La vierge foUe. Pidco. b8°. 1919 

Bataillon (Marcel). 
Erasme & I'Espagne. Ia8°. 1937 

see HiSTOiRE & historiens dep. 50 ans; publ. 

avec collab. de M. B. &,o., 2t, 1927-28. 
[Batak MS. Probably debased Slohammedan 
prayer book. On palm leaves]. s8°. n.d. 

Batavia. Dagh-Registcr gehouden int Casteel 

B. vant passercnde daer ter plaetse als over 
geheel Nederlandts India. 1682. [d]l, 2. 
Uitg. V. W. Fruin. Ia8°. Batavia. 1928-31 

Bataviaasch Genootschap van Kunsten en 
Wetenschappen. Verhandelingen. Deel 1-6, 
9, 10, 18. 20, 21;, ii, 23. 

8° & 4°. Batavia. [d4, Rotterdam]. 1779-1850 
■"Batehelars banquet CThe): an Elizabethan tr. 
of Les quinze joyes de mariage, 1929, see 
La Sale (A. de). 
Batchelder (Marjorie). 

The puppet theatre handbook. 8°. [1948] 

Batchelder (Samuel Francis). 

Bits of Cambridge hist. 8°. C. [Mass.] 1930 
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shire. Prov. & state papers, v 19-33; ed. 
A.S. B., 1891-1915. 
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Batchelor (H. Crouch). Francis Bacon wrote 
Shakespeare, arguments pro & con. 8°. 1912 
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(D. A. E.), D. M. A. B. &c. Stone age of 
Mt. Carmel, 2v, 1937-39. 
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man, 1856-1932, see Brit. Acad. Proc, vl9 
(1933), 1935. 

& F. C. Eeles. Thoughts on the shape of 

the liturgy. [Alcuin Club tracts, 24]. 

s8°. [1946] 
Bateman (Lord)^ ps., see Thackeray (W. M.) 

*The loving ballad of Lord B., 1871. 
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geon. Pref. by Ld. Moynihan. 8°. 1940 
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aquaria, w. descr. of water-plants &c. 

7th ed., rev. by J. Hems. S\ [1945] 

& R. A. R. Bennett. The book of aquaria. 

[repr.] 2p in Iv. 8°. [1900?] 
1, Fresh-water a., by G. C. B. 2, Marine a., 
by R. A. R. B. 
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1945, see Canada: Geolog. Survey Bull., 1, 
Bateman (Josiah) [ps. Senex]. 

The Holmfirth flood: narrative. s8°. 1852 

Bateman(Reglnald Jones), see Jones-Batemau. 
Baten (Anderson M.) 

Philosophy of life. 8". n.p. [U.S.A. 1930] 

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the Kirkleviugton shorthorns. 

Ia8°. Newcastle upon Tyne. 1897 

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aborigines: lifetime spent am. natives of 

Australia. [repr.] 8°. [1938] 

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autobiography. [2v]. 8^ O. 1936-37 

Intertraliic : st*". in translation. 8°. [1943] 

Modern translation. 8°. 1936 

Soviet Asia. Progress & problems. 8°. [1942] 

Bates (Ernest Sutherland). 

This land of liberty. 8°. N.Y. 1930 

see Bible: Compl. Eng. Texts. B. designed 

to be read as lit.; ed. & arr. by B., 1937. 

& J. V. Dittemore. Mary Baker Eddy: the 

truth & the tradition. Ia8°. 1933 

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birds of West Africa. 8°. 1930 

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Amazons. pop. ed. s8°. 1910 

Bates (Herbert Ernest) [ps. Flying Officer 

"X"]. The beauty of the dead & o. s. 

8°. [1940] 
The bride comes to Evensford. s8°. [1943] 


Bates (Herbert Ernest) [continued]. 

Catherine Foster. s8°. [1929] 

Charlotte's Row. 8°. [1931] 

The cruise of The Breadwinner. 8°. [1946] 

Cut & come again. 14 stories. 8°. [1935] 

The day of glory. Play. s8°. [1945] 

Day's end &, o. s. s8°. [1928] 

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A. M. Parker. Ia8°. 1937 

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Fair stood the wind for France. 88°. [1944] 

The fallow land. [2nd impr.] s8°. [1932] 

'*'The greatest people in the world & o. stories. 

By Flying Officer "X". s8°. [1942] 

A house of women. [2nd impr.] 8°. [1936] 

""How sleep the brave & o. stories. By Flying 

Officer "X" s8°. [1943] 

In the heart of the country. Illust. by C. F. 

Tunnicliffe. Ja8°. [1942] 

The jacaranda tree. 8°. [1949] 

The modern short story: a crit. survey. 

8"". 1941 
The poacher. 8°. [1935] 

The purple plain. 8°. [1947] 

Something short & sweet. Stories. s8°. [1937] 
Spella Ho. Novel. 8°. [1938] 

The two sisters. Forew. by E. Garnett. 

s8°. [1926] 
,, ,, [Travellers' Lib.] 

s8°. [1931] 
see Gawswobth (J.) 10 contemp".: bilDliog., 
s2, w. orig. essays by B. &c., 1933. 
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2nd ed., rev. & enl. 8°. C. 1948 
Sir A. Ewing. 8°. [1946] 

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Religious liberty. 8°. N.Y. 1945 

Bates (Rachel). 

Songs f. a lake. Lyr. verse. s8°. [1947] 

Bates (Ralph). 
Lean men: an episode in a life. 8°. 1934 

The olive field. 8°. [1936] 

Rainbow fish — Death of a virgin — The other 
land — Dead end of the sky. 4 sh. novels. 

8°. [1937] 
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[2ndpr.] S°. N.Y. [1946] 
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magne: a Baroque epic, see Yale Univ. 
St. by French Dept.; ed. A. Feuillerat, 1941. 
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Bishop of Durham in conseq. of letter of 
N. I. HoUingsworth, rel. to sale &c. of 
Ridley Hall. [P3085]. 8°. Newcastle. 1830 
see Bates (C. J.) T. B. & the Kirklevington 
shorthorns, 1897. 
Bates (William H.), M.D. The Bates method 
for good sight without glasses. 8°. [1944] 
Bates Harbin (Sophia Wyndham), aft. wife of 
C. W. H. Rawlins. Members of Parliament 
for Somerset. [Supple, to Somerset Archaeol. 
&c. Soc. Proc, V78-85]. 8°. Taunton. 1939 
Bateson (Edward), see Pim (Sir A.) & E. B. 

Rep. on Russian timber camps, 1931. 
Bateson (Frederick Noel Wilse). 
Eng. comic drama, 1700-50. 8°. O. 1929 

Eng. poetry * the Eng. lang. 8°. O. 1934 

see Cambridge (The) Bibliog. of Eng. Lit.; 
ed. B., 4v, 1940. 
Bateson (Gregory). Naven: problems sug- 
gested by culture of a New Guinea tribe &c. 

8°. C. 1936 
& M. Mead. Balinese character: photo- 
graphic analysis. [N.Y. Acad, of Sciences, 
Spec. publ«. v2]. Ia8°. [N.Y.] 1942 
Bateson (Henry). First into Italy. 8°. [1944] 
Bateson (Margaret), wife of Gregory Bateson, 

form. Mend, see Mead (M.) 
Bateson (WiUiam). Biolog. fact & the structure 
of society. Herbert Spencer Lect., 1912. 

8°. O. 1912 
For a. c. see h. fEssays & addresses, 1928. 
jMaterials for the study of variation; intr.. 

For a. c. see h. Sci. papers, vl, below. 
Scientific papers. Ed. R. C. Punnett. 

2v. Ia8°. C. 1928 
Bath, Somersetshire. Bristol & Bath regional 
planning scheme, 1930, see Bristol. 
Churchwardens accounts of S. Michael with- 
out the N. Gate, Bath, 1349-1575. Ed. C. B. 
Pearson. [Somerset. Arch. & Nat. Soc. b. w. 
Pearson (C. B.) Lost chap.] 

8°. Tarmton. 1878 



Bath, Somersetshire [continued]. 
Inventory of parochial doc", in diocese of B. 
& Wells, 1938, see King (J. E.) 
•New Bath guide (The), 1766; 13th ed., 1788, 

see Anstey (C.) 
Bath & District Joint Planning Committee, ^ee 
Abebokombie {Sir P.), J. Owens &c. Apian 
for Bath; rep., 1945. 
Bath & West & S. Counties Society. Journal, i^n, 
v9-15. 8°. 1915-21 

Bath, Order of the. 
Statutes. pr. 1725, repr. 1812, repr. 1840. 

4°. 1840 
[6. w. Statutes, 1840]. 4°. 1848 

Bath (Daphne Winifred Louise Thynne, mar- 
chioness of), wife of Henry Frederick Thynne, 
6th marq. of Bath, form. Vivia7i. 
Longleat, 1566 to pres. time. s8°. [1949] 

Bath (Richard Henry), see Bykon (Ld.) [B. 
centenary, 1924; coll. of cuttings f. Eng. & 
for. papers, formed by R. H. B.], 1924. 
Bath (Wilham Pulteney, earl of), 16S4-1764. 
*A letter to the Rt. Hon. \V. P., occasion'd 
by a Bill in H. of C. for raising 100,000 
pounds upon the Roman-Catholicks, by a 
Member of the H. of C. [P3156]. fol. 1723 
*A second letter f. a Member of Pari, to h. 
friend in the country; cone, the sum of 
115,000 I. granted to make good the eivil-list 
revenue &c. w. The pacific fleet, a new 
ballad. 8°. 1729 

*A short view of the state of affairs w. rel. to 
Gt. Brit, for 4 years past. * 8°. 1730 

see Arnall (W.) *Obs. on a pamph. An ans. 
to one p. &c. of a libel &c.: letter to P., 1731. 
•BatheastOD (The) Parnassus fairs; a MS. 

identified, 1936, see Suteo (A.) 
Bathgen (Friedrich). Anmuth u. Wiirde in d- 
altest. Poesie: Vortrag. [M34]. 8°. Kiel. 1880 
Beitr. z. semit. Religionsgesch. Der Gott 
Israel's u. d. Getter d. Heiden. 

[1129]. 8°. 1888 
Der Engelpapst. Idee u. Erscheinung [Wahl 
Colestins V <l-o.] 8°. L. [1943] 

Hiob. Deutsch mit Anmerk. v. B. 

[M459]. 8°. Gottingen. 1898 

Quellen &c. z. Gesch. d. papstl. Hof- u. 

Finanzverwaltung untr-r Bonifaz VIII, see 

Qtjellen v. Fobsch. aus it. Abch., B20, 


Bathille (Pierre). 

Henry Bernstein, s. oeuvre. 8°. [1931] 

Batho (Edith Clara). 
The later Wordsworth. 8 . C. 1933 

The poet & the past, see Brit. Acad. Proc, 
v23 (1937), 1938. 

& B. Dobr6e. The Victorians & after, 

1830-1914, w. chap, on the economic back- 
ground by G. Chapman. [Introd. to Eng. 
Lit., v4]. 8°. [1938] 

Bathory (Istvan), king of Poland, see Jesuits. 
Annuae litterae Soc. Jesu de rebus Tran- 
sylvan. temp, princ. B., 1579-1613; coll. &c. 
A. Veress, 1921. 
Bath Roscius (The), iw., see Hendebson (J.) 
Bathurst (Allen Algernon), Lord Apsley, see 

Bathurst (Henry Bathurst, 2nd earl). *The 
genuine speech of the Hon. Mr. at the trial 
of Miss Blandy. [P2942]. 8°. 1752 

Batifiol (Louis). Autour de Richelieu; s. 
fortune &c. 8°. 1937 

The century of the Renaissance. Tr. E. F. 
Buckley. [N. hist, of France; ed. F. Funck- 
Brentano]. [n. impr.] 8°. [1935] 

Le Louvre sous Henri IV & Louis XIII. La 
vie de la cour. s8°. 1930 

Marie de Mediois & the French court in the 
17th cent. Tr. M. King. Ed. H. W. C. 
Davis. 8°. 1908 

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cution de I'a. du "Cid" S°. 1936 
Richeheu & le roi Louis XIll. 8°. 1934 
Le siecle de la Renaissance. 7e ed. 8°. [1926] 
La vie de Paris sous- Louis XIII. 8°. 1932 
La vie intime d'une reine de France au 17* 
sicicle; Marie de Medicis. 2[t.] s8°. [1931] 
BatiSol (Pierre). Anciennes litt. chretiennes. 
La litt. grecque. s8°. 1897 
Hist, of the Roman Breviary. Tr. A. M. Y. 
Baylay f. 3rd Fr. ed. w. new chapter on 
decree of Piua X. 8°. 1912 
Saint Gregoire le Grand. 3" ed. s8°. 1928 

Batiffol (Pierre) [continued], 
see PiTOLLET (C.) & P. B. The oldest text of 

the Gospels, 1924. 
BatUUat (Marcel). Emile Zola. [Maitres des 

Utt.,v9]. 8°. [1931] 

Batines (le vie Paul Colomb de), ps., see 


Batisaputiikakatha : tales of the 32 statuettes, 


Batka (Richard). Ricliard Wagner. [Beriihmte 
Mus.] 2. verb. A. Ia8°. [1919] 

Batke (Walter) [Bajstkb]. Die Rehgion d. 
Germ, in Quellenzeugn. 

8°. Frankfurt a. M. 1937 

Batley (Claude). The design development of 

Indian architecture. 2nd ed. fol. 1940 

Batley (James Yorke). On a Reformer's Latin 

Bible; essay on the Adversaria in the 

Vulgate of t. Bilney. sS^ C. 1940 

BatUe (Y. Carmen de), see Cabmen de Batlle 

Batman (John). Settlement of J. B. in Port 
Phillip f. h. journal, 1835, see Journai. or 
Australasia, vl. 1856. 
Bato (Ludwig). 

Die Juden im alten Wien. 38". Wien. [1928] 

Batocki (Adolf v.) & G. Schack. Bevolkerung 

u, Wirtschaft in Ostpreussen. 8^. Jena. 1929 

Eatoni (Pompeo Girolamo) [Battoni], see 

Emmeeling (E.) P. B., s. Lcben u. Werk, 


Batsell (Walter Russell). 

Soviet rule in Russia. 8=. N.Y. 1929 

Batsford (B. T.), Ltd. A B. centenary: reo. of 

100 years of publishing & bookselling, 1843- 

1943. Ed. H. Bohtho. 8°. 1943 

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The cathedrals of England. Foreword by 

H. Walpole. 8°. [1934] 

2nd ed. 8°. [1935] 

The Eng. cottage. 8°. [1938] 

The face of Scotland. Foreword by J. Buchan. 

8°. 1933 

The greater English church. 8°. [1940] 

Batshev (Mikhail Osipovich), see Antsitebov 

(A. N.) &<;'. Russian agric. dur. the War, 


Batson (Alfred). African intrigue. 8°. 1934 

Batson (Henrietta M.), see Omae Khayyam. 

RubaiyAt {Fitzgerald's 4th &; 5th vers.); 

comm. by B , 1901. 

Batt (Jill Lillie Emma Cossley-), see Cossley- 

Batt (J. L. E.) 
*Battaile (The) on Hopton-Heath, 1643, see 

Northampton (S. C., 2nd e.) 
Battara (Pietro). Botteghe e pigioni nella 
Firenze del '500: censimento industr. &c.. 
see Abchivio stob. ital. Anno 95, v2, 1937. 
Le indagini congett. sulla popolaz. di Firenze 
lino al trecento, see Archtvto stob. it-4l. 
Anno 93, vl, 1935. 
Battard (M.) Beffroi?, halles, hotels de ville 
dans le nord de la France & la Belgiqup. 

Ia8°. Arras. 1948 
Battelli (Giulio). La "pecia" e la crit. d. 
testo dei mss. universitari medievali, see 
Abchivio stob. ital. Anno 93, v2, 1935. 
Batten (Joseph Minton). John Dury, advocate 
of Xtn. reunion. 8°. Chicago. [1944] 

Batten (M. I.) The architecture of Dr. R. 
Hooke, see Walpole Soc., v25, 1937. 
English windmills, vl, Kent, Surrey &c., by 
B., 1930, see English. 
Batten (Thomas Reginald). Problems of African 
development. 2p [in Iv]. s8°. 1947-48 

1, Land & labour. 2, Govt. & people. 
Battenhouse (Roy W.) Marlowe's Tamburlaine. 
Study in Renaissance moral philo.s. 

8°. Nashville, Tenn. 1941 
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pioneer of mod. education. Forew. by 
A. C. F. Beales. 8°. [1949] 

Battersea. Metrop. borough of B. Official 
guide. s8°. Cheltenham. [1928] 

5th I'd. s8°. Cheltenham. [1933] 
Battersea (Constance, Lady), wife of Cyril 
Flower, 1st baron B.. form. Rothschild, see 
Rothschild (C. de). 
'Battery flashes, 1916, see Loughy' (C.) 
Batthyany (Tivadar [Theodob], Graf). 
Fiir Ungarn gegen HohenzoUem. 

8°. Wien. [1930] 

Battiscombe (Georgina). Charlotte M. Yonge, 
Intr. by E. M. Delafield. 8°. [1943] 

[repr.] 8°. [1943] 

English picnics. 8°. 1949 

Battistella di Federico, of Verona, 14 c., see 
Richteb (J. P.) Altichiero: ricordanze di 
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of this City &c., pref. by E. B., 1780, see 
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Triple challenge: or war, whirligigs & wind- 
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Yr Ymarfer o dduwioldeb. Wedi ei gyfieithu 
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ly or^s in Webster, (B.N.) Acting nat. drama, 

The British Legion. [4.] 

The culprit. " [3.] 

Forty & fifty. [5.] 

^Ir. Greenfinch. [6. J 

My little adopted. [6.] 

One hour. [4.] 

The Spitalfield's weaver. [3.] 

Tom Noddy's secret. [5.] 

You can't marry your grandmother. [4.] 
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[Service des Antiq. de I'Egypte]. 

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Baysen (Hans v.), d. 1459, see Gbieseb (R.) 

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B.B.C., see British Broadcasting Corpora- 
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{Mrs. William). 
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Business economics. 8°. 1929 

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Beach (E. S.) T. B., a Dorset portrait 

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{Lady V.) 
"Beachcomber", ps., see Morton (J. B.) 
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,. XJne m^re & s. fils: la gr.-dsse 

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Winged words: our airmen speak [com- 
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,, ,, [founded on play by B.] Mus. 

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8°. n.d. 
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\w, plates by St. Quentin engr. by Lienard &c, 
Za paper. MS. notes by Sainte Beuve]. 

Ia8°. 1785 

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t4, 1785. 

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,, Frischauer (P.) B., an adventurer in a 

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., Latzarus (L.) B., 1930. 

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